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Hadeeth 5 – Prohibition of Religious Innovations

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Okay Bismillah start with Hadith five. Firstly, we're going to look at

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the importance of this hadith. This is the Hadith about innovations.

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Very, very important Hadith. Allah Mohammed said, Madame Islam Allah Salah city, Hadith, the whole religion revolves around three a hadith. The first was in the mela mela, Binya, we've taken that. The second he mentioned is this hadith Hadees five of albino Weir. And the third was Hadith six, which we're going to take at the beginning of next term. That quote is in the beginning of this book, if you recall, when we took the first Hadith, and Mr. Mohammed said, the whole religion revolves around three a hadith. This is the second Hadith that the whole religion revolves around. So important of this hadith. We will look at that then we're going to look at a very important

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principle regarding our religion, our Deen and our worldly affairs, our dunya.

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And lastly, what constitutes an act of worship from Buddha? What constitutes an act of worship a better from beta from innovation? We're going to look at those conditions inshallah Tada.

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Actually, we're going to also go into something else, which is the respect of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam family, but we'll take that as we go.

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How do you find this hadith is narrated by her.

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The mother of the believers on Oh milk me Nina ami Abdullah Chateau de la qualite Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam many other families Lena hada malissa Minh who for whom a rod roll Buhari yo Muslim, Wolfie de Wyatt in the Muslim men Amina Ahmed and laser la amarula. For horrid is the rated on the authority of the mother of the believers Omar Abdullah isharo de la on her that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever introduces into this affair what affair Islam. Whoever introduces into this affair rebels, something does not belong to her it is rejected. And in the narration the version according to Muslim it says whoever does a deed it says in your

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notes to ever work to work, but change it to whoever does the deed that doesn't make sense. Whoever does the deed which has for no command of ALS, there's no delille it is rejected.

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This Hadith is directed by Isha and one of her other names her Konya is Omar Abdullah. What is Omar Abdullah main

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Mother of Abdullah did she have a child named Abdullah? This difference of opinion? Let us start you then hastin this difference of opinion Some say she did and that child died young. Others say no. Doesn't really concern us. She's named Omar Abdullah Azzam. She's also called me and why? Firstly, what does the woman woman mean?

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Mother of the believers why she called that

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as word of the prophets, Allah selama or called almohads meaning so she was a wife of Rasulullah therefore where she from his household she was she was from a halal bait. But Shia, they say we love unabated, a casa contradiction. How can you love 100 baits and cursed literally the members of the bait the household doesn't make sense contradiction. It just shows you once again, there's nothing but lies. Anyway, we show respect to her. Like we show to all of our debate and all the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We speak about them in upmost respect, because they are from the household of rasulillah. That's number one. Notice also What did she say? She said, Allah Rasulullah

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is a Rasulullah her husband, but never ever do you find the wives when they are writing a hadith say my husband said

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my man says my hubby.

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They had so much respect for him that the wives ended up calling him jasola even when they're speaking to him in the house jasola because they respect the laws of a gel put even his close family members, his close mates, his buddies would say yeah, Rasulullah like obok it was his friend before Prophethood but he would say Yasuda, because Allah never said Dr. Mohammed and Oprah never

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said Allah didn't say Mohammed who might say Mohammed Subhana Allah. So that's the respect that the prophet SAW us and his family had for him and the respect that we showed towards the family of the Messenger of Allah.

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Man, I'm Rena hadda. He's an assignment that I left that open no fee and Marina in our religion. This Hadith shows us you're not allowed to invest

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matters in this religion in Islam. Why? Because Islam is perfect. If you've got a full bottle

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100% full, what happens when you add extra fluid? what's on the inside is gonna come out to no overflow. And likewise with Islam, Islam is perfect 100% when you add things, what's going to happen? You're going to take out from the purusha therefore we do not invent and whoever introduces affairs into the religion, not talking about worldly matters into the religion. That's an insult to the Messenger of Allah. Why? Because you're saying indirectly I know better. Rasul Allah didn't tell you about this behave. Let me tell you what you should do. Therefore, how important is this hadith? Let's discuss this. Now the first objective, the importance of this hadith. That's number one. Islam

