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A Juz A Day – 14th Juz
Surah Nahl – Allah is the Protector and Provider
Surah Nahl – Thanking Allah for His blessings

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He was having him all out on Saturday or Sunday and the

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holy urban as you know for dunya Santa Clara de hacer la Vina la but not saramonic como la he will want to welcome everybody to just a day My apologies for the delay here today Getting Started but inshallah we'll get started right away in sha Allah. Today we have with us the 14th Jews of the Quran it's upon Allah, it's almost halfway into Ramadan and halfway into our study of the Quran, we ask Allah to make the rest of Ramadan less for us. I mean, no, but I mean, just if I can get a quick message from people that if they can hear me okay, in the chat on the Facebook page as well. That's that will be appreciated.

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Can you Can y'all hear me sound like Oh,

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Good job. Let's get started with light data. Thank you very much.

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For for private message surah juice 14 begins with surah hedger and ends with Surah nahal. These two students are the two souls in this in this job. So number 15. And number 16, what are the sutras are makin revelation and these are sutras that talk about

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among the many things they talk about, trying to make the argument the case that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that we should worship. And we do that by recognizing his favours and his blessings. We do that by recognizing the amazing grace that he has blessed us with all around us. Alhamdulillah Oh, sorry, the chat was disabled. For the zoom people. My apologies. I'm sure now you can chat and say yes, you can hear me hamdulillah Sorry about that.

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So this is the two main themes. Let's get started by talking about what is the main theme of sort of the novel, it is to show that a Lost Planet Allah is the Protector and the provider, the protector and the provider that is Allah subhanahu what Allah and he provides many examples of how he is the protector and provider in this particular sutra, let us have the What's it called? The translation up here as well.

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In the sort of begins by a last month of thing Alif Lam RA, these are these disjointed letters. Its meaning is only known to a Lost Planet Allah. Then he says something very interesting. He says Delica Ayatollah kitabi.

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Well, for animal being,

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this these are the signs or the ayat of the clear, book, The Quran.

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He says after that Rupa Maya de la de la cafaro Logan muslimeen the people who are a time will come that surely those were bent on denying the truth, will wish that they were Muslims to this is a last part Allah starting the surah in a very, almost dramatic way, if you think about it, that there will come a time where people will wish that they were Muslims. What is that day? What is that time that is the time on the Day of Judgment. And that is this the start in the beginning of the surah in this way, is because Allah is going to talk about how the Quraysh were mocking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam how they were making fun of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and we're seeing a

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whole sorts are saying all sorts of things about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And

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this is what Allah says, starts as a response before anything, there will be a day will where these people will wish that they were Muslims right now they are happily laughing at you Oh Prophet, there is a day that they will wish that they weren't doing that. They're homea kulula tomato so lead them to eat, leave them to eat and enjoy

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themselves and let them be beguiled by vain hopes. Well, you will he will ml for Sofia Allah moon, for soon they will realize the truth. They realize the truth soon enough. Allah says something interesting. He says we never destroyed a township without a definitive, definitive or a definite degree or a definite decree having been issued

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in Korea in Illa Allah hotkey taboo. maloom there is a time that this this you know if a city was to be destroyed, it wasn't done.

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randomly Allah, Allah will give them an opportunity. And that opportunity was a long enough time to speak woman omoton Allah, how am I a clue that time was long enough for them to realize what's right and what's wrong. But when the time came, it would be not delayed. You can delay it by a moment. Now a lot of quotes the mockery of the people of flourish would say to the prophets of Salaam vokalia, you are living Newsela, Allah, his Vicar here, you who thinks that he is receiving revelation, the expression is very, like it's full of dripping of sarcasm, if it's lost in the translation, but in the Arabic, New Zealand a vicar is a passive verb. And the usage of the passive in this context is

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to show you know, outright rejection of the possibility that it's happening. But still, the words are used to Schumer the other person, right? So yeah, you I live in New Zealand a vicar Hey, you're thinking you're receiving revelation? In Nicola June, you're actually crazy. So panela that's what they said to the Prophet solemn, the people who knew him and from the moment he was, you know, from the since he was a little boy since he was born, and trusted him, called him Assad that amine would give them the truthful the trustworthy would give him their life, you know, savings so that he could protect them, for them, store them as trust. these very same people when the Prophet is are

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preaching that worship Allah alone and shun all these idols. They're saying, You're crazy. Lola lamattina, will malignity in contaminate solder here? Why don't you bring upon us angels? If you are truthful? Okay, if you really are a prophet, why don't you bring angels? The irony is there's angels gibreel coming with the revelation, but what they want is they want a show of miracle, a great show that they could see. And then only then can they even entertain the thought that the prophets Islam is a prophet. Now, as I mentioned before, and as the Quran makes it very clear, the people asking for miracles like this generally don't have any interest in believing. They have no interest in

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believing because the ones who have an interest and desire to believe in Allah and His Messenger, the amazing wondrous creation of Allah is miraculous enough to provide evidence for the truth that Allah is the Creator. And the Prophet Salim is the Prophet, okay, and then the Quran, and it's in its beauty and its accuracy. And all of those are evidences that can be put together. And that is enough to convince a person along with the experience of the faith, along with all the good qualities that a person acquires as they become faithful. That is, what is, that's what convinces people but the one who says I want to see a miracle and only then can I think about this being a

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true religion or not genuinely has no interest in believing this is just a misdirection. This is just a smokescreen. So, I lost my

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response to this kind of request. That is a request made with with mockery. He's responds with a stern response. Manjula, Zuma ekata, elaborate happy Mama, Mama can either moaning but we send down angels only to ring justice and then they will not be deprived. Meaning Allah says when angels come from the sky, when Allah sends angels to a nation or a city, that is usually they're coming to destroy that city as we'll see in this sutra, and that when the angels came to those people of loot, that's what why they come so be careful of what you're asking. That's what Allah says the people of Malaysia are asking for destruction Be careful of what you are asking for. So this is a very

