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And so the story continues. And Halima and hateth found that the animals were filled with milk. And they found that when they started to move out of the city, the animal animals were moving at a rapid rate faster than what they had ever seen before.

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And that even the areas that they went into got cloudy, and some places even started to rain.

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And so the husband said,

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the, you know, Halima, you have taken a blessed child, you've taken a blessed child, there's something different about this child. And they didn't realize until after a while, when their animals were growing, a large and the milk was flowing, and the other members within their tribe had nothing. And so this continued to for a period of time until the people would actually crowded animals into the area where Halima was, this continued on for two years, until she reached the point where she would wean the child. And then at that point, give the child back to the mother. by two years old, she described the boy as being well made. He had a strong physique. He was raising up his

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head and as a young child, he would raise his head toward the sky, constantly look up towards the sky. And they knew that there was something blessed about this child and when they return the child to his mother Amina.

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She said, Take the boy back. Because there was a plague there were diseases that were spreading in Mecca, and his mother wanted to save him from that and also from corruption. So it is reported by the different historians that he stayed with Halima and Hadith for approximately somewhere between four to six years, four years is probably the strongest report in terms of how long he spent, and they realized that something was strange. And this really came to a climax.

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a report that comes in Sahih, Muslim, and in many of the different books of Hadith tells us the Prophet peace be upon him explains this in his own words, and he says, I am what Abraham Ibrahim my father prayed for. And the good news of my brother, Jesus is Allah Islam. When my mother was carrying me, she saw a light proceeding from her, which showed her the castles of Syria, I was suckled among Ben Assad in the bucket. While I was with a brother of mine, behind our tents, with the lambs, to men in white clothing, came to me with a gold base and full of snow, and they seize me It opened up my belly, extracted my heart and split it. Then they extracted a small black drop from

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it and threw it away. Then they wash my heart and my belly with that snow until they had thoroughly cleaned them. Then one said to the other way him against 10 of his people, and they did so and i outweighed them. Then they weighed me against 100 and then 1000, and I outweighed them, he said, leave him alone, for By Allah, if you weighed him, against all of his people, he would outweigh them all.

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And so

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it is reported in the books of Sierra

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that the young boy who was with the province of Southern ran back and in fright, and when they came and saw the Prophet peace upon him, he was pale. He was in shock, as something had happened to him. And this is what is called shock the sudden this is the splitting of the chests, which has been reported in a number of authentic traditions and it coincides with suta inshallah, Allah subhanaw taala tells us the Billahi min ash shaytani regime, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, alumna sha Allah casado sadhak, while da da Anca wizard UK a levy an cada hudec what a final leg of the clock, this part of the surah it tells us

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and have we not opened your chest Oh Mohammed and removed from you your burden which way down your back? And have we not raised up your name and your fame? And so this coincides and informs us of the fact that by the will of Allah subhanaw taala he was visited by angels, and they opened up his chest and they cleared him of any evil and negativity inside of his body. After this, Halima returned,

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him to his mother. And many people feel that it was because of the splitting of the chest that it was done. But the strongest historical position is that there's another reason. And this is reported that Ebony is hoch that a group of Abyssinian Christians that remember the people from how Bashar that a group of Abba cillian Christians were passing in the area of Halima. And they, they realize something strange in the atmosphere, and they saw the child and they examine the child, and they asked questions to Halima. And when they realized that there was something special about this child, they said, let us take this child to our king, because he will have a great future. And so Halima

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was literally afraid of the Ethiopians. That because the Ethiopians who had the connection with the scriptures, keep in mind now the People of the Book, who are coming from the Jews, and coming from the Masada, the followers of Isa Li Salaam, that they were carrying with them part of the message, and that they actually within their scriptures, knew that a prophet or messenger would come near the end of time, and that he would be described in a particular way. And the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, was fitting this description from the earliest part of his life. Now Halima radiola. On how after this goes off the scene, and it's very interesting to note that even hajat and

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his his Saba, Aaliyah Saba even mundo de epinal, Josie and houda, and a number of the great scholars trace the life of Halima rhodiola. Juana and had it her husband. And the strongest position is that they both embraced Islam. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would constantly ask about the family of Halima. And it is reported and you'll see in the Battle of who name, which is later on in the prophets life that has it turned against the Muslims. And one of the daughters of Halima was captured. And she was brought to the province of Salaam, when he found out who she was, he released her, and he sent her back with with goods and sent it back to her people. And he constantly asked