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is perfect. 100%. Therefore, when the ayah was revealed and leiomyoma are committed to Lacan, Dena comb Tara perfected your religion is perfect abubaker began to cry. Why? Because he knew you've reached the top 100% when you reach the peak, what's what's gonna happen next? He said after perfection is only imperfection in you after the death of a solo we're going down. That's exactly what happened. You find the further we drift away from the time of the Prophet so Muslim, the wake of the omegas the distant we become from Hidayat and guidance. Therefore the best way was which way

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to have Rasul Allah and the Sahaba. That first generation is the best, the first 100 years of Islam because there's a hadith further who knows.

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Koran, corny essence SLE, the best of generations is my generation. The best hire hydrocodone corny, then so Medina, Luna home to Medina, Ilona home, then the next two after that, in other words, the first

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300 years they're the best, they're the best. When people tell you don't follow their way, follow these ways of today, the modern invented wise Nanana rubbish, the only trying to deceive you, therefore the modernists and so far they're only taking you away from the true way of the professor last element, the Sahaba therefore, we go back to their way allimand Malik said nothing will rectify the latter part of this oma except that we rectify the former part. When you have problems in the oma if you want to reform it you want to rectify what do you do? You rectify the way the Sahaba rectify things the way the prophet SAW Selim rectify thing, that's the answer. When people try to

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move you away from that way, none and that's a sign that person has a deviant or corrupted belief or a misguided belief or maybe they don't know. Therefore we should teach them.

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And it goes on to mention in your notes.

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This Hadith is used as a criterion for judging external actions. Whereas in Albania, as we said it's connected to is about internal actions. So how important is Hadith is

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and it goes on to mention, as we've discussed earlier, for all deeds to be accepted

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acceptance of deeds, it's based on two conditions, what are they? Firstly,

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Nia said someone else said that I think you are near

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pure intention for the sake of Allah. If you don't have a pure intention, initially for the sake of Allah rejected, if you recall, we've discussed the what's the second condition you have to work?

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He said,

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according to the sooner

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if you want your deed to be accepted, has to be according to the Sunnah and the Sharia, of the professor of law. Selim, one of the two is not enough. You can have a great intention. But the action is corrupt. It's wrong.

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Like innovations of today, whether it's mostly the Navy, the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or other invented ways, where people say the only way you can get married is if you recite Al Fatiha or to recite surah Gesine over the dead. No. These are newly invented ways. They'll say wait a minute, there's a hadith for the Latino soldiers in Alamo taco. Have you heard that? They'll say that. But however, what's the meaning? There's another Hadith that gives us the meaning of Sula says Latino multicam La ilaha illAllah encourage you dying to say La la la la the word multicam. Does it mean dead means dying? In other words, when do you encourage them to say while they are

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dying or after they did after they died?

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While no point after the guys did say Say Allah Allah Allah was their point is dead. multicam here means you're dying, not dead. So the same Hadith about reciting surah Yaseen Latino surah. Jason our closer to sin Allah multicam means dying, not dead, while they are dying as a share from North emitted if this hadith is so high. If it's if it's authentic, that means while they're doing what they did,

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Therefore we don't innovate in the religion. When someone passes away, do what orsola told us to do, make tough for him, but together all of us as a group and start reciting Quran, there's no basis for that. no basis for that, not as a group anyway.

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So that's how important this hadith is. If you want your deeds to be accepted, happy, then you have to follow the sooner follow the sooner.

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So, that's the importance of this Hadith, and that's found in the Shahada. How are those two conditions found into Jihad?

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Every time we say la ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah.

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It has that meaning included, for example, La ilaha illAllah, purely for Allah sake, as the first part of the shadow. Hamad rasulillah, following the Sunnah of Rasulullah. So those two conditions are implied in the shadow. Let's go on to the next page. There are many other idealer to show how important this hadith is, but we're not going to get into all that I'll leave it for you to read inshallah Tada. Now, next part, it's not in your notes, I want you to write this down.