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interesting introduction that alum makes he also you know says that look, these people who are asking for these miracles though fatahna Allah him Baba minister Ma, if we had open for them a door in the sky, okay, sorry about that. Like whatever that is. And Mohammed,

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if we had open for them a door from the heaven for value fee or the Ria Oh, June and then they are ascending through and imagine that the sky opens up and these people are ascending through it. If that miracle was to take place, what will be the response of these people are calling in Mr. Sukira upasana. But not no mom must have grown. They would say, Well, our eyes have been dazzled. We are a people that have been bewitched. Even if that was to take place, they still wouldn't entertain the thought that they are that this this is a divinely inspired book. And this is a divinely chosen messenger. And this is the

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Way of the truth, even if they were to live a miracle they weren't accepted. So this argument or this idea that this this request or this demand, they're making a loss patola rubbishes, that by this response, and then also he responds, or he mentioned that Allah will protect his book and protect this fate. Nobody will come and nobody will. Will will come to

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could destroy it. Allah is taking the responsibility of protecting it in unison and vichara. Well in Nala hula half is extremely emphasized verse, It is we who have sent down the reminder, Allah says he has sent it down. We're in now Lahu la haffi rune, we for sure we will get safeguarded, no one is going to harm it. And this is living to the Puranas a living testament of this ayah the way the Quran has been protected by Allah, Allah has been protected, unlike any other previous scripture before it, in what is called a tomato in it the way is transmitted, you know, in a way that it is impossible to fabricate or to change the earliest script of the Quran. The earliest manuscript, the

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Quran and the manuscript we have today. The Quran in them is identical, the recitation of it, even though there are different modes of it, each mode remains identical. And that is an absolutely, you know, precedented thing in human history to have a book before the Industrial Revolution before the printing press to be preserved in a manner this pristine in an afternoon as della decorah in Allahu Allah hospital. One of the greatest miracles of Allah, one of the greatest examples of how Allah, Allah provides and protects.

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He says, Allah talks about how the next few examples he will talk about how he protects how he is, excuse me, the provider. He provides, he provides, he protects the sky, he's made the sky and has made it beautiful, beautified with constellations.

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And he protects the sky from the cursed devil from trying to sneak in there and try to cause to try to steal the

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the the information from the angels illimani startup has some alpha tomorrow who should have a movie, then that person or that devil is pursued by a bright, flaming fire. So all of these things that Allah says,

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or is that it's just one of those. It's an example of talk about how he is subhana wa Taala. The The one who is the Protector, the one who was a provider, he says in here, the creatures of the earth, Allah is providing for them. And he is the one who is watching out or watching over them while Obama did not have firstly he says we have made the earth we've spread it out and set upon it for mountains and caused

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cause to grow over these

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over this earth cliche in Mozu but nafi ham in Galicia him mo Zun every

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thing that is growing in do proportion, so panula this is one of the beautiful signs of a lost pantalla that everything on Earth, you know is in proportion and everything in on the earth grows into proportion. So I'm just adjusting something here.

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Yes, indeed. All right, hold up.

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The sunlight now is interfering quite a bit with our

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with our background, I can stop that.

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All right. So one button FM in Galicia in mazoon was Allah confy hamara ish woman listo hubiera Zippy team and we have provided there in a means of livelihood for you. And for those creatures whom you do not provide. Okay, so here is Allah says he is the provider he provides for us and he provides the creatures of the earth He allows. He is the one who allows things to grow on the earth. It's not like that everything on earth is this one thing every like everyone does this, every part of the earth grows the same thing. No, he allows a this beautiful variety of, of vegetation to grow all over the earth. And that is a beautiful way of him providing for all creatures of the earth. So

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that is an evidence that he provides to show that he is a rezac the

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provider he provides talks about the pollinating wins

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well out of celeea Halawa they have we let loose the pollinating winds and these pollinating winds, what they do is they pollinate the, the flowers and and then from that the the the fruits are our fruits come about and this is another way elaborates for others a lamb in the summer he man and then he brings water from the sky, but as I naku and we give that to you as a drink, the rain becomes a source of water for us, and my anthem level because in in and you could not have started up for yourself this water. So, if a lot cuts off the rain, if there is a drought, it doesn't matter what type of store houses we have, we will eventually run out of water. So lost popular provides the idea

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that he is the source who provides we will take what the he provides from the source and we will add to it, they will you know, thrive on it, we will become prosperous based off of it, but the source of It is Allah and that is our reserve and that is a beautiful You know, that's a beautiful thing we have to understand and acknowledge that our whatever it is like our economies what they're based on our whatever it is that we live on and thrive on. The source provider of It is Allah subhana wa Tada. We're in Atlanta No, no, he went to meet one very soon. Alina Mustafa de Mina, Mina, como La Nina, Mr. Green, truly, It is we who bring to life and It is we who caused that, and we are the

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inheritor of all all things. He says, it is your Lord who will gather them he is all wise and all knowing this idea, a lot of talks about the creation. And right after that he talks about the resurrection, the creation and the resurrection are spoken of together because they are so related the Quran, it speaks about the beauty of Allah's creation, His Majesty, so you can recognize who your Lord is that you can worship Him. And when it is time for resurrection. You are, you've attained salvation. You see the majesty of Allah's creation, but this creation is not eternal is not perpetual, it is going to end on the Day of Resurrection, always, always you will notice this

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beautiful theme in the Quran. Because the purpose of talking about the creation of Allah isn't just to talk about the beautiful mountains, it is to recognize the creator of the mountains. It is not just to talk about the beautiful rivers, it's to recognize that one day all of these will, will will dry up and finish up and then everybody will be brought back to life. That's the purpose and the Quran never lets you lose focus of its purpose of the discourse. Allah gives examples of all he protects and provides. He talks about the story of Adam and Eve lease. Adam, he says we created a man out of dry clay from molded mud and the gin we created before from flaming fire. Jennifer's here

