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The transcript describes the confusion and chaos that exists in the world of music and Islam. The speaker describes the confusion and chaos that exists in the world of music and Islam, including the confusion and chaos that occurs when people are misled and the desire for people to be the ones they want to be. The transcript uses the title "the Greatest Showman" as an example of the confusion and chaos that occurs in the world of music and Islam.

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Another liberal Harith used to spin his money to get information about other customs to entertain people with that information, and he would hire female singers and entertainers and what he would do with them. If he saw someone coming to learn the Quran and learn about Islam from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would send them this female singer so she could sing for them and dance for them, then he would tell them, this is better for you. Look at this enjoyment. Enjoy yourself, have fun. Don't listen to what Mohammed is saying. Don't listen to the Quran, it's going to restrict you you're not going to be able to enjoy to have fun and Allah revealed about him

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and those like him. Woman a nursemaid. Yesterday Allah will Hadith and from the people are those who by law will Hadith the amusement of speech Why did they buy it? Legal Villa and severely low to make people go astray from the Path of Allah. And when we look into the story of another it's just like those we see today who are spending their Amal spending their money with so called entertainment to make the people go away from the path of Allah to distract the people from what is truly good and beneficial for them. The great Sahabi Abdullah bin Masaru dropped the Allahu and was asked what is the Tafseer what is the meaning of LoL Hadith amusement of speech? He said one lie It's the Vinaya

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he said by a law it is music and he repeated this three times. Also Abdullah even our best Radi Allahu Anhu man. He said that the whole Hadith Museum of Hadith it is music The two most knowledgeable Sahaba companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When it comes to the Tafseer, the understanding of the Quran, both of them are giving us the same tiff see you for lehle Hadith so they can mislead others from the Path of Allah without knowledge. And then Allah says while you're talking to her, who's the world and they take it as a mockery, they ridicule and they make fun of the Quran and of Islam. And this is where it leads to, when you put a barrier between

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yourself in between your heart and between the column of Allah between the Quran Abdullah and Masaru Radi Allahu and he said that the love of music and the love of Quran cannot come together they cannot be combined in the heart of the believer. If you love one, you lose the other