Quranic Reflections Episode 10 Dont be sad

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The speaker discusses the principles of the Quran that teach not to be sad and never become sad while traveling. They emphasize the need to live for a law and strive for it, and that Allah will help them and guide them to their way. The speaker also mentions that they will let people strive for Islam and receive guidance from Allah.

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From the principles that the Quran aims to teach us is that we never give up that we never despair that we never become sad yaku buddy salaam he said to his sons, wala TS who do not despair, our beloved prophet dallies salat wa salam, he said to our bunker when they were in the cave, netizen Don't be scared, why in Allah hermana indeed Allah is with us, but how can we ensure that Allah will be with us? We need to live for a law and strive for Allah and we do this Allah promises that he will be there for us and that he will help us and assist us. Allah says in the end of sorbitol, Angkor Wat will let the Naja hadoo fina Lana Deanna home sabudana we're in hola hola man Westin, in

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that those who strive for us, indeed we will guide them to our ways, and indeed Allah will be with the doers of good