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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a powerful Christmas message from the Prophet sallIFi wa Sallam during a Torah event. The message emphasizes avoiding fasting and taking small small small actions to avoid destruction. The conversation also touches on the use of the word "meditation" in the title of the message.
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On Robert Imy Allah allow us to reach his Mata Ramadan, the month the Ramadan is coming close inshallah. Inshallah and this coming weekend be next weekend Inshallah, in the lighting this coming Sunday we in the late Allah we are planning to have our first Torah we can be in the light Allah just a couple of reminders really mainly the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just to remind us

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during Ramadan,

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particularly while fasting, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mala Mia Colas Zuhdi when MLBB for allegedly lie hydroton fee and Jada farmer who should have the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Whoever doesn't leave off Ill speech and acting upon it for Allah is not in need of him or her abandoning or leaving, eating or drinking. And this is very, very important because when we talk about the fasting, you know, linguistically fasting means am sec to withhold something and this is what Miriam said in the Quran, in the novel Tilly Romani, some that she said the verily I made a vow to not speak for lentil Kelemen, Yama INSIA. So I will not speak to anyone. So also, you know, we just withholding food or drink, we're also withholding those, adapt, those things that we may do that are not befitting each and every single one of us has something or a couple of things that we

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know we should improve on. The month of Ramadan should serve as a catalyst for that meaning a beginning, not a season, meaning on show well, that you go back to that habit. If some of us are smoking, we should take it upon ourselves to lessen those days in the first week. To her by the end of Ramadan, we've left it or we've taken a means in leaving it to the following months, we are inshallah have left it or we have less than that harm to our body, the prophet Allah Subhana Allah says, what I had to add in a Taluka Do not let your hands

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cause your own destruction.

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So it's very, very important for us for each and every single one of us in these particular days, the last days of Shiva or Shaban is to look at those habits that we have that are destroying our akhira those habits that we have, that could withhold us from entering Jannah those habits that we had that we know are bad, that we can easily leave off. Sometimes even when I'm saying habits doesn't mean bad habits, it could also be a habit of leaving something else off. When is the last time for example that we have picked up the Koran. Just to read it, just to read it. You know Allah subhanho wa Taala and the chapter of Bukhara when he talks about the types of hearts, He says when

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in reality they met the mayor to federal minimum and Ha he says invariably, from the rocks. There are those that waters will burst from it. We're in the middle hilarity LeMay a shock of a young woman who met and there are some rocks that have a crack in it and the water can seep through it young woman who were in Birmingham, Alabama, yeah. Between her Shatila and there are those that fall break from the fear of mindfulness of Allah subhanaw taala was often and I'm not talking about and Allah is not unaware of what you do. But when Allah speaks about the Quran as well he says, Lo and Xena have the Quran. Allah Jebin There are eight hoo ha Shem with a Saudi admin closer to Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala talks about the Quran and if it was to be revealed or to come down on a mountain, you would find it caution humble Mata Saudi I mean Hashem Tila, that it would it would crumble from the from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. So when looking at the Quran, brothers and sisters, we have to remember Allah subhanaw taala addressed Ramadan as the month the Quran was revealed. Shah who Ramadan Allah the own Zilla feel Quran he didn't say anything about fasting. He says chakra Ramadan, the month of Ramadan, and he he described it as the month that the Quran was revealed. So with that being the case, one habit that we can start to have if we haven't already of

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initiating is what is our relationship with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala he's taking and reading a verse, looking at it in English and thinking about how this verse applies to me, or what have I done an application of this verse, whether it's leaving off something or initiating something, so let's make inshallah to be attentive on this coming days that Ramadan is coming, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the bat to make us firm and to make us of those that do the actions that will make this Ramadan a fruitful one and our best Ramadan. Insha Allah to Allah.

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Robin attina for dunya Hasina within Hema Tasnim Okay, now, Robin Aquila and alumina waka Farah Anessa yet in our tawaf and Mr. Bharat Allama adenan. Huck Finn was involved in the Balkan Wars. You can extend it out a bit, I mean, a lot more suited. One of them was still finishing Philistine, and one of them was still laughing in his senior anatomy.

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Hello I'm assuming one of them will still laughing if you slow down a little bit I mean, almost one of them was laughing feet or hanging out a bit. I mean, I remember feeling as a newbie and I was in the home and Manyara but I mean, with a bit awkward damn whom either they're in Europe anatomy, or Salah was sitting on the Vatican in the Beano Hammond whiner anything was

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