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AI: Summary © The history of the Islamic Republic, including Omar Omar's actions leading to expansion and success, Omar's actions leading to the loss of certain territory and military positions. The "come and take it" movement is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement, which is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement. The "come and take it" movement is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement, which is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement. The "come and take it" movement is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement, which is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement. The "come and take it" movement is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement, which is seen as a movement of "come and take it" movement. The "come and take it" movement is seen as a movement of "come and take it"
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You guys remember what happened to him about the power of the long run at the end of his time? What happened to him?

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He was he was assassinated versus who assassinated him.

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You remember the name

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Abu al mo juicy and why would lol majority do that for

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revenge because of because he was America was responsible for the fall of the assassin

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dynasty in the Persian Empire. So kind of like retaliation he wanted to kind of like, do something about it and he was able to unfortunately plotting with other people in Medina to kill America pobre de la hota Ronaldo, what time was it when Omar was was assassinated Yama forgive Salah. And what was he doing? Getting ready for the people ready for Serato? DJ that's what he was top of the line. According to historians, how many times was he actually stopped?

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30 What does that tell you about the assassination attempt itself

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that he didn't want to leave any option any other maybe room for survivor for all of their loved one. This shows how much hate and hatred probably. And anger this man has against Omar Alonso and he stabbed him. He took 13 times you know, again quickly, making sure he doesn't leave room for Omar to survive. Omar survived few days though. he survives through three few days of the ultra Nevada. And by the way, just to give you a quick what happened I was unable to leave the salon obviously. So he was he was he stood up in line though in Salah. He pushed up the rackmountable out to the throttle in which he lifts a lot very quick and shorts a lot of Virgil was short sudras and then Amara was in

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salad carrying and holding his his pain holding his actually his his wounds until the Salah was over and he was carried to his house. Are they allowed to analgesia he spent there on his bed deathbed in the situation over three days in which he was able to make an very important transition in the history of Islamic Omar was that

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what did he do? He created what a committee of harmony people six people and he chose these six people to be among those who have been the who are the prophets Allah Sallam he called them for a Hello Jenna sharonville Jenna and he made made sure that these people choose one amongst them to be the leader. So these repeat six people were under Amanda now I live in a reverse manner the other norba sadness will pass I will tell her and they

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suburbanite one, so I will call her otol Havana with the LA Zoo Bay and

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and Adorama when they actually took themselves out of it except that Andromeda and Alfie said, If only and earth man give me the option, I'll choose one from from among the two. he consulted with many, many people throughout the course the three days and finally he made his own judgment. And he chose us man to be the halifa after the honorable Pavarotti allowed and all that. So this is how earthman became the halifa we said overcapacity became the Khalifa by recommendation from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam almost became the halifa as an assignment from our workers to the for the line and voted confidence of course from the community the oma as the man was selected or voted

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by the six people that are honorable hottap chose what they allowed to run who was the life of Earth man was very at the beginning obviously it was very eventful life why because I remember hottub he gave him the state that's already been established. And now it's done just for expansion. And that's what he did with the lawn. So there are few things we want to talk about and shallow data in regard to the life of Earth man in regard to the issues of what the oma is dealing with specifically in our time. Number one alpha 200 which means his his expansion I'm going to speak about this quickly inshallah Allah because the most important point for us in the life of Earth man is the compilation

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of the Quran, which is the first source of law for Muslims, and it's under attacked in our time by Muslims and non Muslims as well as interested in terms of the meaning of it and the validity and also the status of the Quran in our life has been you know, kind of challenged unfortunately by even our young Muslims as a growing up with different ideologies and different philosophies. So that the the strong belief Muslims, the early Muslims heard about the authenticity of the Quran and the status of the Quran and has been kind of put to the test today, even by Muslims. So we're going to talk about this in shallow Tyler as a main part of the discussion. But the first thing is to hat and

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Hamas man are they allowed Ron he expanded the Islamic State. When Omar passed away Rolando di

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Persia was already gone. At least the main part of Persia were gone. The final or the last kisara or

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The Kindle the preacher was still alive. And he died later on actually, as the state was expanding into the territory he was keeps running and escaping, running until he died in modern day close to Afghanistan borders a sea of Iran, Afghanistan and that area. So as Margiela one start expanding in Persia expanded in a sham, and also expanded in Africa, Amara de la Ron, and this is a big difference between the status of the state of Oman and the state of Earth man, how they lead the country or the state actually affairs, Omar believed in a centralized government. And the meaning of this is that he felt he was responsible for everything about the state. And he kept things in his

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hand, which is why he created that system of mail, that quick mail system so that he would have the news coming to him under 24 hours. So he's responsible for the major decisions, including sometimes micro decisions, such as appointment to certain battles, and certain areas and certain military expeditions and so on that was honorable hopped up rhodiola Hotel Nevada because he felt personally responsible for every aspect of the state. Now on earth man, he, he became the leader. It was a different thing. Why because the state is expanding even larger and bigger. Omar Osman, he thought that this is would be impossible to maintain the same system of Amaro de la on in terms of keeping

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centralized government. So he starts giving autonomy or a little bit of autonomy to some of the leadership that was in different territories. So in a sham, there was Amalia de la Terra Nova in Egypt, there was Amro molasses. And Kufa, there was a loss and others and so he says given them some autonomy and some kind of like a little bit of freedom.

