Shapes of Burdens #1

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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Now let's look at the ships of our burdens. burdens come in many different shapes. And I want you to see, if a burden that you have resembles any of this, they will tell you what you can do. if Allah wills to be able to remove it.

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There is the burden of secrets that you fear that your best friends might might expose to the people.

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People have secrets that have kept in people's hands, the fear, the dread of rumor, the fear of being found out is a burden for some people.

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He has some secrets he has kept in the hands of some friends, they cannot press anymore.

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If this secret should come out,

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it is going to be so devastating that he will crumble.

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That's the burden some people are crying about in their lives.

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Then the burden of bad habits, the burden of destructive addictions, the burden of suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable evil endeavors that torment the soul,

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does the body some people are carrying about some suggestions in his mind, they should kill himself.

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Some with was some method that is going through

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that is making him to be driving his driving. And something inside his mind would tell him, why don't you hit that pool and ended up some inside his mind is making him Why don't you drive inside the ditch and does that

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there have been some destructive thoughts that this person carries about as burden. And he will tell somebody that look, I feel like killing myself. Everyone will say ha with all of these good things that are happening in your life.

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That is one other burden. Then there's the burden of laboring hard without any type of recognition or a position

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where you are your best efforts are taken for granted by those who should appreciate you when your contributions are not acknowledged, when a pleasant responsibility has now turned to a cumbersome look.

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When you work day and night, and there's no resort coming out of it. It's a heavy bottle, you see is another type of burden on its own. When all those who are supposed to cheer you on and appreciate you, they don't even see you doing anything. You see heavy burden. When the same people were supposed to press You are the same ones that are criticizing you. Even when you know between you and Allah you are doing your best is another ship of burden also. Then there's this burden of drowning in the grind of everyday hustles. Yet no one is ready to rescue,

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the burden of crying out for help. Yet you have been abandoned by those who promised to always be there for you.

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friends who have helped before

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when you cry out for help for them.

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They make you feel they have better things to do. They make you feel some other things have more priorities.

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And he treats you as if you are not important. And they treat you a sieve. Your problem doesn't matter.

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Allahu Akbar, and then they take you for granted. Everybody takes you for granted. Even when you see that you are working hard every day. Whatever the shape of your body. May Allah grant you strength. May Allah grant you the strength and the patience and the way out of every difficulty. And everybody in some situation may or may not have my son of Allah forgive us our sins.