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The conversation discusses the mention of Sakina in the book of Allah and how it relates to the surah chapter nine. It describes a situation where the prophets were supposed to lead them to Mecca, but they were not. The chaos at the Bed conversions in Mecca led to people running into each other and crying. The group was surprised by the woman's words and felt impressed by the actions. The transformation of Islam by Subhan conversions and the hope of peace and liability led to a nightly program and Leon prayers.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah for Allah Allah He was, he is married.

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It's inshallah continuing with our series here in the month of Ramadan paths to peace where we are taking a look at the mention of peace and tranquility serenity, salaam Sakina, Tama Nina in the Quran.

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So today we're going to look at

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a very fascinating mention of the concept of Sakina. tranquillity within the book of Allah.

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In surah, Toba surah number nine, which is a fascinating chapter of the Quran,

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that deals with some very, very difficult moments and very difficult subjects.

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Allah subhanaw taala in verse number 25,

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talks about a really fascinating and interesting moment from the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And that moment occurs towards the end of the eighth year of Hijra. The eighth year of the prophets, Allah, these homes, residents in the city of Medina

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were the prophets Allah, the sum of the Muslims

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in the aftermath of the Quraysh, violating the Treaty of her day via

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the prophets a lot, Ian was commanded by Allah to go to Mecca, and hold them accountable for their treachery.

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The prophets a lot, he said, I'm undertook this journey with 10,000 of the companions MCCA surrendered and came into the fold of Islam.

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And the Kaaba was cleansed and restored to the worship of only and solely Allah.

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In the aftermath of the Battle of the conquest of Mecca, fits her MCCA

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there were reports that came to the Prophet salatu salam, that there is this region outside of Makkah between the cities of Makkah and if there's a huge stretch of desert, and valleys and mountains, so there's this region called the Valley of who name

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and there are Bedouin tribes that reside in that region, known as a VA in Hawaii is in the tribes of Hawaii isn't

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that they were amassing a force in army and they were known as a warrior people. So you had to take them seriously. They were amassing an army together in the valley there to basically launch an attack and an offensive against the Muslims, because they had come and taken over MCCA.

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And not long thereafter, the people from pa if Bonanza Cleef, they sent another 2000 soldiers to go into join with this army that was forming in the desert, to further double their numbers and be able to fight the Muslims. So there were 4000 soldiers gathered together in the desert, plotting and planning to launch an attack against the Muslims in Mecca.

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The prophets Allah Nizam receives this news. And once again, by the command of Allah, the prophets Allah the Salem rallies the believers 10,000 of the Muslims that came from Medina to Mecca for the conquest of Mecca, and then 2000 of the Moroccans who had newly accepted Islam and come into the faith, who were also eager to join them. So there were 12,000 Muslims, and they leave Makkah, and they marched out into the desert

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when they arrived there,

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this is the first time in the experience of the Muslim community that the numbers actually favor the Muslims. There were 4000 of the enemy and 12,000 the Muslims think of it as almost kind of like a role reversal from whether we talked about but then just a few days ago. So now the Muslims outnumber the enemy three to one.

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when when they saw that, some of the people that were a little bit newer in their Islam, some of the young men

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And we're a little bit more younger, inexperienced, they hadn't participated, they hadn't experienced about the Buddah the Battle of the Battle of the Trench. So when they're standing there in the battlefield, and they've heard all the stories, Muslims being out number three to one, four to one, five to one, six to one, and now they're standing there and they see the numbers are in our favor. They said LEM Nova, let me look at Latin.

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I can tell you one thing

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we're not going to lose today because we're fewer in number

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and kind of pat each other on the back, you know, high fived each other you know that kind of like we got the numbers today.

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You know, we're not out number today.

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We got the numbers today.

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And no sooner than the battle actually started.

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thing things took a turn for the worse

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that the people of Vanessa Keefe and her was in these Bedouin people, fighters, they were very strategic and very skilled.