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would be the devil. He believes a lot said to the angels that I'm about to bring a man rot from mud. So when I have formed him and read my spirit into him fall down in prostration before him, the angels prostrated themselves except the police who refuse to join those who were prostrating a blaze the story I've talked about in sort of Iraq before. One thing I like to point out something interesting is like the different shades of the story, the Koran will repeat the story, you know, once the story comes once and the story comes again, but the repetition is not without any purpose, the repetition isn't done for the sake of being repetitive, the repetition has a very, very clear,

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you know, connection to the theme of the surah. And also sometimes, in fact, every time there's some new element of the story that is brought to the forefront that wasn't mentioned in another part. So for example, here Allah mentions the exact sort of the exact type of creation that Adam and Assam was right, he says, The replying This is what leads us then accordingly as accordingly as to the budget and the human soul Solomon hammer in was known and not to prostrate myself to a man whom you have created out of a clay of molded mud. So this idea Sol Sol in min hammer, Emma Stone provides more information this is new information that is not fine in other parts of the Quran, in the story

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of Adam and and the creation that he was created from this mud. This mud that is that

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Howdy flips should be fine with the problem says a lot created him from a handful of mud pub Allah Hammond, Jimmy and all that he took from all of the earth. And that's why the diversity of the creation of Adam. And then when this mud is mixed with water, it becomes or this dirt is mixed with water, it becomes mud. And when the adolescents body was molded, it was molded like clay when it dries. So the process of how that happened, is alluded to and described here. Also, what's interesting here, of course, interesting here is of course at last month hotels, at least, to get out of here, and then you are cursed until the day of judgment. He asks that Allah allow me to be

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give me respect until the Day of Resurrection allow me to be alive until the Day of Resurrection, he is going to live from the beginning of time till the Day of Judgment. So holla This is a exceptional case. And Allah grandson that exception in the communal moon verdin Ella, Yeoman walked in maloom, you are granted respect till the appointed day. Now he says, oh, Lord, I since you have let me go astray, again, blames Allah for his, his flaws for his choices. He doesn't blame himself. He doesn't look towards himself to fix himself. He looks towards Allah to blame Allah Spano, tala, and he says, My Lord, you have let me go astray. I shall make the path of error seem alluring to them on the

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earth, and shall mislead them, except your chosen sermons. Now what's interesting is in Surah, are off. Number 16. I like I'll show that to you. Here, sort of out of it. Number 16.

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The devil says, All Lord, I will sit. You know,

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he says that

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for the amount of whitening because you have put me in the wrong I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path right here he's talking about where the where is the straight path, I am going to sit on the straight path, ie those who are looking to follow the religion of the truth. I am going to sit at the at the at this on the straight path and try to cause doubts in religion. Try to make people bicker and fight about the religion. Try to make people do things in the name of religion that will push other people away from religion. All of those things he's talking about where now he's talking about in this surah how he will do it. What about the life of the world that was a nun

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Allah home fill out the I'm going to make the life of the world seem alluring. It's going to seem awesome. And as you've seen

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the Quran provides the reasons for this belief and this is one of the top reasons for this belief, the love of the material life, the love of luxury and pleasure and enjoyment as at the top of the list. So you see here even though the story is the same, the slight difference were in sort of our off how in Surah TL a hedger okay.

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Of course Allah subhanaw taala says that this is my straight path, this is the path that leads to me and my servants you have no power to misguide them, except the one who chooses to follow you. Meaning you can only whisper my you have no power, you have no authority over people. You are you know, you can only incite but the one who does it is the person themselves and the one who does so we're in the jahannam Anna Marie to whom am I in hell is the place that they are destined to be in. Now. Alas mother describes hell here by saying it has seven gates each of them has a portion allotted to each gate has a portion of these people allotted to it, we escalus protection from it.

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And then he describes gender as is a laws habit two in the Quran when he describes Hellfire right after that he describes a paradise or a paradise comes first Hellfire comes second to let us again live that dual balance of hope and fear like the thunder, the thunder is frightening. But also it is optimistic because now there is going to be rain. So the same that we talked about yesterday, same idea hope in Allah mercy, fear in Allah's wrath, both of them have to go together. So here is the hope. The hope is that if you are righteous, you will dwell in gardens and fountains jannetty or Yun it will be sad enter in peace and security. So Panama, you're peaceful, there is no violence, you're

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secure. There is no threat of being harmed. When azana Murphy's Law de mineral that that's an external you know peace and security. There's also internal peace and security what's the internal peace and security naza Anna Murphy Soto de mineral, we shall cleanse their hearts of all traces of ill will. They will be like brother and street seated

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On couches facing one another, all ill feelings all ill will, all beef will be gone from the people's heart, and that is inner peace and serenity suppiler love. And then on top of that lie I'm assuming they will not be affected by any weariness, their end they will not get tired, they will not be made to leave my home and having mythology in what an amazing place just even if you just ignore all the other pleasures of Jenna, the greatest pleasure of course being to see a loss pantalla but if we just put all that aside, and this is it, peace and security around you, serenity and peace inside of you. No ill feelings, no grudges, you wake up happy, you go to sleep happy. You

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wake up, not being tired, you're asleep. You're not tired, but you're relaxing. It's up to you, you want to go to sleep or not. That is Subhan Allah the amazing life, we ask Allah to give us that in his paradise amminadab anatomy. In for my servants. Allah says that I am the Forgiving and the Most Merciful need and Allah for Orion, but also inform them that my punishment is the painful punishment. And now here is a subtlety of the Quran expression that's so beautiful. And I wish I can talk about it more, but I don't have a lot of time. But Allah says, I am the Forgiving and the merciful. But when he talks about punishment, he doesn't say I am the Punisher. No, he says my

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punishment is painful. Not that Allah is out to punish. He is the one who's the Punisher, who was out to get people that's not who he is. He is the one who forgives, who loves who wants to bring us closer to him who wants us to be in paradise in his paradise, so handle with his chosen servants. But it is that

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he is the one who forgives and is the one who was merciful, but he also has punishment, that the punishment is painful, severe or subtle expression of how he expresses himself in the Quran talks about that his mercy is like is a characteristic of him. And his punishment is something that is there that he created in his hellfire. Okay, then the next story is about Ibrahim al Islam and his guests. And Luke alayhis. Salam, the people of loot is the nephew of Ibrahim. Now, as you get seen this before, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam had, you know, visitors who he entered into this house, there he was afraid of these visitors. The last part Allah had sent angels to,

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to his house in the form of human beings. They gave him the good news that he is going to have a child, okay.

