Walk for a Cup of Tea

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The speaker is driving on a hike and describes the views they are seeing. They mention a stop at Mitchell's fold and a mysterious stone circle. They also talk about the difficulties of life and how many people have come and gone before them.

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Okay, so quite, quite literally going for a walk

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to have a cup of tea.

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That's what I'm up to.

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That's hopefully going to be quite a nice little hike. I've got my

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hiking sticks.

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I'm going up through part Priory Woods, which is just on the edge of the town. We're live church Stretton, and then uptown Brook Valley. It's a beautiful view over here. Such a lovely walk. And now I'm going to make my way up to the very top of the long mynd. So I'm on top of the long men now and looking over to corned and hill which borders whales very prominent feature there. And right next to it is Mitchell's fold and mysterious stone circle.

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To set my press

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now, time to

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make a cup of tea.

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My thoughts are drifting to all the people who lived around here 1000s of years ago, overlooking everything is covered dock, which is the famous last stand of the English king Caractacus who fought against the Roman occupation ultimately failed in his resistance

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my tea has over boiled as you can see, I didn't bring anything with me to clean it up

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under law, innovate or die, as they say. And yeah, as

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always gets me thinking about how short our life is how temporary our existence is existences on this earth. And how many people have come and gone before us and all the difficulties and the trials and the tribulations and the hardships they went through. And sometimes perhaps we think our life is so different and of course in many ways it is but in many ways is not on my way descent down from the long mynd. I look across to care caridade the Iron Age Hill forth and there

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I see on the Hill, a face of a bearded man. Can you see that too? I'm thinking is that the face of Caractacus famous king who held out against the Romans for his finally defeated

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was it just an optical illusion? Because our brains are wired to see faces

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that's food for thought.

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There he is, again