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We live in a

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manner of humor. unreliable. alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was vegetarian, my beloved brothers Islam slimani como La Habra cattle in Angola placement for last panel. catalana should Allah Allah, Allah will witness that none has the right of worship besides the last panel data, we thank Him, we glorify His names and we praise Him in times of ease and in times of hardship, and we plead to him in these times of difficulty for his mercy, his kindness, and his assistance to get us through this. And we seek out peace and love and sanitation. So beloved nahi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to spice up your family to his companions and all those who follow

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suit until the end of time. Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be steadfast and the son of Neville Salam in this life, and in his companionship in the meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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We are together once again, for this July lecture, unfortunately, not in the masjid. And we pray that soon will return to the masjid. For us here in South Africa. It has been four weeks now that we have not been together in the massage. And our lockdown has been extended yesterday, the President of South Africa has extended our lockdown for a further two weeks in this in this time of crisis, really changing the world in which we live and you know, bring a new reality for all of us. This is really as many of them I have said that it is one of the great tests of our time in our generation. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to assist us in this test to guide us to fulfill our purpose and our

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objective. These are a reminder for us may we be reminded and mindful. And when we come out of this test, you know better than the people we were even allowed

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to arrange our life in with the with the message that this lockdown will continue. And with the crisis continuing, it is of utmost importance for us to speak about hope and to speak about the mercy of Allah to speak about things that keeps us uplifted. This weekend is also the Easter weekend, and many of the fellow friends and neighbors are Christian.

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You know, colleagues and friends, they would also be going through a similar kind of of hardship not being able to congregate in the place of worship during this Easter festival. And in fact, for those of us who live amongst Christians, we should understand that in terms of Christianity, the most important event on the calendar is not Christmas, or lead is Easter. And, you know, if we look at the it's important for us to know, the essence of Easter the essence of what Christians believe happens here. They believe, of course, that it was on on a Friday that Jesus Christ was crucified Of course, we we deny that and we say as Allah says that he was not crucified and he has not was not

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killed. And he will return in the future around the the belief of the Christians, the incorrect belief is that he was crucified, and he died. And then he was resurrected on on Sunday. He was resurrected on Sunday. And the whole purpose and the story Why? Why was Jesus crucified? Why was it as a kid? What is the purpose of this? This goes back to a fundamental belief of Christianity, a belief that all Christian groups and six Protestants, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, and this is really the Akita the fundamental of Christianity, is that they believe that when our father Adam, and his wife or mother Hawa, they ate from that forbidden tree, that they became cursed, the souls

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became tainted, and all the offspring as until the end of time, inherited the sun. And doesn't matter how much Toba is too far, how good you are as a person, you are born with this curse. And this curse means you will go to janam forever and ever and ever. And Allah will never forgive all of humanity became cursed through this. And so what is the purpose of life? Well, the only way to get rid of this curse is a sacrifice needs to be made. And that sacrifice is the death of of Jesus Christ. I mean, His resurrection is that you need to accept him in your life, of course. Furthermore, they added the Trinity to that believing that Jesus is actually a law himself. So a lot

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coming down sacrificing himself to himself, to remove his son, which we didn't do. This we of course, disagree with and this is not the our theology, our theology or other is that,

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that we acknowledge that our father and our mother is a tsunami coming to the center. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches a very profound message. Listen, that in spite of the sun, in spite of how bad the sun was, and yes, that they tasted the consequences of it, they departed from Jenna as part of loss plan. Allah means his Allah turned to them in repentance. And Allah then taught them that this is going to be this is the message of life, that you will go through life you'll be presented with this you and your offspring. Allah will give us the guidance how to come through these tests. If we come through it, by the grace of Allah, we will succeed and guilt agenda. If we fail in these

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tests installed, there is hope for us through Toba is different so this weekend for the Christians, they it's all about repentance and returning to God. We also in sha Allah, we want to use a

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To talk about repentance and returning to Allah, especially in the light of this virus we, we know part of part of this test is also a consequence of, of the of the sins that we have done and the sinful lives that we have laid. Allah Subhana Allah says, Have he who have you want to hold him accountable if he were to hold mankind accountable for what they earned, you would have hastened for them the punishment that surely they would have been a severe punishment on us. If Allah subhana wa Dinah really gave us what we deserve. And Allah says, and if Allah had destroyed a min for the, for the sinful noise, you would not leave on the earth, a single creature, but he spikes mankind until

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an appointed times panel. Allah conferencing is he if he really gave us what we deserve, then the punishment that is deserving on mankind for all the wrongs that we do as monologues is not injustice, look at what we are doing to ourselves, how many millions of people are starving at a time when we have more food than this planet can eat with so much of it is destroyed. The wars that we do the diseases that we have, have have caused as a result of the operation that we have. So Allah says if all this evil that we do if we were paid for what we have done, we need to be so bad that not a single living creature will remain on the earth. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has pardoned

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most of what we have done and he leaves it till an appointed time.