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Also, one other thing Omar was against is the expansion into Africa. So the Muslim expansion during the time of almost stopped in modern day, Libya, he didn't want the people to go further into the desert or far away in North Africa. But when Earth man became the leader, he actually allowed us he just went the first expedition went all the way until modern day Morocco, Clomid coming closer to the borders of the southern part of Spain. So that was a matter of the allowed trans era. Also a man different from Omar, he allowed the first what we consider today as a naval fleet to be established for the Muslim state of America was against, again, he was against any kind of Expedition that goes

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on the, in the sea. Obviously, the Arabs were desert people. So if they knew anything, how to fight in the desert, they would ride the camels, their horses, they manage how to deal with the situation in the desert. And they were very expert in that field. And this is why when they were under pressure from the north, they always retreat to the desert to protect their boundaries and their territories. So when Omar Roger on Maui who was the leader of a sham during the time of Morocco, Pavarotti allowed to run, he asked permission from the Halifax to hop up, let's go through the sea to Cyprus modern day Cyprus. A Cobras, is it, let's go there and try to take that territory. So Omar

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was gonna concern about this. So he asked the people about the sea, how does it look like and how do people you know, go on the sea? So he went, he consulted with a few people, one of them was honorable, as honorable as gave him you know, some news that made honorable Hata fish kind of terrified for the people that says, You know what, no, colorable Mohammed, not on my time. Like I would not allow the people to go on the sea, because it sounds sounds scary. until he died on the low on one Earth man became the halifa. Maja once again, he goes to a mania, I'm your mini, give me the permission. Let's go there. After consultation and argument discussion over this issue, he

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allowed him to start a Muslim fleet. And they start establishing it on ships. And there was the first time actually that the Muslims they engaged in naval battles in the scene, the very famous battle that happened back in 225, he was actually there to sorry, the very famous battle, which led to the conquest of snipers, and Cobras, Earth man, he gave conditions to tomorrow, he says, I allow you to do so with one with one condition. Do not force the people to go with you with means give people the choice.

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Don't force them to go do you know given the choice, anyone who wants to join to go on the seat? That's fine. And that was the beginning actually to starting naval power for the Muslim, oma. And since then it was actually expanding and growing. And for a long, long time in the history of that region. Whoever has the power the naval power in the Mediterranean would have control of so much of the trade routes in that region and obviously means prosperity, which led to prosperity in the Muslim land, which is the second thing about a man's rule or the alarm.

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prosperity was unheard of, in the time of God allowed.

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And because of prosperity, people start moving to different cities and Medina and self start expanding, and people start becoming more comfortable with their lifestyles and, and become more peaceful and more established. And one of the things that happens when people start, of course, you know, feeling well established in their societies is that now they start having a freedom of thinking, of course and for themselves and now they want to start participating in decision making and politics and so on, which led to the fitna and the trial that a man had to go through that led to his assassination as well the older and older I believe the former Solomon's gonna be inshallah

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talking about the subject vanilla, which is the assassination of Earth man. Why were those people rebels were were complaining about in the time of us modelo terranova, that's going to be discussion with Chef Omar. But what I want to point out to here is that during the time of a man of the alarm on the oma became very prosperous. Mean, wealth was so much, there was so much wealth in the hands of people. At some point, they didn't know where to give them.

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Just how much they had. They had so much well, that Earth man would call the people you know, anyone wants extra money. We have it commentated like we have so much we don't know what to do with it. So come and take it. But then, because of the decentralization of the state during the time of Earth man of the law of the land, obviously, people now start wondering, okay, why is it that the healer, or the central government has to be in the hands of earth model, the Alolan.

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Many, many of the tribes that participate in the actual battle and the actual conquest of these lands, they start now kind of like feeling Why can't we have control over this area and territory? Yes, the territories that were conquered was still under the leadership of Horace Mann. And the assignment was coming from a man as well. But they noticed that the assignments of Earth man was not in their favor. So they wanted to see how much they can participate. A lot of the region's now growing up Muslims who did not participate in the beginning of Islam with the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, Odessa, hora de la Toronto. So these two they growing up with less less attachment to the

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purpose of the DAO. So now they're into into the whole concept, okay, state politics, the state government power. So tribalism starts coming back again, different form. And this time is political tribalism, people they want it to have shared in the in the government as well. Why is it always in the hands of kurush? Why can't other tribes participate in the government and the US man has his opinion, he says that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He actually he said that Omar Omar koresh leadership needs to stay in the hands of courage as long as possible. And also, some of the people that complain that Earth man would assign to these positions people who are related to him. So from

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the line of Ben omiya, for mature, smarter the Lateran himself was as a matter of fact. And to his defense, most of the assignments that people complain about, like why were they allowed to run and his brother and his father was actually in the modern day Roman and so on. They were assigned by Omar before him and Crusader as well before, so wasn't his assignment was from before, he only maintained the same positions for them. So there were many complaints about a man dealing on politics and just like you said, Subhanallah and this is that the state of affairs of the Muslim oma, when there's when there's war, or battles, the enemy is unified, and everybody's move in one

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direction. When it's over. Now, people start Okay, fighting over who's gonna run. We've seen this in our modern, at least in my modern day, and when I was growing up seeing the situation in Afghanistan, when at the time, they were called the freedom fighters and America was supporting them, and the Gulf War supported them and so on. And everybody was unified against the USSR at the time the Soviet Union until it collapsed. But when the war was over, unfortunately, what an insight fighting and battles between the factions of the Afghan people at the time now everybody's trying to see okay, who's going to be the one in control, similar to this happen at the time of Earth man,

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towards the end of the time of earth model the Allahu talanoa when the state was established, people start wondering, okay, how are we going to run the efforts in the future, which led to the assassination of earth model the Allahu Allahu wa moren. This would be with Chef Omar inshallah, he is going to be the one to talk to you about it in the last one. But I want to focus on the next maybe 30 minutes or so on a very important event in the history of Islam, which is the compilation of the Quran, the compilation of the Quran, and the unification of the most half. As we know today, almost half as many

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was during the time of the expansion. The battles went all the way as far as areas in modern day Armenia and Azerbaijan as well.

