13 Ways to build a house in Jannah

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The Hadith discusses various narratives, including the Prophet sallam and Sun parody, as well as the assignment of the Hadith to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu. The Sun sharna and Sun parody are also discussed, with a disclaimer about false accusations and predictions. The agenda and Hadith are also highlighted, along with the importance of following the Prophet Alayhi's stance and praying for a record.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah 13 ways to build a house in Jannah Subhan Allah, Most people right away might say we know in a one or two of them we've heard from the Sunnah. But where are these other ones taken from it Henday not all of them are taken from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but these have become forgotten Sooners that most people don't know there is a disclaimer I have regarding this hadith, but I'm gonna mention in Chautala at the end of the video, the first way to build a house and agenda all of us know the famous Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever builds a masjid for Allah, Allah will build for him

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in house and Jana, and perhaps many of us know the second sunnah as well. The one who prays that 12 records of the Sunnah ratty by every day that Allah will build for him and house agenda and these 12 records or two records before Fajr and four before though and two after though, and two after maghrib into after Isha. These are the 12 records of the Sunnah erotica, that if anyone praise them, Allah will build a house for him and Jana, however, it's something very important to point out that there's different narrations in the Hadith. So one of them said that whoever prays and one of them says in a what praise them for Coolio every day. Another narration Fabin meaning that he's someone

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who is constantly doing He's persistent on doing them. Therefore, when you look at these narrations, some of the scholars did say that it's has to be done every day, or most of the time anyways, in order for someone to get this reward. Other scholars take the opinion if someone just does it once that he will get that reward, but who really want to get it we need to make sure that we focus on doing it with this Nimrod continuously in shallow Tala, the third sunnah, and this one SubhanAllah. Even to be honest with you, when I started doing my research, I didn't know this sooner either. And this is also about 12 workouts but it's not the sooner we mentioned before and number two, it's a

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different one. This is a general one about praying 12 workouts anytime during the day or the night the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, mon Sana, If Natasha raka be in a hurry or be late that whoever prays 12 records during the day or during night and this is anytime during the day and night that Allah will build a house for him agenda and it's important to point out when it comes to these Sooners it might not be something that we do every day, but we know this hadith about the 12 records so I have a bit of energy. Now I want to focus a bit on my salad. It's during the middle of the day now so I get up and I pray 12 workouts or I prayed six today in the morning and six in the

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evening so I can get this reward and shadow Tyler the forest sooner is reading Surah teleclass Kulu Allahu Ahad 10 times the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said that whoever reads Surah teleclass 10 times Allah will build for him a house and Jana and yes I know there are some scholars who say this hadith is not authentic and will mention that we talked about the disclaimer at the end of this video and shallow Tada but this hadith was narrated by Imam Ababa, Ronnie and chiffon Abadi Rahim Allah Tala. So this hadith is authentic. The fifth sunnah, is filling in the gaps in the rows in the prayer. So if you come into the ministry and you see there's a gap, and you come and you fill it,

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you will get this reward mentioned in the Hadith where the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said man said the four jetten that whoever fills in the gap what's going to happen that ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam will raise him a Daraja Allah will raise his status by a degree well been Allahu Allah Who bathe and fill Jana and Allah will build for him a house in paradise. The sixth sunnah, is whoever prays for accounts of the house and for a cause before the war, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said masala Doha our Banda whoever prays a boo have forecasts workable Gula our ban and before the first and what's meant before the first meeting Serato as Imam Alma now when others mentioned so he prays

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before door for as well what is he getting return van Allahu Allah Who bathe and feel Jana that Allah will build for him a house and Jana, the seven sunnah is our reaction at the time of calamity if one of us were to lose a child, and this is something very, very difficult for anyone to deal with, but Subhanallah look at the amazing reward. That if one has patience, and is pleased with the culture of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that Allah will open this door for him to have a house built for him and Jana, in this hadith the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that Allah subhanho wa Taala will say to His angels, and he did you take the life, the soul of the child of my abs of my servant,

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as the angels obviously were ordered to do and they will say yes, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada then will ask the angels What did my abs What did my servants say? The angels will say how many that was third jack that he said at hamdulillah and that he said in le la he was in LA he Raja rule. Then Allah will say to the angels, ignore the Abdi bait and fill Jana billed for my service.

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House in the Jenna was a mu beta unhemmed and call it beta Hemd. The House of praise the eighth, ninth and 10th sunnah, all of them were taken from one Hadith and the Sunnah abidos where the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said and his aim that I am a guarantor and pay attention because there's different actions and there's different levels to have where your house will be in gender in general Tada the first one the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, and as their Iman be bait, I am a guarantor with a house fee robertville Jana, in the surroundings of the agenda. So this is the location and agenda. What is the action that needs to be done? He said Lehmann Taraka, Elmyra when

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Kana Mohican that whoever leaves quarreling and arguing, when Kana, Mohit can pay attention to the to the text, is it even if he is right, someone now use a road rage someone cut me off?

