The Quranic Call (Part 3)

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah to catch them in the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. And this Jews the third part of the Koran loss upon what God mentions the reality of love and the reality of what we should love In actuality where he says that there ought to be laminar shifts on our agenda in chapter number three, verse number 14, zucchini, a nasty horrible chahatein mean and he said he would have been eating well upon altelix makan potty meaning they're happy well Phil Bertie well, Highland Musoma tea well anatomy what Danica Metz ever hired to dunya will love when the who Krishna Well, last month Allah says here that

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love of attractive things has been made attractive to you has been beautified for the love of your desires has been beautified for you, from what from women, children, heaps of golden silver, from from from horses, branded horses, and from cattle and tillage, all of these things that benefits you that you love that you're connected to that Allah has given you and provided for you. But Allah says xuyen le nasci it has been beautified for you her Boucher harati from these things, so fulfilling your desires from these objects from these things such as women, the wife or your children. It is not permissible impermissible in essence, but how you deal with it can be that which is permissible,

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impermissible, the way that you indulge with women or even children and how you treat them and raise them and not treating them to love a lawsuit kind of without and you're not reminding them, of the one who created them, you're not reminding them of the purpose of life. Rather, you don't wake them up for so long. You let their manners continue want you always say it's not my child after 10 or 15 people have you have told you that your child has done such things. You don't want to believe that it is from your family, or from the money that you have, you don't spend it in a way that is beneficial for people and helping people. So the last kind of what Allah mentioned these objects

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that in essence are permissible, but how we indulge upon them is our love does our love go beyond the bounds of them. And notice that he says Bushido at the love of our desires, which is a beautiful card and rule for us that having desires initially is a natural characteristic, it's natural for you to desire something. But when that desire goes beyond the bounds, in which Allah The all knowing the all wise has set for you, that's where it could be indulging upon the metallian had to do.

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And that's where loss isn't the end, Vatican Metatron hi to dunya These are from the enjoyments of this life, being that it will all perish it will all end in this dunya will flow into the web and Allah has the best form of the web. So in result brothers and sisters, we see from this verse, the objects that are put on this earth that are given to you that he has blessed you with Make sure you use them, indulge upon them, treat them in a manner that is pleasing to the one that can easily take it away. A cinema akin to lighting well better cast. Thank you