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The lawn was the halifa. During the time when this when this happened, and it was actually the conquest took place, the Sahaba of the Lutheran home were with them as well and the generation that come after that the young sahabas and the young

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you could say that the students have this habit of the Lord Ramadan, they're now studying and have their helicopter Coronel carry. Now, interestingly, we have similar to the similar issues in our time when people don't know about the different garage and start to study visitation. They will argue the validity of the dissertation, they might have issues with understanding of the Quran. I remember one time I received a phone call from a different community, different state and someone was complaining to me that they have an Imam who does not know how to read the Quran. And therefore they were wondering about the validity of their salah and that brother who called me he's actually a

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board member of that Muslim

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and he's the board member of ASEAN is wondering if our Salah is valid people are complaining because the man doesn't know how to disarm the Knesset. How old is the gentleman? He says well he's his 50s or 60s Okay, does you know the conscience Yeah, that's the promise is half

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half a dozen know how to read the Quran that's a problem. I said so and somehow in my understanding that the time most people complain about maybe somebody has an issue with pronunciation of the desert or heart to heart and this kind of pronunciation I said okay. I said in this case is he the best you have anybody else who knows better how to recite the Quran Surya we have few people would not dare not have fun. So in this case, is either assigned Imam in the masjid said no he is not assigned a member because he's the old is an elder Mashallah and his hablo puranam and he's he teach Quran sometimes so therefore, we allowed him to leave the salon, but we have issues with I said,

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Okay, fine. Try to talk to him and see if he inshallah, that I can, you know, have maybe have some alternation. Have somebody lead us out the door and answer, he leads other nationalities, * and Virgil.

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But then, right before we finish the phone call, I asked him hold on a second. Just one last question.

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Do you think Is it is it actually that maybe you don't know that this man is from somehow from North Africa is an Arab? I say this? Yeah, he's an Arab, because, okay, this happened to be from North Africa, because, as a matter of fact, he's Moroccan.

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I said, Alright, now I know what's going on.

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So I asked him, I said, Are you familiar with different parts of the car and the different styles of recitations? Because what do you mean?

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So he is a board member who wasn't aware of the different styles of presentations, and he judged the khari to read the Quran wrong, because he thought it shouldn't be decided like that. So I told him, you know, what, no, don't worry about it. He just said, this is absolutely correct. I want you to check with him, maybe he decided a different era, maybe for worse or carlone. Just talk to him, and he will let you know inshallah, so he called me back some other time. He goes, You know what I talked to him, he said, Yes, he decides by a different style.

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And that is in the modern day.

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Imagine back then,

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back then, when the Sahaba and their students, they're now getting together in the battlefield, and learning from each other about the Koran. They eventually they had these issues. This happened, these issues of the love of Massoud, he has his own students over even cabina Xiaomi has his own students of almost Russia, he had his own students. And these people, these students were reciting according to what they learned from their teachers. Now, so where are these variations are coming from? That's the point that we need to understand first, the variation is coming from the time of the prophets of Allah silent because the Messenger of Allah, Allah Sam says Carla,

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Quran, Allah savatya of the Quran was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in accordance to seven different tongues. Well, that's the tongue one of the translation of the word half tongue. Some they say letters, some they say words, different accurate translation, it depends on how they understand the meaning of these variations.

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Until today, until today, there's a huge debate among Muslim scholars automatic about the true definition of the heartful core and the different styles are different actually. Hebrew for tongues of the Quran. When the professor said there are seven What do they mean it What does he mean by by saying seven? Hello? Does it mean seven pronunciations? Seven, maybe just the vowels? What does it mean exactly. And even just the Rahim Allah Allah gave multiple opinions and he did not give one conclusion on the true meaning of the heart because there was a time that was gone. And the unification of the Quran according to the amount of the allotted time, as he was the one that

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resolved that issue. So nothing of it has left for us to understand clearly, but probably will love the meaning of the Hartford Courant. Because they are a word different, different had different dialects to make it easy on them. The Prophet xlsm was written

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Citing the Quran, according to different dialect dialects of the Arab culture, so people can understand that, just like today, if you look among the Arab society, people in North Africa and measurable Arabic, they speak different dialects of the Arabic language. Some people in Egypt has its own dialect, obviously. And even North Egypt and southern Egypt had their own different dialects to a sham has the same thing. The Gulf people have the same thing. Sometimes if you bring somebody from Morocco to speak with someone from the Gulf country, they need a translation between

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they need to speak one common language which was which language is Allah Gemma alpha. First is one of the one of the lines of the Polish language just to let you know and how the force has survived. The first has truly survived because of the Quran.

