How to increase your Taqwa

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The speaker discusses ways to increase Taqwa's confidence, including recite the Quran, being humble, and being as granular with one's worship. They also stress the importance of not just having a Facebook page and not just having sadaqa in one's lifestyle. The speaker emphasizes the importance of focusing on the main purpose of life, worshipping the creator, and keeping one's eyes on the price.

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What can we do you and I simple Muslims what can we do to increase our Taqwa

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the great orlimar have shown us

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simple clear activities that we can do.

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We can make sincere intentions, that when we intend to do something, make sincere intentions.

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Try to be as sincere with Allah as possible. Increase forms of worship,

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any form of worship that you can do even giving sadaqa whatever it is, increase it. Observe the Sunnah. Don't just do your ferret. Or don't just have sunnah in some parts in the masjid, sunnah in your lifestyle. So now at your job, so now with your family. So now with everything that you and I are doing. Next, recite the Quran with meaning.

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Not just tilava but Tada, but

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think about it.

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And then it becomes real. Busy yourself with good deeds. We need to busy yourself. People want to busy themselves with a video game. They want to busy themselves with making money.

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If we want to raise our Taqwa busy ourself with good deeds, be humble.

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Have good manners o'clock. Watch your manners. It's not sometimes who you are, but what you do.

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What is our character next, seek knowledge of Islam.

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Not just the scholars every person should be seeking some form of knowledge of Islam even if it means reading a little bit of Hadith.

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reading something from Sierra.

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Next, to increase Taqwa. Try to be around people who remind you of Allah.

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When you are around them, it will increase the taqwa.

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Number 10. Try to be as pirate as pious in secret as you are in open. When you make your novela pray at home. Is it the same as when you're in the masjid? When somebody's looking at you? That will raise your taqwa.

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Next, be alert. Be aware of what will divert you from the path. Whatever weakness I have, I need to be aware of that weakness.

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Next to everything to please Allah, everything.

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Number 13 focus on the main purpose of life and that is to worship the Creator in everything that we do.

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And number 14 Remember death. Remember death often because we will be making that transition soon. And 15 keep our eyes on the price. And that is gender. keep our eyes on the price and not the lottery.

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But the real prize is called Idina fee ha abadan living in paradise forever.