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And so they had particular kinds of strategy like with with the archers,

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were where they started decimating the sight of the Muslims by launching just having it just rain arrows continuously down upon them. And they came to the prophets a lot, he says, Are Muslims and they said,

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if they're killing us with their arrows, further Allah Allah him, yet Islamic do Allah destroys them.

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And the prophets Allah He said them raised his hands and he may die and he tell Allah Martha Puffin, well Allah guide the people of the thief, and then he told the Sahaba Nila Murata, Iman, were in the library to Ramadan, stop coming to me and telling me to wish doom upon people. I was not sent to curse people, I was sent as a mercy for people.

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And very quickly, chaos just broke out on the side of the Muslims. And they started running into each other and people started fleeing from the battlefield. And it was just total disarray and it looked like the Muslims are going to lose his battle.

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But then, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was in the middle of the thick of it, he never moved, he was writing. buckler to who well they thought the prophets Allah, he was writing a white donkey.

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Because the prophet tells him was older and age at this time, you're 60 years old, and it's easier to write a donkey than a camel. So he was riding this donkey, and by his side was his uncle Abbas and Abu Sufian, who had become Muslims little while ago. For termica was Jose holding the reins of the donkey and around him. We're about 80 or 100 of the more senior companions like Abu Bakar and amado semana I lead by the Allahu taala. I know, I've done I've been Massoud says I was there who they've done really a mantis, I was there. And so the Senior Companions were there. And as this chaos ensued, the prophets are some signs that they're sat there, didn't move a muscle, waited for

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this chaos to kind of calm down a little. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam started to call on the companions.

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And he said, he called out specifically, he said, Yeah, yeah, us have a Shudra

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Where are the people that gave me the Oath of Allegiance under the tree?

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Just two years ago.

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And he called out he said, Yeah, I was hobbled better.

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Where are the people that stood in budded? With me?

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Yes. How have a Surah Al Baqarah.

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Where are the people that helped me build Medina

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and every single time the prophets Allah, He some would call on out to the, you know, veterans, the people who have been in the trenches, the people who had bled and cried and fought by the sight of the prophets, Allah, He said, they would respond, they will search through responding from different parts of the battlefield yalla Bay yalla bank.

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And they started like, following the voice of the prophets also. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because, you know, there was so much commotion in the battlefield. The prophets, Allah the salam, he told his Uncle Al Abbas was very, very tall. The way he's described in the books of Siyad, it sounds like he was like seven feet tall.

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And he had this loud booming voice

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and the prophets Allah He told his uncle Abbas whatever I say next, repeated after me, so everyone can hear. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started it's calling them ar e about Allah. Where are you? Oh servants of God. eladia Anna Rasulullah come to me. I am the messenger of Allah. And then the EBU laccadive and Abdullah Abdullah Talib. I am the Prophet of God and I do not lie. I am the grandson of Abdulmutallab. Come to me, rally to me

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and those veterans

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Sahaba the people above that the people of Dube are the people of Surah Al Baqarah. They started gravitating to the prophets, a lot of them. And basically a couple of 100 of the more veteran Senior Companions gathered around the prophets, a lot each of them and then the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hands into the sky and he said, Allah who manages li ma attorney, oh Allah fulfill your promise to me now.

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Oh Allah, please fulfill your promise to me now. This is the moment

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and then Allah subhanaw taala tells us exactly what happened and what transpired next. So Allah subhanaw taala tells us in verse number 25 laka nassarawa Kamala who female Latina cathedra Allah helped you with so many places. Hijra brother

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Kanak favor so many places where Yamaha naman and also don't forget that Allah helped you in the battlefield of her name is I Javad comcastro to come when you were diluted by the fact that you had greater numbers the numbers are on our side we outnumber the enemy the odds are in our favor for them to win the unconscious che and Allah decided to teach you a lesson

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that come in attend McCauley Latina halibut, she attend Kathy rotten Bismillah every single battle you want up to now had nothing to do with your numbers and your resources. It was because Allah's help was on your side. And now today you were obsessed. You were enamored with your numbers. So you had to be reminded. So your numbers in help you Well doctor, out of the remark but and it felt like the earth started shrinking around you. The anxiety took over the nervousness took over. The intimidate enemy was able to intimidate you. And you started falling apart. Thermo Latham would read in and then you turned and you ran.

