Why do media and Norwegians hate Islam so much

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A man talks about his desire to be a Muslim, citing the success of men in embracing Islam and the the desire to avoid the "op-like" the media's the desire to control people and avoid the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "op-like" the "

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allowing me to you ask us a question before the break, I'm sorry, my English is not no problem by English.

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So I deserve

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to be Muslim. And very simple, I think, because men are evil.

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Because Allah, like, you know, he doesn't go to our state or our borders or our carpet, straight to our hearts.

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And that's the the house of our intentions. And I think everybody with good intentions, I think is very spoiled to, to embrace Islam. Because we many celebrities, many politicals for being on trees. They're trying to make a picture of themselves, but they are good people. But they are exactly the opposite. My question is about the Norwegian society. Because myself, I'm Norwegian season on the

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CNC camp from England. And Norway, you have to drink?

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Why everybody knows.

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I will sleep for these people to make them smile. We take care.

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They don't ask why the in the government some some people and especially the media, he hates Islam so much.

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They don't answer because these people are born. Yeah. And we understand why the they hate spam so much.

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See, brother, I think anyone who came to my talks yesterday, will probably understand, because I explained that I talked about how every society is trying to get you to conform to a particular ideal, they call it socialization. So every society has a type of idea that they want everyone to conform to. Yeah. So if you break away from that idea, yeah, you feel threatened. But you know, I think the other point being is that maybe we are

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if we say that we are being too kind, because there are certainly politicians and people who are just happy to rely upon people's ignorance and fear. That's it. And actually, sometimes, very sadly, a society will try to create a state of fear in order to continue to control people. If you want to watch a very, very beneficial program that talks about this, you should watch a program called The Power of nightmares, the power of nightmares, the documentary, I'm sure you can find it on YouTube. Yeah,

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was produced, I think, by Channel Four or the BBC. And it was exactly about this, how the media and the governments are using Islam in order to, you know, feel of Islam in order to control people in order to control them. Because one of the way you control people is through fear. And so it's a very, very worthwhile program to watch that. I want to go back to the first thing that you mentioned, brother, right. Again, what and I am sure this is what most people understood, but what I really meant, you see, as I said, about paradise, is that you can't whatever you do, you can't deserve paradise. How much good you do, you don't deserve it, because the good of Paradise is way

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beyond whatever you could earn with your deeds. And that's how I feel about being a Muslim. I feel about Islam, that the peace and the tranquility and the joy and the happiness and the guidance that that Allah has given me in my life through being a Muslim is way beyond any good things I could have done in my life to deserve that. You see, so the goodness that Islam has produced the the benefit that Islam has produced in my life for me personally, is so much more than whatever good deeds I could have done, but I'm sure the brother is right that you know, if people inshallah have goodness in their heart, you know, Allah Spano, Tala will guide them to Islam. You know, but I have to say I,

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I used to think when I first started practicing Islam, I actually used to think maybe Allah is just, you know, making me Muslim, and then I will leave Islam so he's going to punish me even more because of the bad things that I did. Because when I started thinking about all

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The things that I had done, right? I just thought how can I deserve? How can I deserve this mercy? How can I deserve the Mercy of Allah and I swear it was only the brother was mentioning. It was only the use. I used to open up the Quran. And I used to read Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. It was seeing that again and again, I just kept on thinking, you know, reminding myself Allah is the most compassionate and Allah is the Most Merciful. So again, you know, Hamdulillah, Allah guided us to Islam, brothers and sisters. And you know, there's another thing I wanted to mention. And I didn't get to mention this, because it was so long

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time. But it is something I really think is so important. You know, brothers and sisters.

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I don't think that most of you can ever appreciate

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the reality of how lucky you are to be Muslim.

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Right? And I will tell you why. I'll tell you the difference between me and you.

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Those of you who are born into Islam, it may be that you will do haram things. It may be that you will fall in a cage and you will. And by the way, please don't let shaytaan make an excuse in your head and saying oh Abdur Rahim. He smoked marijuana, or Abdur Rahim, he had girlfriends, and he was okay in the end, right? You don't know you're gonna die. And you don't know that you may go further from Islam. Right? So don't let shaytaan do that to you. But back to my point. Even if you do all of those things, and you do worse, every one of you knows where to go back to, don't you? You know, okay, I do this, I do that. But I know that I can go back to Islam, you know, you know that there's

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a place to go back to, you know, this the Quran? You know, this the guidance of Allah? How about the person think about this? How about a person who doesn't even know whether his guidance or not?

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He is so confused, she's so confused. They don't even know you can't possibly really imagine? How deep is that? Darkness. You know, imagine his whole school, his whole university is in pitch black. And you find yourself in here. And you're wandering around, and you don't even know if there's a door that leads out. You don't even know that. Do you think that's the same as the person who knows that somewhere there's a door and if I get that door, I can step out? What if you don't even think there's a door when you don't even know there's a door? How is the despair of this one, just compared to the confusion of the other? So this is the darkness of someone who doesn't even know

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that Allah has sent guidance, it doesn't even know there's an answer. So hum the blessing really, of Islam. For that one is so he really Subhanallah when you find it, you so you appreciate it. Because you really find that hamdulillah there is that way that you have found that Allah subhanaw taala has guided us