UFC ring girls in the Arabian Peninsula

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Where's the alcohol? subpanel I was just writing a tweet about you know the weigh ins for UFC 257 You see these ringrose are stuck for love. When I remember this crazy story that happened. You know, some time ago in America, one of my friends told me the story. But before I tell you the story, that tweet I was writing, you know, the Muslim countries, which you know, Muslim Arab countries. So you have two aspects, you have the Arab aspect, which you know, they have customs, and they have tradition. And you have Islam where you have you know, what is right, what is wrong, what is halal, what is haram. So, seeing these ring girls, one might say that this is part of the UFC and they have

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no choice, they have to do it. From an Islamic standpoint, clearly, we know this is something that is haram and not permissible. But even from a traditional standpoint, when it comes to being an Arab, no two out of men would except for hate in his country, for women to be sitting there in bikinis like this, he might like to look at it. But the reality is when it comes to Aruba, and being a true out of this is something that's an ape and their customs, and then is looked down upon. But when you have no honor, no dignity, and respect for your own religion and your own customs. If you don't respect yourself, then others will never respect you. And that's what reminded me about the

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story, where's the alcohol, one of my friends or my neighbors, he told me this story. And it's a very sad story. And I want you to imagine the most or what's supposed to be the most religious country in the world.

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And that's the country I'm talking about Subhanallah, this country had sent some of its officers to America, to take some military courses with the US military. When it came time for the graduation celebration. One of the brothers who was in charge, they were one of the officers, he was a practicing Muslim, who respected his religion, and respected his Arab traditions of alcohol not being permissible. Therefore, he asked the people from the US military to make sure that there was no alcohol at this celebration. And the Americans and most Westerners, you know, they're good people when it comes to that when he talks about respecting others traditions, other people's customs, if

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you respect yourself will lie, they're going to respect you. And I can tell you story after story. Myself, my wife with our hijab, in the West, where they respect us they might not agree with us they might not like it what we're doing, but they respect those who respect themselves if you have true honor, and you hold firm to what you believe in that will enter into the hearts of the people and they respect you so what happened at the celebration? Henry law they agreed there will be no alcohol it was a normal celebration normal party until the you know, representative from the government royal family whatever he was, comes up into the celebration looks around he sees you know, there's

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there's no alcohol, he said, you know, foenum Hummer, where's the alcohol? They were very, very angry and very upset. So they're telling them your toilet. We told the people that you know, we're Muslim, there's our customs and haven't done it. They've agreed, but right away the guy doesn't even have Hey, yeah, he doesn't have any shame. He says no, no, he said bring the alcohol Now where's the alcohol? Subhanallah stories like this show us the reality unfortunately, of what the OMA has reached today. And then we wonder what went wrong? Why are we so humiliated? Why are we being defeated and being taken advantage of in every place? The beautiful statement of Amana Mohawk Bob

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Robbie Allahu, and he sums it up. No comun as an Allah bit Islam that we are a nation that Allah has ordered us to Islam, by Allah Magdalena is Feehery Adeline Allah, so we look for honor and other than that Islam, then Allah will humiliate us