Mohammed Hijab – Clever Feminist Challenges Muslim Speaker @ Warwick University

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need for evidence-based research to prove their credibility and the pressure on men and women to believe in their beliefs. They criticize some people who claim to be Christian and discuss the importance of women's roles in workplace settings. They explore the idea of "verbal" exegaly and discuss the misconception of "verbal" exegaly, with a suggestion to be more aware of one's religion to fight against it. They briefly touch on apologetic language in the Bible and its use to empower women.
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He saw me masala tea.

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With me, I thought

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you first have to prove Islam is true objectively or through some kind of evidence base, and then the rulings of Islam, it would have some way otherwise it doesn't. And that is actually the case with all of the religions. any religion that claims to have divine authority has to prove yourself first. So then the injunctions make sense of it.

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But that is for us. It's more common sensical. So for example, I here as a Muslim, the fact that I am standing here as a Muslim, and my holy book says certain things, I can tell you that I believe that these moral things are objectively right or wrong.

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I cannot, you cannot say the same thing. If you're an atheist, it's impossible. And I doubt any atheist genuinely can't. If you're an atheist, you cannot stand it. And I challenge actually, and this is not to be polemical. But I want because this is a this is a kind of like Russia, we're trying to rationalize things. I challenge any atheist, or someone who comes from a non theistic perspective to come here to stand here, and I'll give you the mic. Or you can speak to the people and tell me how you can objectively prove anything that you don't like about Islam, from a moral perspective is wrong in the first place. That will be my challenge, that includes polygamy, that

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includes anything that includes the inheritance laws, that includes anything you don't like about Islam, the hijab, even though my surname is hijab,

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I know you might not like me. So that includes obviously anything you can't, it's impossible. So therefore, all you're doing is actually I personally believe you're superimposing a narrative, which is actually a post colonial narrative, which relies upon the western experience, the Enlightenment era, the Renaissance, etc. And you're superimposing it, you're saying everyone should believe in what we believe in? Why? Because we've had the enlightened experience. That's, that's basically your position. So from that angle, you you actually are kind of similar to the colonial predecessor, you're quite similar to the British colonial predecessor, who come into people's lands and just

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superimpose their belief system without actually explaining to them, reasoning with them, convincing them that their belief system is the ultimate truth in the first instance. So the truth is this. I'm not here to apologize about Islam. I'm here to challenge the people that are challenging Islam. That's what I'm here to do. Because I don't think that I should be on the backfoot. I believe that every atheist should be on the backfoot. I'm sorry to say this very crudely. But if any atheist, yeah, feels like there's a problem of Islam, because I've read so many of these questions. There's an issue of Islam as resolve as morals, that I challenged the atheists to come here, first and

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foremost, and tell me how you can prove that your moral is objectively true, otherwise, your deduction does not work. Otherwise, you cannot prove or disprove Islam at all. Otherwise, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Go ahead, my friend.

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Yes, the onus is on us. But everyone's got the onus is on us. For as Muslims, this is this thing. This is very good point. Sorry, I'm sort of taking the onus is on us what we have, you have to understood everyone's got different truth standards, as you correctly said, yeah.

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Nowadays, you have something called a Flat Earth Society. They don't they don't buy the evidence that the earth is round. So they have a different true standard to us. When it comes to cosmological realities. as Muslims, we present an evidence base a case, yeah. And if people accept the case, then they can accept the case. If they if they reject the case, they can reject the case. But this is where the contradiction would lie. If you as a, let's say, a communist, a feminist, a Marxist, or any other ists, yeah, who isn't really a religion, religious background, comes forward and says, No, you ought to believe in this. Yeah. Now, that's why I feel like you've got a problem. You've got a

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philosophical problem on your hand, because you haven't even attempted to prove to me that's correct. You've just said this popular opinion, for example, that, you know, men or women should be treated equally, or I don't disagree with this point. Yeah. Say I don't disagree with this point. Generally speaking. Muslims don't disagree with this point, generally speaking. Yeah. women, women, men or women should be treated equally is more true than is false. Yeah. But you haven't been able to prove that to me,

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objectively, just as you would be able to do if you did math. So therefore, you're you're asking why is it that women do this and men do in this Muslim country? His his question is, you have to first prove your premise. You have to prove your presupposition

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Prophet Muhammad wa salam ala Hadith, the right by Chateau de la. He said an SL Chicago region is a Sai Hadith, which means that more women are equal to men. Actually, if you look at even selfies or selfie, they say if I was looking at a photo from urban beds, he said even better is one of the literalistic. He doesn't take any, you know, and it's in Saudi Arabia, where the, you know, he was one of the people that said that,

