Sulaiman Moola – Obedience To Your Husband

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative impact of wearing jewelry on one's appearance and the need for men to be aware of their partner's behavior. The importance of healthy relationships and being aware of one's partner's emotions is emphasized. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of men's behavior and the need for strong partners in powerful relationships. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a beauty program.
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In the family law in the country La

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fusina Dr. Medina, Mayor De La

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da da. When I said Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Sheree cara, Vanessa Donna Maulana Mohammed Abu

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Hamid rubella ministry Ponyo. Jamie Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem azabu por la cocoon. Whoo

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Kunta muslimah Mina, Mina Bonita in

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Africa. Baccarin Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam market was robbing the political agenda okoma palani Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders, a lot of bullies that has made the pinnacle of joy, happiness and ecstasy generally fulfilled those, the height of jubilation and happiness will be doing little for those. And one of the greatest highlights of gentlemen undoubtedly is the woman that Denzel and the maidens of gender. At times Allah referred to them by Saint casilla Super modest in the gaze, highlighting Hassan striking in the appearance sublime in the character, Sharon nakasu rotten filthy arm when guarded in their pavilions in our

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shop we divinely created them for Africa Robin Robin Leah's hobby I mean they haven't been touched by any human one of them seen as one

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woman that up your from every form of filth and impurity concerning maknoon like hidden bows Libya was Sam says in the white of Buhari one and so you

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see Haha, you don't mean a dunya wanna see ha, nevermind the beauty of get woman or head over face. The scarf on the head of the median of gender is more attractive than this world in its entirety. And revised after we've nearly said low and a banana, banana, banana, banana, banana bada lavabo Assam see if a fingertip is to be exposed in this world. Undoubtedly, nature has instant attraction and beauty in every lung of a woman's body, and hence Islam advocates to my sister to conceal herself. The Western world has converted every limb of the woman's body into an object of advertisement, just not the shape of the finger of a woman but every lamb her hair to promote

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shampoo her fingers to promote some some some cream that is approved by the dermatologist a fee to promote some form of show. Every lung on the body of a woman is used as an object of advertisement.

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Levy an exam says if a fingertip is to be exposed in this word lavabo sgmc the brilliance of the fingertip without shine the sun also. This is the words of Maria de salatu salam under the commentary of this ayah Gunawan

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john Gunawan yaku and marjon. Allah says perhaps the closest that you may understand Oh human, the description of the woman that I have prepared for you provided you bring modesty in your gaze. If I was to like any training material thing can only upload they are like rubies nay they are like coral fibia yada yada. Because the man, the woman of gentlemen will congregate and then in the middle of your song they will sing a song allow one national holiday to move to Avada

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Avada one afternoon makishima to Fernando Aveda to vanaman karna waka Nana who

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we are here for eternity we will never die. When we remain young and attractive. We will never age when

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we are perpetually happy with our husbands we will never become angry or sad or displeased with them. When we moved him out in real station year we will never abandon them to Berryman cantilena Hakuna Allahu Fortner fortunate are those men who will sit in our laps and fortunate are we to whom we do those men to whom we belong? When the woman of gentlemen the for the maidens, the dentals of Paradise will sing the song when the woman of this world will reply. The woman of this world will reply align is given the woman of this world both the opportunity and the potential of accepting even the woman of gender. What will the woman of this world reply by saying allow anonymous Alia to

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woman so late one afternoon tomato tomahto

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Mr. Tomasson do not want

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to want to know that lesson over the woman agenda. Perhaps you can elaborate on your beauty you are divinely created by the will of Allah

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We continue to have a spiritual beauty which we have you never heard of, and that is we used to disturb our sleep and perform Salah for the pleasure of Allah you don't know what is salah and our national motto was the art and for the Sunnah we used to perform Buddha you don't understand the nature of ablution when you saw him out in the month of Ramadan we woman fasted our husbands were going to work our children, we're going to school, the food was in front of us what stops that Muslim woman from not eating other than the fear of Allah? Allah wanna know, sorry, Mr. Tomasson, can we observe first in the month of Ramadan, and our national motto sadaqa matassa doctrine. The

