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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning behind the statement that faith strengthens one's immune system and helps to recognize where insecurity is. They also mention the difference between taking care of one's garment and getting stains, and the importance of asking God to renew one's faith. The speaker emphasizes the need to ask God for increased faith in one's belief and understanding of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of the laws of
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So don't want to come on up until I workout. So everyone welcome back to the faith revival. So last time we talked about the meanings of a man and how a person can recognize where they need to strengthen their emotion by looking at their insecurity. If I have insecurity in a particular attribute and the loss of identity that I need to focus on reestablishing my email in a lot in that in that way. But when it comes to faith, all of us will recognize that over time, faith wears out. It doesn't take a hadith for you to recognize that because you might remember a time where you felt really close to Allah. And then now you feel like you're distant from him and you feel like you've

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gone back on some of the things that you were able to attain and you start wondering, what happens, right? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, in this particular Hadith, authentic narration, he says in the imana, Neha la Kofi jiofi, it can become if local soap, he said that faith wears out in your hearts, the way that your garments would wear out. Now, think about this, if you throw your garment into the washing machine over and over and over again, it starts to lose its color, right? you bought it new. And even if you're taking care of that garment, it starts to lose its color, just by the amount of washing that it goes through. So the profit slice, and I'm saying

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it's natural that your faith is going to wear out the same way that your garments would wear out. Now, there's a difference between taking your garment and getting stains all over it and not washing it when the stains Come on it or tearing holes into your garment. So you can take care of it. And still, it will lose some of its color. But there's a difference between someone who takes care of it and someone who doesn't take care of it at all. Nevertheless, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us, it is natural that your faith is going to wear out. And here's the thing about your email. It may be one color, or it may be that it was strong because of a particular incident

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that happened to you in life or some sort of occurrence or something that really touched you at that particular moment. And maybe what's going to renew it is something entirely different because a loss of Hannah Montana has opened many, many, many doors for us to be reminded of him, and to have our faith renewed. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continues in this Hadith, and he gives us the first place we should go to, he says festival la junta, Allah says, ask Allah subhana wa, and ujet did the monochrome that wasn't handled, that would revive your faith that Allah would renew your faith. Before we get to any of the practical tips here. It starts off with asking a lot, ask God one who

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enables your heart, the one who the one who puts faith in you, the one who responded to you ask him to renew your faith. And that should be frequent, in your view as to a loss penalty on your supplications so while you're praying for, you know, a new job while you while you're praying for, you know, some sort of of sustenance in this world while you're praying for something to happen to you for a new car for, for God to ease the path of something for you. Don't forget to constantly ask a lot to renew your email because your faith is your greatest blessing. It's your most precious asset. If that is gone, then everything else is to no is to no good is not going to benefit you in

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any way. If it is strong, then everything else of this world can be bought. So the prophets lie Selim says ask Allah subhanho wa Taala first Allah, ask Allah and you did the monochrome that he would revive your faith of the love and Mr. Little the Allahu anhu gives us a supplication and I want you to memorize the supplication on the basis of this Hadith, he used to say Allah Medina eemaan way of cleaning them with fit calm. Allahumma zudena imana we Athena will fit PA, O Allah Revive us in our faith and our certainty and our understanding. So asking Allah for increase in your faith in your conviction, your certainty in your your, your theme, and in your understanding of

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Allah subhanaw taala anytime you come across a deal, which which talks about this increase which talks about Allah subhanaw taala enabling you so for example, the best that that you know, even taymiyah Allah mentioned, is that there are the supplication the profit slice I'm taught more of as he sent him off to Yemen. Allahumma Indiana victory Coca Cola has nearly bought, it's like Oh Allah enable me to properly remember you and to thank you and to worship you. And he said, because you're asking the enabler to enable you yamo callable Kuru sub it's called biala denecke Oh Turner of hearts, make my heart firm. You know, when you ask Allah subhana wa tada to purify your soul, ask

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the enabler to enable you as the one who can truly purify to purify you ask of him subhanho wa Taala and that's the best thing that you can do for your Iman is to constantly ask Allah and he forces you to in your prayer. When you say it, then I'll sit off it was stuffy Guide us to the straight path every single time you recite the opening chapter. So again that there is a law of Moses not enough we Athena

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With hip hop Ola increased us in faith and conviction and an understanding along that I mean, see you all next time in Charleston, Florida council

Episode 2 – Your Faith Wears Out

Think of your favorite shirt. It fades slightly each time you wash it, and will eventually wear out if you don’t take proper care of it. Faith is the same way – but unlike a piece of clothing, it’s the most valuable asset you have. Without faith, you have nothing. Use this du’aa to ask Allah to renew your faith.


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