Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Things to avoid in your Relationship

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various issues that can affect a marriage, including anger, sadness, and fear. They encourage the audience to not blame anyone for their actions and to focus on the positive aspects of marriage. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding negative emotions in relationships.
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Things to avoid okay number one if you are married or not married Are you thinking of getting married and

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amongst the ways through which a tone enters into relationship most is through anger alongside with anger resentment alongside with resentment comes with not willing to forgive one another

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now you are yet to marry somebody like he was just talking to you about now do I get to marry somebody and he's already hanging up on you

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You are yet to marry somebody is already slapping you

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is not so why did is lovely Don't blame me because my fault I got him angry. Mad somebody talking I got him angry. is already sloppy is already beating already banging the door on you is already using swear words at you.

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That's a red flag Ron.

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Ron like you mean it.

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Anger when people are married, if they cannot forgive one another, then anger will ruin that marriage. Tell me about it. many problems in marriages now is because somebody is angry at another person. Most of the time, and guess that will not go away. Number two is sadness. When there's too much sadness in the marriage, there will always be problem when people make each other side that marriage is going Maury Bond was the opposite of sadness, happiness. If you don't go all out to make each other happy that marriage is traveling on Titanic. It may not come back.

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And the third one is fear. When there's too much fear, fear brings suspicion.

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Why are you talking to was talking to you? Why did you smile when Deborah was beating you? Why did you snap picture with shake make?

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You see fear with what kind of a husband put passwords in his phone?

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What kind of a man does that?

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What kind of a woman leads her husband's text messages?

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What kind of a woman Are you that password is full.

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And whenever you run if he has phone call, you will go to the bathroom.

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And it's really one hour in the bathroom. Because he knows that you don't trust him. And he too is afraid of you. Now see how these things go hand in hand now. anger, sadness and fear. Those are the things that will surely ruin a marriage.

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