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little money that came to us we gave charity in the path of Allah you don't know what is charity? I Sharia law says on the grounds of these four qualities favela. Namo nawala, the woman of this world will dominate over the horrors of gender on the grounds of these qualities, the first being Salah, the second being first in provided they have the qualities in them. It is unfortunate so many women are negligent so many women are negligent with regards to the past in the month of Ramadan. Of course, when she goes through a menstrual cycle, she cannot pass, but those cars are imperative get less upon her shoulder. Many women delay that pass for months if not yours. One afternoon matassa

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depart and we gave charity Libya is salat wa salam says either and Fatima to mean Beatty's od Ha. When a woman will give charity from the earnings of her husband. Look at the kindness of Islam. When a woman will give charity from the earnings of her husband, Allah will give her the same reward like her husband in the revita. Hurry Sharif on the day of the Navy. After returning from the radar, he addresses the assembly of woman, he tells him to gather in one place and then behind a vein he addresses them and he says yeah, Marcia Nisa, Dakota, or the group of women make charity, a common practice. We're alone in her Li yoga, even if you have nothing other than jewelry, give it in the

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path of Allah who puts out the cloth. He says woman because the jewelry, the earrings, the bracelets, the links indicate everything in the path of Allah. I serve your loved one How was such a charitable woman? Muhammad implemented in a very great web one day came price out of the alamanda and he asked her for some money, I should have said I have nothing but you know, you're such a pious person. Believe me if I had I would have given you any money if I had 10,000 denims. I would have given it to you but I have absolutely nothing few minutes past the Sahabi by the name of Harley Davidson, etc. The Alon who comes he says oh my respected mother Ayesha. This is a humble gift from

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my side. Yes 10,000 kilograms. I shall be alone opposes and she says it seems that Allah has put my words to test alone. This one is unsubstantiated claims loose, you know, just just just to utter it. With no backing no support to what we say. She says Go and call Mohammed naman COVID. He is brought I saw the amount I said I had committed that if I had I would have given you your 10,000 dirhams. Maybe I came salatu salam says to either salat wa salam Matura wa Taala when a woman will perform her five daily Salah how many women at this time of German fortunately are loitering around our sisters are not even performing the facade of what will be the condition of this woman on the day of

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tiama Alma to either select Hamza was Ahmed Shah and she will observe the first in the month of Ramadan bah bah ha and she will be obedient to her husband and that is what I wish to explore today. Unfortunately, our thinking has also been dominated by Western ideals today, under the pretext of empowering women in droves women have been driven out of the natural conducive environment of the house, they are brought into the commercial world. In the process many women have forgotten the reward may I add the enormous reward that Allah has kept for her in serving her husband, apart from the marital bliss, but the great reward that Alan escaped when a woman is performing Salah she

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understands it's an act of Ibadan. When a woman is making sick ambulation of the Kaaba she understands it's an act of divided but the woman of today does not understand it when my husband returns from a vulnerable environment of *. If I adorn myself, I decorate myself, I use good forms of deodorant to attract my husband and to bring modesty in my husband. I swear by Allah standing on this member I can tell you that will earn a greater reward in long rockets of Nuffield intelligence, but the woman of today is not conscious about this year in the same breath when she when she admits this duty and she is negligent in this regard. She pains to comprehend the severity

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of disobeyed aligned disregard the reality salon says Nana Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam al-musawi fart nabire some curse Musa we thought Sava said who is muscle we fought really Salam said unlucky who has the husband comes home he tells his wife come away immediately in the room. I have a need for you. The wife says so far so far. I'm coming I'm coming home

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until the tired man who was exhausted and was vulnerable. He saw

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overpowered by fatigue that he falls off to sleep literally Salaam his curse this woman understand the priority of the moon NASA has been

