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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reliance on Islam's actions and not letting things happen to them. They emphasize the need for people to act in their own power and not let things happen to them. The speaker also mentions the need for people to understand their capabilities and not let things happen to them.
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snap hamdulillah

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so Allah who was sending my back I'm going to be in a Muhammad while Eddie he will certainly as you may know, my battle, which was recited in the second Rika was

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a statement that was made by believer during the time of Musa and the time of your home. And he

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made a beautiful statement in regards to our connection with Allah Subhana Allah data and our actions. When do we rely on a lot not when do we rely on Allah, but there are times where you leave the situation to Allah subhana wa Tada. We do not think that we have all control over our actions to where we have no responsibility are we to where Allah spent Allah has no involvement in what takes place in our life. But at the same time we recognize our deficiencies and realizing that Allah subhanaw taala has ultimate authority, and there will be times where we have to leave it to him subpoena the individual says

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for the technical wound Emma kulula como For widow, MD Illa, Allah in Allah have mercy don't believe that.

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He says, after warning them he says we are going badly at the Royal Commission and majority with their own money in and out all my people, what is with you I am calling you to success and you are calling into the fire to their own and in the UK for Robbie law he will or she can be he may lazily be here and you're calling me to disbelieve in Allah

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to be liable well she can be to disbelieve in Allah and to associate partners with him.

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What I have no knowledge and doing I have no knowledge and that will on their own or they will criminalize evil how far and I'm calling you to the Almighty, the oft forgiving but then after this he ends especially by saying first a tentacle Do

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you remember what I'm telling you? You will surely remember what I am telling you what will fall with me in Allah

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and I leave my situation with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will fall widow means I literally lead the affair to something will fall we will Amber I leave the affair to this person or this situation. So after he worked and called the people to good and he saw that they were denying, he said first a typical loan amount okay, you're going to remember what I'm telling you this is a guarantee, this message will come to you again whether it is going to be in a form of punishment of you not listening, or the opposite in which we hope for so technically when a medical record will fall with somebody either law, I've told you what I need to tell you. I leave the affair with ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada my affair I leave with the last point out in the Lucha Basilan believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the all seen with his servants. Brothers and sisters, it's important for us to remember that it is upon us to act in his life in accordance to what Allah has legislated to the best of our ability. But there will be situations to where within the test of ALLAH SubhanA wa data, he will test you to see do you feel you have ultimate authority over your own life and your own affairs to where the tests will be? Will you leave the affair to Allah.

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And this is important, because sometimes we will act and we will say Bismillah and we will do the action. But then we will end the monotony of doing the action. Think that we have ultimate authority over the results. Thinking that we have ultimate authority over what happens to us in every moment. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will surprise you at one one particular moment or at an instant, when you think you have all control, there should be times there will be times when you have to stop and say Allah I leave this affair to you. Something may happen to you, something may happen to someone other than you. And you think that that person may have been healthy that person may have been had a

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level of riches of health of wealth of time, but then Allah subhanaw taala decides something else. And this is where you have to leave the affair to Allah. Lastly, when leaving the affair to Allah, it is not with the attitude of Yes, it is not the attitude of I give up. It is not the attitude of okay, Allah I'll just leave this to you

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And I'm disappointed in what you have predestined. So I guess I'm supposed to say this or be this way. But inside myself is discontentment and that's why the highest level is to have a son worshiping Allah as though you see him. And though you don't see him, you know he sees you being content with what Allah has predestined and knowing, knowing, knowing that that predestination is the best situation. Brothers and sisters, that is not easy. So the tough weed to Allah subhanaw taala leaving the affairs to Allah subhanho wa Taala is an affair of the believer, but it is not a sign of giving up. Rather it is a sign of true reliance and understanding of your capabilities. May

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Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that understand our true capabilities, but at the same time he make us those that act within our capabilities

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are banner ads and FDA has

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