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Himanshu fusina

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he was like he was

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a moon

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Yeah, you

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says in

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a book that we have sat down to reflect on its meanings,

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and in shallow

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we're going to focus on one of the smallest

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or one of the greatest.

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If I've always said this sort of down who is Grecian is a form of guidance, it will be sufficient for them, and is sort of

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while you saw the weather was open,

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and they

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were going to reflect on some of the meanings of this great song.

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In the beginning

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data, he swears by an awesome and the most

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time in general, not just the specific time of

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time in general.

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He swears by awesome and it is right

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to swear by anything that he pleases,

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but is not allowed. It is

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for the humans to swear by anything other than

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the Muslim only swears by a law

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that whoever is going to be swearing that he should only swear by a law or he must be quiet.

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Unfortunately, today we find the people swearing by all sorts of things.

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He swears by my life I swear my life.

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Now when you watch the western movies as well, and others rave, as well my mother's life

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by laws since

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I swear by the prophet was

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only allowed to swear by law and the

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danger of swearing by other

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that whoever swears by

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he swears by the time

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he reminds us

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other times

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or times when he swears by the time

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He's making a Muslim reflect on the importance of time in his life. The reality that our life is this time that we're living, this is the only one chance that we have. And that's what

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he used to say.

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He said, Hold

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on barely, he was gone. And

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he showed us the reality and the importance of time. And when he said

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that your

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place of questioning on the Day of Judgment, and you asked about four days, and the first two things that he mentioned, it was his time when he dealt with it. And secondly, on his youth, another form of the time when you deal with his youth,

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but also in an incentive.

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Now, once you do that,

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if you have to travel somewhere, you have to get from point A to point B, there is no alternative route, you have to take this path, you have to take this role. And every time you meet somebody

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dangerous, there's these everywhere, there are certain things,

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there are certain places you might fall off the road, however,

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you're gonna be paying very good attention to everything around you. Because you're going to get you have no choice. Don't get caught. Now pay attention to this verse. Now with the same state of mind, a law

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is warning you a law is warning you that you will be lost.

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And this is, and this is an item that we can't really translate into English property. And it shows the importance of knowing Arabic language as Muslims, but there's no way to translate this I have property inside of you who's barely the human is in laws.

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He affirms this meeting with three markets

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by swearing in the beginning.

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And then with the lamb in the

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emphasis on this, and also

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mention that the one who

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is the loser, he said,

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in general, all forms of law, they don't follow what he's about to say.

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And the scholarship to submission, that his fee is what they call

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to make understand that the bedbug laws, it's like he's drowning, he's thinking in his laws.

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He said, thinking he's lost, so badly lost, he's drowning, in the real meaning of this facade of this wholesome.

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They're either human beings or in laws.

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Except he is the exception, except for the ones who have four characteristics. These are the only ones who are not in loss in revenue. First of all, those who believe

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the greatest thing is the moment.

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But what's the reality of the amount is that what does it mean? We learned,

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came to the party he was

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he, he was

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his angel, his books, his profits, the last day, and the degree, the good and bad, which comes from this gentleman.

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What is the reality of man? As I mentioned, the reality of the man is something that you find in the heart, the believer in the heart, and then the testimony of faith which comes on the tongue, and all the action does come with the tongue, and then the actions, the deeds that you see that you do.

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nobody will be a believer and he doesn't have actions. It's not to say you believe their actions.

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When he praises the pious when he talks about those who is pleased when he mentions

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those who have believed deeds.

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That's why over 56 verses in the Quran.

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When those who will enter into the paradises,

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he mentions not just the fact that they had him on with him. He mentioned the fact that there is rock

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Mercy, and through their email and their fate and abou deeds,

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whatever deeds

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that are pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So now, apparently that was just hit hearts

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are pleasing to a lot. And for an idea to begin,

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you must have two conditions that must be met first.

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And secondly,

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he will send him

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and he will say, and the

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that I am in no need of associates

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or partners with me, I will leave him in his ship.

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he was

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said about the second condition, without

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evidence, any deeds, which we have not told him to do, any religion, or any deed we are not going to do

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is rejected from him.

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And we see the importance of following the suit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the only way for us to be successful

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is to follow suit.

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He described

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him as being like the ark of Noah.

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He said, he said, as soon as

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he said, as soon as like Noah,

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and whoever does not get on it, and he will drown.

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Ball lane,

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which is pure, which is clear. He said, Nobody goes astray.

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And nobody was a stray from it, except for the one who has destroyed himself.

