Abdullah Hakim Quick – Immodesty Is Everywhere, Be Modest

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding immorality and being modest in protecting one's body. They also mention the success of their "immorality program" for survival, which involves avoiding immorality and being modest. The success of this program is highlighted as a way to teach children that protecting one's body is not a weakening factor.
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from the 10 point, divine program for survival in these times, HD NAB Alpha Hush, stay away from immorality.

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And that is so much in our face today. It is so much around us and we should recognize the importance of hierarchy.

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That the process of love even said that modesty and higher in the hierarchy may not Amen. It is part of your faith to be modest. And for those who become immodest. And today, many people because of the media, they want to be immodest. They want to be rude. They want to show their body, the province and solum had told us clearly he that Lim Testa he first not Mr. Shifter, if you don't have higher if you don't have modesty that do what you want to do. In other words, you're capable of doing anything.

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So this is a very important point to teach our children. There is nothing wrong with lowering your gaze. There's nothing wrong with wearing loose clothing, protecting your body.

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You are not a weakling. You are actually a noble person, compared to the ones

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who live a life of nakedness and fills

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