Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Circumcision is it a must for new muslims

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of embracing Islam and dealing with new Muslims who do not comply with their religious laws. They emphasize the importance of not overthinking the ruling and not pushing on new Muslims who do not comply with their religious laws. They also mention the difference between opinion and behavior when it comes to alcohol and alcohol.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah? Is it a must for a new Muslim male, to be circumcised? This is a very important issue, because many people who accept Islam, and what do you have from some European countries, some African countries and others, where they don't circumcise that from their custom or from their religion, to circumcise their children when they're young. So when they become Muslim, now they face this issue. So what should they do? And what makes it an even bigger deal is how many Muslims born Muslims, how they deal with these new Muslims, and trying to push this on them. And there's several things I want to make clear. First of all, it's not a condition for someone to be

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circumcised to be a Muslim, if he even if he doesn't do it, he can still enter Islam and it doesn't affect his Islam in any way. Secondly, when it comes to the ruling itself, there is a difference of opinion between the scholars if it's wajib, or not. And thirdly, when it comes to dealing with new Muslims, we have to realize the fifth of dealing with a new Muslim is not like dealing with someone who's been Muslim for any all of his life, or for many years, this is a very sensitive operation on a very sensitive part of the body. And not everyone is going to accept that. So if you come with that ruling right away, and we've seen, you know, some new Muslims the first day they become

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Muslims, or the first week or a couple of weeks, and you know, they don't know this ruling all of a sudden, like, bro, by the way, you know what? It's gotta happen. It's gonna happen soon. And he's like, man, no one's talking about this. If I knew this, I would have become a Muslim, and put yourself in his shoes. If someone told you this, when you just accepted a new religion. How would you feel so we have to use hikma we have to be wise, and how we deal even if we follow the opinion, or the metal tabs, it says it's followed that is something that must be done. We don't want to fall into you know, pushing this on a new Muslim, where you can actually push push him away from Islam

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and cause more harm than good. And like many examples, like a sister with her hijab and other examples of things they should be doing. A sister accepts Islam and her husband is a non Muslim, what should she do? Don't push these things on them right now. These things take time. And once they learn their religion and their Eman increases, they themselves are going to want to do this and that's why we found that many of the brothers from you know from Europe, who came to Medina and study Listen, Medina, obviously the Hamden as something that we did, we were children in America, not all Americans do it, but any, perhaps any, a lot of them do. So we as American Muslims, no

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Muslims, we didn't face that challenge. But our brothers who accepted Islam from from Europe, yes, they faced it, but it hamdulillah when they came to Medina, and they know it's from the Sunnah, and the health benefits, and they know the opinion that it's Wajid that's compulsory, all of them did the operation in Medina will Hamdulillah. So like we said, it takes time, but once they know the ruling, and they have the Eman in shallow Tana, most likely they're going to do it. To summarize, like we said, it's something it's not a condition for them to enter into Islam. So don't make it a bigger deal than than what it is. And don't make it something that can cause more harm than good

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pushing on them at a at an early stage in Islam. And then remember that there is a difference of opinion when it comes to the alcohol as well. It's true, the majority of the scholars say that it's something that's for that it's wajib to do, and we know that it's from the Sunnah of an fitrah that has mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that's from the Sunnah of the Gambia of the prophets. Nevertheless, there are many scholars and from them any the Hanafi madhhab they say it's sunnah it's not fun. Therefore, leave it as something that they will gradually understand themselves and if something they want to do they choose to do it. He'll take this step

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and do it. Don't try to force it on him and cause more harm than good but ecological

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