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You will have a son who will be endowed with great knowledge. He says how what what good news are you bringing me despite my old age? What kind of news is this? You know, like he was surprised about this news all of a sudden.

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And then they said, Well, we've bought you the true news. That that is from Allah subhanaw taala do not despair, Ibrahim response, he says are not disappearing. I am 100% sure this is going to happen. Okay, but you misunderstood me or angels who has who but the misguided despair of the mercy of the Lord. But my angels. My question is, why are you actually here? I'm a horrible coma, you homeless alone? Remember, at the beginning of the surah Allah, Allah told the people when the angels come, they don't usually come, you know, for when Allah sends angels, he's sending them usually to extract punishment on the people that have this obeyed a prophet. So when the police were like to bring an

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angel or prophet, right, Allah would respond. Be careful what you're asking for, because angels when Allah sends them, they're coming to extract punishment. Iran, he will suffer news that understands that. So when Ibrahim Ali Salam angels are here, and they're like, Hey, we come to tell you about a child. He's like, okay, but what's the real reason you're here? Because, you know, what, what what's your What are you what are you really here for? And then the angels say, in Austin, Illa, COVID, Majid me We are sent to a guilty people, except for the household of lot. We are going to save them, okay, except his wife. She is not included in that. in that household. We have decreed that she will

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be among those who are left behind and destroyed. Now these angels go to the people of loot, they he said you are strangers, he decided to host them.

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The angels revealed to him right this is fast forwarding the story a little bit after a little while had passed. Angels tell him we are going to bring you news about what they have disputed with Congress.

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The truth for another saw the spoon we are showing the truthful for us. semiotica I'm in LA live with your family at some part of the lab some, some time in the latter part of the night and walk behind them, whatever uddevalla home while I have the fitment Kumar hadden, don't look back, none of you won't do it till tomorrow, and go where you are commanded. Now the angels are telling them, Look, we are you think we're strangers, we're actually angels. And we're here to extract the punishment upon the sinful people, and you will be saved and your family but not your wife. And what you need to do is take your family by night, sometime in the night leave, you trail them, they go in

00:30:40--> 00:30:53

the front, you trail them from the back, none of you look back. And if you look back at the punishment, one do Haifa tomorrow go where you are commanded Kadena and these kind of details by the way that the Quran provides, is

00:30:54--> 00:31:36

to give you a glimpse of how devastating the punishment is that the telling little Islam you'll be behind your family day behind your daughter's behind others who believe in you. And don't make sure no one looks back because this is going to be a punishment that will you know, that could break a person just by looking at it, what kobina la Valley can be communicated to him or decree that the guilty ones would be destroyed by the morning. So Off you go before the morning comes. Now the people have lot of loot that people have lot Sodom and Gomorrah, the city that they were in was a city where sodomy the word comes from the idea of homosexuality. And in Islam, we don't accept this

00:31:36--> 00:32:19

as a acceptable lifestyle. Of course, we don't go after a person who is you know, engaging in this and try to harm them because we don't harm people. You know, at all in this manner, people are left to their own choices. This is specifically about a people who did this in a denial in in defiance of a profit. And as you've seen when people defy your profit, the punishment of a lot comes and is extracted upon them, the punishment of God has sent upon these people in divine punishment. So this is the context of the story. Okay. This is how the Quran describes prophets are sent, prophets are denied, and then punishment of of God is extracted upon them and this is a situation here as well.

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But here this particular situation is has one unique aspect which is of sexual corruption. These people lived in a corrupted lifestyle that was rotten and unacceptable. And it was at its absolute worst case scenario where at the sight of some attractive young men they would be aroused with john Medina the assumption they would come revealing your submission celebrating Nautilus Sam is trying to protect his guests. He says these are my guests fall out of the hole don't disgrace me in front of my guests. What the law of zone fear God and do not shame me. They said, Our Nan haka Allah, Allah mean, they will not forbid you to extend hospitality to strangers, they may tell you keep

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like, leave these people leave strangers, leave the guests to us, we will take care of them and we will indulge in them and whatnot. Do tala Salam like this is a glimpse into like the curtain the level of corruption that the society had descended into the sexual corruption was so rampant that no one was spared. So Nutella Salam as he is trying to spare someone they're like, didn't tell you to like stop doing that. He's like, why don't you people? Why don't you turn back to the right path? The path that Allah has chosen for you, which is to be with women. How old are you going to find in America in the home? Luffy circle to him? Yeah, mon Allah says, I, I swear by your life. Speaking

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about the Prophet Salaam, I swear by your life or prophet. They were intoxicated. And they were wild in their intoxication, not physically or not drunk, like with alcohol, but the desires and corruption of their of their sexual desires and the sexual corruption had them drunk. So panela and this, by the way, is something that you can observe today in people who are addicted like severely to pornography, were addicted severely to these basic animalistic desires. That it is like a person who is unconnect just can't control himself or herself.