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Now the opposite

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and first has survived because of the Quran. When the Quran was unified, that's when the first half standarized because of the Quran, and that's when people start speaking that as a standard, you know, accent or dialect of the Arabic language, still, all the other other dialects, they still have their origin in the language. So some of the elements they say the hardest was actually these different dialect like can you imagine the Quran is being recited in a Moroccan accent, for example, or junior accent. And then the Quran has resulted in a gulf accent or a shaman accent. These are the heroes. So when the people gathered in the battlefield, they start reciting the Quran according to

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their heart. And they start deferring among themselves and fighting over it. And that's when the holiday for the law, he was the one who fault the situation is getting really, really dangerous in the Muslim community. And he rushed back to Medina to go to the valley fourth man, he says edrick finance cover any helico quickly help the people before they destroy themselves. And he gave him the suggestion that he needs to unify the tongue or the heart of the Quran. Let's bring all people to decide the Quran according to one particular half. Now that that's when a man started working on this but prior to this moment, I want to bring you all the way back to overcast this time. Because

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the book was said it was the one who brought the Koran into one must have one value. What does that mean? When a worker said they was doing horrible ryda fighting the opposites. There was one particular battle known as the Battle of Allium ama, in which the Muslims were fighting against Muslim Al Khattab, masala, Mata liar and his followers. They lost over 70 plus

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from the alpha those who memorize the Quran, Omar was terrified by that NC says if we're going to be going going like this at the same rate, we're going to end up with losing all the fun. So he went to a worker Sudoku was the belief at the time, called a minute or rasulillah the time he says you know what? Why don't we put them together and one must have our worker so Jake was terrified. He goes you asked me to do something the professor's didn't do himself. But Omar kept, you know, asking for workers to do and he says in Ohio, it's hard. There's so much right in there until Allah subhana wa that opened the hearts of workers to do to this. So he said, then let's consult with some someone

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else who would be the expert to be to lead the effort to put the Quran all together in one must happen. So they looked around and they found the best person to be they had been savate probably a lot of turmoil, but they didn't tab it was an unsavoury hazaragi he was the one that over Casa de commissioned to lead the effort to compile the Quran in one mishap. Now, why did he ask him to do so because they It was a young man who the professor assigned to be a scribe. He had a beautiful handwriting. And obviously, when you become a junior scribe, you need to have handwriting good handwriting is good. And that was the low end. And also he was very talented. He the problem he

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needed someone to learn the different tongues and languages he assigned zaytoven tablets, so he was very clever. He memorized it quickly. He's very

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in his in his linguistics is very well as well. So the proper assigned him to be his scribe. So no, because he looked around, he found no one will be better than a Debian tabet to make that effort. So that he was terrified when he was asked to do he goes, you're asking me for something the Prophet didn't do. I'm not gonna do that. But they kept going after him until he accepted. And then he says Carla will lie. I swear if you asked me to move a mountain, there'll be much easier for me to do to do it than doing what you're asked me to do right now to put the Quran or the must have the front one must have.

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What was the conditions of zaytoven tablet to to make the most have that we have today.

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And it's in its in its position of authenticity. His conditions were that he needs to make sure any IRA that is going to be put in the most half was not abrogated.

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And the way to do that is to make sure he

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received it in writing forms from anybody in Medina the time also two people already memorized it to authenticate that. Obviously, there were many forefather Medina, there are many, many people who have different, you know, personal copies, but never one particular must have altogether. So his effort was only just to authenticate what they already have in their hands, not that he's trying to make a new effort or a new thing. So he was compiling everything making sure that everybody has the testimony for it. And finally, they put the most have together in one volume. It was written by the hand of God allowed random Waldo and it was compiled in one big volume by the way back in the days

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they didn't have the nice fancy writing materials we have today. So when we talk about must have I don't want to think about a pocket must have a Gemma that they didn't have it put together know the most half of Zaid rhodiola Ivanova Casa de was a huge massive copy of parchment and leather, like you can imagine to be that thick, probably.

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And that big.

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So it was huge and massive. It wasn't something easy to carry, actually. So they did that. And it stayed in the hands of Ober Casa de haut de la hotel and Waldo. Then when he passed away, Omar took charge of protecting this copy. And then when he passed away, he gave it to his daughter hafsa,

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the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so have kept that copy in her hand. Until a man of the allowed land he requested permission to use it to standardize again the most have right now in one handwriting and one tongue. So she accepted with the condition he returns it back after he was done, which he did. People ask what happened to this copy?

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The one that was HUBZone have started the allowed Rhonda, she actually she

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she passed away.

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There was a dispute over what what happened to this eventually it ended up in the hand of Marwan al hakam. Who decided, you know what, because of man, he standardized everything. He also destroyed that copy. I know people that say, why did you do that for some Allah, Allah, and maybe for the best of the oma shallow data, and now as a matter of the law, and he took that copy, and now he wants to have a committee to take care of it. Who would be the best person to lead that committee? What do you think edema

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is even the same person.

