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The title of the conversation focuses on understanding the Quran and its impact on one's heart, particularly in regards to the use of the word "the" in English to reflect on the Bible's teachings. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing the Bible and learning its meaning, as well as the use of the word "the" in English to reflect on the Bible's teachings. They also stress the need for a deep understanding of the Arabic language to apply the Bible's teachings better. Additionally, the speakers provide examples of how the Quran has been used to purify hearts and strengthen one's minds, emphasizing the importance of not denying the concept of being the same as Islam and not letting anyone in the heart. The speakers also mention upcoming episodes and a book and interview with a representative.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was Sahbihi woman, whatever, but

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we were discussing yesterday.

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What made the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Radi Allahu Anam. What made them so unique when it came to how they benefited from the Quran, and we said that they had three major components that unfortunately many of us are missing when it comes to our relationship with the Quran. And that is first of all the understanding and secondly, the

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the implementation acting upon it. And thirdly that to Debow reflecting on the meanings of the Quran contemplating on the meanings and the Sahaba when they took the Quran, they took it slowly they took it gradually they weren't in a race. And we talked about how nowadays mashallah people are focusing on memorizing focusing on reading, but it's always in it what's the main objective is the finish line, and how many hutments Can I get in Ramadan? How many times can I recite the Quran cover to cover? How quickly can I memorize the entire Quran? How quickly can my children memorize the entire Quran? But when you look into the min Hajj, the methodology of the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu you'll

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see that this wasn't their methodology. Abu Abdurrahman a salami from the Taliban in Radi Allahu and he said that the ones who taught us the Quran who read to us the Quran, the torah says read the Quran. He said like Earth man, even if Fern and Abdullah ibn Massoud for the Allahu animacy. Now, he's mentioning his sheiks the one he took the Quran from the ones who taught him the Quran was one of the major, you know, Sahaba for them and when it comes to their knowledge and their implementation of Islam, here they're saying he's saying I took from the likes of Mathematica are fun. And Abdullah Lloyd Massoud who have a Euro Houma and other than them, he said that when they

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learn the Quran from Rasul Allah, Allah listen and pay attention to taking the Quran directly from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he they said that they would never go past Ashura is that they will never go past 10 I at 10 verses

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until they understood the meanings. And they acted upon it. They took the knowledge that Eminem added the knowledge and the implementation, they understood it. And then they implement it in their lives and put it into action. And he said, they would say for the elemental, Quran, wel, l Mala, Mala Jimmy and so we learned the Quran, and we learned the knowledge. And we learned the implementation, all of it in one. And after they finished those 10 verses. They would go to the next verse, we will take it verse by verse not being in a hurry. So we have when we're studying like this, yes, we're going to be understanding the verse we're going to be memorizing the verse, knowing

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how to read the verse properly, and then contemplating reflecting making the double on its meanings.

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And we said yesterday was two questions that we want it to answer.

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And that is, how can we make to deadbolt? If we don't have the Arabic language for this app, and we don't understand and we said we're gonna give some examples, and the price at the end of this episode, and definitely in the upcoming episodes, we're gonna be going into detail in each and every episode about different the devil, you're going to see how we're going to go into the Quran and Chautala and we're going to reflect in the English language, and you're going to see that you don't always need a deep understanding. You don't have to be Amina me, you have to be more fessor there is the basic understanding of meaning of the corner, even in our language, we're able to make the

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differential and you're gonna see example after example, this throughout this entire series in shuttle autonomy. The other question we had was about the Salawa

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and the head of the Quran, we're reciting the Quran we're memorizing the Quran, but it's on our tongues but is it entering into our hearts and then showing up in our actions?

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Why was the Quran revealed?

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Was the objective of Allah revealing the Quran and all of the scriptures before as well was the objective just for us to recite and to memorize.

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Allah taught us and sorted solid verse 29 keytab wooden and Zelner who la como Bara con

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A blessed book we have revealed to you

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what for Leah double it to reflect, to contemplate to make to double on its vs. What do you add to that Kara? All l Bob, and for those of understanding to be reminded, so ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada makes it clear in this verse, that the objective of the Quran being revealed the objective of the revelation being sent down from the above the seven heavens, was for us to make the to double to reflect on the meanings.