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I'm like, you know, what are you doing? And he starts screaming at me and enemy. I could argue back, you miss them. But I say you know what? I remember this. I didn't want to get the edger I want to have this house and gender and Australians agenda. I want to get the reward. I'm quiet. You're arguing with someone that someone's arguing with you over something useless. Even if you're right, it's not worth it. You refrain yourself and Chautala in return, you're going to get this house and Jana and the surroundings of the gentleman Hamdulillah. And the second part of the Hadith that is a guarantor with a house in Warsaw, tell Jana in the middle of the agenda for the one who does what

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Tara Kel carry, when can imagine when he leaves lying, even if he's joking. And this is very important that the true believer even if it's a joke, as we say now because it's become very famous in the days we live, we're always joking, but we're lying, that something's not permissible. So whoever leaves this type of lying, Allah subhanaw taala will build for him a house in the middle of the agenda. And the third house comes in Allah agenda as it came in the Hadith, when the highest part of the agenda for who Lehmann has said a Holika, who for the one who has good manners, and this is genuine, all the aspects of life you're someone who has good manners, Allah is going to build for

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you a house and the highest part of the agenda. The 11th and 12th sunnah are also taken from the same Hadith, the first part of the Hadith the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, once again, he said, I am as I am, I'm a guarantor for the one who believes in me and accepts Islam were herder and he migrates for Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah will give for him a house in Roberval Jana once again and the surroundings of the agenda will be wasn't the agenda and in the middle of the paradise as well. And the next part of the Hadith he said, that I am as I am, I'm a guarantor for the one who believes in me, who accepts Islam were jarhead that he struggles and fights in the path of a law

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that he will give for him, and that he will guarantee for him a bait a house in Romeoville Jana, in the surroundings of the agenda, and and also the agenda in the middle of the agenda will be an agenda and the highest parts of the agenda. The 13th sunnah is taken from the DUA that you see upon entering the soup of the marketplace, where you say La ilaha illallah wa hola Sherry killer. The whole moon corner will hemmed up where you meet whoo hoo or hey, you lay your mood via the hill fire. Whoo hoo, I'll actually share in cardio, what is the amazing reward that you get when you say this? It came in the Hadith that whoever says this, they will also panelboards Allah will write down

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for him, I'll pass no. And he 1000 1000 good rewards, which means 1 million rewards. And the second part of the Hadith when Maha and who else? I'll say yeah, that 1000 1000 bad deeds will be erased so well, 1 million bad deeds erased while Rafaela who else is the Raja and that he will be raised by 1000 1000 Meaning once again 1 million degrees. And the fourth part which came in some of the narrations will have been Allahu Allah Who bathe and fill Jana and Allah will build for him a house and agenda and I know once again that many scholars say that his Hadith is not authentic. And this is the disclaimer that I wanted to mention I said at the beginning of the video and that is all of

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these Hadith these 13 mentioned other than the first two obviously which came in Sahih Muslim that they're all considered authentic by Chef Albania Rahim Allah Tala, I understand reading kulula Haha 10 times or this hadith of the DUA entering the soup that some of the scholars see these Hadith as not being authentic but I wanted to make it clear that all we mentioned here they've been considered authentic sound by Chef Albania Rahim Allah. The second thing is that even if there are some other Hadith would might might be a bit weak a bit vive the majority of scholars say that it's permissible to act upon such Hadith and for BIOL Allah men therefore in general Tada it's permissible to act

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upon all of these Sooners

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As mentioned in the video, a second disclaimer when it comes to my research, I don't always follow just the opinion of Chef and Alberni when it comes to the Hadith he says are authentic or says that our lives are weak. In fact, any when I researched the 13th Hadith, the Hadith of the do adventuring the soup, I lean towards it, you know, not being authentic, but definitely money obviously was a great scholar of Hadith, and it's permissible Inshallah, to follow his opinion, if that's what you choose to do. And also when it comes to the opinion of the scholars about acting upon any the weak Hadith and phorbol Allah man, I don't follow this opinion either, but it is a valid opinion. So if

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you're someone who acts upon that, then it would be permissible to act upon this hadith, even if you see it to be weak in general Donna, so these are 13 different ways to build a house and Jana, like I said, you're not going to be able to do all of them every single day, but try one time to help out building a masjid so you can get that reward. Make sure you pray your 12 records. Do this sooner. Sometimes that's sooner sometimes. So when you come up with a piano, you have many palaces in Jannah May Allah make us all from the Bureau Bill Alameen