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hamdulillah ohana, Stephanie and OB you want to still feel who want to study. When are we gonna be lying to elementary rhodium fusina woman sejahtera Melina no Mia de la, la la la la

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la la, la la la la la la la la la sharika y shawanna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu attended Ireland mean

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money in an hour long

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or short I have

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a hobby here in an army and

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navy and I no matter what as soon as he what he said it was a little robotic it while he was happy where Allah Jimmy I ministered and maybe soon he walked up the esta de la Omen Dean and actually see C'mon FCB taco la hytera for in May a tequila ajala who Maharajah while you're so calm and hateful is all praises due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Julian Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides, none can mislead and he will law leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and everyone is that there is nothing worthy of worship, save a lot loan and then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both his servant

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and His Messenger. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to said in an authentic hadith in other words to live with him macadam Allah, He said that indeed I was only sent to perfect character to perfect the moral standard of character. And so our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to encourage us to assume the characteristics that are good for us, and to warn us

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of behavior that undermines proper an excellent character. And when someone has a lack of good character, they in fact harm themselves primarily, the main victim of their lack of character is themselves when we lie, even though our lives might hurt other people. Even if we succeed in our lives, we feel internally, like we are hypocrites, and it destroys us from within.

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If a person is stealing from others, even if they are successful, quote, unquote, in stealing from others, they themselves will feel constant fear that someone else is going to steal from them. When we develop evil character when we exude bad character, not only are we harming others, not only are we harming society, but we're actually harming our own selves. And today's topic revolves around this concept. The more we engage in this, the more pain actually brings ourselves. The more we do it, the more we feel mistrust, the more we feel paranoid, the more we feel, feel filled with hatred. This character that I want to speak about is the character of having bad assumptions about other

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people always having evil assumptions about people. Allah subhanaw taala and the Quran he says, Yeah, you will Edina Amman, age 10. He will Kathy Amina London, in Baba Vanya. He says all believers avoid much of suspicions of suspicions and assumptions. For indeed, some assumptions are sinful. Allah subhanaw taala tells us it's tenable. Avoid all this, don't tell us sorry to avoid all assumptions. But most assumptions, it's Teddy McAfee or Amina one.

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Avoid most of assumptions that you would make. And the scholars say Allah does not tell us avoid every assumption, or every suspicion, because some suspicions are legitimate to hold. Like what they say there is a London popper. Even though this phrase is a bit strange, it seems like an oxymoron. But to have an assumption that is definitive. Meaning once I know for a fact, this person is angry at me.

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And I see the anger on their face. And I see them holding a gun pointed towards me. Can I assume he has bad intentions? He's going to harm me. Yes, I can make that assumption. Because there's definitive factors involved. If he's holding his fist, and he's coming towards me, can I say he's going to hit me? Yes, I can. Because there's definitive factors involved. But most assumptions are not based on definitive factors. This is why Allah subhanaw taala says a steady McAfee ROM in a month, he said, avoid most of assumptions, because most assumptions we make in our lives are not definitive at all. For instance, you might have a debate with someone and it becomes a heated

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exchange. And they say something that sounds like it could be an insult. But it's not clear. It's vague. Maybe they say something to you like, you know, Brother, you really are different. What does it mean that I'm different? is they're insulting me? Or are they just making an actual observation? I have a different way of thinking through things. This is what the scholars call a limited one. It's not definitive, but overwhelmingly, he probably is insulting me, given the context, but it's not definitive. Even this, the scholars say should be avoided. And then there are assumptions we make based off of circumstance alone. So for instance, you know, you didn't invite me to your

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wedding. So I assume you didn't invite me on purpose. Maybe you just forgot. Maybe it had nothing to do with, you know, anything other than that, you just forgot to invite me. And so this is a form of suspicion based on circumstance. But there's no evidence involved. There's nothing definitive at all. And the final type of scholars talk about a one nil. Whammy the imaginary assumptions. And this is a lot of the prejudices and assumptions that exist, where there is no obvious intention or motive, and we read into it still. You see a brother, he's driving a really nice car. He must be stealing. He must be selling drugs. On what basis? Did you make this assumption? There is no

