Abdullah Oduro – Invocations of God #08 Sins Stronger than Good Deeds

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss actions that can lead to happiness and success, including apologizing for mistakes, seeking revenge, and using regret to push for actions. They also emphasize the importance of actions in building relationships and achieving success. The speaker describes Allah as a means for his success and loyalty to Iran, with negative language used to indicate regret and evil practices. The speakers emphasize that actions are not sufficient for the success of Islam and the plan to destroy the people is part of a plan to destroy the people.
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Even okay and further goes on and he expounds on this on this point of how sins can serve as a means of a law subpoena without his mercy further expressing the fact that we don't pay him Rahimullah Tada and breaking it down for us, which as a result, this third portion of the DUA will either as never stuck for serves as a means of motivation and hope for all of us when we make a mistake, and this is how even okay Subhanallah that raises us as as, as as human beings, as Muslims, and as students of knowledge even if no claim goes on to say here

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we have a man not only about the Salafi in the lab that they admitted member Yoda who will be a janitor or yeah man who has an attack yet to be Hinata follow cave color Yeah, I'm gonna remember that is aloneness, where he? He goes on to say what, and this is the meaning of some of our pious predecessors that rarely a servant will do an act that will enter him into Jenna, and do an act. Do it Do a sinful act that will enter him into Jenna

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and do a good act that will enter him into the hellfire. And they were asked they asked How is that? polyamory with Ember fillet as Allah knows where he he said he will do the sinful act, but it will always bug him basically. No spring it'd be right in front of his eyes raised in front of his eyes literally. He did that sin he's always seeing what he did. It's always on his mind.

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So it becomes something that is always on his mind. Ha if and men who must feel

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most you can watch it and Baqi and nadelman that He's fearful of him being Allah subhanaw taala must feel fun. What do you then Baqia NAD demand that he is fearful and he is basically a scared if you can, for lack of better word scared, crying in full regret was still him and Robbie he Tyla that he is shy in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala NAC is on ROTC benei are they bowing his head in between Allah's front in front of Allah, he's bowing his head he's full of grit. He's full of what we talked about earlier, when Cassia called Bella who for your call with Erica them, Saba Tina Abdelfattah Hi, and as hard as broken for Allah subhanho wa Taala because all of this was previously took place. So

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that them becomes a means or the reason for the happiness of the servant and his success.

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You notice sin, success, what gets you there is the feelings in the hearts the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the heart by feeling regret feeling sadness, feeling broken, which we talked about earlier, that can only happen when the relationship there is an effort in establishing the relationship. That's second firstly, is knowing who Allah subhanho wa Taala is he's beautiful names and attributes and when one when one learns who Allah is. That's when the relationship is intensified. It is known Firstly, it is acknowledged it is intensified and that's when one becomes Inshallah, the movement the believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and he goes on sera himolla, Hardy Hakuna with Attica, vembu, unfair low, middle class and cathedra. To the degree to where this set this sinful practice that he performed is much more beneficial than plenty acts of obedience. Can you imagine? Be Mantella Tobiah lay him in heavy mortar let's see B has added to the Abdi will follow from what all of these

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all of these feelings that we talked about earlier all these situations from his bowing his head and feeling shy in front of Allah. That is what led to his happiness and success How to know that it gives them some of it to whole agenda to the degree and to the point to where that sin becomes the means of him entering or becomes the reason for him entering Jannah now we know

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that obviously ultimately it's with the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lay the whole layer the whole agenda.

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I hadn't be be Amany right, he said and they asked him no mystery of a lot what it got us a lot. He said Well, Anna Illa al Hamid in in LA when he said Not even me, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala and closes and ghosts me with his mercy. So when showed the importance of action, but also mercy and here in particular, the action in the beginning was a sinful practice. But when one has regret, feels broken, feels debased, feels Dishonored, feels less and small in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is a means for him to turn to Him. So using that regret, to bring to birth, other actions of the heart that are results of the knowledge of Allah. That is

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How one can antigen so do not allow the mistake to hold this down he goes on to say Rahim Allah Tala.