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So the sins that we do we send each of us are sinners, there is not none of us that is perfect. And they there are some of us that are deep inside committing major sin and there are some of us that are trying day in and day out to time one step forward, two steps back. This is the nature of insanity is how we have been created and Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to commit sin so that we can turn to him. Mr. Farr that was the purpose is a hadith where the Prophet Allah says that if we were a creature occasion that did not sin at all allowed us surely replaced us with a creation that did sin, so that we can turn to minister far because what we get in return from Allah subhanaw taala

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is so much more beautiful when we return back to him in in ecfr and Toba. So today inshallah we talk about the hope of the sun, what hope can we have, even though we've lived a very sinful life, no matter who you are, what you have done, it all think about those sins that we are most ashamed of. We don't believe in confession to any human person. It is only a law that we confess our sins. So we listen which as we sit here today, in this walk of Juma on the day of forgiveness, we think of all those very, very dirty sins that we open the loss of Hannah with Allah never exposes us and never hold us to account today. Insha Allah we believe that a lot can forgive all these sins. And the

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first way in which we get these sins forgiven is through is there far and Toba? And we need to understand the difference between these things. Is it hard is to ask forgiveness saying I still feel a lot of stuff a lot. And it's still hard is something which is a constant part of our daily life than a visa Salaam says that he makes his default 70 times a day at least and he is a person who have never committed a sin. So for us part of our daily cleansing as you know you Today we talk about washing your hands so regularly, we should wash our souls regularly for the mistakes that we do when we look at something haram listen to something haram say something haram sometimes it's more

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sometimes it's big. The constant purification is just to set a stop for the layout Allah forgive me have mercy upon me for all the sins that I do, knowingly unknowingly Allah I don't know. But those things have been recorded. So it is continuous me seeking forgiveness for all the sins we have done, the past and the present. doba is a is a far more deeper form of Mr. farto about his deep repentance. And usually this is specific, worse is there is there far is for something which which we might not know it might be general Toba is icon with the sunya Allah and you turn to Allah and you you'll be seeing a lot for his for his forgiveness. And Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to know

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that when evil we invoke him, whenever we turn to Him, whatever time of the day or the night it is, and we ask him for forgiveness, no matter how bad the sin is, Allah says, and whoever does evil or wrongs himself who ever commits a sin against himself, and afterwards seeks almost forgiveness, He will surely find a law of forgiving, Most Merciful This is a promise from Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah basically sways Yeah, he promises that no matter what sin you do, if you turn to Allah afterwards, you will find that Allah subhanaw taala is accepting of that of that of that repentance. In a beautiful Hadith the Prophet Muhammad says, Allah, that is to explain the happiness of Allah

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subhanho the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala has when someone turns to him instead of her and Toba. Allah says Allah has a greater joy at the repentance of one of his slaves. A lot in Allah has so much pleasure in when we make it safer to him.

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So much so that you complete the one who would have over his mount which so the prophecies of the prophecy basically summarize the Hadees a person goes out to the desert, and the person is on his camel is all his provisions, his water, whatever it might be, and then the camel, you know, he lives down to fall asleep. When he wakes up, the camel is gone, and his provisions are gone. And he's in the middle of the desert, nothing and time goes by and he realizes while I'm gonna die, he is given up all hope of life, the man has given up hope, to such an extent that he is even dug his own grave that he's going to

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die in it. And then all of a sudden, as he has given up all hope, he sees his he sees this camel, this animal coming forward, and he grabs the reins of it grabs the thing, you know, you mentioned the man comes in, he grabs the animal, and he's so happy. I mean, he's basically his life has been returned and he says our law, you are my slave and I am your Lord. What does he mean you are my slave and I am your Lord. He means to say I am your slave and you are my load, but out of his delirium, delirium is so so delirious because of his, his happiness, that he he makes a mistake. And so he's confused of the intensity of his joy. The prophets of Salaam says at the beginning of the

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Hadith, a lot. A lot has more joy than this man. When we raise our hand and say yeah, Allah, I looked at that thing which is haram. I said this haram thing I made this mistake. Now I come to you yeah, Allah forgive me for sinning against you and sending against myself. A law is so happy more than that, that man's on a lot.