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A very, very important principle.

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second objective of this lesson is a very, very important principle regarding our Deen and Albania all summarize the whole lesson for you. Basically,

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all acts of worship are Haram, forbidden to perform. You can't do any active worship except if you have

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the legal evidence, evidence. No act of worship is allowed to do an act of worship you need delille for therefore if you see someone doing something weird, dancing all night party hottie in most of the Nabhi, you go What are you doing this for sound to get closer to Allah say, where's your delay? You say no, you have to bring me delille that you're not allowed to do it? No, the onus is on him. Anyone performing an act of worship? The onus is on them to bring evidence not the other way around. Because it's called Toki. Fear. The a bear that I totally fear, meaning they're restricted. You can't perform an act of worship unless you have the lead. Because often I'm feeling energetic on a

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pray fudger as for a cart instead of two, can you do that? No.

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So you have to go instead of reciting and Fatiha in the first Raka Oh, just a minute and I'll just restart bacala there's more rewards there. No, goodness is not what we think it's what the Sharia thinks. So all acts of worship are haram except for the Sharia has allowed the affairs of the dunya of the exact opposite.

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All matters of the dunya worldly affairs are Hillel permissible, except what the Sharia forbade you from said no to. In other words, you can drink what you want. Coke v. Coffee, tea,

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except keep away from for example, what are called intoxicants hungry, what you want for yogurt, different types of vegetables, keep away from

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pig ham, meat not sorted according to the Sharia, for example, and this is the easiness of the religion. This is from the easel as it was done once from us. He made the whole dunya open for us and then he restricted a little bit a lot and made things easy. And he will continue with his very important principle after the solar so panic Allahumma will be handy. Now shadow Allah, Allah Allah and Mr. Furukawa Tula Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So let's continue with that very important principle. What is it? My brother's?

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All acts of worship are forbidden to perform, except that which you have evidence for.

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In other words, don't act unless you know that's what came before. come before you stand up in prayer Camila La La kalila the first commandment of courage read seek knowledge seek knowledge then act unfortunately today it's that signal let's act let's worship and then we'll acknowledge later when I got time to give that away and do everything else when I've got time while signal is no signal is a priority. However

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was it

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Mashallah good.

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Oh well the matters are permissible.

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For example, you can wear what you want your blue jumper, brown jumper, black jumper, you can wear blue pants, you can wear grey pants, you can wear a suit.

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You can wear whatever you want, but avoid what Allah told you to avoid. Avoid wearing what was Who told you to avoid wearing such as for the men? silk and gold?

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No Silver's fun Yeah, but gold Yeah, avoid silk for the men gold for the men. That's what men cannot wait women okay.

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So what is

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permissible except

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that which the city are forbade

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Listen to this beautiful Ayah regarding worldly matters are permissible, what Allah says yeah, are you a nurse or mankind? Guru mimma, fill out the Hillel and Paiva. Now Earth mimma fill out an entire Earth eight, that which is Hillel and Baba holla, halal, pure, permissible, etc.

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The whole earth. However, what, when at the W Hotel what the shaytaan don't follow the footsteps of the shaitan. In other words, within many miles of the dunya, Allah only made a few footsteps out of its power and look at the ease. Look at the religion of Islam. Look how it facilitates life for us. Don't listen to those people who say you, you want to make things hard, no Look at this beautiful area. Rather, they're the ones making things out. So these are just labels from the people, the eyes and sorts of bacala.

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Beautiful. So that's a very, very important principle regarding our Deen and dunya summarizes for you.

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Now finally, what constitutes as an act of worship

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for an act of worship, to be considered part of the Sharia, it must meet and agree with six conditions. These conditions are in your notes. Let's go to that now. Where it says number one time that's the first condition

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there's five in your notes we're going to add one six we're going to add one

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the a baddha has to be in accordance with the correct time. That's the first condition Give me an example my brother's solder Salah is done and it's time

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let's just say Monday best we just prayed now is 705

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you can't pray Monday about five or five you'll get it out of the way. So I've got a free night.

