Where do things hide

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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The speaker discusses how money is hiding in various areas, including work, charity, medicine, and wealth. They also mention hidden things like health, nutrition, and wealth. The speaker emphasizes that everyone has a value to offer and that one's success depends on others' input.

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Money is hidden to a poor person, if you want, where did they get this money from? Let me ask Where do you get money from?

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Is there money or not?

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There is but where's money hiding?

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Money is hiding in work.

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Money is hiding in charity. Money is hiding in generosity. Money is hiding investments. Money is hiding in people money is hiding in ideas is some people have ideas actually get that money? Yes, money is hiding in human beings, all of us.

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Unless you don't have any value to offer the people. If you have the value, the money will come out from them one way or the other. Health is heating from the sick. You wonder how do you guys do that? You get well.

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You look around and how do I get well with health? Health is hidden from the sick. It gives running up and I'm looking for the doctor that can help him to find health. Health is hidden in the good food that we eat. Health is hidden in medication. Health is hidden in exercise. Wife is hidden from a bachelor. You compete with all these women that look good ladies. edmo husbands are hidden from the spinsters. The Wonder where are the men? A child is hidden from a woman that's ballin, mother How do I get a child?

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Children are hidden way.

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They are hidden in men. They are hidden women. They are hidden in spams. They are hidden eggs. They are hidden in certain things that we can't even explain.

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written words are hidden from an illiterate

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you'll wonder how do you get to read all of this?

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From this paper?

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You'll be looking at the blocks of ink stains of things and you wonder how do you decide

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what you don't know is hidden from you.

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You have what others have. You have what others lack, you lack what others have and you lack what others lack. What you have is what we have.

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What you know is what you know in one form or the other. We are all ignorant in one thing or the other. You cannot have it all in life. You will have some things you will not have some things you cannot have it all you have to have some