Tabukiyyan Tips – The True Migration

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If I could get your attention everyone, we have a brother or sister that wants to come and take their Shahada. They want to pronounce their Shahada. They want to become a Muslim. At this moment, if you're someone that is watching right now, Has this happened to you and if it has, or if you've heard it, you're noticing something and witnessing something that is profound. All of you will agree. But I want you to look at it from a perspective that is important for us to realize that this person left darkness and came to the light, right? They came into Islam, they being themselves making that choice, but the most important factor of them becoming a Muslim was that their heart

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made hedgerow their hearts migrated to Allah. As a matter of fact, as even opium mentions it in receta, tubal kiya, it migrated from Allah to Allah. It migrated to Allah subhanho wa Taala, worshiping Him by himself. It left off the sinful practice of polytheism or atheism or any ism that is not monotheism.

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It left that and it voluntarily came to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is the real hinge. And why am I terming it as this? Because when we hear the word Hendra, we always think of Mecca to Medina. We think of the physical aspect, we think of the struggles against the family members, the you know, the fleeing to safety. This is definitely the hedgerow, but I have a question for you.

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Is the severed muscular ear or the reasoning behind the ruling for them to make Hydra present in your reality today? Does that help them apply to you does that ruling Islamic ruling apply to you, ie being obligatory for you to leave where you are physically now, and to go to another country. This may apply to some, but it definitely does not apply to everyone. But there is a danger that is obligatory upon every single human being. And the one that came up in front of you, and took his Shahada fulfill that obligation in sha Allah and that is the hedgerow of the heart, the migration of the heart to Allah and to his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's even Okay, you

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mentioned where had the hidden Hydra tool happy Thea?

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How the Angela to happy this is the real hedgerow, because this hedgerows this migration is obligatory upon every single human being and every single Muslim. We said when the hedgerow to Jessa de tabea itulah. The migration of the body is just a byproduct of the migration of the heart. The companion to the promise of a lie that was in them are who they are, because of their migration to a law in their hearts. When someone converts to Islam, it is, as they say, reverting to Islam, because they have migrated or returned to the one that made them knowingly, they knowingly returned to Allah. And that is the real hedgerow that is important for all of us to know. So when we hear this

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word or read this word, hedgerow, we should remember Mecca to Medina

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is just a manifestation of what was in their hearts. The migration was the migration to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the place that we can see or hear about was from Mecca to Medina. But ultimately, the motivating factor was the migration of the heart, your heart?

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Has it migrated to Allah,

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your heart? Is it migrating to Allah?

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Your heart? When will it migrate to Allah?

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This question only you can answer.

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And it's important to answer that question with honesty and to have the strength by the permission of Allah to keep going and migrate until we see him in the province of Aleppo. It was seven philhealth insha Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah bless you all, and make use of the nomads and the migrators to him into his messenger in Noida you baetica He is the one that makes all things possible. while still allowing cinema baroclinic Vina Mohammed was cinematic parameter line better getting