Allah never overlooks any good

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Aisha, Radi Allahu Anhu. She says that there was a woman who came to me. And with her she had two of her daughters. She had two girls with her. They basically came in, they were asking for some help, some relief, some food. So there was a mother, who came with her two daughters. And they were hungry. But I assure she says, I didn't have anything except for one single date. That's all I had. And she said, she took the date. And she broke it in half. And she gave one half to one daughter and the other half to another daughter. And she herself i Isha said, did not eat a single bite.

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So the mother whose kids want food to they're all hungry. She sees they have one day and two daughters. She splits it in half, and she gives it and gives it and that's it. I want you guys to put yourself in this scenario. How many times have your kids asked for your fries? You know, literally yesterday morning, I was telling Schiff, yesterday morning, I was reading this hadith and I started laughing because I was getting ready to go. And I'm not a big breakfast guy. But I wanted to have some things. So I had a protein shake. It was like a chocolate shake. And my kids love them. And I only had one left. So I'm trying to like low key if I'm going to be honest with you, I was

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trying to hide it from them.

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So I took it out of the fridge. And I was trying to be slick and like walk with it against my leg. Because my daughter was eating breakfast. They were getting ready to go to school. And she goes, Baba, what's that?

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And I go, what? If she goes in your hand? And I said, it's Bob's breakfast? She goes, is it a chocolate shake?

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And I said, Yeah. And she goes, Can I have some? And I go, okay, so I get a cup and I'm like, Okay, I'll give her half, you know, less calories for me. She's like my diet coach. And then my son goes, What are you giving her?

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He's coming down the stairs.

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And I go, come have the other half. And I leave and I read this hadith. Now listen to what the Prophet SAW said him said. He said that she tore it in half and she gave one to one daughter and she gave the other to the other daughter. And she did not take any thing for herself a Gemini.

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So it's just as I was so astounded by that action, because she's hungry to the mom is hungry too.

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And then she said that I I reported this back to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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I told the prophets all sudden what happened? That whoever Allah Tata has given these daughters be che in Santa la Hiner. And they treat them well. They take care of them. Then he says Cannella who sets run Mina now

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the children will protect them from the Father.

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Like that one date that she broke. And she for us, Anna Elena. She did good by them. Whatever she had, she gave it to them. Now you could say like, well, it's her job. She's a mom, she has to feed them. But no, the Prophet SAW Selim is saying what Allah never overlooks any good that a person does. If their intention is good, and yes, she wanted some to.

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Then the Prophet SAW Selim says what? They will be a shield for her from that from the heart of the Hellfire.