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you know, driving cars for women is not allowed, he passed a fatwa. Anyways, he said, this means Marcel yet, he had to say this means Messiah, which means in Arabic the equal, that's the meaning. Yeah. Now, he said, okay, and him and others, and everyone that's looked at this idea, he said, Okay, how could that be the case? Because there's something going Arabic, what is this net, which means there are exceptions. So men and women, as I said, in the beginning, guys, I said in the beginning,

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that I generally agree with the premise of feminists. Wait a minute, what did I just say? I'll tell you, I said, Yeah, I said, I generally agree with the feministic premise, because it goes in line with the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed, Salah, Salah. And he said, aquatic origin, men and women are equal. Yeah. Now, having said that,

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I want to understand the two strongest hurts I haven't said this. Now, the exceptions, Muslims and feminists, let's say they agree on the same premise. Yeah. Muslims agree that women and men are equal, in a sense, and feminists agree that men and women are equal. And by premise Yeah. Now, this is the premise. The prescriptions that feminists have, and the prescriptions that Muslims have, or that Islam has different genders. And so

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both feminism, as a scholastic tradition of many hundreds of years, and Islam has exceptions to this rule. And I'm saying this very clearly. You're a feminist, I'm gathering and possibly maybe liberal feminists because you're not attacking me or something. But

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But no, generally, radical feminists, some of them are very violent towards other people, just like radical Muslims are having said that. radicals everywhere. You don't want to accept you don't have to. The point is,

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because you're a liberal feminist, I'll say to you, do you agree that there should be equality, absolute equality at all times in places? Or do you respond to that?

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between men or women?

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Okay, so would you say there should be equal in all times and places?

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in all times and places? Okay, I want to just hold her to that. I'm sorry, I'm not doing this to get you. You know, I really, you're very pleasant person. And I'm not okay. I'm not. I wish I could be more lucky. Yeah, seriously, I'm not saying that. The point is,

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if you believe in that, you know, in America have something called affirmative action programs. Yeah, for black people, because they've been marginalized for many hundreds of years. So what they do is they put they have like, what is not quite as, but it's kind of like, helps black people get into employment. Now, what feminists are arguing for is quota systems for women to get into places of employment, especially parliament. Yeah. And that's what they do for political pies. They have a kind of quota system where they have more women,

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a lot of spaces, then they'll have men. Yeah, because they say, because there's been such a disparity between men and women for many hundreds of years, or many 1000s of years, a patriarchal society is so strong. I agree with that. By the way, the patriarchal society is incredibly strong everywhere.

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because of these reasons, we have to put quotas in place. Now, but I do agree with this. So far, I haven't said anything out of line. No, this is pretty much what's going on. Now. In essence, the prescription of a feminist is as follows. We ought to a feminist would say, we ought to put women in places of employment using quotas, etc, which is an equality, because it's discrimination, positive discrimination, just like affirmative action is positive discrimination. Is inequalities, unequal treatment so that we can create what? equality? Correct. So you use inequality to create equality, but the feminist would then have to concede by prescription, that at one point at one time, that she

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would be using unequal treatment between men and women. If that's the case, then you cannot say I believe in equal treatment at all times and all places.

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That that's good.

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Yes, but then you would say

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they should choose as many women as men.

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But the point I'm making Sorry, just to be clear, is that there is something within the law that feminists agree with or it's within the social environment, which is that feminine women

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In in many different cases ought to have superior rights to men. For example, in divorce if a man or woman are divorced, who should have the children, most people say the woman, even in Islam, that's that's a injunction, but you can correct me unless someone gets married. So the woman gets custody of the children, according to feminists, in according to, obviously statutory law, maternity leave is compulsory for women, if they have a contract of the company. paternity leave is two weeks and maternity leave is one year. That's obviously unequal treatment. Therefore, everyone believes in what exceptions, Muslims believe in, generally speaking, that men or women should be equal.

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Feminists believe, generally speaking, men or women should be equal. Both of those people believe in exceptions. Now who defines and who has the right to define the exceptions. From an Islamic perspective, we have a maxim that Allah knows everything. He's a wise, he's all knowing. He's all hearing, God is all knowing he knows what the exception should be. From a feministic perspective, there was an attempt a human attempt to try and assess the sociological reality in a certain time in a certain place, and give prescriptions each and every time a woman or a man who is a feminist gives a prescription. They fundamentally break that the initial premise, which is that men and women

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should be equal at all times in places unless they can see that it's not at all times in places, in which case we don't have a problem in the first place. You see what I mean? You look at the Koran, just just in relation to husband and wife relationships. There's two verses in particular, that I've looked at a magnifying glass. Yeah, and sort of refer to