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Now talking about doing the good deed. So we talked about the sinful practice. Now he's talking about the good deed that could get you into the hellfire. Well, you have a little hustler to fly as El Mundo Behala Robin. So he does the good deeds, but he is persistent in in showing his Lord how he is the benefits her of the act. And he explains it. Well, yeah, to cut but Obeah any is arrogant

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with the action that he did the hasna. So he does a good deed. And he's arrogant for the fact that he did a good deed, he's arrogant with the charity that he gave for an Islamic organization. He's arrogant, that he

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recited more Quran, right? He's arrogant that he has more knowledge and everyone recognizes that. Right? He says, Here we are enough. So who will your job will be? And he sees himself. He's looking at himself. He's amazed at himself. He's bragging. And he is in awe, your job,

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your job, but he's amazed at the, you know, he shows off the fact of this deed, or he's amazed what our wants amazement, or asked for amazement, from the good deeds that he's done by others in an indirect way, or you still think it will be hmm. And he is consistent and persistent in that and he wants it to be known, whether it's for a long period of time, or the greatness of the timeframe at the moment. We'll go to file to file and he says, I did this and I did that as an example. Wait for your for your two minute urge we will keep it will fit well. It will it's the thought it may have gone so bad. Okay. So all of these things that he's doing from arrogance and showing off of the

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action. All of that becomes separable hijacking, not separable Rama. It serves as a mean for his destruction.

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For either a lot Allahu talebi had and miskeen hate on the patella who will be unbutton Yun casita will be He. So if Allah subhanho wa Taala

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wants good for the servants in this situation. He will test him with a situation that will break him that will allow him to get stung, and then it will say well, you the Looby here Naka and he will lower his neck.

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What you saw there will be enough so who endo and he will belittle him in front of it.

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We're in our order, be he Leila? Vatika Hala, who were eligible who were kibra, who had a whole headline and multiple hacky lackey. Now this is important here, because what I'm mentioning what even a payment is saying you're thinking, okay, he's going to, he's going to

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break him in front of people or with someone else.

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And to lower his neck and give you that it'll be hard to lower his neck to debase him, right. And he will make him small in front of himself or others. Right? He says, But if Allah wants other than that, listen, he will leave him and his amazement and his his boasting he'll leave him to do it. So you notice the punishment is where Allah leaves that person to continue on in that bragging, showing off belittling others. That is how Allah debase is the individual that does a good deed. That's how he debases them he leaves him Hello, who words but who will kibra home? Hello, hula hit Learn. That is the true debasement. That is the true belittlement.

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And this is important because when we look at what people may have, and the fact that they're bragging on it, if you see them years later and they're continuing, do not think man they'd been that successful for this long, there's still break. That is a way that Allah is continuing Umino who Allah leaves him or her to continue on, send that send us the diligent human Hadler Yeah, lemon will only let him in the KD Mateen Allah subhanaw taala talks about

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those people that that are envious and danger serves as a danger towards them in the believer. He says send us the resume in Arabic this is called instead Raj, where Allah will continue to punish you as long as you are persistent in the act of punishment, and there is no regret. There is no remorse, to the degree that you are persistent and you use different means to brag about what you are doing from the hasna. This is not from the evil deed. This is from the good deed. So let's be aware of this Subhan Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will test the movement with that which you may not anticipate. But then he says Subhanallah even when you voluntarily perform a sin, it is a

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test from Allah to see if you will be persistent in it. Because if you are not and you will have failed

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regret and badly about it. That is a means for His mercy. And the one that does a good deed Allah will test you as well. Are you bragging about it? Are you boastful about it? Are you thinking that tonight Allah that you are, you have done something for Islam or the deen

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and that is amazing because Subhan Allah, we see in the chapter of her dogs, ALLAH SubhanA wa Dali reminds Subhan Allah those who may convert to Islam or do a good deed for Islam. Let someone know Allah, Allah He evidence, do not think that you are doing a lot of favor or Islam a favor, or that what you have given is something that without you and it, Islam would be deficient. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that are continuous and are acts of good. And when we do anything that is good for novela we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and anything that is bad, that is from us, and using the bad deed, the simple practice to serve as a means of coming closer to Him. Those

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feelings of regret, remorse and debasement verbal or physical. was Santa Monica Rahmatullahi katsu

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