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You wake up a pleasure yellow let's pray all the prayers in one hit. So I've got the rest of the day ahead of me have to worry about that anymore. No, the prayer it's done on his time. In a salata cabinet and as the I

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keytab and makuta malkuth from waqt makuta maakt workato Allahu Allah Jalla seletti walk them ohada meaning Allah placed a specific time for the Salah. Another example of an act of worship that has to be done within time is so much Ramadan has to be done in Ramadan. What month is the month of Ramadan in number nine is the non Islamic month. You can't fast Ramadan in Sha ban or shadow Muharram has to be done in Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, also Hajj winds are performed. This is

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Java days.

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Right till

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we're talking about the virtues of the first 10 days we're just talking about when he's had to perform eight to 12 of the ledger. So that's the first condition what constitutes an act of worship. And the sheer number one time there are five conditions in your notes we're going to add one

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these are mentioned by the LMR

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based on a hadith and namely a shameless I mean he mentioned this as well and he shall have a lot of I know we only mentioned the six condition. Let's go on to condition two What is it my brother's

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place for an act of worship? To be considered part of the Sharia has to be done in the correct place. Give me an example.

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I said we don't pray. In places the prophet SAW Selim forbade us from like the toilets, like graveyards, like slaughterhouses, it's forbidden to pray there. What else another example?

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hedge run perform How do you go to Karbala?

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You got on the gravestone?

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You know when the son of Leroy Dylan who heard about Karbala and the fitna that happened, he said Karbala. Yes Karbala, he said this word is my love the word curb and Bella curb means a calamity. curb and Ballarat means a calamity calamities upon calamities. That means calamities upon calamities Messiah, Messiah,

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the Son of Alito, Delano, er that has a lot to say one of them. In other words, it's calamity squared.

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Panama that's what Carbonite means and that's exactly what it is that place. Also, Attica. Allah Allah says will enter Marquis funa fill massage you can perform at the caf at home Habibi, you set up camp and you got the 10 popcorn or the TV to give cause no, Africa is done in the masjid. In order to do Arctic if anywhere else you can't perform at the gaff at a whole community hole. There's no praise there whatsoever. You come from Africa for a school library? No. Now the question is what constitutes a Masjid? Very easy. five daily prayers. Now with Friday it's extra it's considered almost to the cabinet. As long as you've just got five daily prayers, that's the bare minimum it's

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considered the masjid

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Third third condition for an act of worship to be considered part of the Sharia quantity don't the Arabic word for this

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time is called the man here

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first was the man

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quantity under a shape the amount the quantity.

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So, the powder shape is the amount the quantity Give me an example.

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So, another example very easy

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fudger is true you can pray for Muslim history you can pray for, for example, the test sabya the reward for this specific disappear after the Salah is how many times each 3333 33 now the head is about 34 is for the evening then going to confuse is it this is 34 he says a panel of 33 times and hamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times that before you sleep. However, after the Salah is 33 feet and there's another generation that says 10 for each you can't go make each 163 you can go change the number there's an amount and quantity that is specified by Allah and His Messenger leave it at that also the tawaf how many

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seven not 70 you feeling like you pumped today a lot what about 14 double it? Hello and double the rewards I want to get to hundreds in one bro I'll do double of everything

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you have to stick to other words is the Buddha and hamdulillah for these rules for these conditions otherwise the beam shackle in this whole religion everyone will do they want this because praying this way this guy's praying that way this guy's praying that way like this. Yeah, exactly. Have you seen that photo? Where they're all praying on different directions? They have no Kabbalah. That's why the Morehead is considered from algebra. One Qibla one y one prophet one Lord one book 111 unity that's how important unity is my brothers in Islam all the Pillars of Islam show the Unity Shahada you take it you're part of this one single global oma Salah we pray together unity is the guy it's

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given to the needy connecting us with them unity so yeah we fast together breakout fast together unity Hajj believers around the world all come together various skin colors, nationalities backgrounds, all coming together to worship Allah azza wa jal unity

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why scent or you could also say happiness in our in English

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okay fear

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when you say k for Hanukkah what escape mean? Hell so the homeless Okay, fear

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is the way something is done.