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So the Commission's aid once again, but it was aid right now is about 20 plus years older, and wiser. So he commissioned him to lead the effort, but this time he assigned a committee with him. So they didn't have it was the leader of that committee. And they argue we're there for five, six, up to seven days, some days, actually 12 or 13 people, but the majority, they said there were about five of them. So that was the lead. And the four that they're confirmed to be on that was available. Abdullah has a better deal on

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bass are the louder nwaba. And also, he Sham nada Muslim American has diminished under American heritage, Indonesia. So they will dispute over some of the names. Eventually three of the four on that committee work Karachi from Porush. So if man told us aid and the committee, I want you to compile everything according to the tongue of kurush. And if you dispute with earthman, with zayde, over any pronunciation, as long as the three of Qureshi agree to it, then you write it down with the with the tongue of courage, because it was revealed on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, with the tongue of Croatia, that was how it was standardized. Part of the standardization of the most

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half of our mind is actually the calligraphy itself. And I mean by that it was written in a way to remain neutral, for different pronounciation of the tongue of polish. What does that mean? Like we said, there are different dialects in the Arab culture select today, the North African dialect is one tongue. The Shammi dialect is one tongue. The khaleeji dialect is one tongue in our modern day. However, in each tank, there are variations they call them la jet. So in a sham for example, the Syrians they speak in one kind of like variation of the Shammi tongue, the Palestinians the Lebanese the Jordanians, and even among them they have different also pronounciation. So these kind of

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variations just like in English language, here in America, we have the southern accent, for example, versus the North Eastern accent and so on. So people have different pronunciation. So one tongue of kurush had different variations today, these variations we call them ultra art.

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These are what do you call it karate, like when you have house house under cartoon version, others and so on. These are the variations of the tongue of kurush as well.

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So what happened when they compiled the Muslim after they compiled the must have

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One master copy was created. And then they sent back the copy of house back to her. And from that master copy, they made about six different copies. Somebody say for some, they say five different actually opinions. But somebody says six copies, one was sent to Mecca, one was sent to a Kufa al Basra, a sham, and one stayed in Medina and the other one was actually became a personal copy for us man himself for the 11. That same copy was the copy he was reciting from and reading from when he passed away when he was killed rhodiola and Wada and his blood actually was shared and spelled on that same on that same copy.

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So what happened to

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first of all, before what happened is other masa have actually let's talk about the the specific, you know, qualities of this copy of earth model, the line of man's copy became known as the master copy. So this became the master copy of the Quran. As man, he sent these to the major cities, at that time, they were the major towns in the Muslim land. And from their men from these major towns, they were asked to make extra copies and these copy to be redistributed into the Muslim land. Keep in mind back in the day, the Arabs were not.

00:31:26 --> 00:32:08

We're not very well educated in terms of writing and reading, right? So they heavily dependent on what when it comes to retaining any information, memorization. So they had to memorize. So that's why they did not have to make that many copies. Because people what they will do, eventually they will memorize it, that's what's important for them, then, and that copy had certain conditions of these conditions is that it has to any copy that was be taken from from a master copy to be reviewed, to be authenticated. And to also follow the same rules of calligraphy and grammar that was mentioned or that was used on the master copy. Slowly and gradually, obviously, that's when the the

00:32:08 --> 00:32:21

citation was standardized. And by the way, just to let you know, many, many people think that helps and ask them the way we recite the Quran in most Muslim countries today, at least in the Middle East and the eastern part of the Muslim land, except for the for the western

00:32:23 --> 00:32:58

side of the Muslim line. They think Hudson awesome was the standard citation in Mecca probably or maybe the Polish, honestly, historically speaking, we don't know if that was the one that was most common recitation or at least pronunciation that a citation. We don't know. The North Africans, they actually argue that theirs was the most common. And obviously, the Middle Eastern from the east is, you know, the house was actually the one that was most common, but in historically speaking, we don't know which one was it. They have their own claims, but a lot of them eventually there's still variations of the tongue of Porsche itself.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:54

The just to give an example on on the recitation how it's different sometimes when you look into the Koran, the earth many calligraphy, the word Jen net, the word Jannat will be sometimes written with Gene noon Elif and then moves to ham and sometimes in the Quran will be written without the Elif. So, you have gene noon TA and then some sort of like a small sign a dash on the top that minded could be actually Jenna, why so what's the difference here and this is where the the sophisticated system was taken into consideration when they were writing it. Because if the eye has multiple variations of pronunciation like Jen versus Jeanette, then they will remove the lF. So, they write

00:33:54 --> 00:34:40

it as gene noon TA and put the dash on top so that those who pronounce it as Jannat they have the right to do so, with the dash on top or without it becomes Jen not gender tone, which is basically in this case a singular for geneticists plural. But if there is citation of particular IRA for Janet is only for an only pronunciation throughout all the different variations like Jen net, they add the lF so that no one would recite it with Jen Nutan becomes longer citation has generated because everybody has to decide that would that's kind of like one way of showing you the sophisticated system that was put in the calligraphy that was used to write the actual must have overthrown today

00:34:40 --> 00:34:51

if you open any standardized must have at the beginning there is a statement that says according to the must have an earth many which means according to the calligraphy fourth man are the Allahu Allahu Allah.

00:34:53 --> 00:35:00

What happened with the other copies that people had in their hands when I smelled the a lot that Anwar ba he decided

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

That's it, we have the master copyright now. Anything else needs to be destroyed.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:30

So destroyed all the other copies and anything else that people had in their hands, some Sahaba there existed a little bit because they had pride in their own must have and their own, you know, kind of collection. And one of these people who had the most I would say pride among all the others who have won the lottery and home and he deserved Of course to have that pride for himself for the law and was Abdullah bin Massoud.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:49

Abdullayev Ms. rude. He at the beginning refused to give up his copy. And his copy has different variations from the master copy this like what he learned from the Prophet salla Santa? Why would I believe Mr. Rude? Why would he refuse to give up his master copy of the land? Can you guys guess?