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Like the one who's drunk like the person who's drunk can doesn't know what he's doing. The one who is uncontrolled in in their desires, and then their addictions. They act the same way. So hon Allah, like the rationality is all gone. So Allah describes their punishment for an Atomos saya thereupon the blast of our punishment

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Took them at sunrise and the punishment was so severe for Jana Leah has returned the town upside down but um de la him Hey Jonathan means to jail and rained upon them stones of clay in that is a sign for a lesson in that lesson for those who can learn a lesson in nephew Delica I tell little mutawa see me in that is a sign for those are novoline I'm getting a lot

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more Iberian MNL arena at the Summer Manila Shia. We are Toby Runa parinama. So this is what he's saying. Like the power explains this. He says this is the people who think that people ponder

00:35:44--> 00:36:30

if you give, if you remove a law from your life, and you give into your base animalistic desires, and there is no limits to morality, there's no boundaries to morality, everything is a go Everything is fine as long as it pleases you and as long as you're, you know, consenting, right, if that is that if that what happens, people as the deviance of sexuality and corruption descends to a point where a person acts with no limits. And in that is a sign limit or see mean for those who can learn a lesson. And this is a deep surah in a deep lesson. It is a still there on the highway. And in that is a sign for those who are truly believers. There is a story of a car that people have a cup, Allah

00:36:30--> 00:37:11

says these are the people of the wood. And according to the scholars of the year, this was the people who used to worship You know, trees, they would think that their spirits in the trees shortly when the sun was sent to them, but they did not listen. And thus they were also they also perished. When I got cast number of horrible Angel mursaleen Elijah, the surah, is named after them. The people of the hedger also rejected Our Messengers, who are the messengers in the plural, the messenger to them was was someone these were the people of ads, and they had, I'm sorry, this is the people of the booth and they had received the Prophet of Allah solid. Okay, one Prophet, but denying

00:37:11--> 00:37:51

one prophet is like denying all prophets. So Allah uses the plural here, almost Celine, they were given our signs, we gave them our signs, but they turned away, they used to carve dwellings in the mountains and lived in security, they thought that they could protect themselves from the punishment of Allah, but Allah is the one who protects and provides and his protection as the ultimate, but mostly had the most vahini blast overtook them in the morning, and then whatever they had acquired was of no use to them. An interesting point to note, a lot of there's two prophets who then solly that I mentioned in the Quran that are not mentioned in the Bible, okay, and then of course the

00:37:51--> 00:38:36

Prophet was some to these two prophets are Arab in origin, they were like original Arabs are then removed were originally Arab tribes before even its marine Allah Salaam had moved to Mecca. Alright, so Allah, Allah to it's an interesting note that he provides their names. He provides the tribe, and he provides the place where they lived, for example, the people of odd lived in the place of a cough, and who the lesson was sent to them. The people of thermwood lived in the place of hedger and Saleh Ellis Lama center them. The other prophets, like Luther SLM with the Quran doesn't mention where he lived, because it's known through, it's known, you know, historically where he lived other

00:38:36--> 00:39:19

scriptures, other people knew about that story, but the ones that others don't know about, like the people of the Quran provides a little extra information. And that is a beautiful style of the Quran. And that also shows that the Quran isn't original revelation. Right? The Koran isn't like plagiarizing. And as we'll see sort of nahal makes that argument today that they say that the Quran is plagiarized. How can it be plagiarized? When it's an original Arabic production when it's an original original Arabic content, its style and its in its content is unique. How can it be copied? Right and plagiarize? And one of the evidences for that is this that a lot spagnola mentions in it

00:39:19--> 00:39:59

these prophets and tribes that were not known to other civilizations more detailed, and they're mentioned, and others that are known and well known. All the other details are left alone, but the ones that are important, the ones that are, you know, contentious, and the ones that are really critical, are mentioned about these profits, something interesting to think about when it comes to the study of the blood, a conclusion the concluding remarks of the surah Allah motto says, Be patient, Allah will take care of you. He says no, Allah has created the skies and the earth in truth, okay, all that that's in there in truth in this era and the Day of Judgment is surely

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Coming first, what is Sahaja mean? Oh Prophet, you overlook their faults with gracious forgiveness, the surah started by them saying all sorts of unacceptable insulting hurtful things to the prophets, Allah. Allah tells the Prophet, don't reciprocate. If someone is being hurtful, don't reciprocate, the hurt, someone's is harming, don't reciprocate the harm and the harm and the hurt, you know, you don't have to stay in a situation where you keep, you know, experiencing harm that should end but don't reciprocate it, foster his self help me to the contrary, overlook with graciousness, okay, because Allah is the one who's in charge Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the creator, the knowledgeable

00:40:41--> 00:41:24

one, he is the provider, he's the protector. Okay, focus on the good that you've been given. If you feel the need to extract revenge, focus on the good that Allah has given you what artina cassava mineral masani, we've given you the seven off four sided verses and the great for an Don't strain your eyes towards the world the benefits we have bestowed on some of them. Don't let that be the thing that bothers you, eats you up makes you sad. Don't look at what others have. Desiring that. One that doesn't allow him no grieve over them. Work field General, meaning lower the wing of your mercy for the believers, meaning your focus should be on the good that you've been given. Focus on

00:41:24--> 00:41:40

the poor and that you've been given the guidance you've been given the blessings you've been given, focus on that not the things that others have, if others have been hurtful and harmful or profit, like the store began with them saying hurtful, harmful things, profit, ignore them with the gracious ignore,

00:41:42--> 00:41:50

turn away from them and overlook graciously, because that is the beautiful way and that is the way we

00:41:51--> 00:42:39

take care of ourselves, our own mental and spiritual health. And also that's the way we focus on connecting to Allah and hoping that our good Alas, will inspire the haters to stop hating, and maybe they come towards Islam. Right. And that is all such a beautiful thing that our prophets I'm used to do, and that's why you see his staunchest enemies would become his closest allies. Also, Allah says that you know, it hurts right. When Allah and naka de Luca Maya who know me know it is very difficult distresses you to hear what they say. But you should, again, focus in hertz, a Keep going, keep going for some time there have become a co minister, God, glorify Your Lord with his praise and

00:42:39--> 00:43:24

prostrate yourself to Him. continue to do that continue worshiping Allah, Allah had to kill your pain until death comes to you. What is the remedy for being hurt by people? Right? It's not to hurt them in return. It is to ignore them graciously. Okay, it's to focus on the good that we've been given. It is to glorify a lost pantalla. It's to be with couldn't minister Jeannine. The expression here gives you the idea that you are from the ones who are prostrating, you're with people who are prostrating. So surround yourself with people who are like minded, who will help you, not those who hurt you, people who you feel good around them, and they're good for your dunya and akhira. Not