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For example,

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solar again, you can't go into the sujood before or not of course first things you will do

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you don't go with your you don't start with your feet and then your head then your arms and your face. No, there's that deep order the harness. If Rasulullah did it this way we do it that way. The way in the harness.

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Also, I mentioned in your notes Salatu janaza

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insalata janessa the funeral pray Is there a core Institute? No. So you don't get adding that that's a better

00:23:23--> 00:23:29

you might sign a one brother will say man that guy was really bad bro. I think after giving massages or just for him your last good

00:23:30--> 00:23:43

extra worship, so we can ask a lot to forgive him. No, no, no, no, don't add don't add. Also the JAMA rot the throwing of the stones at the gemilut the small pebbles unless I'm going to come with a big boulder

00:23:44--> 00:23:46

to lie Allah shaitan kills the garden.

00:23:49--> 00:24:01

Follow the Sunnah and the Sharia according to the way we have been taught Rasulullah said Son Luca moroi. To Munoz only pray as you've seen me pray, therefore we can derive something else from that Hadith

00:24:06--> 00:24:33

as a vicar as well, you don't perform Vicar, like are some people do they turn off the lights? They will dance around. So you may say what's wrong with that? But as we said, it's an insult to Rasul Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Man, I mean, I had met a man who for whom a rod, its rod rod, he remains my dude. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is the master of the word. And you can use the mustard at times to describe Islam or thrown in Arabic. Rod means my dude rejected.

00:24:34--> 00:24:38

I was gonna mention something else about that, but Allah may come to me be in Allah.

00:24:39--> 00:24:52

So the way the harness is that Hadith Rasulullah said, Pray as you've seen me pray, he didn't say Oh, men pray like this. Women prayer like this. Therefore, by default, the basic principle women pray like men.

00:24:54--> 00:24:58

for someone to say, men pray like this, women pray like this. Then

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said if you want to bring something in the religion and activity we need evidence to say women pray with their feet together, and men pray like this you need to lead. Gen men and women pray exactly the same unless you have evidence to say contrary to that, unless you have evidence to say otherwise. General these women and men pray together. For example, this hadith show that when women pray they have to cover except the face and hence. So there's the need for that. There's delete.

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Next, next condition

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00:25:36--> 00:25:38

as Jin Jin Salama philomel

00:25:40--> 00:25:41

jeans means no one.

00:25:47--> 00:26:06

What does that mean? Give me an example of the type the act of worship to be considered part of the Sharia has to agree with the type for example, the higher the core band, you want to offer the sacrifice on a time you have to slaughter an animal according to which class of animal and

00:26:08--> 00:26:13

and the whole sort of dedicated to this, what sort of number

00:26:14--> 00:26:15

he knows.

00:26:16--> 00:26:18

That's nice up six

00:26:19--> 00:26:22

Sora tool and I am and I am

00:26:25--> 00:26:27

commonly translated as cattle but what does it include?

00:26:28--> 00:26:31

cows, sheep,

00:26:32--> 00:26:33


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00:26:38--> 00:26:58

They are considered the animals of the arm. Therefore unquote. Bantam, you have to slaughter one of those. It mentioned in your notes one scholar gave a fatwa one year that you're allowed to slaughter chicken. He said that why to make it easy on the people because chickens aren't as expensive but not making things hard on people because the Sharia is easy. If you don't have enough money for court ban, do you have to do it?

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No. hamdulillah we said this Dean is the Dean of ease if you didn't have wealth for Corbin or Hajj ozarka You don't have to pay it Habibi. Why make things out on the people. So that photo is rejected because it goes against the Sharia sacrifice has to be in accordance with the Sharia. Therefore on automechanika you know on a sacrifice, cockroaches are slower and more exterminating my house get Pest Control Illa that of that mold here are slowly cockroaches spawn a lot. No. But you'll be surprised there are some people who go to extremely Why can't I do that? Why can't I? Now this condition is not in your notes. It's suburb. suburb, the cause the reason?

