Editing your Universe #2 – Be back on your feet

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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Remove it from your mind that you never suffer pain or that it will never disappoint you. You don't have to kill yourself. Life is not fair on its own. And you know that that is part of your own trials in life pains are inevitable and everybody must pass through those Sprint's if your heart were to respond to this disappointment Will you respond you will have died, but take exam from your heart, no matter how destructive it is, it will keep beating, it will keep beating, it will keep beating you to keep keeping on despite your pains or your disappointments, pains are private issues. Only you can feel it, nobody else can understand it. So it was been there before can have an idea.

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Then you look to your right and your left, you know see you is as if they are not there. Allah sees and the professor said and that's our message today. Allah is there. Even though you don't see him, he sees you. He knows your condition. He knows your situations and he understands you very well rabuka Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah will allow us to do not know what you are going through. When when Latif will Kabir Allah is Allah Latif is unhappy, they want that is my SOP for use in a minute. Definitely alongside with every sickness comes ease. alongside with every difficulty comes to live alongside with every battle or pain we're feeling comes the bomb, Allah is going to suit your pain is going to bomb your wound for you. And you're going to be well on hold again. Oh Allah I surrender my heart to you

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know that person can understand the pain that I have. Except only you know, that person can understand the suffering that I went through except only you or no other person can understand the trial that I'm into except only please Allah. Give me the strength to move forward. Give me the strength to rise up and be back on my feet and be back on my feet and be back on my feet.