00:43:24--> 00:44:08

those were bad for your dunya and bad for your assets. This is a beautiful message the Quran gives, when it comes to the how to deal with hurtful people and hurtful things that are said to a person and continue upon this path. Why bother about it again, until the thing that is certain comes to you. And eliakim here is death. Also your cane could be here conviction or lower limb that continue worshipping Allah until you convince that Allah is definitely the truth, there is no doubts left. And then the hurt the people have have put you through has now taken a bad seat. So it's a beautiful surah and then there's a beautiful symmetry and how the sewer began with people saying hurtful

00:44:08--> 00:44:52

things to the prophets, Islam and how Allah consoles them at the end of how to deal with that hurt. We ask a lot to allow us to have that kind of graciousness as well. I mean, a link between the end of the ledger and the ledger and the surah hedger ends with had taken the opinion until that comes to you certainty. certainty for sure is at a moral law, the decree of a law has come up that is a day of judgment. It is near it's at hand for that as the start you don't seek to hastin it Don't try to ask for punishment. That's what the police will do a lot smarter says don't do that. So Hannah, what Allah I'm usually cool, holy, he is an exalted above what they associate, he sends angels and

00:44:52--> 00:44:57

the the, the root jabril Islam

00:44:58--> 00:44:59

he sends that to

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

Whatever he wants, that is he chooses whoever he wants to be a prophet, and Andrew, that war and the hula ilaha illa Anna mourn that I am the only one worthy of worship, but the pools of fear me, he created the heavens and the earth for a true purpose, with purpose Alakazam Amati will, will have the creation in His Majesty has a purpose and the purpose of this great majesty of Allah and this surah is particularly is to recognize a lot of blessings and to thank Allah blessings and the amazing blessings that Allah has blessed us with the earth and the sky. The cosmos is created by Allah tala with a clear purpose. It is not randomly existing, it is not something that came out of

00:45:48--> 00:46:34

an accident and exists in perfection. You know, accidentally No, it has been hacked, it is created with a purpose by a purposeful creator, and he is exalted above what they associated with him, he created some blessings. Remember where you come from humans Harlequin in Santa men not far created you from a drop of sperm. For either who has seen the movie in and now when this drop of sperm has formed into a human then form into a grown adult. Now he is contentious, openly against Allah openly arguing that there is no God and there is no this and there is no that and all of this came about with no purpose and there is no freewill. Nothing is very strange. Look at where you came from. You

00:46:34--> 00:47:06

came from literally nothing It drops from before that you weren't anything. How is it that you exist? A large part of Allah is the one who brought you into existence. All right, and that is the way we look at our lives. And that this example is to break our arrogance. Look at the humble origins of the human don't like remember, no forget the humble origins there. Allah says also look at that he created for you cattle, an AMA halakhah. And cattle is there so you can get food and clothing and other benefits from them. Right?

00:47:08--> 00:47:54

The cattle for us is not just what we eat. But it's, you know, we it's a source of clothing, and lots and lots of benefits. Welcome via Jamal. It's something that we find pleasant to look at Hina to do on our own, there is a beauty and the sense of beauty in human beings Allah has created the desire for beauty in human beings alive is created. So he says you're not just like rote creatures, like just animals, or just creatures that exist. You are creatures and look for purpose and beauty in life welcome via Jamal, even in your animals. Right and that is a level created you this way. That's the great blessing of Allah. And that tells you that there is a higher purpose to your being

00:47:54--> 00:48:39

than just eating and drinking and enjoying yourselves. What that means to us call Lacombe carry your loads, the animals are there to support you in carrying your loads elaborate I didn't have the coup de la bishopton enforce. It is you know they are there for transportation purposes. Surely your Lord is compassionate and merciful. And he's created horses and mules and donkeys so that you may ride them and also that they may maybe put on show was Xena horses were used to be like you know people like demonstrating their their supercars but you know, this is my car. This is a nice car that I drive. horses were like that to a source of pride, something you look at and you feel, you know, a

00:48:39--> 00:49:18

sense of satisfaction. All of this alive squares for you. And yeah hello kumala tala moon, he creates things beyond your knowledge, you still are learning about the fish that are in the sea, the caves that are in the earth, which haven't explored all of them. So Pamela, this is on the Earth right now. So Allah says, these are all things that he has created, that you should be looking at them and thanking Allah for his blessings. What Allah He calls to Sabine, the straightway leads to God and there are many others that deviate from the right course. And if he so wished, when OSHA Allah had archimandrite if he so wished he would have guided you all, but he left the choice with

00:49:18--> 00:49:29

you. He left the choice with you. You choose whether you want to believe or not, and then you live with the consequences of your choice.

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

He is the one who sends the rain you drink from it and from it trees grow and that is pasture for your for your cattle. And then from that you go corn and the olive and olives and date plums and grape and all kinds of fruit women cool this summer out in the valley gala I attend I attended they call me at a cartoon in this is surely a sign for people who reflect on number 11 or 16

00:50:00--> 00:50:48

you reflect on how amazing a las pantallas creation is the diversity of fruits and vegetation. All of these are his blessings. We should be thanking Allah for them more blessings, he has Sahara laku. Laila when our shumsa will come up, he has put the entire system of life at your service. Your schedule is determined by it, and it's at your service, you can predict the days you can predict the month you can predict the years Moosa hora tumby, Emory, all of this subservient to his command put in service for you. Right? in the finale, can I attorney call me afternoon? Use your reason? How can you not have a purpose in life? How can you just exist randomly, when everything around you is

00:50:48--> 00:51:32

existing for a purpose? How is that possible? That is that the logical conclusion alone wants us to reach when mother Allah can fill out the most elephant Avenue, look at what Allah has fashion on the earth, of various hues, you know, different colors, the diversity and his creation, the beauty of, you know, the diversity and creation of people and also of, of the landscapes how amazing they are in the fanatical, utterly komiya de kado. Look at the desert, they look at like a lush forest and look at an area that's mountainous and look at an area that's near a beach, how amazing the landscapes are on the same planet. In the valley, can I had the omya that karoon you have to think

