Awesome way to encourage kids to learn Quran

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Have you heard them a California law attorney? Cardinal Ronnie, this is where they learn Cardinal Rania Wolfie che Jamil is that kind of deviant if they're good in the class is something beautiful to show you know? MashAllah Davina. If the good is there in the class yet today Lohana they come here to play and hamdulillah

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haha Harvey he left the berry I didn't any this is very very beautiful to encourage the kids to learn to teach Ginola as an attorney, because you'll see boom behind the app.

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I'll have a handler as my injured foot as well as

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massage all of the questions around the world with William Debbie holding the happiness center they should all pay attention. This will connect them with a hurdle that we should all have these types of things in the massage. I've been teaching and learning the technique to encourage the kids to be able to learn the Arabic language