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He said, there are two people to be

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left behind with you left behind for you. If you hold firm to it, you will never go astray after me the book of the law, and my

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mother was

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the one who called others to the heart. And you notice in the first two, it's all about how to pitch, pitch your situation with the last. And the second two characteristics is between you and the people. If you want to be successful, you're the last characteristic The third one is calling to the heart.

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You follow?

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Do you follow the process that allows

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you to do and if we want to be successful, as an owner, as a nation, there is no way except for if we do that is commanded us to do and call the origin of truth and forbid evil.

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You will

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have nations that have been sent to the people where they used to do

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ever been evil in believing in a law

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there's no way for the Muslim society to be successful except for with this. The

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evidence evil

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because any society will go straight

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calling, calling others to practice Islam for your Muslim brothers and

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showing them the right way. As a part

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of that anybody who follows me to advise him to do

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that you'll get the reward of what he does

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as well.

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Well, they'll also be unhappy

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and they advise others to be patient was patience. It stopping yourself

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This is not something that's not good, something you should refrain from being patient during that time holding yourself back and

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put the patients into three categories, the categories that into three categories, the first of which is sublime.

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the first category, being patient, when it comes to the obedience pedal without it being open and patient when it comes to be obedient

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to the Father appeared first, we're

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not always easy to get up. If you're patient, and you tell your brothers more brothers, we'll pray that

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you find somebody who was opened up

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a few, a few million, so she can't

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keep between you and

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give you

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3045 or he described the slot. He said what?

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He said barely. It's something that's heavy.

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It's not an easy thing. And it's any kind of word.

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And that was just disobedience.

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If somebody knows

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he's making his money.

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He's dealing with Riba selling things. God people in so many ways to make money.

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How can you feed your children?

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How can you?

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How can you do something which is pleasing to

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them? Three patient living alone will give you blessing, which is Hello.

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Do we have

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to do

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the revising? What about Hopkins.

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And the third category is being patient on that which is the other side of that which is the degree of a loss of power without the good and evil from it.

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If you become ill,

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one of your family members becomes ill you lose your money, you lose your job.

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You have to be patient. And that's what the prophet SAW while he was himself when he was saying to him

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before you say that her child is having his last breath from the dude, he's dying right now. And she wants you to come.

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Lot of it is the grandfather, who died he was in pain. But he stood there and he knew he had that patience during this, this this this this event. He said

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the process.

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Everything that he has, he has taken and everything is given. And everything is a prescription.

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So order to be patient into secret rewards.

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Since I was lucky to tell his brothers and sisters at the time of need to be patient, whether it's being obedient to a law and stay away from law or from the evil of X or evil comet these are the habits during his life.

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And he was sooner

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it will become

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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If the Muslim sits back and reflects on sort of the loss of he sees the reality of the meaning

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of the statement of

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law, if the law only sent down to his creation, the surah it will be sufficient for them meaning as a form of guidance, because it has what you need for the guidance of yourself which comes in

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the good deeds and which is the guidance with others.

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Which is giving power to them, calling them to the house and having patience.

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We need to realize that we're on the doors, we just learned our summer break for our children, a lot of us for ourselves.

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This is a reminder to us of the blessing of three times the province of Alberta he was he described

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as two blessings. He said a see how

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meaning the good health and the free time is a great opportunity for us to be able to benefit for children to be able to benefits and reflect on the

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corner as well which reflect on

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look at those who come on the Day of Judgment. When they wasted their time in this dunya and they want to come back to

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it will be the ones who are from the losers. Why? Because they didn't take the advice.

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Even for those who are born Muslims, or didn't follow the advice, they can be punished in the Hellfire as well.

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And one of the smallest was three small verses. Allah showed you the path to success in life. And he warned you about how

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and hereafter here it is, isn't that you want to lose? Be careful, because I warned you. I warned you very heavily. I swore as in he goes red spirit clear. So

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to show you be careful.

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He said

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we have to reflect on our lives. We have to look at our mind how is this?

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How's the state of our

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good deeds? How are we calling others to help after we call ourselves? How will you be patient when it comes to stay away from that which is displeasing to a law when it comes to doing that which was commanded us

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when it comes to the calamities that we face in life? How are we in handling this this whole question is needed to go home today and we need to reflect on these ask ourselves and we need to realize that it's not the man who was standing on the member today telling you it's a last

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resort you and if you do not follow this path very you will be in loss then you will lose the game of life you're not gonna win

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you can do

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he was selling motors NEMA

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body he was selling them

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muslimeen Aloha.

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until you have

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a lot in

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yes me emoji with damage out of it. I mean

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I mean,

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what I

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mean is Nein

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