00:51:32--> 00:52:21

and ponder over it. He is the one who's subjected the sea to you. So you can eat from Atlanta area, fresh fish, fresh seafood from it. And then you can extract from an ornaments that you can wear. And these are valuable pearls that you can sell. And you can see the ships sailing over them. My wife, Marcy Rafi, towering it, a towering over it like mountains, pull it up the woman Fort Lee, so you can seek His bounty will come to school, and that you may be grateful. The world economy runs on what transport transport between continents and you know, transport over large ships. That's how we enter goods. That is why that's how, you know, economies flourish, where if a country is cut off,

00:52:21--> 00:53:05

you know, if there's a landlocked country, the biggest problem they have is how do I get my products to the sea, so it can be sent to other countries. So hon Allah, this is the way to prosperity. Allah, Allah says that what that will mean for Lee so that you can seek His bounty as well you may be grateful, historically, the nations that control you know, the sea routes were the ones that were prosperous, right. This is, you know, a swan Allah, Allah is pointing that you are, this is a last favor upon you, that he allows you to sail and has created this for you so you can be prosperous. Nala come to school, maybe you can be thankful that Allah has provided for you the means to thrive

00:53:05--> 00:53:13

in this world, the means to get wealthy and the means to you know, build your your, your,

00:53:15--> 00:53:45

your your your possessions. So Pamela now log on Tasha crew, perhaps you can be thankful while COVID ldls he has put in on the earth firm mountains list, it shakes under you, rivers and tracks. All of these are landmarks landmarks around the Earth, stars that you can use to navigate all of this The question is people are familiar know who Kamala is he then who creates like who who does not create?

00:53:47--> 00:54:10

Of course they're not a law is the one who creates a law is the one worthy of worship, not others, not others. When in doubt, do net amatola if you were to count God's blessings, not to show how you can enumerate them you can fully you know, understand how many there are in the Lucha Libre for Rahim as Allah just gave us a small sampling of his blessings.

00:54:11--> 00:54:56

They are far too many to count. So panela thanking Allah for his blessings. Unless Pamela asks us are we really thankful last month that talks about the attitude of the contrast and attitude between disbelievers and believers. He says, look, the disbelievers look at what would they say without clean Allahumma De Anza Lara bukem Paulo southie roll over in despite Allah showing all his blessings, despite Allah having all of these amazing signs that he has shown you when these people are asked, what is it that your Lord has sent out, they say stories of the ancients. It's just tales and fables and loss as the new ozada home Kameelah to monthly ama let them bear their burdens on the

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

Day of Judgment, as well as the burdens of those that have left

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

Straight without knowledge, meaning their choices, they're going to bear the consequences of their choices. And because they were influential and misguided others, they will take a copy of the sins of those people as well.

00:55:14--> 00:56:01

Alaska is Iran, how evil of a burden it is a bakery. Then Allah says about the believers contrast that with the attitudes of the believers. I number 30. What is it number 30. Say? Well, the P e levina. madonsela buku. Those who fear God when they are asked, What has your Lord sent down, you'll get the attitude, or Lou hiren they say goodness and halen here is monsoon for the students of Arabic. And then they you might be wondering why there is no actual grammatical instrument that's making it monsoon. And what that implies is they say unzila, hiren couldn't hide all that he has revealed, its goodness upon goodness, and more goodness, all that there is in the revelation is just

00:56:01--> 00:56:43

goodness, SubhanAllah. And that is the beautiful attitude of the believer, he thinks or she thinks he knows, or she knows that the Scripture is a source of goodness in this life, and a source of goodness in the next life. And that's when Allah says about them, then let us know if you have the dunya Hassan, those who do good in this life will have good, right they will have a good reward and a nice life, whatever that will accurately fade. But the next life is where they will truly see the fruits of their hard work that will be even better. And how great would that be for those righteous, this will be a parent guardians of eternity that they will enter where the rivers will flow at their

00:56:43--> 00:57:30

feet. And that and there they shall have all that they wish we had Maya, whatever they would wish for. They will have genetic agency law who would obtain this is how He rewards Allah how He rewards the righteous. Well, that's my dog reminds us of his blessings that he has sent to every nation a messenger while Akbar Snuffy, only omata Rasul Allah, and they are under the law what study will be raised among every people a messenger who enjoined worship Allah alone and shun all evil, all idols? For men whom man had Allah, there are those who Allah guided men whom man Hakata labor Allah, and there's others who are deserving of ruin. So go travel the earth and see what happened to those who

00:57:30--> 00:58:15

rejected the messengers, okay? And Allah says, you know, the blessing of Allah is he chooses who believes in that is Allah who down for in the Lucha Libre demon you listen if you are eager or prophet to guide them that God does not guide those whom he lets go astray. Okay because of their rejection. It is a last choice he shows the truth to all and people are free to choose but the one who chooses that's a gift that Allah gives him or her that don't feel that ability that is coming from Allah no one can push another person into believing no one can do that it's a god given gift and we should be thankful that Allah has chosen us for this God given gift of the blessing of

00:58:15--> 00:58:18

guidance Okay, a lot of other talks about

00:58:20--> 00:59:03

the evil of one who commits sure if I can take a few minutes to finish this up inshallah. The evil of the one who commits ship Voyager Luna Lima Allah Allah Muna nasi balmy Morocco, Nahum, Kalani Lotus aluna amaku Tarun, they appoint a share of what We have provided for them, the false god, false gods they know nothing of you shall surely be questioned about the lies that you have been fabricating. Again the idea of associating partners with Allah so devastating, while Dr. Luna Lena Hill, Bennett, Suhana they assigned daughters to God, glory be to Him, but for themselves sons is it that they desire and when they are given the news that they have a girl and one of them is given the

00:59:03--> 00:59:05

news that he has a girl that has been born for him?

