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The speaker discusses the importance of the Sierra Sierra to be a real light in people's lives and gives an example of the goddamn Sierra to be a real success. They also talk about the importance of the Sierra Sierra to be a true success for Muslims, citing the goddamn Sierra to be a real success for Muslims.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam o de haut de Milan ba Wilmore sending Seder Muhammad Ali he vasavi edge My bad.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, I again greet you with the greeting words of the righteous. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Alhamdulillah. It is a great privilege and honor again, to be with you for this study of ficou Sierra.

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And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would give us the strength to go through this study,

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from the beginning of the life of the prophets, Allah Salaam, all the way to the end. We pray that Allah would give us that understanding, to make the Sierra a real light in our lives, and give us the best of this beloved man.

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The Prophet Muhammad alayhi salatu was Salam was Ramadan al al Ameen. He was a mercy for all of the worlds and as a prophet and the leader.

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There is no religious, social, economic, or political leader in the history of humanity, who had the success of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And it is recorded that in his farewell pilgrimage

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over 140,000, Muslims were with him and other fun. And they were over 10 times that much, who stayed at home

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as a political leader,

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would, you could say began in the first year after the Haggadah.

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He began with only part of the town of Medina

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and 10 years went by,

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and by his death,

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he was ruling over approximately 3 million square kilometers of territory.

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And it is said

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that the conquests This continued to expand at an average of 800 kilometres daily for 10 years.

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In this conquest, scarcely one of the enemy was killed per month in the field of battle.

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15 years after his death,

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under the holy fourth man, while the loved one, the Islamic State extended from Andalusia, in the West, all the way to China,

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there is no leader, there is no general there is no statesmen. There is no so called Prophet, there is no individual who ever recorded success on this level.

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And above all, the name Muhammad Ali Salatu, salam, this noble name is on countless millions of people's lips. There is no other name that has been pronounced so much, with so much reverence and love.

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And continually, people will pronounce this name and their hearts will palpitate until the Day of Resurrection,

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today in all continents, and you see as the sun strikes the earth and all continents, and when that thread goes across and the light first appears for pleasure, at dawn, millions of people are answering the call to Salah

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at a time in the afternoon in the late afternoon and sunset,

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the darkness of night 1000s and millions of people answering this call. And so we ask ourselves today, who is this man?

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And what is the real story behind this individual.

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When we say the word Sierra, we mean the biography.

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When we say

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us Sierra, or a Sierra to Namibia. This is the prophetic biography.

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When we say fit for Sierra fit his family's understanding, that means that we are trying to get understanding out of this story because this story is not like the story of any individual. If we were to record the biography of most human beings, there is something within that biography that we could learn. But in this case, Allah subhanaw taala in his divine wisdom, used a man in order to perfect his message to all of the words he used an individual to give us the perfect example.

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Everything that we do. And so this Sierra Sierra to Namibia is of crucial importance to us today. And not that we only remember it in poetry.

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Not that we only put the books on our shelf. But the most important aspect of this era today for the Muslims is that we seek the wisdom in it. And we put that wisdom into our lives, and we ourselves, practice and follow the example given to us by the prophet peace and blessings be upon.

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The oma of Mohammed Salah Salam today is divided

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nations of people calling themselves Muslims.

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People who control countless number countless numbers

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of minerals, people who control armies, people who control universities, but yet at the same time, we find humiliation.

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And according to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he predicted that we would become a without a sale that we would become like the form or the scum on a stream on a torrent being pushed along could push it to the right, you can push it to the left and even though

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it is large number, you see a lot of foam on the on the stream. It has no weight

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and it can be pushed and manipulated in any way. Our community today is flooded with strange individuals. And there is a new philosophy being used by the enemies of a lot before it was just divide and conquer. Now it is confused and conquer.

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And so we find in here in Cape Town and London and New York City, that our community is flooded

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with experts on Islam Eliphaz magette ditz maybe even soon we may get a Maddy here in Cape Town, self made sure you all types of individuals are pouring into the city and everybody is claiming that they are following Alexandre wajima