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it on the sort of surface you might look at it and think this is talking about male supremacy or * of women. There's two verses one sort of baccara chapter number two, verse 228, is a part of a versus radiolabel marufuji in Florida. And then chapter four, verse 34, Allah Allah jellicle Mona Lisa, okay, so men are maintained, This protects a woman, these are the only two verses you'll find the Quran which refer to when it comes to man or woman, okay, the kind of relationship they should be, and which may indicate, as some scholars have taken to indicate, you understand that men have a leading role. And you know, or let's say, a superior, let's even say the superior role as a

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husband than a wife. Okay? When you look at the deficit, the classical exegesis of these verses, if you look at chapter two, verse 228, for example, I was amazed my personal self, I looked at the oldest, the oldest mathematician, which is by a body, a top body who died three times. Yeah, he wrote in diverse,

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Allahu, Allah Himself, Valera endora, which means that men have one degree of authority over them. So there was a big discussion, he made a big discussion, just a few said, What is this degree? Some scholars say that the degree is that the men can do fighting and stuff like that, and when women don't? And he said to some people, I'll say this, and he said, Actually, I personally believe whatever he says, I believe that this degree is not a degree of authority. Is there a degree of pardoning because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

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when tough waters off in the lava, right? It says that if you pardon and this and that, then Allah is, is also pardoning and forgiving. So he said, in relation to this verse, okay. In relation to this verse, actually, the relationship,

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that degree that Allah subhanaw taala talks about is a degree of pardoning that the men should do more work, to try and pardon their wife, because Allah has put them in a certain position to try and forgive and overlook her shortcomings. That's what the agreements according to the oldest FCM, as it relates to auto jelica, Mona Lisa, this coma, and there's a massive discussion, which I'm not going to have time to get into now. But once again, is I think, is taking this character short, this versus character short, and people will look at and think, Okay, well, then Islam is the woman is denigrated, and put onto the floor. It's not it's not true, if you look at the Hurrah from beginning

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to end, these are the only two verses that I have seen that may allude to male superiority of a woman and a husband wife relationship. And both of them. If you look at the oldest, most classical exes, Jesus's don't actually mean that at all. Okay, not talking about no apologetics of the 21st century because I'm not into that, genuinely speaking, I'm not into that. I'm into looking at the oldest. And if you do so, you'll find that there is actually genuinely quite a balance between what and just to add to what you said. Sorry, one more thing. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, I think in verse 33, certainly, sir, well, let me know my father Allah Hopi Babu, malaba literally

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Jelena Cebu, mactan Cebu marinaside na Cebu, the seven was Allah humming fugly he says Allah subhanaw taala says do not wish and the verses here are in am form in other words, they're generic. He was talking about your inheritance before

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We'll call the Medallia min metric value in mcrobbie. But this verse is talking specifically, or generally about the relationship between man or woman, it says, do not wish what the other person has, I mentioned, and it says, For men is a portion of what he has earned, and for a woman is a portion of what she has earned. So ask Allah from his grace. In other words, as you rightly said, I completely agree with you. It's not a competition between men or women, Islam, the depiction of the Divine code from an Islamic perspective is that the man or the woman are in a relationship or let's say, husband and wife. Okay, and they, because mother and son, we know that the mother is, is

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authoritative for the most case. And our relationship is quite balanced. So this is the controversial and that's why I'm addressing. For the most part, I believe, I personally believe if you look at the old classical exigencies, that there's a balance, there is a balance, and whoever says that there isn't a balance is going against not me and not 21st century apologists, but it's going against the oldest of Professor Professor on the people that actually wrote the oldest professor. So yeah, there is a balance between relationship the polygamy issue. Yeah, is by the way, as he before, I don't believe that. Just to clear something up. I don't believe that men can I'm

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capable of being incapable of exploiting women of course, no, I don't believe that. And I don't believe a woman should be trapped in any kind of relationship that she doesn't want to be in. And there is something in Islam called Hola. He will tell you he's studied Mashallah, more than I have. He says, hola woman can tell and Roger he can get rid of she can leave the man. It's not just a man that can divorce the woman. A woman can divorce the man as well. That's another misconception that people may have. So these things I think, is as troubling misconceptions that Western is like, your Western is Western polemics, Western orientalist. People that want to impose their way of life on

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everybody else, like to throw up poor, susceptible, naive minds so that they can go back through kind of a grumpy and hegemonic framework, so that they can impose their kind of framework on you go back to the colonial era. That's what they like, that's what they want to do. But they're doing it now through subversive methods before they should do it with using the sword and the gun and they should come to their countries and you know, so we're better than you now they using other tactics, and I think it's time it's high time generally speaking, for Muslims to know their religion really well. Yes. And to be able to fight back using a fine argumentation, yeah, and rationalism

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