Abdullah Oduro – The honor of being a Slave of Allah

Abdullah Oduro
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was recited at the beginning

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of these records 100 level Alameen was a statement that was made by many of the prophets. And it was the statements that is very important for all of us to know. We see that who'd made it Srei made it And subhanAllah isa at a salon even makes it in the chapter Medion and it is a statement of being an Abdullah. So it was mentioned when who came to his people call a call miracle doula Malik whom men Isla hin lado is that all my people worship Allah subhana wa Tada it builds Allah from a bad from, from servant from slave. mela Khun min Isla hin little what's interesting here about the Arabic language is firstly he called to his people yeah call me it will dilla use the imperative verb to

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say worship Allah shall serve it to to Allah subhanho wa Taala Malecon men Illa when he said there is no type of God,

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he makes the negation of the general form of God's ILA, when there is no type of God other than Him. And this is important many times when we think of God, you know, some of us here converted to Islam and some of us are youth that may still have questions about Islam but we say that we're Muslim, to understand really God who he is, it is what your all of your devotion is. geared towards or pointed towards are headed towards your love, your honor, your respect. This is why in the Quran, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Have you seen the person that takes their Lord as their desires for an 18 minute to have the ILA who Hawa? What is interesting here, what the scholars mentioned,

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is when we think about the, the man boots or the object of worship,

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in actuality can be your own desires as your god meaning as they say, YOLO You Only Live Once right? In Islam you know, it's you know, it's You Only Live Twice cholera been a maternity I hate the thing. You call it sublime what died twice and to live twice. But in Islam, Subhan Allah, you see that this worship of Allah subhanaw taala, what is your full worship devoted towards what do you show your utmost respect, honor, love, fear. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that you had to who know who Tebah and the magic to be brothers and sisters, make no mistake, the month of Ramadan is the month for you to increase your servitude. But we should realize really

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internalized and believed to the best of our ability. The most noble position for the human being is is to be an Abdullah.

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It is to be a servant of Allah, meaning that I submit my utmost emotions and feelings to what God wants, you know, shaker slim to me, he makes a beautiful statement in his book called herbal dia, a beautiful thing was so profound, he says,

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For indem into Miami, my habits in Malibu, more hip, but to my habits, and

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he said from the signs of pure love and devotion to the Beloved, is to love with the beloved loves. Let's stop and ask ourselves a question. What are some things we have to be on it? There's no time to be honest. It's got to be in the month of Ramadan. If there's any time in our life, that we want to be honest and dig deep inside of ourselves. It is the month of Ramadan to dig deep inside of yourself and say, what do I really love and cherish? What to when it comes in front of me and I have a choice. What do I choose the majority of the time we will all fall short. But the majority of the time what do I choose? And this is what the prophets were calling the people to hear it will dilla

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worship Allah be mindful of Allah, understand His names and attributes know that everything else other than Him is created. And it has the as if a deficient nature. But Allah subhanaw taala is totally opposite of deficiencies. He is perfect.

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Understanding those beautiful names and attributes is what is paramount for us to remember in times when we are down. When we are sad, when we feel weak. When we desire something else when we are hasty. We forget that this dunya is temporary. And what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us is that the dunya is temporary and the astronauts will have a call the next life is that which is everlasting. So when the prophets call all of us to be of those that worship Allah, remember brothers and sisters servitude is the highest McCombe It is the highest position. It is not a sign of weakness, it is not a sign of confusion. It is not a sign of being backward, rather it is a sign

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of nobility, when we truly embrace that, and understand that, and try our best to be that, that is when we fulfill the message of Islam.

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And that's exactly what Islam means submission and surrender to the to the, to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. When you submit yourself, you surrender yourself, those desires that you have you fight yourself

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for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is when you will receive peace in this life and salvation in the next peace in this life, serenity, solace in this life and salvation in the next. As many of us know the term the struggle is real. What can I say you must Quran Allah loves the struggle when you struggle for his sake because you love him and you love what he loves. Allah is not ignorant of that. Allah is not ignorant of that. What's up to you is just to try and leave you with that very important message. Trying is religiosity.

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Trying is religiosity trying is really this is very important for parents of teenagers. It's very important that we just want you to try all Allah wants you to do is make the effort and guess what you may not make 100 in Jamaica that day. You may not make Witter you may not make total here.

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But as long as you had the intention and you try your best, that is what Allah wants. And that is what the Choose slavers May Allah subhanaw taala make us of the event that remind me make us the servants of the Most Merciful and make us of those that strive every moment of our lives. May last month Allah make us of those that when we realize our shortcomings in this servitude. It serves as a catalyst for us to try to be better before we go to sleep. We look at our deeds and we cry over our sins and we thank them for our good actions by the coffee said I want to live better

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