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The transcript describes the history of the Ottoman Empire, including the tradition of the "harvest" and the use of the " handy" flag to symbolize Islam's dominance in various regions. The transcript also mentions a question about the Houthis of the new Empire, which represents Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Why did the Imam of Masjid Ayah Sophia have a sword with him yesterday when he gave the first football given in the masjid in 86 years since the mission was closed down, and obviously the enemies of Islam and enemies of Turkey, they're having a field day with this, when you look at what they're saying in the medium, but there's two reasons why there's two reasons why he had this sword with him. One of it goes back to the Islamic traditions and the other one goes back to the Ottoman traditions. When you look into the Islamic traditions, you look into the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It was narrated and Sunni Nebrija ruled that the

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he would give his hope, but he would give his Friday sermon, he would lean upon a cane or a ghost which is the bow and this hadith there are some scholars who say it's not authentic, but many of them say it isn't authentic narration like Huma Minogue said it's a Hasson hadith is a sound Hadith. And that's why the majority of the scholars from the Maliki med have from the chef or the meth lab and from the humbly madhhab all of them say that it's sunnah something that's praiseworthy for the Imam to either lean upon a cane or upon a bow or upon a sword. Imam Malik Rahim Allah He said, it's from the Sunnah for those who are given the chutzpah to lean

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upon the cane in the hotbar. And he said that this is what we saw, and this is what we heard and he saw the people doing it during his time in Medina, and he heard that once before when they would give the hope that they would lean on it as well and Hema sheffey Rahim Allah He said that I had one that I like for the team that when he's given the whole but that he leans upon something, and he Imam elbow who the L humbly Rahim Allah. He said that it's sunnah for the Habib to lean upon a sword or upon a cane or upon a coat of post a bow when he's giving his hobo. Some of our contemporary scholars who didn't see the authenticity of the heavy, they said, it's not from the Sunnah. But you

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see the majority of the scholars and the majority and many times they say it is from the Sunnah. So this is where it's coming from. And even some scholars mentioned that in a country that has been conquered that the Hatim should have the solution where the sword and keep his hand on it during the whole bust. So that's where it comes from, from the Islamic text. When it comes to the Ottoman traditions, the first Ottoman soul bond to carry the save the soul with him. During the whole during the Friday sermon was Muhammad the second Muhammad invented himself. And this was when the Ottoman Empire was in the capital was in a diviner, he used to carry the sword with him with him when he

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would give the whole bar. And this tradition continued after they conquered Constantinople, Istanbul. And it was the tradition for the healthy been, I have Sophia for 481 years, that when he would give the hobo, he would have the sword in front of him. And it said that if the hottie was holding the sword in his right hand, then that's at the time of war. But if he's holding in his left hand, then that's at the time of peace. There's something else from the Ottoman traditions that was on the mimbar yesterday as well, but was more most people focusing on the sort of probably didn't notice it. And that is the green flag at the top of the member. And that flag was the flag of the

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Ottoman army. And the green color represents the dominance of Islam, and it has three questions on it. And that represents Europe, Asia, and Africa. And that's why the Houthis of Masjid I assume, for yesterday had the soul with him, and in accordance to Islamic traditions as we heard and accordance to the Ottoman traditions as well.