00:35:55 --> 00:36:01

He learned from the Prophet directly but what is so special about the love nosodes if you read the history of Abdullah Masada himself

00:36:04 --> 00:36:47

he counts himself he is to say I was one of the four the four I was the fourth person to become Muslim in Mecca. Now, by the way, keep in mind when Sahaba say I was actually Russia, the 10th of 10 people, the fourth of four people to become Muslims. Back in the day Islam was secretive. So when people become Muslims, they don't know who is also Muslim. So they think among all that I know to be Muslims, I'm the fourth. So when he says he was the fourth, probably it wasn't the fourth. Because we know that Rasulullah saw semiotica deja vu Casa de la batalla maybe other people, right? So eventually, he said that he was one of the first people to embrace Islam. And he has also the honor

00:36:47 --> 00:37:27

to be the first person to publicly recite the Quran in Mecca. So he is so proud of his collection from the prophets Allah sent me from the early times of the Prophet salla Selim Simon Mecca. And now when a man comes and says, you're going to have to submit your copy to a young man, like they did in Sabbath and the age between the difference between Zed and Mr. owed is huge, is like really a one way to submit my capital this little kid in the Moto Masada de la and he refused at the beginning, but eventually after an assistance from them from a from a moto de la and he finally actually gave up his copy. And it was also destroyed. So some they claim today, there's some traces they call them

00:37:27 --> 00:37:49

the scrolls of Sunnah, which is something that was found really recent in recent times. They say that they can trace that back to Obama's Rhodes copies and that's why they now they claim they're different copies of the Quran. Who Why do you guys have one standardized copy when there are multiple trying to create the same story like the Bible basically or the engine that says you're gonna create some some controversy over the Quran?

00:37:52 --> 00:38:14

By the way, the decision of Earth man to destroy the other copies has also been used against him at some point, saying like, you see them as man, he forced the oma to recite in one tongue. Now, why would a man even choose to make that decision? Something about the qualifier of that time is that they were considered like the ultimate supreme any source of law.

00:38:15 --> 00:38:58

In our time, that is supreme court. So eventually, whatever the rule, according to the constitution and so on, and those times are very close to the former of Manali, the Khalifa, the halifa. When there is controversy, his he had finalized any controversy in the Muslim ummah. So when a young man he chose to to unify the oma to decide according to one tongue, there was an issue that he did with consultation of the Sahaba he actually he did it. And the destruction of these also different copies was eventually agreed by the Sahaba de la Rahman was he eventually afterwards, I live in a time when, when the criticism against Othman was brought to him and he became the halifa. After Ilan, he

00:38:58 --> 00:39:12

says called credible they said they lied, those who criticize what nobody says, I swear it happened when we were still present. And we all agreed to it. Like we agreed with this man on the destruction of other the other copies to just to unify the citation of the Quran.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:16


00:39:18 --> 00:39:57

once the citation was standardized, now, everybody else started citing according to that, how was it preserved? Allah Subhana Allah bless the oma with, with the Baraka of memorizing the Quran, that is something very unique in the history of mankind. No book has ever been served, the way the Quran was served because the last part of promised in the Quran, that he will preserve it in that 100 Xena decra when Allahu Allah has done indeed we have revealed the Quran we shall preserve it. And Allah preserved the Quran How was preserved there are two kind of version of a number one is called heritable Futaba which is a compilation of the Quran itself in written material writing material. So

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

that was at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in separate

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

pieces until Oh, because you put it in one volume. And then earth model the latter. And he also standardize that and all continued to be in writing forms. That's the first format. And we do have traces of these manuscripts that can go back 2000 years back. And I mentioned that last night Actually, I went to Museum in which they claim they had a manuscript of the Parana, remember from sort of the novel. And they claim that it goes back dating the time of honorable Hopper, the law of the land, which is most likely again, one of the Sahaba qualitative in tablets himself. That was actually the claim on that manuscript. But besides that, we have so many early manuscripts that has,

00:40:40 --> 00:40:54

of course, the calligraphy in the Quran, according to the earth manuscript all the way until our time, which means it never changed handler in terms of writing material. The second form of music preservation of the Quran is called henslowe, a sudden,

00:40:55 --> 00:41:31

which is basically the memorization to memorize that by heart. And since the oma as we know, Muslim, oma was known for its memory, because again, the veterans didn't know how to read and write if you wanted to memorize something, they have to remember it want to preserve some they have to memorize it. And by the way, something else about the Arab culture, the European Why, why would the Quran come down in the Arabic language, because they're out of they were in the desert protected from any kind of foreign influence philosophy and, and all that stuff that happened around them. So they grew up, you know, in an organic environment. And because writing and reading was not their thing, their

00:41:31 --> 00:41:47

lifestyle did not, you know, support that at least, it was impossible for them to be well learned like this. So what they did, they had to depend on their memory. And they're going to be dependent on memorization, which one is easier to memorize rhyming words, or just, you know,

00:41:48 --> 00:42:30

kind of like, whatever repro memorization of what rhyming words will be much better. So as a result, their language starts becoming very unique. When they speak, they speak with rhyming words, slowly. And gradually, the prose in the Arabic language, what we call it sajer, and Kenai, antiche, B, and this and all these beautiful things about the Arabic literature and language, it comes because they are, they were forced to speak in a nice way to make it easy to memorize. And they will speak in what we call them topia, short statement that gives big meanings. That's why the Arabic comes expanded in terms of vocabulary, because one word can give unbelievable meanings. Also, to make the

00:42:30 --> 00:42:43

language more interesting to memorize, you have to visualize it, when you memorize it. It's easy to memorize when you can visualize the thing versus abstract language. That's why the Arabic language is actually is a very animated language.