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the rewrite of general for while Sam says the greatest obligation on a man is to his mother, and the greatest obligation on the woman is to our husband. Whenever you allow us to return from jihad, an environment which is conducive to Deen, everybody is suppressing the ego. But what was the wonderful practice of Islam? He would never make a sudden presence at home, he would hold outside Medina then he would send the children that go into Medina and inform all those women whose husbands are out and about of Allah. The tomorrow at this time the caravan must be returning in revita Buhari why only Viva La Liga, Tasha pas, Sangeeta, what does Del Mar Viva so that the disheveled and tidy woman

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adorns herself removes unwanted hair and when her husband returned, she presents herself. The Navy overlap takes this into cognizance, he sends me

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a proposal to another woman. The theory Salaam says when you come to this woman that I intend getting married to a device comes in mustard rock and playing hockey. If you happen to come close to her, then have a look at the cleanliness of that woman show me Our Riva and if the opportunity presents smell the mouth of this woman, I want to know how conscious she is about about oral hygiene. These are the wonderful teachings of maybe a creme de la creme. But it's unfortunately today the woman is negligent and oblivious about the great reward that Allah has kept for her. I saw the headline that said low delta lambda behati as well as equal

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to min term sakalava and khademi zody. Happy Kadena. I swear by Allah Oh the group of woman If you only knew the obligation, you have to your husband's you would have wiped the dust beneath his feet. Would the Chiefs have your face? And what Didn't you ever say a human writing method was old Johann Hari Ratan Tata little agenda. That woman who dies in a condition that our husband is pleased with her she goes direct into agenda, the description one ordinary error bedwin speaks about the beauty of a woman and speaks about the flaws of a woman in you know poetry very beautiful. He says at one Oneida comet, the beauty of a woman who seems to be the tallest when she stands out.

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And the most outstanding when she says Well, I suppose

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and the most honest when she speaks, and Lady either lovely but adamant. When she becomes angry, she subdued her anger, she subdued her anger, and they might have

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said Allah betoken biryani come in Emily Jana. Oh my Sahaba Should I tell you about the men from amongst you who will go to general Sava Tell us please want to be of Allah. Libya like Sam said, and maybe you feel Jenna every prophet will be in general. What should people feel Jenna and every truthful person will be in what she need to fill agenda and every matter will be in general. Well, we'll do the full agenda and the child who passes away before the age of puberty will be in Jannah what virtually zero upon woofie nakiya till mystery law Yuzuru in law enough in Jana and a person who travels to go and meet his Muslim brother for the pleasure of Allah He will also be in Geneva.

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Then Nebuchadnezzar, I'm sitting Do you know which woman will be internet service at Jenna Sona, Viva la la de la Sanchez. Dude, that woman who gives a tremendous love to her husband, who is fertile and contain a lot of children in our body but when she becomes angry, Oh see Illa Allah husband treats her over the Basilica. Of course, we are not for a moment suggesting that a woman must become a victim of an abuse relation. I can potentially see a woman asking me more than about a pony spoken about one side. That is not what I'm trying to stress upon. What I am getting at is that oh my sister understand with little wisdom and tenderness on your part. It would bring prosperity

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and bliss in your home. And look at the broader picture of gender on this patience. Look at the broader picture. Really Samsung's already been sold to her husband becomes angry. She comes to her husband they might have 30 ad free yet oh my beloved let me put my hand in your hand law comes in Hata Tada. I will not sleep until you do not forgive me. I will not sleep until you do not forgive me. There's a beautiful incident within indicata often we have a situation but as as far as men are concerned, the minimum I can employ I think it is exceptionally mean for a man to physically abuse his wife is absolutely no grounds and no justification. Regardless of the provocation from the

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respective partner. Both should be at ease that there will be no physical abuse in this relation. Honey Dibley as it says one day I was sitting and I made a nasty comment regarding my wife's brother. I just said something because myself and he will not on very good time. Now this happens often. And my wife from law was sitting next to me. So after a little while, looked at my wife and I said you got no comment? Does it mean you agree or you disagree? After all, it's your brother. What's your take on it? So

