Dua is An appointment With Allah Swt #shorts

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The speaker discusses how people can become friend by sharing their personal experiences and outcomes. They mention examples such as sharing names and family members, as well as sharing experiences of relationships and struggles. The speaker emphasizes that everyone has a personal story to tell from their experiences.

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Do I becomes your best friend? Do Art becomes your appointment with ALLAH SubhanA data.

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That becomes my tool that I use for every person in my life who is going through problems.

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I would that that says something amazing about that he says something incredible. He says, I make dua for 70 of my friends. In my winter. I mentioned their name and their father's name.

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I mentioned 70 of my friends. In my winter. I mentioned their name and their father's name.

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And so even for my friend, this young man whose life is perfect, currently, are all of the people around you are their life's perfect. Or do you have an uncle who's sick? And do you have a friend who still needs to get married? And do you have a cousin who's going through problems? And do you have a sibling who still hasn't graduated from school? And do you have a person in your family who doesn't pray