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definitive basis. You just jumped to an assumption. You see a sister not wearing a job. Oh, she must be immoral. She must be like this. Her character must be like this. How do you know this? You just made this assumption. You see a brother with a beard. He must be an extremist. How did you come to

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This definition, how did you come to this assumption that you've made? These are pure prejudices and assumptions, right? And so having negative assumptions or being suspicious of others, is to constantly delve into the intentions of other people. And this is a disease of the heart.

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And usually this disease exists, because we have our own evil intentions. And so we project our own evil intentions onto other people. So the person who would naturally back by and naturally has a propensity to backbiting immediately assumes that other people are also backbiting about you. If you would steal from other people, you would automatically assume that other people are trying to steal from you. This is why I leave in the long run. He said, I share your lie, Hira, he said the one who is evil never assumes good about anyone else. He says the I know Lyra illa vipava RFC, he says because this person can only see through the prism of their own nature, their own nature is to do

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evil. And so they always think other people are up to evil, because that's their own nature. And they're only looking through this prism of evaluating other people through their own inclinations. And once in a bit, a great poet. He said in that

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model, he said, No, he said, when a person's deeds are evil, so to our his assumptions, and it's like a person who is, you know, sitting, looking outside their window, and they see their neighbors hanging their laundry. You know, people were like in apartments and especially back home, do they hang their laundry outside? Not they don't do so much in our country, but in other countries they do. And so he looks outside and he says, Look at these people are hanging their laundry, their laundry is dirty, what kind of people I didn't, they didn't even wash their laundry properly. They're hanging it to dry. And every day he tells his wife, this look at our neighbors How foolish

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they are. They didn't even wash their clothes properly. They're hanging it to dry and it's dirty. And in reality, and finally his wife comes and wipes the window and says no, it's not what they're hanging, it's the window, the window is dirty. And that's why you think what they're hanging is dirty, but it's really your window. And this is what this is exactly kind of the example of this is that we look to other people we think what they're doing is bad, but it has nothing to do with them has to do with the window from what we're looking through. And it's our window ourselves, our knifes our heart that requires cleaning. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said an authentic ad is

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an ad is an actual rajulio. Allah can ask for who Allah. He said a few here and then saying the people are ruined. The people are this the people are the worst. For whom he is the worst amongst them, he's the most ruined amongst them. Right? The sign of being someone who always holds negative suspicions about others is that we're trying to, you know, ascribe evil intentions to every deed that we see. There's an action that we see. And we could give it a charitable interpretation, but instead, we're trying to give it the worst possible interpretation and motives. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said once Yeah, Matt Sherman snmpd said and he went off when he Manuela

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called me. He said, Oh people who have Eman has has come upon your tongues, but has not yet reached your hearts. Oh, people whose Eman is on your tongue but not in your heart? What did he tell them? That's a typical l Muslim in that of taboo see me? team, they know minutes of our, our our team, it's about love our daughter. When we

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feel at him. He said whoever the problem is, I sent him says do not backbite about the Muslims, and do not follow their faults. For whoever seeks the fault of his brother, Allah will seek out his fault. And whoever has his faults sought out by Allah, Allah will disgrace him, even if he hides in the depths of his home.

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What are the the faults of the Muslim? prophesied sentences? Don't follow the faults of the Muslims? What are the faults of the Muslims their sins? What does the Prophet mean don't follow the faults of the Muslim? It means don't talk about it. Don't discuss it. Don't be interested in their sins. Don't ascribe intentions to it. Don't assume the motives behind it.

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And the power of this Hadith of the Prophet so long letters and it begins by saying what Yeah, my short I'm an excellent IBT sunny. Oh people who is snam you have accepted Islam with your tongues.

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What am if the man will not call me back faith hasn't entered your heart.

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And it's and the prophets on the lower end by saying this, he's indicating to us that when your heart is full of evil assumptions of others, it's full of backbiting about others. It's full of following the sins of others. It is an indication that true man, true faith in Allah subhanaw taala has not yet settled inside the heart. And if Allah seeks your fault, he will expose you. I no one can hide. You know, no one can hide your sins of philosophy. It exposes your sins. And this is why the scholars they say, whenever you see your brother doing something, try to find a charitable interpretation to the point that some of them said, If you hear your brother saying another book

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coming out, I am your Lord, the Most Thai say he must be reciting the verse. He's not saying that about himself. He's just reciting the verse is that if you see your brother and his beard is dripping with alcohol say that someone must have thrown it in his face. Someone must have skill to on him. He wasn't drinking, find a way to interpret it positively. I don't want to know how Bob or the alarm went on said Latta wouldn't be can imagine how college when he came in Shara. When taggi doula Phil hire Mr. Mehra. He said, Never assume that a word that your brother has spoken is evil. While there exists, the possibility of it being good. I don't think anything he says is wrong is

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evil. While there exists the possibility that you can interpret it positively. Too often we do the opposite. Somebody says something that probably you know very clearly was, or overwhelmingly likely was meant to be a good thing. But we try to twist it and turn it and reinterpret it and apply motives to it, but they really intended this. They really meant to do this are meant to say this, and some kind of law. How often are we sure of our own intentions? Like right now I am giving a hoot about I would like to think that I'm doing this only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and I'm not doing it for the sake of anyone else. And I'm not doing it for the sake of showing off. I would

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like to think that. Am I 110% sure that that's the case. Sometimes even in our own hearts, we can't be 100% sure that there's no feeling of showing off that's entering our hearts. So if I'm not and if you're not 100% sure of your own intention sometimes. How can you be sure if someone else's intentions? How do we judge the intentions of others? A loss of kernel data tells us we mentioned in the eye on the beginning yeah you will Edina no it's terrible Kathy Amina one. Oh you who believe avoid most assumptions. Avoid much of assumptions. He tells you each 10 evil. Now each tiny bubble means avoid get away from it's a very strong term of get away and avoid this thing. Allow us ht NAB

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rich tenable in a few different places in the Quran. One is when he talks about shidduch What do you have any and now with the loss Nam the dwarf Prophet Ibrahim or legend nominee? Well then he makes me and my children abandon the worship of the idols. Allah subhanaw taala it says fetch Stonebridge seminal Elsa and he wished he will call it a zoo. Allah says each tenable the you know avoid the filth of idolatry and avoid the evil speech meaning the speech of worshipping other than Allah subhanaw taala so when it comes to * Allah says instead he will avoid where else does Allah say ah 10 evil when he talks about alcohol and gambling yeah you let me know in the middle what it means

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for you one swab one exam or instrument I'm going to shape on fetched any room that I like him to ruin a lesson oh you believe in toxic skins, gambling, and issues of also sugar as well are related to it are the acts of shavon so avoided vegetarians who avoided so this language of ht NAB is used for these things? what connects them all? Why is a lot telling us

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in each of these circumstances, it's tiny we'll get away from these things. Why these things and these things alone. And the scholars comments on this a lot tells you when it comes to civic worshipping other than a large Teddy booth stay away from this, avoid this. Why? What the ship do ship destroys your tawheed it destroys your belief in Allah alone. Your worship of Allah alone. It destroys your monotheism. Right? So should it destroys your monotheism. What does alcohol do? Alcohol toxicants drugs

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They destroy your mental faculties. What does gambling do? gambling destroys your wealth, your money.

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Finally, a law tells you each tenant to avoid assumptions you make of people. What does assumptions do? It destroys brotherhood.

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It destroys relationships that we have with each other. It destroys the cohesion of a community of a society. If everybody is assuming the worst of each other, this society divides and falls apart and breaks apart.

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And so each of these things that our last panel data tells you, it's time to stay away from these things. These are all things that have dangerous, corrosive, destructive qualities. It can destroy your tawheed it can destroy your money, it can destroy your mental faculties, it can destroy your society and the bonds between people. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he akama one. Beware of assumptions. Beware of assumptions, feign, vain, one, accessible Hadith For indeed, assumptions is the most false of speech. It is the most lying of speech. And then the Prophet says, what to assess whether to just so what that has to do, what it's about, oh, well, it's about

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what about the law, Juana, then the Prophet sallallahu Addison says don't spy on each other, don't contend with each other, don't envy each other, don't hate each other, don't turn away from each other, rather be the servants of Allah, and brothers. Now, the beginning of this hadith is heavy. You've mentioned a number of sins, the sins of seeking each other's faults, the sins of spying on each other, the spins on competing negatively with each other of envying each other of hating each other, all these different Sins of the Prophet begins with what we yakka with one, avoid assumptions for indeed, assumptions is the most lying of speech, it is the most false of speech. And all these

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other sins come from our evil assumptions. Why does someone seek the faults of someone else? Because you assumed something bad about them to begin with? Why does someone spy on someone else? Because they assume something bad about them to begin with? Why do we compete negatively with each other? Why do we hate each other? Why do we envy each other all of this began with having evil assumptions about each other. These are socially destructive behaviors. They destroy society, they destroy relationships. They destroy brotherhood and sisterhood. They destroyed communities, it destroys marriages and destroys the oma. And it starts. All that envy and hatred starts with what having

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negative assumptions about each other. And the Prophet tells you what Kuhn when you read the law, when instead be the servants of a lion brothers to each other, avoid all the negative assumptions and instead be servants of a lot, and brothers to one another. And this is something incredibly important for us to think and for us to contemplate. Look at the example of the sound of news aid or the alarm, I'm seven, Windows eight is fighting on the battlefield. And the person who's fighting the sword in their hands, falls out of their hand, and the samurai standing over him now, in a position of dominance, the man said to sama, La ilaha illallah

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wa samma looks at the situation that he's in. Number one, we're on the battlefield. This is a circumstance of the battlefield. Number two, he didn't say the Shahada until he dropped a sword until he dropped his weapon. Only after he dropped it, he said the Shahada. Number three was the one who dropped his weapon,

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he would have killed him, it is fair to assume the other man would have killed him if he dropped, it was no Drop the weapon. So Samurai does not accept this, and he kills them in.

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And he goes back to the profits a little lower and you send them and he tells them this is what happened.

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A prophet said to him call Alcatel

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da da da da da da, da. Did you kill him after he said that? You know, in Allah Salman said to the Prophet cavesson. Well, he didn't mean it. He said it. Yes. But he didn't mean it. He just said it because he dropped the sword. Prophet said to him again, I tend to

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eat a lot. Did you kill him after he said that? You know, the law? Again? He said to the Prophet garrison. Well, he didn't mean He only said it because of the situation. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to him,

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Samantha, narrow Villa, you know, in the law, he said to me, he said, What are you going to do with that? You know, in the law, if it comes on the Day of Judgment. What are you going to do with La la la la when it arrives on the day of judgment?

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you don't know for sure that his lie the law was not truthful. And if he's a man who said that Eli Lalanne comes on the day of judgment because of your evil assumptions, you harmed him, what are you going to do with that he died on the Day of Judgment.

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Now how many people in our lives have said la dee da de la la. And unlike sama, we know with certainty, they said that either a la la. And yes, with our evil assumptions, we destroy them. We expose them. We talk about them in a certain way, we try to create controversy in a certain way to discuss

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and to what the prophet said to Osama, we should think about to ourselves, what are you going to do with La Ilaha Illa life it comes on the Day of Judgment.

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What are you going to do in another Muslim comes on the day of judgment? And he says, I said La Ilaha Illa LA, and my brother in Islam did this to me. And my brother in Islam said this about me. And my brother in Islam had these evil assumptions which led him to harm me in this way. And in that way.

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What are you going to do that you know, bla bla

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bla Allah subhanaw taala says what a family so that can be here. He said, Do not pursue that what you don't have knowledge of in the seminar will also know will Fuad kulula kenanga Masuda For indeed the hearing, and the sight in the heart, all of these things will be questioned, all of our faculties are going to be questioned. And we're going to be questioned about the things that we did and we acted upon without having certain knowledge. So a lot tells you don't act and don't pursue things that you don't have knowledge of. And the intentions and the motives of other people certainly fall into this felco. Nobody had our stuff from audio that comes through in all of

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our handlers, auto cinema and our rasulillah, who either early he was so happy for Manuela.

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The scholars talk about evil assumptions as being from Madonna shape on from being the entrance entry points of shape on how shavon influences us. And the reason is, because it's actually very easy to assume many different things

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out of a single statement, or a single instance, even in the English language, they tell you, you can do this exercise, where if you say a phrase like a phrase, like I didn't say she stole my money. And depending on the word that you emphasize, the meaning changes completely. So friends, if you say, I didn't say she stole my money. The implication is someone else said it. Because I emphasize the word I. If I say I didn't say she stole my money. I didn't say it.

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If I say I didn't say she stole my money, and he I didn't say it. Maybe I implied it, but I didn't say it. Every word that you emphasize gives you a completely different meaning a single phrase, you can interpret it 100 different ways.

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And so she works off of our lack of knowledge. We don't know. So shavon whispers to us the worst possible intentions and the profits in the long run. And he said a month is in the messages. And he stepped outside to speak to one of his wives. And so he's outside speaking to his wife and some of the Muslims were walking. They see the Prophet standing with a woman

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and they continue to walk a little bit faster. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam runs after them. And he tells them that is Sophia. He had just married Sophia. So she just newly married so he thought that maybe they didn't know he married Sophia. They don't know what Sophia is, and they might assume something. So the Prophet said, this is Sophia, my wife. They said some panel layout so while we were never going to think anything bad about you, we know you're the Messenger of Allah. We're not going to assume anything about you. The prophets a little lower and you send them said no more lacking in the shape on the edge of the fill inside Medallia dumb, he said but rather shape on

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runs through the children of Adam, like blood runs through their veins when the Hershey and Yakubu be commercia. And I was afraid that shavon will put something inside of your heart. The Prophet sallallahu is going out of his way to help stop them from assuming anything negative and to only assume what's good. Let's have had a look at how they saw the Prophet. And still they're going to assume good right they saw the Prophet with Sophia still they said you know we're gonna assume good Pamela how are we going to assume anything bad about you? And the profit so long as I'm still understand that even when people see something, they're good, they could assume something negative.

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I mean, think about this. We don't even

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See things and we assume negative things. We just hear from someone else you hear from someone who heard from someone. So now you assume something negative, but you never saw it with your eyes. The problem is is MMC is in Sabah seeing him with his eyes. He goes and he clarifies to ensure that they have the proper intentions and then they have the proper understanding of what has taken place. And look at the profits a little lower instead of one. A young man was brought to the masjid because he had drunk alcohol, and they beat him for doing so. And as they were hitting him now this young man had drank alcohol many times, many times they found him drunk and they brought him to them as time

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after time after time. And here when they were punishing him one person screams out or says out loud. Allahu Allah. I know, Max. Toby. He's an old lock, curse this man. How often do they bring him and how often has he committed his harem and they bring him to punish him. The Prophet sola love wherever you send them said, let's

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don't curse him. Don't curse him fend for Lima Adams will no longer assume he's a foreigner. Indeed, what I know is that this man loves a lot as a messenger. Even though the Prophet knows 100%, this young man committed How long? There's no question that he committed How long? The Prophet refuses to assume this means he's an evil person. There's still a possibility that exists, that he loves a lot in his messenger.

00:31:36--> 00:32:03

Right? And this is something really important for us, even if we were to see something wrong. seen somebody do something wrong. Okay, they did something wrong. Does that mean we should jump now to the conclusion that this is an evil person, everything about them is haram and evil and they're going to Hellfire, which is something a lot of people do. No, we don't have to jump to that assumption. The Prophet resists that says don't curse him. Rather all I know that he loves a lot and His Messenger. That is why he does that. He says,

00:32:05--> 00:32:05

you have

00:32:07--> 00:32:25

to be nice visonic just like it is wadge have upon you to be quiet with your tongue. When you see the evils of your brother, the faults of your brother, karate k edgy boy Arnica. suku to be anemic. Likewise, it is imperative for you to be quiet with your hearts.

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Right? Well, that it can be tough to set that one up. And this is with avoiding evil assumptions about them. So just like if you saw the sins of your brother, are you allowed to if I see a brother making a sin in a setting, can I go around telling everybody I this person did something wrong? They say no, you can't do this. You can't spread the sins of your brothers right? So is it just like it is wired up for your tongue to be silent at the sin of your brother and his wedge and for your heart to be silent by not assuming the worst of those around you? And likewise, when people were spreading the false lies about our mother Ayesha Allah subhanaw taala says an operand. Lola is similar to move

00:33:06--> 00:33:32

on. Meenakshi emphysema. Kira will call you Heather. If como bien. Allah says when you heard these rumors, why didn't the believing men and women think good of themselves and say this is an obvious lie? A lie is reprimanding the believers. Why didn't you immediately consider this a lie? But what's interesting about this versus the last penalty is is when you heard it. Why didn't the believing men and women

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London Meenakshi bm fusi Empire? Why didn't they think good about themselves? A law does not say why didn't they think good about Ayesha? No, he doesn't say that. He says why didn't they think good B unfussy him about themselves. And it's an interesting phrase here. I Isha is being referred to as yourself in this verse. Why? The scholars say because your brother in Islam, your sister in Islam, is you you should see them as yourself. So if you're going to spread something negative about them, if you're going to harm them, you're actually harming yourself.

00:34:14--> 00:34:52

By the profits a little while while he's having his facility moral and physical. When he ordered us to give sell them to our brothers and sisters in the snam. He didn't say go say send them to them. He said say send them to yourself. Because when you say send them to your brother, you're really saying send them to yourself, you're really spreading send them to yourself. And this principle of seeing your brother and sister in Islam as though they are you is something that we have to strive for. And if we strive for it, then inshallah it will cause us to turn away from any type of harming each other with our assumptions and our thoughts and our negativity and instead to always think good

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of one another in the law, omega equals lunala nebia evalina and also lusardi he was in the mood schema alone was on us and America

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Do you know when to be in or have you been I've met a lot of Sanjana Mohamed el mercado de que una de gras. Also lately

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for the Urbana de manera de noir deals Have you been applied in a while? Oh man, I mean, ya know, I read the last one. I mean, along with that diamond, female communist lover for a while I have many love for Russia. Will I be in love later when I'm reading Alicia feta when I walked in and laugh at her while I had written how I did Tonio adelphia right here like I didn't want to have your sobre la Leto subtab your hermetical camera I mean, as long as it is non Muslim in where are we from the elements of happy with Dean alone have you been in an Amen was a Lumina will carry in uncomfortable for Super Lucien which I'm not gonna rush again. In the lion water Bradley will assign you a title

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for Whitehead and fascia you will hear

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it on what's called life for me as it come to life equitable law reanimates their own