Get Rewarded for NOT doing it

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The strongest of us is the one whose heart desires and has an urge to do that which is displeasing to Allah, but they abstain solely because they want to please Allah.

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You know, there was a certain brother who came to me, he said, You know, I used to be an alcoholic. Listen carefully because I'm sure we might relate to this with some people.

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I used to be an alcoholic, I quit it for the sake of Allah.

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But now I miss it. Subhana Allah Am I allowed to say this? He asked me, I say Brother, don't say to anyone, there's no point. I'm glad you're being honest with me. But I can help you by telling you every time you miss something or you want to do something, and you know that this is displeasing to Allah so you don't do it. Allah writes a reward for you.

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He writes a reward. Why the Hadith says it clearly man Hammurabi say whoever wants to commit a sin a, I really want to do this I really want to do this whether it's drugs or adultery or gambling or whatever else it may be what I spoke about now alcohol whatever it may be, you want to do it because the shame within this driving your lust and desire towards it.

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And then the Hadith says if you stay away only because of Allah He writes a reward for you. I doing what I just sat in my brain was thinking, that's all my brain was thinking. I almost got up but I didn't Allah says for you is a sitting reward sitting reward.