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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah is a very popular marriage, which is haram not permissible and pay attention to the wording married. Yes, there's a marriage, but it's not a correct marriage. And this is the marriage of marrying non Muslim women. And one might ask right away, but it's permissible for a Muslim man to marry a non Muslim woman. And here's where the problem lies. Is this correct or not? Annie? This is where the problem lies. Is this understand that people have which is not correct? Yes, there's a certain type of non Muslim woman that's permissible for a Muslim man to marry. But the reality is, is that our brothers who are marrying these non Muslim women, they're not marrying

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the correct type of non Muslim women. Pay attention to what I'm saying. Allah subhana wa Tada told us in the Quran. Well, I think it will mutually Kathy had you mean, and do not marry the polytheist women until they believe. So this iron makes it clear that it's not permissible at all, for a Muslim man to marry any type of non Muslim woman? Is there any exception to this ruling? Yes, the exception came in the verse and salted Magadha when Allah subhanho wa Taala said well, more sunnah to Mina, Latina, O'Toole keytab. And the chaste women from the women of the Scripture, the women of the book, who are the winner of the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians. So this is what's permissible for

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a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman or a Jewish woman. But the reality is our brothers are marrying atheist. They're marrying an agnostic, they're marrying women who don't have any belief, or this belief or that belief or different beliefs, but they're not Christian or Jews. And this is haram. It's not permissible to marry such a woman, and the brothers who are falling into this marriage. They're usually one of three categories. First of all, our brothers who are migrating to the west.

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And he's thinking, you know, I'm coming now I'm moving to France, to America, to the UK, to Germany, to Holland. So since I'm in a Christian country, and pay attention to the wording here, a Christian country, yes, once upon a time, maybe America, you can still say it's still a religious country. But most European countries, most people don't believe in God. And this isn't a what they say themselves. So they identify as being atheist or being agnostic, and they no longer identify themselves as being Christians or Jews. And that's why it's haram to marry such a woman. So these brothers are coming and he meets a girl in the west and he likes her. So he marries her. And he's

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thinking that it's permissible, because she's from this, you know, non Muslim or Christian country. And another in the same category. Some of them they get married because of benefits because of paperwork because of, of immigration visas. So he marries on he's like, you know, she says she, she believes and pay attention to this. She says she believes in what, then because this might sometimes I found brothers, no, no, she said, she believes when I speak to her, she says she doesn't believe, or she says, I believe in God, but I'm not Christian. I'm not Jewish, even this type is not permissible to marry. Even if she says she believes in a God, if she doesn't believe in

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Christianity, or Judaism, this is the only thing that Allah has given us permission to marry. Other than that, it's haram. The second category of brothers who married these women, they're usually from the Gulf countries. And the second and third category, you'll find a lot of them they come to study as students, their government sends them as students. So he marries a non Muslim woman, and he says, you know, Hey, she's from these Christian countries, but she's atheist, bro, she's not Christian. It's like Jews, it's not permissible for you to marry her. And the other group, they're the ones who come on the visits, they come during the summertime coming to visit, and he wants to make it halal,

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as he says, so he marries this, you know, western woman, and she is what an atheist and not a Christian. So there's a watch is Baldwin. It's not a correct marriage. So what does one do if he fell into a marriage like this? He thought it was permissible. And he married this western lady saying she's a non Muslim, it's permissible, but then he realizes she's not Muslim, but she's atheist. So this marriage is not correct. What should I do? He has to divorce her, the contract becomes nullified because it's not a correct contract from the beginning. What about his children? What's the ruling of them? Are they legitimate? In Chautala? If he did it out of ignorance, he

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thought it was permissible. Like we said, you know, taking a non Muslim country, it's permissible, but then he realizes he was wrong, and hamdulillah his children are considered legitimate, and they take his name. There's no problem with that at Hamdulillah. However, if he knew the ruling, and this I know brothers, and I've sat with them, they knew the ruling but he liked her. He met her he was at a nightclub. She looked good. He wants to marry her, and ended up marrying this lady, or, you know, the paperwork, had to get the paperwork he knew wasn't really permission to shoot. She has to be Krishna. Mattia can do it. If he did this, he falls into the category of being Zanni of being

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someone who's a fornicator. Oh, the biller another mistake, the brothers are falling in

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too when they marry non Muslim women, even if she is a Christian or a Jew, is that they're marrying unchaste women. Like we gave the example of the brother who met the sister at the nightclub and how many of these stories I've heard, he goes out to a nightclub meets the lady. She's a Zania. She's been with all kinds of men, and he wants to come and marry because he fell in love with her. It's not permissible for a Muslim man to marry, especially if he's chaste and himself. It's not permissible to marry a woman who's unjust even if she's a Muslim, and then she's unmasked it's not permissible for you to marry her. In the verse we mentioned from StoneWater, NIDA well more than 2

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million Latina O'Toole keytab and the more center from the the chaste woman from the from the from the women of the of the scripture of the book, if she's not much sunnah, if she's not someone who is chaste and it's not permissible to marry her, therefore the conditions is that she has to be from the women of the Scripture, Christian or Jew. And she has to be more sunnah she has to be a woman who is chest but if she's not chest, what are the law tell us in Surah Noor as Zanny layan Girraween lezioni at an O moosh Lika. That the Zanni the fornicator does not marry except a female who's also a fornicator or a polytheist was Zania to the female and he fornicator. layin CAHA in Lausanne in Oh

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mushrik. The only one who's permissible to allow to marry her is the one who's like her also affordable care, or is a polytheist. Liquid Lawson at the end of the verse, will Hillary medallic I mean, and this is haram upon the macmini in the believers, a meaning to marry such women. And even though it's permissible to marry a woman who is from the women of the scriptures, a Christian or a Jew, I strongly recommend that our brothers do not marry such women and that they only marry believers. Even if you find her amazing, she's beautiful. You really want to remember what Allah said in the Quran when he said, Well, I'm a tune meaner to Pharaoh min Mushrik that you want a

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larger but come and a slave woman give a description of Emma. She doesn't have a high status in society. But she's what she's moved me now to come to marry a slave woman who is a movement believer, its cradle it's better than marrying that Kathira the disbeliever when Elijah would come even if she impresses you, her beauty is something Wow. The beauty of the man is always stronger and always better. And I can tell you story after story, the brothers who come to us for counseling in the West, and he after they've been divorced from their non Muslim wives, some of them who have been guided or some of them not really got or maybe somewhat guided, but he realized after all these

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years, what's going to happen to my children. My children are being raised as Kufa. My daughter has now are being raised as Kufa and they're going to be just like the ones we see they're going to end up in the same situation. As we see the woman in the West. What can I do to save them? Yes, yeah. The problem came from the beginning, that you didn't make the right choice when you married a non Muslim woman. Therefore be careful not to kill off Ico