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We know also, that of the the the woods

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tells his people that if you make ecfr you commit to the sun, you should be punished actually. But if you ask Allah don't punish me Forgive me. Not only will ALLAH forgive you, but allow, allow the rain to come down, meaning Allah Baraka in our, our, our, our, our money, our risk our children, and Allah will cause us to be healthy. This disease might go away Bismillah through Toba, and is the heart through Toba is too far after we've taken the precautions Toba is so beautiful and so loved by Allah, that he not only forgives the sin, but he also wants to reward as in the dunya and the Hara. So Mohan Allah how do we make Toba? What is the way we do it? How do we do this thing, no special

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formula, it is simply a sincere it is for you to turn to Allah alone. And it is that you confess your sin to Allah only ally did this and you regret you genuinely regret that sin? You know, some, some people have said that sin that I give gave up, I still enjoy it, you know, I still want to go towards it. And this is human nature. Sometimes we are so engrossed in sin, it is become second nature, it's hard to leave. That's fine. We tend to let him say, yeah, Allah, I love this thing so much, and I long for this, this haram thing, but I'm coming to you for your help and your mercy, forgive me, and I make sincerest efforts here alone not to go back with you to go back to listen

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with your assistance. And even if the person goes back to it, you know, he's overpowered by his weakness and he comes back and he makes nobody stiffer than almost pantalla. We believe he exists and he forgives and back and forth. He goes, there was a scholar that mentioned it might be that Allah created you with a sweetness, a certain weaknesses, certain temptation, each of us are weak in a certain regard. And it is that sun that gets you to Jenna, what do you mean that sun gets mutagen because he is constantly in this internal battle day and night he is fighting, he come up to the sun and he feels a degrade and that makes him go to the masala and make ecfr and Toba. And then he

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spends a few days struggling against that temptation. Then he makes a mistake again and again he repeats the cycle. But it was because of that sin that made him go to the masala every day every night back and forth for 4050 6070 years, and he fought with himself. And this might be the thing that actually is the thing that turned him to Allah subhanho wa Taala we pray that Allah subhanaw taala forgives us for all options that will make us different and Toba for all our sins. So that is the first the easiest and the best way to get your sins removed to get my sins removed, is to continuously make Easter far, and to make sincere Toba for those big sins that we have done those

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things which are in our minds and we continuously make the well we never know when Allah has accepted it. It might not be the first time but we do so. There are other ways in which our sins are forgiven. We know that number two, besides defining Toba, the way to get forgiveness from Allah is to do as many good deeds as possible. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, you know, there was a lecture we did the divine scoreboard, the way in which Allah keeps score. So on the one side, the negative marks against us, which is of course sin, and then we get positive marks for good deeds. Allah subhanaw taala has placed us in such a way that when we do when we do

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make ecfr he doesn't only remove the

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But it gives us the woods. And similarly when we do a good deed, Allah doesn't only reward us for that he also removes a son. So it is a, a double kind of reward. The father Solomon says, Fear Allah, we ever you all have consciousness of love at all times, and follow up a bad deed with a good deed and it will blot it out it will completely remove it and the prophecies and deal with people in good manner with good manner.

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So, the point of the idea here is the property saying whenever you've committed a sin and that moment of weakness, that moment of lack of judgment, you commit the sin and then when you since is returned to you realize you're not alone. What did I do? Immediately perform some kind of evader? Whatever it is, make an EFT to some charity may go and perform to work as open the coronary site, ask Allah to forgive you. The minute you do a good deed following it up with a son. He committed a sin and you follow it up with a good deed. Immediately Allah subhanho wa Taala blots out that that's an another beautiful Hadith the Prophet, Abubakar of Yolanda and there's really there's not many

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Hadith Abu Bakar himself and writes, one Hadith he narrated. He said, The Prophet told him that who ever committed a sin, and then afterwards he went, and he performed a beautiful we'll do a complete widow and may to Raka as an repentance, then that sin is expunged completely smile a lot. So May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to only commit a sin, we return and we we compensated through a good deed. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, in AlHassan at you the hipness, say at the good deeds, remove the evil deeds that good deeds, completely wipe out the bad deeds. And Allah has allowed that every time we commit, you know, every time we do good deeds, for example, the Salawat Ramadan Amara

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Hodge Juma attached to it is this, you know, vaccine if you own the time And believe me, it's this vaccine that purifies our soul of any of its germs and viruses, that when you perform that Salah, you're not only getting a reward, you're also cleansing yourself of that sin. And unless I know that has made this as we, you know, as you take regular intervals of ibadah, those regular intervals are purifications, of of our, of our, from our sins, and they are and of course the greater the good deed, the more powerful is that purification. So we know for example, the man we believe the man who goes and he stands the lady with the you know who stands on the plains of alpha in hajj, when he

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leaves arafa when we believe that all of his sons a lifetime of sin is forgiven, there are other great, great acts of worship that also removes all your sins, you only have to go to alpha. There's other ways, one of them. In fact, one of the greatest ways of getting every single person with 8060 7080 years of sin completely wiped out is that of the month of Ramadan. This these 30 days can compensate, you know, a 50 4060 year life of sin wiped out the prophets of Salaam says will ever fast sincerely or stand sincerely, who stands in the light of little color sincerely and hopeful as a reward, all of these sins could be forgiven Bismillah so a huge opportunity coming up for us from

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Allah goddess to achieve the rich Ramadan and achieve its full, full benefits. So the first one we said to get sins removed is through ecfr and Toba. The second one is to do a lot of good deeds and the more good deeds you do they wipe out those sins. Number three, Allah has made it such that maybe maybe you did not do the Tobin a Stefan, you committed the sin, but you neglected asking Allah for forgiveness. And you didn't do too many good deeds in terms of invited to law. But it might be that at hamdulillah Allah blessed you with having good people in your life, and through the Association of those good people, they do for you assists you, they do are assist you. So we know that if I make

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two ayah Allah forgive my brother forgive my sister, even though he's not making the offer himself, Allah subhana wa Taala you know, accepts the two out of others making to offer each other and that is why so behind Allah, sometimes when we see, you know, today, one of the big problems of the oma is we are very quick to point out the faults of each other. And one way of really assessing do Am I pointing these faults out? Am I you know, giving advice in inverted commas here is it really for the benefit of the brother for the sister was simply to to the superiority complex to make this person feel bad. One of the very good ways of understanding is if you go off to advising the brother what

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you're doing here is how long is if you go afterwards when he's not seeing you and you make to offer Mrs. Yala, my brother I've spoken to him he's committing the sin, forgive him Have mercy on him. If you're not making to offer that person in the end when you're advising them. It is more maybe for as a as a way of of humiliating that person or feeling superior to them. So we

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Watch our intentions in sha Allah as a beautiful Hadith.

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The prophet SAW Selim says, When even a Muslim dies, and 14 people, 14 men stand at this person's channel. And these are people that did not come achieve with Alemany these are believers. And then Allah will accept the intersections on behalf of this man, then the meet through the Salah of these 40 people, Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive this man now attached to the Subhana Allah one of the

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I was speaking to a friend and you know, we're saying that, you know, dying of this disease is would be very, very bad. But I think what's even worse is not being able to have a proper channels. We know the bigger your channels and the more more people at your janazah is a good indication of of a good departure towards online replay that you're allowing when you take us on that day. May our Genesis be big, and they believe the quality of people at the generous of you wonderful people. So in this in this time, we know that the massages are closed. And this Jana Jana is

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a small very few people attend. So we should make that extra effort to make dua for all the people that have died, that we call the Timmy Genesis, Allah have mercy on him that have died during this period, that they are unable to have the full benefit of the janazah some people the old lives have been in the masjid five times a day they're in the masjid, and so sad that they they pass away and they don't have the privilege of having a genocide in the machine. Of course, this is not, you know, a blemish against them. This is not a loss was never unfair to somebody, but this is the attitude we live in. And He will give His full view as as it would be. We know of Hadith when people are not the

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to perform the hustle on a person or to perform the janaza on someone event allow will send angels to the homie janazah. And to hustle He's such people, some Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on all of those who have passed away. And when we die Allah, may they be good people that make dua for us continuously. And you know, and as we said, the DA continues even after the janazah if you have a relative that has passed away, they will long they are longing so much for the son, the daughter, the grandson or granddaughter to make dua for them, so that they can feel whatever goodness they have in the cupboard, it will be elevated they'll have more reward. And if they're going through

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hardship, through punishment, the punishment is alleviated through our doors. So the people or the graves can even assist us you can even go to the camera and ask to one guru assist me he cannot assist you. But we can assist the Imam through making dua for the mere Allah have mercy on them. So we continuously we remember the deceased in our two hours, and we hope that when we die, those officers will remember us in the way to us. So number three is to make dua for them. Then number four, is we can do good deeds beyond that, besides to us we can do good deeds for them. So we know if if you have a parent that was unable to perform Hajj or you want to give a sadhaka a charity on

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behalf of someone that has passed away. Allah has allowed the such an amazing thing that even after you die, that your account can continue accruing in good deeds by people doing it on your behalf you can you know you're on voiceover critical for Sally sahab, and you ask who Silas our who's this guy, Sally, it is he thought he fell out for the basically the transfer of goodies that he would either mean to transfer our law, I'm transferring the good deeds on behalf of a mother, father, whatever it might be. And so Allah has allowed us to do good deeds for the dead people. So again, you might not have given a lot of charity, but you Alhamdulillah one of the things that you've done is you have

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very good friends are very good. You're a good father, and people love you so much. Even after you die, someone makes a carbon on your behalf, someone gives us a mosque on your behalf. But of course you don't want to wait for that you don't want you don't want to depend on that. But Allah has allowed this to happen.

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It's a beautiful Hadith a man I should say is a man comes to the Navy. So Solomon says My mother has died all of a sudden to his story. You know, it's so sad. My mom has died and did not have a chance to bequeath anything. She didn't leave anything behind in terms of charity. But if she were able to do so I think that she should have given sat across the process was telling me that she did not rather she didn't have money, but she didn't put it in her wallet. So when you die, one third of your wealth can go for charity as a side note, Yeah, it is. It is very, you know, instructed by the abusers on them, that we should always have a wall in place in case of emergency and in times like

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this last summer, how long I will not cause it to be so but it is good for us now to think about having that. Well. One of the things that are important in that world is to leave some charity behind up to one third, not more.

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In one third, and of course to make our you know your situation between the hero. So this man says his mom died and she didn't leave anything behind. But if she knew she would have given some sadaqa. So can I he asks, would if I were to give sadaqa? Would she be able to get the reward if I do it on her behalf? And the prophets of Salaam say that? Yes, you you can do so if you give charity on her behalf she will get it. Another Hadith said the man asked what kind of charity Can I give on her behalf and the promises analysis, basically, of the best things you can do is to provide people with water. And so he purchased a well he had a well dug, and he made that walk for people and his

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mother, be in the lab receive the reward of that so we can do good deeds on behalf of the deceased look with the Nia for them. So you may be today you are giving you finding someone hungry in this virus or you find the massage in the massage or in need of donations. People are losing their jobs and you want to assist them not you know, you give that 100 grand you give that loaf of bread, you look at the reward, but you say I make the near that my mother father, they get the reward in sha Allah, and they will get the reward without you being diminished in any way. So Allah subhanaw taala, and he was without any limit nilda then this is very important. Number five, one of the ways

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in which our sins are diminished, is through calamities, through calamities on the earth. So in one way, we always mentioned that whatever befalls us on the earth of good or bad, if it brings us closer to Allah, then it is a mercy in the end, that even deaths of Allah, someone we love, someone that is very close to us dies or we become sick or we lose our job. And this thing brings us closer to Allah all we are patient in it, when this thing is a purification for us. We have many since Panama. And the worst thing to happen, the worst outcome of our sins is we carry all of it to kiama and we stand before Allah and on the day of kiama we then get punished for those sins in Jana. Jana,

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Mr. We cannot be the punishment of Jannah in some ways we can be the punishment in the dunya but not the punishment of the Hara. So one of the ways that Allah subhanaw taala of His mercy is he settles our account in the dunya. So when we meet him, we meet him fresh and clean. One of the reasons why our people you know, we get old and we become frail and become weak, you know, people and especially in this time we know the older you are, the more susceptible you are to this disease, and people are scared. Our old mothers and fathers they are they're scared I'm going to get sick of this disease gonna take me and they remember just yesterday I was strong and healthy and how quickly Allah

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subhanaw taala has reduced me to be so vulnerable. This is not easy. It's very difficult. But remember, this is a purification Allah. As the Hydra one heading says Allah sweetens you the believer before you die so that when you die, you die in that beautiful state. So the Prophet Salaam tells us, no tiredness, no form of exhaustion, no form of emotional worry, and grief or distress. No harm at all before the believer in this world, not even as small or minute as picking your foot with a third being picked by a throne, except that Allah subhanaw taala will remove will remove sins. So during this calamity, all of us are suffering. We are locked in our homes, some of us, you know we

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are skied, some of us have lost financially lost lost our jobs. Some of us are sick, some of us have had a lot are going to lose a loved ones or even our own life. These calamities are so mighty, we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala uses this to purify us completely, that as this calamity befalls this dunya when this calamity blows over Bismillah very quickly, what is left is us pure and clean of all our sins in the lab. Then, number six another form of of forgiveness is that of the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam on the day of karma, we know that

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Hadith which we all are very familiar with. We know that the purpose of Salam informed us that every nebia of Allah was given a special gift meaning a dua which Allah had given him and said, whatever you want, you will get and so every single Nabil use that in the dunya they use that special gift from Allah they opened it in they use it in the dunya that Ibiza Salaam said I did not use my name is Raja I kept it with me, and I'm going to use it on Kiana Amin's final look at the foresight of nobodies I'll send them the day which is the most difficult day he says that day. That is the day I'm going to use this tool and that they might do art is going to be for my oma specifically Amati

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it all of you know there's a long Hadith about the intercession. In fact, every single person even the worst of the worst, will benefit from that indecision of nobody's asylum, but in particular used to our before moto moto migration my nation nonobese

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Salaam says, My intercession will be for those amongst my alma who have committed major sins. So the most difficult of people on the left kiama of this oma, those of us in Allah protect us.

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Those who carry a major sin to alarm the day of karma, they've committed a big one, a big one meaning murder, Xena. Some things we might even, you know, hammer Riba we take this very lightly rebuys out of the biggest of the major sins is to have Reba. Reba and the Riba. So any person who comes to Alanna dfki ama with a major sin. Now this is a big mosquito. There's a big problem because Allah says in the Quran that if you come to Allah with only minus ones, then those will be forgiven on kiama and you will avoid Jana. So anyone who comes to Allah as a believer with only my innocence, then you will be guaranteed Jana without janam Baraka sin with a major sin on his name, he is liable

00:30:54--> 00:31:34

for janam and that is where the intercession the purpose of Salah will come in and be is Neela if Allah accepts when the person's major sins will be forgiven. And if Allah does not accept that intercession on his behalf of this person, and this person will be liable for Jana. How do we get the intercession of Nagisa Salam very easily we know we make the two out of every Island we have a van at the mosque. So we still make the Aloma by the Delta Tama we make that to our Nila Akiyama. A loss of Akiyama, as we know is like a courtroom. And they we will have witnesses against us. In fact, we will testify against ourselves, but they will be some who will witness on our behalf and