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Hana, London look at wisdom from a woman look at wisdom from a woman. One is you know to start when when he makes a nasty comment about your family, you start making nasty comments about his family. One is just to politely say my husband, I'm asking forgiveness on behalf of my brother. I'm asking forgiveness. What does woman say? And let this be a role model for my sister's? What did she say? Allahu Akbar? La La doc. What are

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the whole binary y'all, y'all My husband is not a method that I've agreed with what you said? No, I have I disagree. Actually, women haven't been created to interfere in the matters of men. In Nevada, Maria Hainan live bunmi was shot me. We are actually fragrant flowers that have to be smelled and admired. from Atlanta. What do you do? Hold Vayner calm? Why should I bother in your methods? He says when my wife gave me the answer, a man is not a slave to a beautiful face. But I swear by a lion is a slave to an obedient wife. And that is the beauty of a woman but in jameelah to put llama, tapas or a coffee, coffee hoppers. Now, the beauty of a woman is that every time you glance at her,

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it enhances her beauty. And that is the Abode she has to secure in the heart of her husband. When he heard this. He stood up, he kissed his wife and he apologized. And he said oh my beloved From today onwards, I will never offend you. What the Depo would say to Latina to Tiffany beta, and intelligent woman, birds or ruin the home was subpoena to Tahiti, Maha and the foolish woman destroys a built home. They say a man is incomplete until he is married. And then if he has a wonderful wife, then he's completed. And if he has a foolish wife, then he's finished. A man is incomplete until he is married. If he has a wonderful wife, then he's completed. But he has the wrong one thing he is

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finished. MSL Maruyama, look at the full sight of a woman. Let me explain to you what is the potential a woman can do? So what does he say let me let me but when she becomes angry, she's abusing anger. What is the purpose summit? Instead of laughing she smiles, whether or not she and Joe whether when she does something, she does it thoroughly and correctly, and let equal to Zoda she obeys her husband, Hakeem timmies. He has made mention of rewired, even human society has made mention of it into him and sewed into Lecavalier one person went out in jihad.

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Latins in middle bait, he told his wife, you don't come downstairs, father was living downstairs. He said you stay there. This is my command for you. The husband goes out in the path of Allah. Now invest in circles. You don't deserve this, you must speak about it, how can you live in such an oppressive religion and unfortunately, this is what we are doing. But then look at what they have to offer to you. They have to offer to you that you become an object of advertisement. And every men with loose model comes in uses you and abuses you. That is what the word have. The man is going out in Jihad her father becomes this this person funding have become sick. So the wife writes when it

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sends a message that my father is very sick and my husband gave me strict commands that I must not leave the house. Really Sam said it took the law to resolve Jackie to line up your husband, the father passes away again. Now the wife is in a dilemma do I come downstairs pay the respect see my father on his way to the grave. But this is the directives of my my respected husband, really salat wa salam sent a message to her to tell her to fear Allah and obey her husband himself comes forward performed the janazah of that woman of the Sahabi loves him into the grave. And then he sends a message to that woman that tell her in the law has

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a Ba ba ba ba ba, ba ha ha ha the kenema Allah has forgiven her father because of her obedience to her husband. And let it to to Zoda who obeys her husband tells him obey to her by her nature. She loves staying indoors. Furthermore, delta mu beta allows easy to see enough see ha vallila to feito me ha she's honorable in her nation, and she humbles herself with her husband. And when she gives lots of love to her husband, wakulla Maria Mahmud, they every Neto of hers is praiseworthy in blood, urine hamidah. If she says good, she speaks about it. We're in God's sovereign follicular region Cara and she sees some flaw in her husband she says it's okay all men are like this. If you see some

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flaw in me and her husband, what does she say? It is okay. All men are like this. Let me explain to you brothers, what a healthy relation and obedient wife can do how it can empower men and how it can make a men more productive in society. Perhaps you heard the name if not let me tell you of Paddy chalet. He was one of the greatest Chief Justice in the annals of Islamic history. He hails from Yemen. His father's name was Khalid he came from the tribe called kingdom. He looked up to the age of 107. He was appointed as the Chief Justice of Medina by none other than Omar the Allahu anhu. And throughout the period of Omar Osman Ali muawiya in the pan omiya. He remained the

