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AI: Summary © The upcoming conflict between Muslims and Western powers will affect the ability of goals achieved by Muslims to achieve them. Prayer and true oneself are essential for success, and obligations to take back deen and fulfill obligations are required. The state of the world and the state of Islam are also discussed, emphasizing the importance of supportive actions and actions with the right faith. The return of the Hadith and return of the Muslims to their former territory are also highlighted, as are the need for actions to prevent victory and actions to return to the right religion.
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Allahu Akbar, we're going to pray and include soon Inshallah, this is what we've been hearing. The people have the very excited since our brother's recent victory in Palestine, you know, thinking that all of the years of suffering now it's going to come to an end. And soon the Muslims are going to go and pray and then close. But is this a reality?

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And before we answer that question, because we want to be frank, we want to be straightforward. We want to, you know, tell the reality. We don't want us to have, you know, false false Amani false hopes, and it's going to be relative handlers what we all wish and we all hope for, but has that time Come on now? And before we answer it, we have to make it clear that as Muslims, we have no doubt that that time is going to come. We know from the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that there will remain a group from this ummah, as he described the malaise. Salatu was Salam via hearing, that they are clearly upon the Huck clearly upon the truth, and one of

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the narrations, you will call it de lune that they fight upon the truth. Later your dorm room, mancha Vela, whom they will not be harmed by those who betrayed them.

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And look at the situation of goods in the situation of a palace of Palestine, and what's happening to our brothers there.

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And look at this description by the prophets of Allah Selim. All of those who have betrayed our brothers in Palestine, and left them

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and even others who have openly joined with the enemy against them.

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But the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam said, let your daughter hope, it won't harm them, those who betray them Alhamdulillah until the amount of a law the commendable law comes, and they are firm upon that, and one of the narrations, the prophets that Allahu Allah He was selling them was as Who are they who are these people, we also love the ones who remain in a clearly upon the truth, holding firm to the truth.

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He said, I leased it out to a salon, they are in beta look this work nav beta and look this, that they are in beta look this in Jerusalem, and the outskirts of Jerusalem.

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And in the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the last hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews.

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And they will be running around trying to hide behind rocks behind trees. And those rocks and trees were exposed where they are to the Muslims, and the Muslims will defeat them as it came clear then the Hadith, and SubhanAllah. Even the Jews themselves, they know from their own scriptures, that them being in Palestine, it's only temporary. So we have no doubt that we are going to free Palestine from them. Just as in our history, we freed Palestine from the Christian Crusaders, but has this time come where the Muslims are going to finally take back Palestine and the Muslims from around the world. We're going to travel and we're going to pray. And this is what we all want.

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Everyone wants to believe. And no doubt this recent victory shows us actually how weak the enemy is. But the reality is, our situation is we're not ready as an ummah.

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We're not ready as an ohmmeter take back in quotes, yet, we have to fulfill certain obligations in order for us to take back and quotes.

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People, you know, look at the enemy. People look at the Western countries and even now some Arab countries that support the enemies as being the bad guy, but the biggest enemy

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to the issue of Palestine. And the issue of our coats is

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our own selves. What are the Lord tell us in the Quran? When the people don't know where did the defeat come from? Why are we going to the situation under where the where this come from? Allah said on who I mean in DM fusi come say it's from your own selves.

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Were the ones who saw that and let's be honest.

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How did this happen? We left

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acting upon our religion. Yeah, when it comes to Kalam we're good at that as OMA when it comes to marching in the streets Free Free Palestine. Yeah, we're good at that. What about freeing yourself from Champagne and implementing your deen?

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Because if all of us were to do that, they would have no opportunity

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to do what they're doing in Palestine. But when they found us being weak, the Muslims who don't have the strength to remove the report to remove the blanket to get up and go pray Salat al Fajr. These are not the ones who are going to be victorious and take about Palestine.

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It's been written upon us

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that when we

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Ybor religion as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us in the Hadith, when he mentioned different things,

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of doing different haram business transactions, or being distracted by different things of the dunya and leaving fighting in the path of Allah, what's going to happen to us then? He said Ali said that to sit down and pay attention to the wording. He said, we're all of these things come together this the situation of the OMA today. We're in the OMA today. Do they fight in the path of Allah?

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With the strength of the armies that we have, if they were to send them to Palestine, would there be an issue?

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Look at the OMA today

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and how they're distracted by the dunya. All of these descriptions mentioned this hadith about the Prophet SAW Selim. What did he say it and if these things happen, they all come together, what's going to happen? Some love Allah who I leave come Doolan, then Allah will put a humiliation upon you.

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Lay your Pharaoh who he will not raise it from you until you do what?

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Until you talk and go out and march in the streets. I'm not saying that's not something to be you know, to support your brothers don't get me wrong, but that's not the solution. What is the solution is cleaning this hadith? Now yah hoo. Allah will not raise it from you had told you Oh, Isla Dini, come until you return to your deen. Once we return to our deen, then the victory is going to come. Allah made it very clear in the Quran.

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And a very short

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but very precise and powerful verse. Yeah, you handle Adina Amanu Oh, you believed? Are you from them? Listen good, as Abdullah Masaru told you do when you hear this, that if you support a law, a law will support you. And he will make your feet firm. What does it mean to support a law to support your religion, to do what you're supposed to do as a Muslim, to stay away from and to refrain from the things that you have to stay away from as a Muslim, the basics of Islam. When you do this, you make your religion your priority, and you strive to support the religion of Allah subhana Wattana a law and return is going to support us and he's going to make our feet firm, our feet firm upon the

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truth, our feet firm when it comes to standing up for the truth and standing up against our enemies. But when we are so weak that we don't even do the basics of Islam. And we think the victory is going to come from Allah subhanaw taala and Allah is going to support us, this will never happen. And history is the best proof for that whenever we were victorious and strong as an ummah, as a nation. It was when we were strong in our religion, Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up the doors for us to be victorious and to be successful, not just in the affairs of our religion, but also in our worldly affairs as well. But when we turn away from our religion, what happens as we mentioned the Hadith,

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that Allah puts the duel the humiliation upon us, and that's why I'm gonna know how Pablo de Allahu, and he said that national comun as a law in Islam, that we are a nation, Allah honored us to Islam, and remember the hours before and before Islam, who were they what was their status, they were nobodies. All of the nations around the world look down upon them, no one was concerned about them.

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But when Islam came along, raise their status. So Omar obey Allah Who and he reminded us when you look at the Arabs and the Muslims around the world today, what is their status? Does anybody respect them? Does anyone feel them? They're once again a humiliated nation. Why? Because they're looking for solutions and other than what Allah has honored them within Islam. Omar said, we're a nation that Allah has honored us with Islam. Well, Muhammad Delphine Allah is certainly a very Adelina law. So when we look for the honor and other than Islam, Allah humiliates us and this is the reality of the Ummah today. Therefore, if we're going to pray that Putin in shallow Tana, we're going to pray

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in quotes, but will it be us? Or would it be who those who come after us, this is a decision that we're going to have to make, but if we want to be from those who frill quotes, the Free Palestine that is walking around free, free, free, Palestine, no really free Palestine? Then it starts with us returning to our religion, and when we return to our religion, by repenting from our sins, and then acting upon Islam, feeling the honor of Islam in our hearts and it shows up in our actions, then Allah subhana Wattana will open up the doors for us to victory and to free the to free Palestine and to free up goods and to pray and goods and also to free all of the oppressed lands around the world.

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That will only happen when we return to our religion. May Allah help us Yoruba Lalani

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