00:31:34--> 00:32:12

intercede of them are the angels the purpose of a lot of classes in the Quran, how many are the angels in the heavens, they intercession will not avail anything except after Allah has given leave for them, he will leave with whom he pleases and that he is except acceptable to him. So Allah says, The angels Dermalogica they continuously making to offer us as amazing you know, think about the angels they come to our homes, they see us they in the kindness to us to making the ayah Allah Muhammad is going through difficulty is going through some hardship, make etc and forgive them forgive them forgive them every time we come into sin. Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts the

00:32:12--> 00:32:35

intercession of the angels. In some way Gods he accepts that your good deeds we know that you're fasting or complaint on the day of your Quran or Chi to Allah on the day of PMA, Allah I kept him busy, I kept him out of his sleep, so forgive him they will be our witnesses in the cupboard and on the deaf piano. So the more the stronger we want that witness the more false thing and could and in particular,

00:32:36--> 00:33:16

we are special people from the people who will intercede on us on our behalf. Amongst them is the hospital court and is a bit of a weak Hadith but we've nilla so the half that we know he will be allowed to according to this week Hadith that he will intercede on behalf of 10 people and the Shaheed the Mata, he will intercede on behalf of others on the death camera. So one of the honors of certain people that they've done such a lot of good deeds in the dunya that not only will they be saved and kiama they can actually pull others and save others. It's not just the very special is another Hadith coming about everyone being able to perform indecision. So number eight, we will get

00:33:16--> 00:33:39

back to that Hadith number eight, wrong stance against you. So remember, anyone who has done anything wrong, your rights were taken in the dunya. And you have been wronged in any way someone said something wrong to you, someone abused you in some way they harmed you physically they harmed you financially. They are harmed you emotionally they harmed your honor.

00:33:41--> 00:34:20

You know psychologically they've done something wrong to you any thing that was done like this, and it was not reconciled in the dunya then that date must be paid on the day of karma. And we know this very famous and scary Hadith, the Hadith of the of the Muslims, the bankrupt person, will the Prophet Salam ask the Sahaba who is bankrupt and the Sahaba see the bankrupt one is the one who has his debts are more than his assets. And the problem is we are not talking about this kind of bankruptcy. Rather, he says the banker person is a person on one Kiana will have lots of solar, lots of fasting, lots of soccer, but he will find himself bankrupt on that day How so? Because he had

00:34:20--> 00:34:59

also he accumulated a lot of good deeds, but on the other side, he had committed a lot of harm to others, he spoke better this one he, you know, sent a message and they harm someone else. He was debating and nicely with this one. He was backbiting that one he was taking the hack of someone else. He you know, you know, abused this person. And so and so, a lot today when we abuse someone we in the past you abused one person, you know to his face or whatever and that was it. Now you abuse someone online, and 1000s millions of people that need it. And that insult is all against you Subhan Allah, may Allah protect us in our 1000s millions of people see it, read it.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

It and those are all upon noon Allah, may Allah have mercy on us, those millions and millions of accounts against you. And so all the good deeds are taken from you until the person is left with no good deeds, but he still has a queue of people that he harmed What now, now he takes the sin of janam so this good person that did not have good deeds, because he harm people he ends up in janam through so how many people on the day of the dunya so there are some of us some of you who are victims you in your heart you know that someone stole something from you hotkey or financial whatever it might be all the someone that that really hurt you, your emotions Subhana Allah Allah

00:35:41--> 00:36:18

protect us mother in law's daughter in laws, you find that this guide is the until the death Kiana sit those things right in the dunya because if you have those claims against one another and they have karma, it's not a good thing. And even the victim even if you are the victim, you have all the claims against this one and that one, it is better for you to let it go in the dunya once you say yeah Allah even without that person knowing what a beautiful thing you go to Yeah, Allah, this person or that person, they harm me they hurt me. I still feel the pain. But I ask you your ALLAH forgive them for what they did to me. This is you know, high level Aqua Imani. Allah speaks about

00:36:18--> 00:36:59

these kind of people in the Quran, that they are seen as an alumnus that they make a fool they, they pardon the people and in return they get the pardon of Allah. Allah says in the Quran, do you not want to have mercy on you, so you forgive and you pardon others. This whole good path today is about pardoning and forgiving, we want the forgiveness of Allah. And so then, let go of those grudges, perhaps Subhana Allah, in this moment of Juma in this holiest of days, when we make do I ALLAH forgive each of us for our sins, make the art for your worst enemy as well make to all that you know, if he's not a Muslim, he would make to Allah guides him to Islam and make the other Allah