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some Ansel Allah Who Sakina tahu Allah rasool Allah He was meaning. But then Allah said You, Allah sent down His tranquility. Allah sent down His tranquility upon His messenger and upon the believers.

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Well, unzila you know the lamp, Tara? Aha. And he sent down in an army

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that you could not see an invisible force, which is the angels on melodica Why haven't I seen a Cafaro and Allah punish those who disbelieved in him and rejected belief with Alex that we can fit in and that is always going to be the outcome of those who reject belief in Allah and are ungrateful to Allah. So Maya tuba loving me about these Ali kala mania. And as for the believers who make that critical mistake at the onset of the battle, where they became obsessed with their numbers, and they became fascinated by how many they were, and they started to lose focus, and they started to run into each other and eventually flee from the battlefield. Allah said, from my YouTube Allah Who mean

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God is alcohol, Ma sha, Allah forgave them.

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Allah forgave them. Well, Allahu Allahu Rahim. Because indeed, Allah is Most forgiving, and merciful.

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And what's really remarkable and beautiful there is that when the prophets Allah, He said, I made this dua, Oh Allah, please now was the time to deliver your promise that Allah subhanaw taala inspired to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to do something. And that was Allah subhanaw taala put it in the heart of the prophets, Allah the salam to reach down for a cup, the 10 min to rob the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reached down and grabbed some dirt into his hand. And then with the name of Allah Bismillah, beaten Allah, he threw the dirt out.

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And the Sahaba those couple of 100 Sahaba who are gathered around the prophets, a lot of the faithful, the devoted, they said, they saw that all the enemy

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started like rubbing their eyes, and they couldn't see and they started running into each other and they started panicking. And, you know, because if all of a sudden you can't see

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the kind of like panic that takes over, the whole enemy army started panicking and they're looking at them, and they all can't see and they're all rubbing their eyes and, you know, they can't they don't understand what's going on. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us well, Mr. Ramita is roommate, well I kin Allah, Allah Rama

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because that was ALLAH taking care of you. When you threw that dirt out of your hand, it wasn't you just throwing a handful of dirt.

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It was ALLAH taking care of you.

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And so this is a very beautiful moment and a powerful reminder in the Quran. That the hope of Allah is always with the believers

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and the help of Allah, the tranquility and the peace from Allah come

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So those who remain devoted to Allah dedicated to Allah, there is something that a believer has to learn

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about something a believer has to learn. And that is, you have to learn to see the world differently. You have to learn to be able to you have to kind of untrained, your mind do you have to untrain your eyes. We grew up in this world, and we're taught to be so affected and connected to materialistic things that we just see everything in numbers, and statistics and quantities.

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That we have to unlearn some of that. And we have to learn to see things through the lens of Eman.

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We have to change that frequency and be able to see beyond the numbers to see deeper than the quantity of things and be able to see what a believer should be seeing. And that is the hope and the mercy of Allah. What is pleasing and displeasing to Allah. And once we can tap into that Imani frequency, and we start to see the world differently,

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then that's where we find peace and tranquility. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything that's been said and heard Subhan Allah who will be handy, he said Hannah Colombia Huntik Nasha La ilaha illa Anta subcritical Ana to Lake Inshallah, as we've been announcing last couple of days, with the last 10 nights now upon us, we have a nightly program going on. That starts shortly after taraweeh concludes, usually around 1145 And we have some reflections and talks, and then after that, that's followed by some Leon prayers. So inshallah we invite everyone to join us by the coffee come Saturday.