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suburb, cause masaba medallic. What's the cause? What's the reason? In other words? Why are you doing this action? What's the cause for it?

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For example, someone comes to the masjid then before they sit down, they pray to units. What's the cause for that prayer? What's the reason?

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The hatred, Masjid good degrading of the message? There's no need for that. But every time you enter your house, you pray to units. No, there's no reason to do that. Therefore, that's never an innovation. So if there's no basis for it, there's no cause no reason for you to do the act and then do it

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has to be a cause behind it.

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That suburb

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and we thought we end the Hadith there are other notes and

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inshallah Tada, there. It goes on to mention some other conditions like what about if you're doing an act of worship,

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for example, you pray in a house that is stolen? is actually the reason to mention things like that practical examples? No, because the prophet SAW Selim didn't specify that in specific. He didn't specify that in specific. So therefore, the prayer is accepted, but that house being stolen is held on for example.

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So it goes on now a person may ask finally, what about beta Hasina? Have you heard that before? but there hasn't been a good beta Badar? We don't believe in good and bad beta. All innovations in the deen we're not talking about dunya as we said to invent in the dunya is fine to invent phones to men speakers to have in cars, planes trains no problem. Knock yourself out. But don't make up things in the religion it's perfect. So there's no such thing as good better or bad better because Rasulullah every Juma what would you say? wakulla better at in Bala. Every call he said everybody dies Allah Allah misguidance wakulla Dalton for now. And every misguidance is in the fire. No such thing as

00:29:40--> 00:29:41

good and bad.

00:29:50--> 00:30:00

Okay, what does it mean during the fire? It doesn't mean every person who practiced with the art is going to be cluck a chicken in the hereafter. It means it means they are under the threat of punishment depending on

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

The data, there's different types of data. There's b daku, freia. They're the worst take you outside the fold of Islam. There's beta for the cupbearer major sins that have been done. And there's beta which is the only small minus and yeah, this small. And what is an act of worship? Anything that you do trying to get closer to Allah? Like we said, molendinar b people do that thinking they're getting closer to Allah but Rasul Allah didn't do it. Why should we do it? Isn't a sufficient for us what was sufficient for them? Of course, abubaker said in any metabo well as to be muqtada, I'm a follower. I'm not an innovator. Rasulo would fast every Monday, he wouldn't dance and sing once a

00:30:42--> 00:30:42


00:30:43--> 00:30:46

So if they really wanted to follow this for now, but fast.

00:30:52--> 00:31:20

Good question. So using a microphone in prayer, we said, What is an act of worship? That deed in of itself is getting closer to Allah? So the prayer we know gets you closer to Allah. But using the microphone, that's not considered a beta. Why? Because the reward is not in using the microphone. That's part of the worldly things. We've used the microphone to make the voice of the Imam louder and amplified, so other people can hear that is it that is it so the reward is not in of itself?

00:31:23--> 00:31:24

No, it's not.

00:31:27--> 00:31:55

Yeah, exactly. So there's no so we said an act of worship becomes an act of worship when we said that it complies with the things and you are getting closer to Allah via that deed. So it's not as if the sun as if the reward lies in the microphone. Now when a person believes that using the microphone gets you more rewards, that's the better but to invent something to help you for your deen is no problem. The proof is in the sooner Rasulullah would give hookah

00:31:56--> 00:32:15

so why Salah next to this date palm one day, what are the Sahaba do they built for him a little puppet a little member? So he is the why. So you can stand up on it and he can see the people it will be easier. So that's helping him in his Dean wasn't used. That is going to give you more rewards. Would you like a break?

00:32:16--> 00:32:17

You're entitled to one

00:32:21--> 00:32:25

call us have have a five minute 10 minute break, grab something to eat