00:42:44 --> 00:43:21

And if you cannot envision or if you cannot even imagine the word, a picture of that word, it will be hard to memorize it. I remember one brother who was from Bosnia, he was learning the Arabic language. One time he came to me. And he says, you know, the Arabic language is so unique. So I love it. This is what's so special about it, because it's very interesting. It's just like very funny sometimes the way they express things. And for me as a native Arabic speaker, the language is so I didn't know what he was talking about. So he said to me, I said, What is so interesting about it, he says, My most hits for him. The most interesting thing for him about the Arabic language, he said,

00:43:23 --> 00:43:28

the atoms when they want to talk about chaos, what do they say? climate denier, William Todd

00:43:29 --> 00:43:43

is a common denominator. And just like he says, it's an ISA laughing and what is he laughing about? For me the word climate denier what I'm talking about the word karma, which means to stand up to get up, like we said, the whole dunia the whole word got up, I never sat down again.

00:43:44 --> 00:44:25

That's the literal translation of the words. But it doesn't sound as beautiful unless you say it in the Arabic language and it really animate that in your mind that we just like it's so funny for him for us of course, that's funny part is taken out because now becomes part of the language. But that indeed became the case of the Arabic language, which is why they excelled in poetry. they memorize, you have to do it in rhyming form and the best rhyming form was the poetry itself. So they excelled in poetry. So when they are have they mastered the art of speech and the art of language, Allah subhana wa tada revealed the Quran for them and it was easy for them to memorize easy for them to

00:44:25 --> 00:44:57

comprehend and understand because they mastered the art of the language. And that continued with the people until this day. Even those who don't speak the Arabic language Allah promised it will make it easy for them to memorize when he says what are the essential Quran is decree falnama decade we indeed made the Quran easy to remember so what are those who would like to remember its meaning if you memorize it, try to put there for the normalization. Allow put Baraka and your life in shallotte there's much more to the subject as a matter of fact, but I would love to do a few minutes inshallah for any questions that we get from the women as well. Ah,

00:45:02 --> 00:45:04

First question, is there a reason why?

00:45:11 --> 00:45:53

But yes, there isn't I just mentioned earlier right now in the last part of the discussion, the Arabs were not educated in terms of, you know, learning, writing and reading. Keep in mind their lifestyle as Bedouins, mostly nomads, the urban areas were not that many in the Arabian Peninsula at the time. So a lot of people for them to preserve their legacy, their heritage, their culture, their laws, they had to depend on memorization, everything, which is why one of the arts of the Arabic literature is called an lm fell. Rumsfeld means Proverbs, basically, and sayings. But these sayings in the Arab tradition, back in the days, were not just avid saying they were active words of wisdom

00:45:53 --> 00:46:26

and words of law, when they want to make a law in the society, they make it in the form of a proverb. And that's why they are the early modern scholars, they studied Amazon, they studied the actual, you know, list of Proverbs of the Arabic language anyone is interested in reading about it in Arabic, I don't think it exists in English. But there's so many books there in the market, that goes unsaid, and some of them even they wanted to use em federal code as well to compare that to what was mentioned the plan. So why the purposes of did not assign anyone to do so because that wasn't part of their culture. It was not part of their tradition. However, it was written during the

00:46:26 --> 00:46:35

time of the Prophet salaallah Salah, but not as one copy, it was actually mentioned was preserved in different pieces in the hands of many other people on

00:46:43 --> 00:46:44

the order.

00:46:49 --> 00:47:26

Now, so that system that the most have that we have in our hand today, who put that in that order, who put the Fatiha first and about per second, and then put a nasty end and so on and in between, this is viewed among the alumni of the funeral plan who did that order that organization? Some they say it's an he had from the committee that put it together and they attribute that that order to us man, unsalable debit or the allotted Anoma. And other this you know, it's actually it's the it's the P fi and divine from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And their evidence for this is the the hadith of Rasulullah saw the Hadith about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam receiving gibreel Ramadan to review

00:47:26 --> 00:48:05

the plan with him. So every Ramadan, the prophet SAW Selim would have gibreel review the plan with him in the last year, the last year of the life of the prophets of Allah Salaam in Ramadan, he had to re review the plan with him twice. So they say if he was if the Quran was reviewed fully twice, it has to be done in the same order. Now the question which order was it? Some days? It's the same order we have today? As they say, No, it was not. So it was left for the committee to put in that order. So that's a matter of he had, but there was no he had insane what's in the Quran is authentic. But he had his word whether basically, to have the Quran in that order or not now about

00:48:05 --> 00:48:22

the sutras, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he named surah in himself, like sort of, he used to say, put this ayah in this position and that position from Surah Qaeda, Al Qaeda, so he would give the names for the sutras salatu wa salam O Allah, which is why some sort of sometimes have multiple names actually.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:26

So these names come from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanting Allah Allah.

00:48:33 --> 00:48:54

Allah Casa de p only brought the most have together without standardizing the dialect of the Quran, but manually allotted and he unified the pronunciation so that to remove any other pronunciation any other words that was a different dialects and put them in one dialect, the dialect of Polish, but the pronunciation we have of karate dyes are part of variations from the

00:48:55 --> 00:48:58

territory itself. Hola, hola. Na.