00:36:59--> 00:37:37

Spanish Allah forgives the worst of sins, and that Allah makes us better. This is what we want. We don't want to see any person going to janam the prophets of Allah, they, you know, gave their lives preventing even people like Phil janam trying the best to take Abu Jamal out of Jana, yo, we are very quick to send our own blood brother to Jana, our best friend that we will for 20 years, he did one thing wrong, you will go to jahannam forever, and I'll be happy now the builder. So make make, you know, pardon people. And if you and if you will, a transgressor, then make sure you fix these things, you make these fix these things before the deaf kiama. Then on the day of karma,

00:37:39--> 00:37:59

if all else number nine, if you have now your son's so tobei that you didn't come out you didn't have you didn't ask Allah to forgive you and repent for your sins. You didn't do good deeds. People didn't ask Allah to forgive you. People didn't do good deeds on your behalf. You had a very comfortable life and so they will no calamities to purify you, you didn't get the intercession of the fkm

00:38:01--> 00:38:39

if you will, no claims that you could even have set off on the day of karma. So what now now you are liable for those sins, and it could be as a mercy from Allah, that He gives a minor punishment rather than a big one. But yes, the sin now needs to be punished. And so the punishment might be smaller. So of the things some of the the centers, they are quoting the dunya, the man who murdered the man who committed Zina, so they are punished in the dunya. The Sharia says that this person must be punished physically in the dunya, this punishment will be a will be a kind of explanation for the sons. Perhaps it would be that in the cupboard,

00:38:40--> 00:38:57

that people get difficulty in macabre, it might be that that expects those sons expunges of the sons before getting to jahannam so anything that removes that sense, even a punishment before kiama we see it is a form of it is a form of mercy.

00:39:00--> 00:39:37

The prophet SAW the the prophets of Salaam we know there was a lady will come with Xena and she was stoned to death along Hadith basically, and she was stoned to death and the prophets of Salaam performed Genesis Allah Allah and as opposite How do you perform janasena and a lady which we just don't do it and he said to serve as a hobby that she received such repentance from Allah, but it could really forgive 70 people, not just her, but 70 people could share in that level of forgiveness. Yes, she went through the punishment, but this punishment was severe and we fully purified her completely. So if anyone goes through a difficulty in the dunya and is even in the

00:39:37--> 00:39:43

cover, it might be a cleansing for the for the hero. Then lastly Of course,

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

there is the punishment of janam stole. So the root of sin the as we said in the dunya you commit the sin, there are many many ways of getting free of that sin. If persons are not sorted out in the dunya then you are liable in the cupboard on the day.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Cameras might be punished. And in some way, mela protect us the believer, we know that all believers who did not cheat with Allah, they will intergender Some will enter immediately. Others will enter via Jana. So they all Muslims, believers, but because of the quantity or the severity of the essence, and this is only for a lot to judge, really you know people say you don't have the right to judge me only can only unlucky judge me that is TRUE 100% TRUE. Only a lot can knows that the way the system was done, what was in the heart, the severity of it, and then allow alone will be able to assign a punishment. And so then people will be going to Jana. Now this this hadith is a beautiful

00:40:44--> 00:41:25

Hadith in one of my favorite Hadith, the peseta who is reported. It's mentioned in Sahih Muslim, but he says that he says that the prophets of Salaam said by the one in whose hand is my soul to be seen by Allah, none of you can be more insistent in asking Allah to restore his right so the property say they are the people that will be the most argumentative with along with Afghan people will argue with Allah for his rights against his opponent, they will be no one that will argue with Allah more severely than the believer on the Day of Resurrection on behalf of his brother who was in the fire Subhan Allah. So the Prophet is saying the person the people will argue with all of the most is not

00:41:25--> 00:42:03

for themselves, but they will argue on behalf of the Federal Muslim brother who's in the fire. They will say yeah, Allah, those people, they in janam they used to fast with us and they used to play with us and they perform Hajj with us that booty Allah I was with him and I don't know what since he did that is between basically between him, but I am wanting to account and vouch for him, you know, for his good deeds. Now this is an amazing, amazing Hadith. Why? Because we know in Surabaya, the prophet Allah says, On that day, the mother will run away from her children, the husband will run away from his wife, no one ever will say enough's enough. See, but some people you know, after they

00:42:03--> 00:42:41

have been saved from janam, they will basically you know, before they get to gender, they'll make a U turn. And they'll say, yeah, Allah, I want to come back and I want to intercede on behalf of this man's panel. And then it will after these people complain to Allah on behalf of these the fellow Muslims in general, it will be sent to them. Now to the angels basically bring out those whom you recognize around Allah say to these people, so take out from janam those whom you recognize, and the fire will be forbidden for them so you can look who in jahannam is really that you recognize that it could take them out. So they bring them out. And Allah will say to the angels that have interceded