00:59:07--> 00:59:49

Vala was you who was one that his face darkens, and he is filled with bloom, after Amina told me when sudima wishes Ravi in a shame he hides himself away from his people, because of the bad news that he has been given a new sequel who are alone, should he keep her and feel disgraced? I'm gonna do su COVID taarab? Or should he bury her and keep her in the dust? Alaska or bury her in the dust? And I saw a Maya moon how badly is that this person is deciding. Lin Nadine, Allah you know when asked about the matter, so the people who attribute evil, that attribute of evil applies to those who do not believe in here after a while when Allah Hill methylone Allah to Allah applies the

00:59:49--> 01:00:00

highest attribute for he is the mighty and the wise, the evil of those who come and shoot and it seeps over the false theology seeps over into this terror.

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

attitude, terrible attitude towards genders that people used to have desiring only sons and not not daughters, but Allah. Allah has honored the daughters and the prophets. Some had daughters, the Rossum told us that those people who have two daughters or three daughters and they raised them and they do good by them, they become a source of a person entering paradise for us in Islam. Allah has honored us with this beautiful understanding. And last part that talks about some beautiful examples and his creation. Okay, if I can take another couple of minutes to speak about this. He talks about how resurrection happens. Allah sends water from the sky, and with it he revives the earth when it

01:00:42--> 01:01:24

is dead, truly in that there's a sign for people who listen, this is a idea of how resurrection happens. rainfalls Barents The earth is brought to life, okay, you can water your plants as much as you want. But when it rains, that's when it's really brought to life. That is what is this is referring to and Subhanallah that is how Allah will make the resurrection happen. He gives an example of the cattle there is a beautiful example in it for you so you will be thankful in its from the contents of their bellies from between the dung and the blood. We give you pure milk to drink was a common MFI with only human mainly first and what am 11 and Hardison a pure milk that is

01:01:24--> 01:01:31

pleasant for those who drink so Carla, and then also date palm trees and grapes.

01:01:33--> 01:02:14

And as well you know that can be used for like bad things like intoxicants, but also wholesome food, right? Allah has given us all these and in that is designed for people who use their reasoning, their intellect, and then a lot of talks about the honeybee a nahu. The surah is named after or out of book in a nun. Your Lord has inspired the honeybee saying that the honeybee it definitely mineralogy Valley Buta make your homes in the mountains in the trees and also in the structures which men erect from a coolie men could Mr. Mara notice here that this is actually talking to the honeybee in the feminine. It's like the honeybee is the feminine honeybee from Macaulay when Cooley

01:02:14--> 01:02:50

thammarat and feed on every kind of fruit and follow the trodden paths of your Lord. And from the belly of this honeybee comes a drink honey, right most plentiful Ilana whoo Nobu different colors Fie Shiva only nurse in it is a healing for mankind. This is the ayah that talks about honey being a source of Shiva healing for people in the phenolic Allah I utterly homeopathic guru. Indeed in this there is a sign for people who give fart who think because the honeybee gathers pollen and creates honey from all sorts of

01:02:51--> 01:03:11

flowers around the environment. And then when you consume the honey, it boosts your immune system. He she found in us an amazing source of Shiva. Allah talks about how he has made family a source of blessing he has given you wives from among yourselves and giving you children and grandchildren from your wives and then provided you with wholesome things for you. Okay.

01:03:14--> 01:03:58

For bill Belton, the human Oona will be near Mattila here food will then believe in falsehood and deny God's fevers like so hon Allah Allah has done all of these things, he has created the system of families for you, he's made things that you love. He's put the desire of finding beauty in you. He's shown you all his science is giving you all these beautiful things to consume all different different types of things. Things like milk that we take for granted how amazingly a lot provides us membrane The first thing we're done between dung and and blood is pure drink is produced on the belly of the for the order of the of the cow. All of these are done, so that we can recognize the

01:03:58--> 01:04:43

last favors and be thankful to him like the ISS, you know, we are doing them into a la Himalayan licola homeless Communist Party will be shy on your own right. Despite all these favors, people worship other than Allah. Allah gives a here you can review this inshallah yourself logical examples of Allahu motherland. Here is a logical example think, how can a person who is like us own slaves in bondage? How is this person like one who's free, they can be the same, right? The one who was free, was able to do whatever he's want, is definitely more privileged advantage. So how can you equate Allah who is the creator of everything with some, some some rocks, some stone some human being who's

01:04:43--> 01:04:59

created Iceland himself? Right? I'll use logical examples. Think about it, how ludicrous is the thought that you should worship other than Allah subhanaw taala some beautiful examples of luggages about he brought you into the world from the wombs of your mother, not Allah mushy and you didn't know anything.

01:05:00--> 01:05:43

But he gave you the ability to acquire knowledge or jargon aka was somehow while other sada will have either he gave you hearing sight hearts the ability to feel emotion. Now let him touch guru so you can experience and learn and grow you knew nothing when you came, Allah gave you the faculties of hearing and reasoning and emotion so you could teach yourself and learn from your environment so panela Look at the birds in the sky in the sky How is it that they are held up in the in the sky there's actually a question someone wrote is that we don't understand how birds fly in the sky. How they are held up how they defy gravity, biological man truly it is a love the Most Merciful who

01:05:43--> 01:05:58

holds them up in the Vatican II utterly home you know, there are signs in this for people who believe he has made houses for you last month, he has made a places of shade for you and though in the world is created,

01:05:59--> 01:06:33

you know allows you to create garments from the color the materials that exist all of this you get allocated Munira tahu Alaykum he completes his favor upon you, so that you may submit to Him, the hella come to see moon, but if you turn away, find our low for innama illegal but I mean Oh profit Your job is just to convey the message Your job is not anything more than that. So panela very powerful. I will stop here and shout out to the notes that I'm sharing. There's a link in the, in the,

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in the whatsapp group that I'll post and then I post these on, on the

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on YouTube, that's where the link to the notes are as well.

01:06:44--> 01:07:04

inshallah, so you can get those inshallah from their job will stop here. It's a nice it's a very beautiful surah I wish we could spend a little bit more time on it. But besides that, I will have to stop it. I'll see you tomorrow, same time, same place as alcohol or heroin. So panic alarm or we have the Ganesha de la ilaha illa and stuff are going to be like Samadhi Copa de la he over cattle