00:48:59 --> 00:49:03

misinformation being widespread, how can one verify information consistent

00:49:05 --> 00:49:07

about a foreigner in general?

00:49:10 --> 00:49:15

So what's the question again, so to speak of misinformation, information being widespread?

00:49:18 --> 00:49:55

How can you verify information consistent is power? I mean, that's what knowledge distinguishes people from from others, right? The more you know, the better if you have filters over what you get, but the less we know, the more we struggle and knowing what is right and what is wrong. Like for example, when people talk about a foreign to us the more you know about the foreign itself, the more you'll be able to filter what people say. So obviously knowledge is very important. It's very important you need to learn now how to learn that's where the struggle we have in America really, in some Muslim countries, Masha Allah and schools and opportunities are all over the place. You can

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

find somebody to learn from and with and everywhere. He or sometimes we struggle

00:50:00 --> 00:50:35

Especially if you come from a small town not you know big in a suburb, you don't have access to full time in mom or alum or school and so so it's big struggle for us, which is why a lot of people, they go online, and going online, they're LMR, they call this sort of feed, which means people who learn from scrolls and papers, and there's a big chance for you to make mistakes, because you read on your own and you make your own reputation. And the loss of Hannah reminding us says, first, victory in control, not alone. If you have no access to knowledge, then ask those who have so and one piece of advice for the brothers or sisters who are out there learning and hamdallah, specifically the young

00:50:35 --> 00:51:07

ones, I want you to learn one thing very important when it comes to element knowledge. The first thing you need to teach yourself is to say, Allahu Alem, which means Allah knows best, or leathery. I don't know. We live in a time that saying, I don't know seems to be shameful. And that's why even if you don't have an answer, you give an answer. You know, when someone asked you about something, a question, and then somebody says, Well, honestly, I don't know. But in my opinion, like, who cares about your opinion.

00:51:09 --> 00:51:18

And that's the meaning of if you have the knowledge you speak if you don't just keep it for yourself. And by the way, when they say but and they give you a martial analysis about a koala. It's longer than an answer.

00:51:19 --> 00:51:24

And we learned that in Medina University. So the more you know, the less you talk.

00:51:25 --> 00:51:37

I remember the time when we used to sit around the dinner table. And you could tell you could tell a freshman from a senior by how much they talk. So the seniors are digging in their food and just eating.

00:51:39 --> 00:51:45

And the freshmen they talk and debating and arguing. And then they turn to the senior they say what do you think he goes a lot harder.

00:51:47 --> 00:52:13

And it's like what you're about to graduate? You don't know about this? It says, actually, I know more than what you think. But what I know limits my knowledge makes me understand that is more to it than what you guys are talking about. So the more we know, you literally it just like an ocean knowledge like an ocean. When you go deep into the ocean, it's so deep and so profound, but so majestic and Syrian. But when you add the shore, how does it sound that the shore of the beach is

00:52:14 --> 00:52:17

scary, right and loud but it's shallow.

00:52:18 --> 00:52:36

That's exactly the same thing. Those are shallow they're so scary Gemma. And those who are really full with deep knowledge, there's so spiders haven there's, there's majestic you know kind of site to them, when you go into the ocean use respect that a lot. So learn, that's a key shallow tality remove the Shabbat now.

00:52:44 --> 00:52:46

Most recently, a few years ago, and

00:52:47 --> 00:52:47


00:52:49 --> 00:52:55

the bulk of these questions are asking, you know, what's our stance on them? Are they from from before? And

00:52:57 --> 00:53:31

actually, I want to refer to a lecture by Professor called the online that he discussed that and it's a very interesting discussion. I think he wrote about it I'm not sure if it's published on Muslim matters or not. But he discussed these activities fine. They talked about them, particularly because it was his field of discussion. So check him out and shadow the shadow party on the subject of the Atlantic, almost half of Sunnah. They found some scrolls and sun and some other pieces also in England and so on and they start making controversy as if oh you see, so the Quran went through the same process like the the gospel went through or indeed went through. So check them out

00:53:31 --> 00:54:15

inshallah, they have more details on the subject with the naza. But as Muslims, we believe that Allah subhanaw taala promised to be preserved. And the way we see today, it is exactly the same thing from that time with some variations, obviously, all in terms of the pronunciations, and halala to even to prove some of the pronunciation how they pronounce perfectly the way you pronounce them today. Some of the earliest audio recordings of the Quran were published on CNN, I remember a few years back, somebody from America went to hedge how they went to hedge at a time I believe it was in the 1800s, late 1800s and they say was the oldest, the oldest recording of any Quranic

00:54:15 --> 00:54:40

presentations. And the party from Mecca was reciting Surah Taha, that's an 100 year old recitation, you listen to him, you have to they have no doubt as if he lives today amongst us, which means his pronunciation of Sora to Doha, never changed for 100 years. The exact way we decided today because this was taught by an older man, one generation after the other a lot

The greatest gift Othman ever gave the ummah was the compilation of the Quran which we read to this day. What was the process of the preservation of the Quran like? What is the significance of this process and why is it important today? Othman bin Affan was known to have an exemplary relationship with the Quran. We will take a step back and discuss how our relationship with the Quran is today and practical steps to improve it.

The Annual MAS-ICNA Convention is one of the largest and most diverse Islamic conventions in North America. The convention takes place in Chicago, Illinois every December during the winter holiday season.

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