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about Halima. May Allah be pleased with her. And what her contribution was, is something which cannot be measured, because we don't have the sources to talk about the details. But the province of Salam used to say, I am the most eloquent of you,

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as I belong to Quraysh. And my accent, my ledger, is that of Ben Assad. And so the way he spoke the classical Qureshi, Arabic, which was the language of tun zeal, was literally the language of Halima rhodiola, and her and her tribe. And this is a great nobility and shutoff, especially in language, because Allah subhanaw taala, use this ledger, use this to bring down his tongue zeal, and to bring down the final message that would be read and spoken by people all throughout the world, millions and billions of people would be using this type of Arabic until the Day of Resurrection.

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What we gained the hikma that we are gaining from this early part is very crucial, I believe, to the Muslim Ummah, in these times. That is because we have a great responsibility to the younger generation. And what we see from this is that we cannot leave our children to the television. We cannot leave our children to be trained by Western people, by Americans, by British, but that we need to intervene

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and with the dua to Allah subhanaw taala to take specific actions to develop the character of the Muslim needed in order to shoulder the burden of the Muslim Ummah today. We are in need of strong leadership. And we see our situation in southern Africa. And it is the same in many parts of the Muslim world. We are in need of leaders who will speak up, who will be courageous enough to stand publicly and speak out for Islam, but also who have edip who have etiquette and are humble and have nobility about them, when they actually take care of the weak and the innocent, but they stand against the mighty. We are also in need of women in our oma who have strong personalities, strong

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physical, a strong physique, and a strong psyche to give over to the children of Islam. And we see this coming now through the people of the bad idea. The people of the desert who have

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These noble characteristics. And so the the the the country life. And it is important for us to think, how are we raising our children. If we can send our children to camps, send them outside of the city, let them live outside in the woods, no running water,

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no refrigerator.

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Let them wake up with the stars. Let them learn how to get up in the morning, how to clean themselves outside in the woods, to listen to the animals to take a little bit of chill in the morning, to to smell some of the smells of living on the outside. This artificial cyberspace world is destroying the children, they are living in a computer, the whole world is in a box. And if the world is stuck inside that box, and most of the people controlling the box, I say out teen, that they'll never be able to lead the Muslim Ummah, to the trials and tribulations that it is going through in these times. And so the character

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the physical fitness, which means they should be learning forms of martial arts, male and female, they should have survival training.

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Also, health and we see that in living in the in the bad year. The water is clean, the air is clean. And so it's important for us to try to feed our children healthy food, not too much Coca Cola.

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Right and too many Gatsby's and McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and all of these false

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foods, which are being given to us cardboard, fried and oil. And I love the Gatsby's I'm down by the corner, though, that still this is this a here. So what I'm saying is is that, you know, it's very important, it's very important that the food should be healthy. That means vegetables, fruits, fresh water, right, a lot of activity. That's the kind of personality that we need to develop. Another very important point is language. Language is very important. And that if we have families whose base is in India, that it is important to take your children back to the village to hear the language, their native language spoken by the people of their nation. If you have a connection in

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the Arab world, then go back to the Arab world. If you have a connection in Malaysia, go to Malaysia, hear the sounds of the Malay language, go to your roots. If you have roots in Tanzania, or in Nigeria, in any part, go back to your roots. This is very important for the children, because otherwise, their heroes become television heroes. And suddenly you will see they love to speak more with an American accent, or with a British accent than they do to speak their own language. And above all, it's important for our children to learn classical Arabic, classical Arabic, first half, that they learn not only to do the to our, but how to speak in first language. And this does not

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mean the language that you get in different Arab countries. And I say this with all respect to the people who are coming from the Arab countries, because even amongst the Arabs, you have to study for time in order to understand the tun zeal, the revelation. And so this early chapter gives us a very important hikma and that is we need to intervene into the lives of our children to build a hardy, brave, courageous, noble, humble generation filled with taqwa and physically prepared to stand up to the enemies of Allah subhanaw taala