00:42:41--> 00:43:21

and the prophets have interceded so Allah will then say to the angels, because even though he saw a complaint, these people they they engender me Allah but they did good deeds. Allah will say to them that you also take out those people that you are vouching for, until the is Nan lift now in China except for Allah Himself to show mercy meaning Allah will say that everyone that has mercy has shown mercy. What is left is for Allah subhanaw taala himself to show to show mercy. And as the Hadith mentioned, in a way which we make no associations with Allah, He will grasp a portion of Jannah or the fire, and he will bring out people in the that had not even atoms, weight of good deeds, but

00:43:21--> 00:44:04

they will believe us, they believe in Allah, and they did not commit a ship with Allah. And so if all else fails, if our good deeds fails, our doba fails. And remember the thing that we have the most hope in is the hope of Allah's mercy. The most important thing that gives us hope in the worst of times is that in who Allah is, the first step is to know who he is. And the very first thing when we open the Quran, who is Allah, who is a lot of us not the one who is here to punish and to cause harm. You open the Quran the first thing is Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the infinitely Merciful, the one who is most most merciful, who says, what it was, that my mercy touches and embraces. It

00:44:05--> 00:44:48

develops every single thing every living, animate inanimate, shaytaan himself. Everything is invalid come wrapped up in Allah's mercy of the names of Allah Rahim we know it comes from the Rahim which is the womb. This is the name of Allah Rahim comes from the womb. Why? Because the womb is the safest, most loving place that envelops the baby. Allah says this is my name, Rahim. This is how I envelop the creation with my mercy and there are many names of Allah Allah for Anwar, the one who forgives The one who removes all sins of the world, the one who returns to you when you committed sin Latif, the most gentle and the most loving, and Halim, the most forbidding the Muslims you do

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

against him. He pardons and he overlooks, Allah says cutterbar abou Kumar, NFC Rama. Allah says I have made compulsory on me I have made it far upon me that I will show mercy to my creations

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

And now who ever commits a sin pachala would you know ignorantly not a you know fully fully

00:45:08--> 00:45:53

understanding his sin and then he turns metabo min body and then he turns to align repentance and he makes it right to himself then allow all unknown. Allah is oft forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah says the NaVi Salam in the Quran, Nabil Abadi say to my bad My servants, and knee anila for him that I am most surely of forgiving, the most, the Most Merciful. And in the Hadith the Prophet also says that Allah himself says, My mercy will always be bigger than my punishment. Allah will always forgive more than he, he punishes, that all the mercy will know this hadith with all the mercy and all the kindness in every period, in every animal, every goodness of every creature on this earth will be

00:45:53--> 00:45:59

put together, it is only 1% of the 99% which is with Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:46:01--> 00:46:41

that Allah says about himself or the prophecies about himself that Allah is generous when you make dua he gives any shy, he is shy that you raise your hands and you say, you ask Allah that He leaves that hands empty handed over a shy to return that hands empty handed, no one raises hands and he says Allah forgive me, except that Allah will give him something either accepts that sin, forgives that sin, or gives him something better. Allah, we know of a Hadith, this beautiful Hadith with a mother, you know, was worried that her child had died in a fire. And then she was panicking and hysterical and she believed the child had been to death. And then they she saw her child alive and

00:46:41--> 00:47:20

well. And so she grabs the child and she hugs him and kisses him. And the professor says, Can you imagine this lady ever, ever throwing this child in a fire? They said, know what mother can ever do that. No mother can do that. And so the person says, Allah is more merciful to his slaves than this woman is to her child, Allah is more loving to his creation. In this mother, Allah is more reluctant to put anyone in Jannah. In this lady, Allah will use every method not to allow us to enter up into Jannah. So we should have faith we should have faith in that we end up with this hadith which is, I've said so often and so frequently, the Hadith which gives us so much hope that we know the

00:47:20--> 00:47:58

Prophet says, Allah says himself, oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, and put your hope in me, I have forgiven you. It's a guarantee I have forgiven you and I, for what you have done and I don't mind in the word allow us I don't mind I don't even worry at what you have done. So long as you ask me forgiveness, I forgive it. Then he says, oh, son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the sky, and then you would ask me forgiveness, you accumulated so much and and then you ask me forgiveness, while you're still alive, I will forgive you or send an item even if on the day of karma, you come to Allah with sins, equal to filling this entire world, this massive planet, full of

00:47:58--> 00:48:36

sins, unimaginable out of sins, but you also did not come a chick with a law you worshipped him alone. And Allah will come to you with a world fold with with mercy and forgiveness in these difficult times. In these times of confusion in these times we feel the sad the thing that gives us most hope is that this is a last final dialogue we talking about. And it allows Mercy is close at hand. All we need to do is raise our hands and we ask a lens what to do. May Allah have mercy on us? Forgive us, make easy for us artists, our trials, may we come through this bitter people forgive all our sins, and may we meet you in the deaf camp, free of any sense of Neela we put our faith and

00:48:36--> 00:48:44

trust and hopes in your mercy forgive us yeah, Allah. Most Merciful almost kind of subtle one say no Mohammed Abu Salam serene will mean