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And the other verse

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and look I was when I had this, how deep this verse is, and sought it Mohammed

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verse number 24, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said

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a fella yet to Deb Barun Al Quran

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I'm Allah Kulu bien, UK follow her. Do they not make to double? Do they not reflect on the Quran? Or do they have a file locks

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placed upon their hearts?

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Look at the example that Allah is giving. The one who doesn't refract and constantly on the meetings, he's the one who has his heart has been been locked, has been locked with locks close.

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And if your heart is locked with locking, this we want to focus on in this episode. What happens when these locks are put onto your heart, that the nor the light of the Quran, the light of guidance, the ability to implement and act upon Islam to act upon the Quran, you won't be able to do it because your heart is locked.

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And when you look into the Arabic language of Furla

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this Hamza in the beginning, it's stiff ham and catty what we call in the Arabic language and the grammar.

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Instead of having carry basically what it means it's like an interrogated negative question. No negating question is negating that meaning that

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is it like it's coming to interrogate to ask you this question. But at the same time, it's negating it meaning that if you were to have reflected on the Quran, then you would have been able to, you would have been able to what you would have been able to be guided to be understanding, but the fact that you're not reflecting on the Quran, this is why you gone astray and you haven't been guided. But if you were to have sit down, and to reflect on the meanings of the Quran, and to see how deep the meanings of the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala really is, then you humbly would have been guided, but the fact you have not taken out the time and made the effort to reflect and contemplate, that's

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why you have gone astray. And this word, we see what we're talking about to them and FFP to the caffeine. But what about the ones who are from the People of the Book, meaning the Muslims, this is their book, the Quran is their scripture, but yet, they're not taking out the time. So the same thing, the same outcome, that their hearts will be sealed, their hearts will be locked, and they won't be able to obtain that guidance. When you look at how Allah describes the Quran and the impact the Quran should have on the hearts and soul units. Verse 57 When Allah said yeah you harness all mankind but gedcom mo either to male Rob become that or more either a good reminder or instruction

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good advice has come to you from Europe from your Lord.

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And look at the description of the Quran is a more either and it's he said she was she fell on Lima fish pseudo and it is

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purifying it purifies what is in the hearts. This is the Quran.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala sent this more either this good advice is good instruction for us to be Shiva to purify what is in our hearts.

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Well who then and guidance while Ramadan didn't move meaning and a mercy to the believers. This is the Quran

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but focus on the issue of the heart we're talking about the hearts hearts have been locked. Allah sent down this Quran as as a more either as a as a good advice for us as a Shiva as a cure somebody to purify our hearts as who the as guidance as Rama has mercy, but the all of these beautiful things cannot enter in our hearts. If the hearts are locked, because we're not making to double we're not taking the time to learn the Quran. To understand the meanings of the Quran and then to sit into contemplate on those meanings.

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Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned in surah rod so

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arrived in verse 28.

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Alladhina amanu what's up? I'm in without my no without my No. And those who believe what dogma in no coloboma decorilla. And their hearts are a shirt, with the remembrance of Allah, the Dhikr of Allah. And then Allah says, Allah be decree lay popma In no polu that indeed through the remembrance of Allah to the Dhikr of Allah, the hearts are assured, no doubt, no doubt about it. And the best form of vicar is the is the kalam of Allah is the Quran.