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Justice scholars have written amongst the wisdom of peace prosperity was the loneliest wife that he had the faithful wife that he had. So behind Allah. Imam Shafi says I met Cadiz Ray, I asked him how's things at home? He said my brother I do not want to flatter and praise my wife but Alhamdulillah minigui sharena Harmon Llama Llama yoga reborn even every 20 years I married I haven't seen one thing from my wife that upsetted me What were those women we can even say 20 days in which Rena arm and Rama Rama yoga the body may not be for 20 years, for 20 years not once my wife he says What do you mean? He says me know when he landed in London.

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At the first night when I met with my wife in seclusion, right to see her fussing and fighting and was a man and not Iran. I found her to be exceptionally beautiful. And the second my brother if you want to see the beauty in your wife, then wash your eyes not with solo liquid, but with modesty and bashfulness then you will see the beauty Allah has put in your partner. He says I looked at my wife I said y'all know what beauty I have to return a cat namaz in think Allah Allah has put a need in me and he gave me such a beautiful wife for that water here enough see what was suddenly in a Catalina shukran in LA I'm going to perform to recognize and thank Allah for the AMA Salaam to when I

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completed my surah was it was odd to suddenly be so lucky to sell the movie salami. I found my wife also Indian her salah and she also made Salaam with me and Salaam with me. For the MacAllan bait Mila last hop will occur when friends and relatives had left you again today. This is the modesty of Islam. How said in public view in the hall hugging kissing is taking place in front of everyone. Islam teaches us unfortunately we have not only the intention of Islam, apart from having separate accommodation, delivery of Allah says LA to Barcelona, Morocco, Morocco.

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Abu Dhabi would let it not be that a woman meets with another woman. Now this happens often the woman goes in her section the men goes in his section, when they return, then the husband is asking how is the bride and the wife is asking how was the groom? What does the law say? Let it not be that a woman meets with another woman and then tells the husband I met such a lovely woman you mean lovely in character your husband has different understandings of lovely, further natales Oh gee Ha. And then he comes she comes in she described what a nice person from this family as though he is looking this will jeopardize that marriage. So what does he say for America when they left from the

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house? from two I stood up mother in law I stretch my hand towards my wife. So she said about my weight or my husband Wait, you're the chief justice but I need to speak to you. She comes forward in the bedroom with a seclusion so behind the law. If this can become a reality and this can become the introduction in the beginning of our marriages then you will see the likes of children that will come about she sets before her husband she says Alhamdulillah who was who was certainly Allah Muhammad. Oh my husband Give me five minutes. I praise and think a lot through it and Salawat on the real Islam in seclusion in the room in the room in the bedroom. And then she says ignimbrite don't

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hurry but you lovingly be lucky. Oh my husband, I'm an ordinary simple woman. I have no understanding of your personality. We are meeting for the first time for being in Lima to Hippo for RT one, Mata.

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ruku How about telling me your life so I can carry it out and your dislikes so that I can avoid it? Forget it in the organifi atomic mentors over to whom in Nisa Eco, Wolfie phoneminer the gentlemen who were carefully there were many women in your tribe, you could have got merito and there were many men that were compatible to me. But when Allah has decreed that we will be united, now we have to live together.

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You have been made in charge with me, the only thing I can do instead you remind you of what Allah told you in sercombe maruf, from the sun, that keep your woman folk with respect or release them with dignity, according to federal law, I say this and I end he says, a man shall be punished. They say the night I had to answer. I praise the light on my wife, you have said great words. If you will live up to it, I will salute you. But if you go against it, then I will use this very text against you. Then my wife asked me Who do you like must come in visit. So I said so in so people can come so and so people can come? Then she asked me a very pertinent question. What did she say? came from a

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hypothetical era theory. What is your opinion for my relatives, my family, my parents to come? So he says I was very bold and very frank to her. I said, my boy, millennia sorry. I don't want my inlaws to visit me so much that they tire me. He said I lived with her for 20 years will law not one did she upset me once I said something and I was also guilty of it. It was because of my own role. So when a woman can have the correct understanding, instead of provoking instead of In fact, Islam teaches us that when a woman speaks to her husband, she should not address him by his name.

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His wife whenever he spoke whenever she spoke about her husband, she said my leader, my spiritual mentor, and the Quran also refers to the husband sad.

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Little Bob, Xena Ilana, the daughter of Mililani Salatu was Salam. She secured such love in the heart of her husband did before

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Except that Islamic will never be someone came and told him divorce your wife we will give you the most beautiful woman of the Quran. What did he say? ma le Bihar Mr. Qureshi? I am not prepared to have my wife being substituted by the most beautiful woman. Why in Nicotiana alata Taliban haha cannot even imagine the thought of separating This is the love she had. What is going to be over? Let's say regarding her deja amarnath be in California now. She literally said I'm sorry. She bought him on me when people denied me. What's a Cockney? If

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she trusted me when people belied me what was certainly the Monty Hall again, very important. She gave me financial support. Let's say a successful man is one who can earn more than his wife spends. And a successful woman is one who can find such a man.

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A successful man. This person he lost his credit card upgrade he located. So you know, reprimanding anybody left his credit card with him. You say why does he know he spends less than my wife will certainly be marlina in harmony, and NASS and she gave me financial support when people deprived me and this is another quality of beauty in a woman. I haven't even spoken a quarter of my topic, what I actually wanted to explore. This is just the bare minimum of the beauty of a woman, Satan

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said, in order to leave them with the raw facade. You were tested with difficulty and you enjoyed what you need for an economy fit and it survived. But I fear the error and the feeling of prosperity. Did you ask him? Do you know what I mean by prosperity, economic prosperity, when he aneesa Alena bizzabo when the visionary person when a visionary person was Benjamin

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Ramallah you thought, I'm referring to those woman who insist on dressing with the fine garments of Sham and wearing the crowns of Yemen and adorning themselves with jewelry for avenel ivania they tired the wealthy husband from spending on them? What can leftenant Ramallah Utah and they burden the innocent husband with debt which is beyond his ability? What does anybody have Allah say, and let me leave you with these words. This should be the guidelines regarding Khadija de la nabire. Samson, the noblest of woman Hyrule nice Runa sadhaka. That woman who asked the minimum amount of dowry she is the best of woman that you might have canceled on Margaret ceram says mean you make up

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the signs of a blessed woman and that I just started to get her proposal comes early. Why don't you just sort of siddhappa and have a dowry is minimum when you say yes sir Rocky, Maha and soon after marriage she gives birth to a child now vieri salaam says these are the signs of a good woman a blessed woman, the couplets which I leave you let's soldier to attune.

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to that obedient wife, which is striking to the eye. Listen to this year. There's so much more to

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do that obedient wife which is striking to the eye. What reflect on Southern Europe to muffle Fatone belavia. And that healthy well kept innocent child what what would you say to Neff suka, fever Hania and the clean and tidy environment in which you may relax, unwind and take out the stress of the day. One local mythology that you may need in California and that meal which has been prepared by precious hands hiren mina siren Minh Assad feeding in Casa de la jolla is better than spending moments if not days. In the most exclusive hotel with the most scenic view May Allah tala make a woman understand the great reward that Allah has kept for them. And may Allah make us as good

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husbands also not to turn to one another hurry for whenever she told his wife I'm a just ruler daddy says just rules will be intended. She said you're a just ruler in like a volume on acid. You're a transgressor and an oppressor you've got two reasons to be internally no reason to be intended that this is often this provocations happen he was come. He sent a message to Mr. Mohammed he says this is what my wife is saying. Mr. Mohammed asked me one question when you disobey Allah, do you fear Allah? He says yes. He says then kill your wife. I'm telling you. You don't have one. Gentlemen, we have two genders, when women call for matamata Jonathan, may Allah inspire us with mutual

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understanding, take our marriages to prosperity and let's just separate us and not Allah walk you down and hamdulillah me

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