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AI: Summary © The host of a series of five pillars of Islam explains that they want to encourage people to find out about it and learn from their experiences. They call it the new or renewed Muslim experience, where people see something that is meaningful and relevant to their personal lives. The host emphasizes that understanding and embracing these pillars will help people find out about it and dismantle any doubts they may have.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah but Academy, the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. Hello and welcome. I'm Abdullah oduro. And welcome to this series. Many of us may ask, why are we doing a series of the five pillars of Islam? Yes, we're doing this series of the five pillars of Islam, but we want to really concentrate on the new Muslim experience, the Convert experience, how would we explain it to someone that just newly converted to Islam? And how do we tie in their everyday life situations, the vision, what we want to see from this series is that someone goes online, someone comes to the to the dean website goes on the gain app, and they go and see something that is

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comprehensive, concise, but realistic and relevant to their experiences. That is why we are making this series. This is for what we call the new or renewed Muslim, as many of us we may say, convert or revert, they're typically the same thing because you are converting your lifestyle you'd never prayed five times a day, you've never given 2.5% of your of your surplus wealth. You've never intended to travel 1000s of miles to the desert. So you're converting from one lifestyle to another. But you are reverting being that you recognize the oneness of a lot. And you've always had this feeling you'll learn about that later, God willing. But yes, definitely that change and transition,

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there needs to be some general education that understands your reality. And that's what we want to fulfill within this series for you to understand the who, what, when, where and why of the five pillars, the how you can find it a lot of places online, Mashallah. But we want you to understand and help you in internalizing these five primary Pillars of Islam. As it was, for me, when I embraced Islam, there was nothing typically there for me to go from A to Z, and understanding the five pillars of Islam, rather, some of my mentors that I even knew. So patola, one of them didn't even know that there were five pillars of Islam that he had to learn, he became a Muslim from his

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girlfriend, and there was another sister that became a Muslim from her boyfriend, but they never knew what the five pillars of Islam were. So what we want to do is make sure that you have the means to be well grounded in your religion, because there will be times where your conviction that you had at the beginning of embracing Islam, your conviction will be tested. And in society, friends, family that are not happy with this choice that you have made, will tear it off, layer by layer. So May Allah subhana wa Taala make you have those, that through understanding these pillars of conviction that will help and assist you in dismantling any doubt that may come in this beautiful stage of you

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learning and implementing Islam. He make you firm upon that and steadfast in this journey of life. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Thank you.