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So if we're not using the Quran in the proper way, by sitting and reflecting on it, and using it for what it's been sent down for, as Allah mentioned in the verse you mentioned earlier,

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Leah Debow at Alosa we sent out a blessed book keytab will and Zelner who will make a bless it book we've sent down, replaceable we've sent down to you, he terrible on Zelda, holy Lake Mubarak, only a dip variety, a bless a book that we sent down to you to reflect on his verses to contemplate

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and contemplation is when you take out time to sit and just reflect and ponder, just like you would say, Now, if you go out into the wilderness,

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you go out and you sit by a beautiful lake. I was looking at some pictures the other day of a hike that we do with the brothers and it's hike actually I did very often when I was in Ireland and area where I live

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in a we walk up a mountain, and then we sit up all about and then we come down into a valley and just this beautiful lake and it was surrounded by mountains. Beautiful you can see it on Instagram account, beautiful views you think it's like something like Photoshop so it's so amazing how beautiful is so what we do, we'll sit down there we just reflect and contemplate on the beauty of the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. The same thing is we how do we get there? We hiked so difficult walkers, but even in shape, have trouble getting there. But once you get there you sit down and you contemplate and reflect on the meanings of the Quran on the meaning the beauty of the

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equation of illicit Madonna it's the same thing now you make the effort to first understand the Quran and then to contemplate and I'm gonna give you some examples straight from the English translation where if you were just to stop at it just read an English translation not even having to go back to the tufts theatre gonna give you the tips you remember Sadie that Allah has blessed us with have these deaf seers, we can actually sit down and understand the Quran hamdulillah even in our own language. What are the main objectives don't focusing here, altar is about the heart we just focus on the heart today.

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Allah taught us

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that one of the objectives of the Quran being sent down verse by verse one of the wisdoms Allah said, can barely get any better be he to adic and like this to make your heart firm,

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to make your heart firm to strengthen your heart is the objective of the Quran to make our hearts for and make our hearts strong to make our hearts by as mentioned in the verse earlier, and sorta rot but mine so the hearts can find assurance be relaxed. This is this is the objective of the coin is cheap fat. It's purifying our hearts. But what happens when we turn away from Alosa we turn away from the to double and turn away from what the quarter was sent down for that we do not truly benefit from the Quran. We don't benefit from the treasure of the Quran. And I'm gonna give you two examples. I know we're coming to the end of this episode.

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If you look and saw it

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Allah mentioned in verse 28,

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whatever talk there man have a folder called boohoo and Karina whatever Hawa who cannot or cannot, I'm gonna follow

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and do not obey those whose Kyle whose heart

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has been made, headless, of fall knuckleballs. He has it, there's no direction, no understanding. It's headless.

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He's in Afula blind it from guidance. With Tabasco, this is outcome. When the hearts are covered. The hearts are not open Allah, as I mentioned, the first ones who don't make the double, the hearts are locked. What happens they fall into this world we're seeing here now this devil in the Quran SubhanAllah. If I don't follow the command that was mentioned earlier in this verse, verse 20. And I follow those who had whose hearts had been closed for guidance, who those who followed their home or their desires, and their armor, their affairs is full of thoughts constantly neglect, but yet, I'm following them what because I've closed my heart to the guidance because I haven't taken out the

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effort to come back to the Book of guidance. As soon as you open up the Quran, Allah says Elif Lam, Meem Delhi, Calcutta blury Buffy that this is the book

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cuz of that there's no rain no doubt about it, who doesn't need monoterpene it's a source of guidance to the Motoki

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so we're not reflecting on the Quran, what we're doing. We're closing our hearts to guidance, as Allah mentioned in surah, Muhammad Falaya to the brutal Quran to the net reflect upon the net Cantabrian the Quran, Allah Colombian, acapella or do they have upon their hearts lacks the hearts have been locked for guidance, locked with fear because they didn't take the time to properly learn the Quran to contemplate on its meanings. May Allah subhanaw taala help us and we'll continue in show notes on and upcoming episodes to make to go into is to give you an example this is now has been an introduction. These first two episodes from tomorrow shall rotana we're going to go in and

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show you that even in the English language and handover the book and then Silvana Stemtech. We're going to find a pleasure and upcoming episode inshallah reflecting on different ayat from different chapters in the Quran making to double and what we can gain and what some of the gems and the blessings and benefits that we can gain from these ayat. Until the next episode, Allah knows best Allah Adam was a lower selling robotic and an opinion Muhammad which is ECMO halen was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh