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The transcript discusses the parable "by the fly" and its significance in the concept of power. It uses the examples of the illogical nature of evidence and the importance of evidence in every area of the universe. The segment concludes with a discussion of the natural world and how it can be verified through evidence.

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We move on

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to the next parable, which is also here in total Hajj. In verse number 73, Allah subhana wa tada says,

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Yeah, are you

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so Buddha Mehta?

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Tell me

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whenever we return

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when he slew Masuda boo,

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boo hoo mean dato Bali boo, boo.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says here in verse 73, of Swartz or Hajj, calling upon mankind. Yeah. Are you Hannah's all mankind, or humanity? Do rebel methylone first me ruler, a parable is being presented. So listen to it attentively carefully.

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And then Allah mentions the parable.

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Indeed, those who invoke

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others besides Allah,

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those who commit check, and they call upon others besides Allah,

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they will never create as much as a fly,

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even if they were to gather together for that purpose.

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And if the fly was to snatch a tiny thing away from them, they would never be able to retrieve it from the fly,

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though for Balibo, one makuu,

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weak or the pursuer, and the one being pursued.

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Weak is the one who is invoking who is making the dua.

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And the one who the dua is being made to

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the idol or whatever it be besides a lot.

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And so here Allah subhanahu attallah compares

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the weak nature of false gods

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a lot compared to their weak nature, their powerless nature, their weakness, a lot compares it to

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their power to create

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their power to create and to ward off harm.

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Are they able to create? Are they able to ward any harm away from themselves? Let's see.

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And so our loss of Hannah huhtala brings to the attention of the machinery cool, a very simple fact that is based on common sense.

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The least that a God should be able to do is to bring into existence, something that benefits its worshiper

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and destroys what may harm his worshiper.

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So now let's have a look at your idols that you have claimed to be Gods besides Allah.

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What are they able to create?

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Okay, maybe they're not able to create the heavens and the earth, the stars, the skies, the mountains, these massive

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creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay, fine, let's say they're not able to create.

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But how about something very small and insignificant,

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something as small as and insignificant as a fly.

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Too bad?

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Are they able to do it? The answer is, of course not.

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Even if they were all to come together to try to do so they would never be able to do so. As Allah says here.

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Whether we determine who will.

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Even if they were together all of their energies and their minds and their technologies.

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They would never be able to create

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as small and insignificant as a fly

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And so, that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he gives us this example

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of the fly,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala could have chosen something else.

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But look at how Allah subhanahu attallah brought it down to something as small and insignificant as a fly.

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To show how weak and powerless these so called gods are.

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Now let's see

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these idols that you have claimed to be Gods besides Allah.

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If that small fly

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that they weren't able to bring into existence,

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if it was to touch them

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and strip them of something small and insignificant,

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like good sent for a few,

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the scholars have to feed.

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They explained what I mentioned here. What in yes lube houmas do Baboo chez ends, and Leia, stumpy looming there if the fly was to snatch away a tiny thing away from them, they will not be able to retrieve it from the fly. The scholars they mentioned here that what is meant by this small thing is perfume.

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And so if the fly comes and lands on the idol that was scented and perfumed, and he was to take a small particle

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of that perfume and fly away with it.

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The idol

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that is supposed to be a God

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cannot retrieve it cannot take revenge against this small fly and take that small particle back.

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So how about bigger things than that?

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And so

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if he cannot do that, then how can he do something greater? The idol

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and that's why Ibrahim alayhis salaam used this very very point against his people who are idol worshipers. And so when he went and destroy their idols

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he asked them

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is this the power of your idols?

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That they couldn't take revenge they couldn't defend themselves.

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And so, that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes by saying that Balibo lube.

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Weak are the pursuer

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the idol worshiper and the pursuit

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the idol.

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And in the example,

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in the parable here, we are the pursuer meaning the idol and the pursuit being the fly. So the idol is supposed to pursue the fly, chase after the fly, to get back to snatch back that small particle that the flight took away.

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And so if this is the true reality of these idols of yours, how on earth

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have you taken them as gods? besides Allah, the all powerful to create for us what benefits us and Ward away from us, what harms us

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until a lot alone

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powerful and capable

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of bringing us benefit.

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Giving us what we asked him for

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and He alone is powerful and capable of preventing harm from touching us from keeping us away from what we dislike. In this dunya and in

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this is why Allah subhanahu wa tada says in the next verse right after that,

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well now got naka de la casa de

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mercado la casa de la ilaha laconian Aziz,

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they have not shown a lot of revering that he deserved.

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They have not treated a law, the way he deserves to be treated. How on earth could you associate partners to Allah

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when only he alone created you

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And provides for you and gives you what benefits you and protect you from harm. How on earth

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could you associate partners to him? What kind of reverence is that? What kind of respect is that to Allah subhanahu wa taala malcador law cadre, they have not shown a lot of reverence the respect that he deserves in the law. Hola. Aziz. Indeed, Allah is powerful, and Exalted in Might.

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Among the lessons that we learned from this parable is, first and foremost,

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the illogical nature of check

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the illogical nature of check.

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Think about it.

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If false gods were really In fact, true gods,

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then they must have certain qualities.

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And one of the most important quality is that power,

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and especially the power to create.

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So if they are powerless to create something as small as a flight,

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even if they were to combine all of their power to try to do that, then how about what is greater than that?

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And so this shows us the illogical nature of check.

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And how

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unintelligent people are, who associate partners with him or

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who worship others besides Allah subhanahu wa Tada. The second lesson that we learn here is

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that everything in this creation of Allah subhanho, wa Taala,

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from the smallest of things to the largest.

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They are all evidence of a law and his oneness.

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Everything in this existence, everything in this universe, from the greatest of things like the heavens, and the galaxies, and the faraway planets and stars,

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to the smallest and tiniest of things like this fly.

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All of these are evidence of Allah, and his oneness.

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And in this regard, Abraham, he says,

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He says, I heard scheffel Islam, even taymiyah say, how could evidence be requested to prove the existence? Of what everything in existence is evidence for?

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Meaning, how could you say, bring me evidence for the existence of Allah,

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in this world,

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everything in existence, is evidence proving to the existence of the Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala, Abraham says, and he meaning even taymiyah, often used to give an example from the following lines of poetry, while they say also shuffle as a handshake, either Trojan horse, Elijah Lee, nothing in the minds can be true, if the day needs to be proven, meaning nothing can possibly be true. If you need to prove to me that the day exists. Everyone knows that the day exists. You can't say what is the evidence for the fact that the date exists.

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And then he goes on to say, It is well known that the existence of the Lord is more apparent to the mind and the fitrah the innate nature than the existence of the day.

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Meaning, the existence of a loss of Hannah Montana is more clear, has more evidence, then,

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then, evidence for the fact that you know, data is something real, that the data is something real?

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Even a claim says whoever does not see that in his mind and in his Fedora, then let him blame them, meaning let him blame his mind and his fitrah meaning he has a corrupt mind, and he has a corrupt fitrah and that's the reality. That is a reality. Those who question the existence of a law

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or the associated partners with a law.

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They are people who

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they don't have

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any evidence.

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That is why

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And based on the fifth row of us human beings, and so they have corrupt minds and corrupt footprints.

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The final lesson that we learned here

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is that none deserves worship besides Allah.

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if this is the powerless nature of these false gods, then how would they be able to hear your prayers

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and your requests, and then fulfill them for you.

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So one of the evidences for

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tauheed UI, which is that oh heed

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of worship.

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The fact that a lot alone deserves worship.

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One of the evidences of Toshiba Ulu here is to heed Aruba.

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And so Toshiba is commonly divided into these three categories tauheed rubia, which means the Lordship of Allah, the fact that

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a lot alone has characteristics of lordship, meaning a lot alone is a creator. A lot alone is the controller of this universe, a lot alone is the provider a lot alone is

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you know, the possessor, the king, these attributes of lordship,

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these attributes of lordship prove,

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prove the second category of tawheed. And that is to heat the UI, that Allah alone deserves to be worshipped. So the fact that a lot is the creator, the Sustainer, the most powerful, that is evidence that he alone deserves to be worshipped.

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And so we say Tokido, rubia, necessitates logically necessitates to lead the UI.

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And the reason why we say this, and the reason why this is a very, very powerful argument and evidence proving that a law alone deserves to be worshipped is because the vast majority of human beings,

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irrespective of what religion, they may follow, irrespective of what partners they may associate with a law, in the end of the day, the vast majority of human beings recognize the Lordship of Allah.

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They recognize that a lot alone created the universe, that Allah alone, created everything in existence, that Allah alone

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can provide us with what we need,

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and can hear our do.

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They recognize this.

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They recognize this.

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And so if they affirm that and they believe in that, then you say, the natural

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the natural consequence of this belief,

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the natural result of this belief is to believe that he alone deserves worship. And that's why in the Quran, Allah uses this argument frequently against the mush raccoon, that look,

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if you were to ask them who created the heavens and the earth, who created this, who created that, they will say Allah, say aku, Luna WA, they will say Allah, they recognize that Allah alone is the Lord, and the only true God. But their issue is not recognizing that, but rather their issue is

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whether or not he alone deserves worship. And so

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Allah subhanho wa Taala sent all the prophets and messengers, including our Prophet, Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to call people

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to the belief that Allah alone deserves worship.

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Not that Allah alone is the creator and sustainer and the provider. No, because the majority of people already used to believe this. The machinery cool, of course, they themselves believed it. They themselves recognized it. And that's why Allah tells us in the Quran, when they would go out to sea and they are hit by a storm. And then they're afraid that they're going to drown. They forget about their idols and they turn to Allah

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loan seeking His help to our law. If you save us, then we will be grateful to you meaning we will worship you alone, but then when they go back to Earth, when they go back to land after what has saved them, they go back to their idol worship.

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And so,

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the point here is

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a lot of loan deserves to be worshipped, because

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He alone is a creator. And a lot proved through this parable here in sore throat Hajj, Allah proved that these idols are powerless, they cannot even create something as small as a fly.

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So how how do they deserve to be worshipped?

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And so we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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To gratis a man and to make a steadfast upon toe sheet in who will use alika will call the rally. And with that we come to the end of this session.

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Also Lola who was settled in Allah and Muhammad, wa ala alihi, wa sahbihi wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh