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Abdullah Hakim Quick
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Alhamdulillah hora below the mean velocity but a little more talking. Well that would wanna Illa Allah Dolly mean? Well shall one La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika Allah, wa shadow, Mohammed Abu who was Zulu. So La la la la, la la la he was happy woman da da da what he was standing beside knotty Illa yo Medina for Salaam Sleeman kathira Amar bad for SQL munaf si B taqwa Allah azza wa jal are some evil ta y akula loxapine suparna Billahi min ash shaytaan the regime woman of lembo min manifesta Allah Allah He can de ba o katha Bobby iottie in a hula, you flay hood Dolly moon.

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Our praise due to Allah Lord of the worlds and surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed, the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family and to his companions, and to all those who called his way and establish his Sunnah to the day of judgment as to what follows I begin by reminding myself and you of the importance of taqwa of the consciousness of Allah, being aware

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of the presence of the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal in everything that we do, being aware that we are ultimately moving in a transition out of this world into another world, and we will have to face our deeds.

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We were moving from this world, back to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And so we should

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fear Him and have the caution, his understanding in our hearts and recognize that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his mighty book, knowledge, which will continue to be guidance to the Day of Resurrection.

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And within this book and spiritual anom in verse 21, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed and who is more unjust, then he who makes or invents a lie against Allah and denies his revelations. Surely the wrongdoers will never be successful. And so Allah azza wa jal in using the construct, construct a vote.

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And we just remind ourselves that Ridwan Illa, Allah aalameen, that's also in the book of Allah. There's no animosity, no hatred, no anger, except for process. But this verse takes it a step further.

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And it says woman of love.

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So who is

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more unjust,

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who is the worst form

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of an oppressor

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but one

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who invents a lie on Allah. So they invent lies against Allah subhanaw taala.

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And they refuse to accept his revelations when the revelation comes.

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And Allah says clearly that those who are Dali moon, those who are oppresses that's the same word again, they will never be successful.

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And so the success alpha lies in keeping the balance not going over the limits. And those

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can be oppression of one to another on the outside. They can be political oppression, economic oppression, all types of oppression. There's even a form of oppression, which is a zone of enough's. It is to oppress yourself.

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By exceeding the limits with our bodies, by exceeding the limits with the life that Allah has given to us. We can actually become oppresses while el de Bella

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oh you who believe. Last weekend I was traveling in England in the UK

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and I was travelling between London and Manchester into what is known as the Midlands

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and they're in the Midlands I pass the city of Birmingham.

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Birmingham is the second largest city in

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In the UK,

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it has a population in terms of Christians, there are about 494,358 Christians.

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There are also Hindus, Buddhists, atheist Jews, people of different religions. The Muslims in Birmingham, which is a fairly large number, make up about 234,411. They're about 22% of the population.

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And Birmingham is a typical British town, quiet,

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the people moving along,

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no separate areas where there's anybody different, except for some concentrations. But it's a typical British city. And as I pass through Birmingham,

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this famous city and one of the pride of the British, I recall the words of Steve Emerson.

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And Steve Emerson, is considered to be one of the experts in the west on Islamic extremism.

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And they bring him on the syndicated programs. And Steve Emerson said, in a program, that Birmingham

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is a completely Islamic town.

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non Muslims are not allowed.

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It's a no go area for non Muslims.

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This information when it struck the British media, it caused people to go into a state of shock.

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They couldn't believe that this was being said. He also said there are no go zones in London, where the Muslim religious police will beat anybody who does not dress with Islamic clothes.

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This news was taken with disgust in Britain.

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But in America where people are dumbed down,

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they listen to this. And many people not even knowing where Birmingham was, believed it.

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And so the expert Emerson had to come back on and apologize. This is the same man who in 1995,

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when the FBI Building in Oklahoma City was blown up,

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an episode came on CNN, and he said, this has Middle Eastern prints all over it.

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This is Middle Eastern. In other words, these are Muslims who are doing this. And lo and behold, it turned out that it was a right wing, European American

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working for the christian right, who had blown up the FBI building.

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So this is the same man

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who made those statements, who is still considered to be one of the leading islamophobes these are the pundits, these are the people who are whipping up Islamophobia the fear of Muslims into the population.

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And they are allowed to go on mainstream television.

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In Europe, one of the leading islamophobes, whose name is Anders brevik. He's a Norwegian men. And in July of 2011,

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brevik blew up a government building downtown Oslo.

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Then he went to an island utopia island off the coast of Oslo. There was a youth camp. These were the best of the young people in Norway, the future leaders of the country. And he went to this camp and he gunned down as many people as he could kill until they finally stopped him. 68 people were killed

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when they captured him,

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and they said are you sorry, sir? I'm not sorry.

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My mission is to fight the presence of Muslims in Europe.

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And he had a document a manifesto 1500 words

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where he mentioned in this

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document, he called it the European Declaration of Independence.

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He was not ashamed.

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And he mentioned islamophobes in the Western countries. In America, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, he mentioned them in his text. Where was the outcry?

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Where were the people marching in the streets. He was not gunned down immediately when they caught him. He's still alive

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in prison and he's making a demonstration now because

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He wants to have a better form of internet, his internet is not strong enough.

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And so a double standard that we are seeing a double standard rising and rising and rising. And we

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the oma, the nation of the Prophet Muhammad, so seldom, we have to be well aware of what is going on and have solutions. We need direction out of this.

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One of the main discussions of the islamophobes is the fear of Sharia.

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They are afraid of Islamic law.

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And if you mentioned Sharia in different parts of the Midwest of America, where people are dumbed down,

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they are afraid. They think that the Sharia means to blow things up to kill people to punish to oppress women.

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But we know in our teachings that the macaque acid the the objectives of Sharia is the opposite. The objectives of Sharia, as discussed by Imam Al ghazali, Rahim Allah is Mustafa, the famous book of sulak. The objectives are to safeguard and to preserve the well being of people. So it's the opposite. It's not the destruction of people, shutout means to protect people.

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And within the Casa that shows us that number one, the Sharia is established to protect the religion of people.

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And it protects the religion not by chasing down other religions, but by providing morality in society. so that people can live in a society with morality, with the consciousness of God.

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Even other religions can be tolerated, within this construct, also within the Sharia, is the preservation of life, the preservation of human life, that human life is sacred.

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And that even if a person is guilty of something, we are not vigilantes, we do not assassinate people. The Sharia shows us, we are balanced and audit. And there is a structure within our society, because life is sacred, even one life is a sacred thing in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The third part of the MacArthur, the Sharia is the preservation of

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the preservation of intelligence. And that means that the Islamic system would set up an education, where a young person can get an education, not only a secular education, but they can also get an education of the revelation.

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So when they learn the math, when they learn science, when they learn all the different disciplines, it reminds them of Allah subhanaw taala?

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Because how could we have such a beautiful universe without the creator? How could there be an immune system in the human body that throws off disease while we sleep? Without the creator? How could insects and animals have instinct to help them survive?

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in all different climates without the creator? How could there be layers of life living at the same time, without one who is almighty in power?

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And so the preservation of the intelligence the mind of the youth, comes through a well balanced education. And also, it allows differences of opinion.

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It allows people to express themselves, what they call today, freedom of expression.

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It allows this, it gives us society, the ability to breathe, for people to think, and to use their mind, but surely also is the preservation and safeguarding of Nestle of the posterity to protect your children and your children's children. And that is by providing health and welfare, welfare to society, medical needs of society, to protect the children through their education, through their upbringing, to protect the society, from diseases that would strike and destroy our families and destroy the basis of society.

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The mocassin also included and includes the protection of wealth, and that is that our wealth is created.

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tected that we are allowed to have private property, that we do not have an exploitative society, we're interested in usury are put on people where the rich dominate the poor.

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These are the mocassin of the Sharia. These are the objectives. And two key points that come out of our texts, as the key objectives of the Sharia is Rama and houda. That is mercy and guidance. So the basis of this society

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is to spread mercy on people. And it is also that human beings ultimately, are guided back to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, so that we could be successful in this life, and successful in the hereafter.

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But the haters of Islam, the islamophobes, and the fear of this, and those who make wealth off of interest in usury, those who make their wealth off of selling alcohol and drugs, selling *, opening up casinos, on focusing on the lower part of people exploiting people, they're afraid of this.

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Because of this type of thing spreads, then the banks would not be taking interest from people, it'd be cooperative banking.

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How can you sell your alcohol, which is drugs in liquid form? How could you sell your drugs?

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How could you push your *?

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How could you get people caught on gambling?

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It won't work with a society like this. So for the people who are supporting the corruption,

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and Islamic Society is fearful to them. And that is where the fear is. And it's hard for us to understand this. Because to live in a state of peace and justice, to live with the well being to preserve life to protect each other. That is the essence of being a human being.

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But we should have no fear. Because Allah subhanaw taala, Creator of the heavens and the earth is the one who preserves Islam. It is not Muslims, by themselves. We struggle for our own Deen will we be on the path but the protection of Islam and the dignity and the honor of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah This is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala

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and there is no human being no movement

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that can bring this down. It's like a fool blowing at the sun.

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gathering all these people together to blow up the sun. As much as he blows he cannot put out the light of the sun. Allah azza wa jal tells us you really do know the youth for you, Nora la EBF wa him? Well, la huitema naughty, he will carry healthcare for you don't they intend to put out the light of Allah with their mouth, you see their mouth, the pundits, their media,

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they intend to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will complete his light

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even though the disbelievers would hate it, but where will we stand in this?

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What can we do

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to make a change?

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Allah tells us very clearly in the law hello you Hey, you Roma be comin. What are you how are you Mr. B unforseeable. Allah will not change the condition of a people. So they change that which is in themselves. So I leave you with some practical suggestions. One of the great scholars of the Sahara Desert Sahara region shuckers. Man, Ebony foody Rahim Allah, the great scholars who lived in the desert,

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who contemplated society and brought practical information. And again, it is part of the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad Sal Salim that throughout time there are people who would reflect His light, the light from Allah to the messenger, to different individuals to reflect this light onto the society that we could benefit from the light. And from this, he looked at the diseases of the heart. What are the things that can make our hearts go wrong? Because this is the essence of the Muslim problem now,

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in many areas of the world.

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The non Muslims don't so called West is not the problem. The problem is within us, because we're too busy struggling against each other.

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How can we solve this number one?

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The practical solutions, the practical focusing on

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diseases of the heart How do we come out of it? Jealousy?

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Jealousy eats away things. It destroys our relationship. A brother makes a little progress a Masjid comes up and the other people are jealous. She has a new baby and the other women are jealous. And the prophet SAW Selim said he Jaco, well Hassan. Be aware of jealousy for in Al Hassan, Jaco Hassan at katakolon, Otto hottap. He said, beware of jealousy, it will eat up your good deeds, like a fire eats up firewood, don't be jealous of another person, whatever they have. That's what Allah willed. And the more money you have, it's not a blessing,

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it can actually turn into a curse. Number two,

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the fear of poverty.

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The fear of getting poor, of not having things, it drives people to do strange actions. Because the material world, the stock market is going down the Canadian dollar now it's below the US.

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I'm afraid for my material things, the fear of poverty, drives people to lie and cheat and steal, and to do all types of strange things. Number three,

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keeping more wealth than is necessary.

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Too much accumulated wealth. Yes, you have enough wealth, to take care of yourself, to take care of your family, to strive to live comfortable, but when it's too much,

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that's the danger. And this is where the Zakat comes in. This is where Allah azza wa jal keeps telling us, in fact, give your money in the path of Allah. Give constantly. When we hear discussions like this, when we hear appeals like the appeal for Syria, we need to give last week I went to the UK because of the Ebola crisis. We raised money for the Ebola crisis, people forgot about Ebola, but it is still killing people in West Africa, and the countries of Guinea and Sierra Leone. And these areas where it's impacted. 75% of the people are Muslims.

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And so these crises which are being pushed out the way we need to support and the Syrian crisis is critical, especially now in the winter. Number four, holding suspicion against other Muslims, Sudan.

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So you see a person who say Salaam Alaikum, brother, Which country do you come from?

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Who is your share?

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What's your school of thought? What must you do you go to? So if somebody school of thought is different than another, you don't like him. If somebody comes from a part of the world far away, you don't trust him. This is sewer van.

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And the sewer done is one of the worst qualities that we can have. It creates what they call prejudice, where you prejudge an individual.

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Number five.

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This is interesting for scholars living in the desert. This applies directly to us today. He said one of the dangers or diseases facing Muslims is testing other Muslims in theological questions.

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Stop testing each other. Stop trying to find out does he have to heat or he doesn't have to heat? Does he celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad Salah are not testing people on these questions in order to divide the Muslims up. We now need to come together. And if there's something different with it with another Muslim, give that person advice. If the person does not accept your advice, make dua for them. That is the way of the Allah instead of cursing them or dividing themselves.

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Number six, stubbornness, obstinacy in our own opinion, when the individual has an opinion, and they will not change, they become stubborn. my way or the highway. There's no other system.

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My shack my movement. This is a disease which is striking Muslims right now we can do something by going to other communities. being around other Muslims, don't be afraid of a Muslim. The people that Qibla

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Now is the time for us to unite. Number seven,

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anger, an uncontrolled emotion.

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Anger, something is wrong, something is against us and we go crazy

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and we see it happening.

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They are Yes, they insult the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah. But this is not the beginning of this. They've been insulting him for 1400 years. It doesn't harm us. It's like a dog blowing in the wind. It's not harming us. And we don't back off. But we don't let emotions overcome us to start doing things which is outside of our Sharia.

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We can't go outside of the way of the Prophet Mohammed Salah to solve our problems. And so cast it up to the top. One man came to the Prophet Solomon said, give me advice, and he told him laptop stop. You just don't get angry.

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Just control yourself. So now we need controlling of the emotions. The prophet SAW, Selim said, the strong person is not the good wrestler.

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Right? It's not black belt. The strong person is the person or lead the young legal nafsa who ends

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He is the one who controls himself when he's angry.

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That is the strong person. Number eight, greed and ambition. Greed, I've got some money, I want more money. I want to be this I want to be higher and higher and higher and higher in the dunya struggling against each other. Instead of being humble. The prophet SAW Selim, although he was receiving revelation from above seven heavens, he was humbled. They asked him who are you? He said, I'm the son of one of your women. Does this answer?

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no pride, no personal pride, but he is Rasulullah Ali after Salatu teslim. Number nine, doing things too hasty.

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Doing things too quickly. Not thinking about what we do the process of themself agile administrator, that doing things too quickly is from the devil.

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Think about what we are doing plan. If we don't plan, then we are actually planning our own failure.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:15

calmness, organized, organize, think, projecting the future. And number 10 the excessive love of food and drink

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too much material things in this dunya we need to clear our minds clear our lives. Because we are under a challenge. It's a great challenge to this format. And what it has meant in the past, whenever pressure was applied to us. We know Islamic history This is similar to law, then that means a change is near. That natural law is close. But it just means we have to be the ones to deserve the help of Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to clear our hearts and declare our minds May Allah subhanaw taala help us to unite our ranks and bring bring love amongst us. May Allah subhanaw taala raise the banner of Islam in the world and May Allah azza wa jal always bless and

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give the highest position to our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah, raised his name above all other names aku lowpoly howdah was stuck for lolly welcome. Will he sign in Muslim medium and fully the Minister of federal in the hall

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Alhamdulillah Allah has an add on for the summit. I let the Lamia live while I'm you lead while I'm yaku and I had well suddenly what was the mother of Milan via more saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin were bad. Really bad the light takala Heisenberg quantum warrior kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the legally oma fitna or fitna to Almighty Allah. Every nation has a trial and test. The trial and test of this nation is well.

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We call it Hawk suparna Mk piranha Amira in the la mala kata who you saw Luna Elena beach. Yeah, you had Latina amanu sallu la he was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, AB de cada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin What de la la la Rashid in Abu Bakar Omar is mandwa Ali will be Rama tickle Amara Hamid mean Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo Lee hada Rama con la Natalia La la la la la la la la to Zika Luba Nevada data will have Lana Mila do kurama in LA cancel waha Robin a favela under the new banner will cafe under se Tina whatever phenomena bra Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam well Muslim in Allahumma Islam well Muslim in Allah feeling Muslim in one

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Muslim at

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Well, Nina well i mean that yeah I mean home while I'm what erotica Amara he mean Evangelion Hama como la la la jolla. San Ysidro, kotoba wion Honnold fascia mukava Bobby, yeah is a con la la casa de Lune wackiness

Friday Sermon (1-23-2015) Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick – Practical solutions for our current situation in society

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