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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of watching the WWE in the face and mixed martial arts, as it is not as bad as other things. They also mention the importance of avoiding the certification of a member of the WWE as a Muslim and the need for students to make sure they understand the benefits of learning martial arts.
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So now I'm only gonna have too long is it halal for us to watch UFC we have UFC 234 right around the corner and I think most Muslims around the world are gonna be watching our brother could be But does that make it highlight is it helpful for us to watch such a such a sport that has two individuals beating each other up smashing each other in the face bloodline, all of this and in the face and do these things which is haram in Islam? So is it permissible for us to watch this the thing to point out something very important here when we do something because obviously watching UFC or watching mixed martial arts in general it's not like obviously watching movies and watching other things that

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are you know, obviously much more haram haram elements in watching something the UFC especially if you're someone like I said Hamdulillah you know I train if you train as well then you know you're learning at the same time so I mean I don't use that as as a reason to justify but nonetheless you're benefiting you know, you know someone was was watching football or someone who watches football and plays football and he'll handily left you know, football might be less because you have people running around obviously you have the old uncovered you get the same thing in the in the in the UFC, but maybe the UFC or mixed martial arts, the Haram elements might be a little bit more, but

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like I said, it's not as bad as other things. And if I have someone who's watching fights, you know, as a Muslim, I much would prefer that than someone watching obviously, movies and other other harmful things. I want to point out something that's very, two very important principles.

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And that is first of all, when it comes to you know, justifying things you know, to say like if I'm doing something that's haram, to come to justify the midheaven stay away from that, you know, if you do something that's haram, labor between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala make Toba for it but don't come and try to justify make us Halal if there's haram elephant elements in it. For example, watching movies, listening to music, and that's if that's something you do clearly haram and leave it between you Allah subhanaw taala, but don't come and go to a shop and try to find some move down the bridge is going to tell you that that's how that's the first point. The second point, there's

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other elements when it comes to watching the UFC, which are clearly haram when it comes to the ring girls, for example. And Hamdulillah you know, I trained myself and my son saw this from me from a young age that when a ringer will come up, I'll cover the screen like that and cover my eyes. I'm so I can't see. So now hamdulillah my kids were watching it. They come and they right away, they cover my eyes and they cover the screen as well. So we don't see that which is held up so that's that's an element that we can't we cannot justify obviously as Muslims were sitting back and in a group and stuff alone. Yeah, and you know, the ring girl is gonna come maybe you could even take it off the

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screen for a minute, or at least make sure you cover it when it comes. Or you or you look away and Chautala The other issue, my dear brothers is the women fighting. You have sometimes some good fights, you know, high ranking

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fighters that might seem interesting, you might want to know what's going to happen championship belts. This clear cut is haram for us as most Muslims to watch. So to conclude, if we avoid the Haram elements, and initial watching the women and what have you, because of the harm elements, it could make it hard, no doubt and it comes to competing. And if you want to come to compete in a BJJ or jujitsu tournament, that's something that's permissible, because here it is, or other martial arts tournaments as well. When it comes to mixed martial arts boxing we beat in the face and things like this. Obviously taking part in that is something that's not permissible. And that's something

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that's Haram as a Muslim, we know that. Anyway, I mentioned this in the beginning of the whole budget about it was 54 Things we benefit from the life of Khabib. And I'll put that in description below if you haven't seen that video. But the point is, is that many people they attack right away if we mentioned some things we benefit from life of Khabib or other athletes who take part in mixed mixed martial arts, but It's haram what they do, that's between them and Allah subhanho wa taala. But I mean, I want to benefit from the other things that they have to offer other things from their life. The point being, I believe it's Charles Allen that they're in it because you know, the the

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original foundation when it comes to martial arts, tournaments and training, that's something that's, you know, permissible in fact, it's something that's recommended a Muslim should know how to defend themselves, all Muslims should be strong. All of these things are recommended. It could even be wajib compulsory in some cases. So knowing these things is important and like I said, when you when you train it and you watch that really it really really is beneficial anyone who's with me here who trains as well like I do, when you watch it, you read you truly do benefit. And you know, but there are some haram elements, no doubt about that. So it doesn't make it a bit tricky, but

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generally speaking, I think that the foundation being halal, I personally can't see something that would make it haram to watch that. If we stay away like we said from the issue of watching the women and Allah knows best The Lord knows best. And may Allah subhanaw taala in light but for me, but honestly if I have ever you know with the belief that we have going around,

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no brothers with the Haram that people could be watching, you know from the movie

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He's and things like that if I have someone who's watching

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the UFC, I'm not going to, you know, handle that that's better than someone's watching movies and things like that. So no doubt it's less and Hamdulillah we know, since it is something that a lot of good elements and then I don't want to say that it's something that's haram, we've benefited Chautala but I'd say Don't just be someone who's a fan. Be someone who goes out there and trains and benefits as well and make martial arts you know, part of your life and part of the life of your children's one. I did a clip some time back, but the importance of teaching your kids martial arts, so check that out as well. barnacle Avi calm celebrity Curatola.