The Dunning-Kruger Effect too ignorant to even know one is ignorant

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing one's willpower and applying it to one's behavior. They emphasize the benefits of being a Muslim person to gain knowledge and implement strategies for one's life. The speakers also emphasize the importance of practicing willpower and offering a 30-day guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their performance. They emphasize the need to be willpower hungry and apply it to one's behavior.
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So brothers and sisters, I want to tell you the story, a really amusing story about this guy called McArthur Wheeler who like in 1995. He walked into two banks in Pittsburgh and rob them.

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Now, you know, as he went in there he stood up, he stared unashamedly, he was looking at like the security cameras. Like just walking in and looking at them. It didn't even care. So anyway, you know, come come the news that the evening news they're plastered his, you know, plastered his picture all over the all over the news channels. And like, within hours he was caught. Now when they caught this guy, he couldn't understand what had happened. Right? It was like, how did you catch me? But what do you mean? How do we catch you, you? You we saw your pictures, your you was all over the you on the CCTV camera, right? And the guy said, Yep, I had the juice.

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And they weren't like the juice, like, What do you mean, the juice still had the juice.

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And so it turned out that this guy thought that if he put lemon juice on his face, it would hide him from being seen by the CCTV cameras. So you know this? Yeah, he really believed that. And obviously, you know, because, you know, when you're a kid, you learn about secret ink, and you know how to

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hide your writing with secret ink. So this was this is what he thought poor guy, right. But you know, it's very, very important, very, very important lesson. That, you know, it's it's so obvious when you think about it. But in order to be successful in life, you need to have the right knowledge, you need to understand the system, you need to understand the rules, and you need the right strategies in order to make things work. That's, that's like a given, it's obvious. But the reality is, is that sometimes the other thing that was illustrated about this, this guy is that he was so confident he was so confident about what he was doing, walked into the bank, with total

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confidence, robbed the banks, and then was shocked and surprised when he got caught. And the reality is that sometimes not all the time, but sometimes the people with the least knowledge are the most confident. And this is so important. Because what I find when I talk to people about this really, really important topic of willpower, what I often find is people are very confident they think they know what it's about. But they have no idea if you ask them to define willpower. They don't know they don't know what's willpower. In fact, sometimes they they're almost like offended. You suggesting that I don't have willpower? Is that what you say? Well, what if I told you but other

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than that I have willpower, I have willpower. Of course, everyone has some willpower, you wouldn't be a human being if you didn't have some more willpower, but because people don't really understand what willpower is. And they don't really know the correct strategies to implement in order to be really effective in your use in their use of willpower. They're very confident they feel. And this is another thing, that it's what they call cognitive bias in so called psychology, cognitive biases. It's like the way your brain is like pre programmed to sort of get things wrong in in a certain way. So one of these cognitive biases. Well, that's the first thing is that you know, you there's a

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cognitive bias that when you have a little bit of knowledge about something, sometimes it can make you really, really confident and you apply it to areas it has no connection to. So that's one thing. And the other thing, another type of cognitive bias is that when it comes to our desires, when it comes to controlling our impulses, we tend to think that we're a lot better at it than we actually are. So when we're thinking about it, we think that when we're going to be confronted with a particular willpower challenge, we're going to be confronted by some situation where you know, we're actually going to need to control our impulses, we think we're going to do really well whereas in

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reality, when we're in that situation, we actually don't, it says very profound brothers and sisters, you know, when you think think about what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us about not only committing sin, but keeping away and restricting the whole environment that leads us to commit sin, because, you know, we tend to overestimate how good we're gonna be at controlling ourselves. And that's the other thing is that, you know, when we're in a state when we are, you know, in a cold state, you know, this is like a hot cold bias, like the point being here, cognitive cognitive bias is that again, you know, when we're in a calm state, we tend to over

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A how capable we're going to be a resisting temptation, when we're really fired up, these things are really, really important because the thing is brothers and sisters, I've done this course on the Seven Pillars of willpower. And you know, one of the pains I'm feeling is that I really want to get, I really want people to have this knowledge, I really want people to understand these strategies, and to be able to implement them in their life, because I know it's going to help you so so much. And it really reminds me of a time when, you know, when I first became Muslim, and I really wanted my mum and dad, to, you know, to follow Islam, and I just thought if I just tell them, you know,

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what is success feeling so great, it's feeling so fantastic. If I just tell them in sha Allah, you know, they're going to become Muslim, they get to accept it, they're going to feel as great as I felt. But in reality, they just thought I was just being offensive, and I was being rude. And it's like, you know, like, who you You're our little son, you know, well, it wasn't that little but, you know, parents was perhaps looking at their sons as being little. So they thought of me like that. And still and like who you to tell us and it looked like I was criticizing their whole way of life and everything about them and what they were doing, it was all wrong, and who you now, and I feel a

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little bit like that, you know, when I talk to people about willpower, and like how important willpower is, people get me wrong, they don't seem to understand because a lot of the time I reckon they don't really know what pill willpower is, they don't understand how important it is and how really, you know, these these strategies, you have to learn them and you have to practice them like anything else. In order to be effective. You know, brother, this is all I can say is that I spent a couple of years now like literally two years, studying this topic. I've read, you know, popular science books, I've even read scientific papers, I've listened to you like numerous podcasts,

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you know, whatever. I mean, I've read a lot of stuff about it, and not only read it, I've been practicing it and hamdulillah it's had a huge impact on my own personal life. So that's why I put this course together the Seven Pillars of willpower 19 days

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towards becoming a willpower wonder. So all you have to do it's like it's a it's a series of videos over 90 days you watch one video per day, each video is anything from five to maybe 15 minutes maximum, right? And then I give you a few simple exercises that could be a physical exercise, nothing strenuous. Or even a mental exercise. Mostly, they're mostly mental exercises. And you know you do that exercise for a day. Some of them you have to keep practicing throughout the week or the whole course. And you know by the end of it by the end of it, I tell you what, by the end of it, I guarantee you I give you a 30 day guarantee from the day you sign up on this course. If after 30

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days, you haven't found a significant improvement in your willpower and you don't find if you don't find this knowledge that I teach you valuable. I will give you your money back that is my guarantee. I will give you your money back no quibbles, no questions asked I might just ask you why? Why didn't it work but I will give you your money back no problem. If you want it back if you think it wasn't worth it. What have you got to lose brothers and sisters I think you got you've got nothing to lose and you have everything to gain so please sign up. Now. For the Seven Pillars of willpower you will not regret it. You will not regret it in Sharla