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Winning the Race

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a Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah, what Allah Allah He was happy he a Jemaine, my brothers and sisters, we are human beings we sin we falter. And at times we transgress knowingly and at times unknowingly. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, that itself is a crisis. While we know we are human, we are believers. We're supposed to be obeying Allah's instruction, but shaytan keeps coming. The devil keeps coming. He traps us he tries and he continues trying. He comes to those who are pious he comes to those who are not so pious. He comes to the practicing, he comes to those who are not practicing

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so well. But Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us there is a race, you must make haste. You must make haste when it comes to this race. It is the race of achieving comfort during that type of a crisis. The crisis is sinful behavior, the sins and the comfort is the race. What is the race? This race is spoken about in a few places in the Koran, one of them is in Surah, Allah imraan Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 133, was it Oh, Allah will feel it.

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A big margin, we want you to race to make haste towards two things. Number one, the forgiveness of Allah. Number two, the paradise that Allah has installed. Now, it might sound very simple, but my brothers and sisters, when you make haste towards seeking the forgiveness of Allah, what have you done, you've developed a relationship with Allah. So every time you sin, like we said, human nature, immediately turned to Allah, the question might be, how often as often as possible, even if it were to be up to 100 times a day? What if I repeated the same sin after seeking the forgiveness of Allah? The answer is, well, if the conditions of seeking forgiveness were met, and they are for, then you

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don't need to worry, if you had fallen back into the same sin again, the same four conditions would actually make you sinless and spotless, once again, and again and again. And it is endless. There is no limit to that. How comforting is that you committed a sin, you sought forgiveness, committed a sin, you've sought forgiveness, same sin again, sought forgiveness, and it kept going. For as long as the last thing you did. Before your last breath was seeking forgiveness. You have succeeded, become used to this. This doesn't mean you have a green light to sin. But it's only telling you Allah has asked you to race towards seeking forgiveness. Make sure you make haste. Don't delay.

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Don't say, I'm going for Hajj, I'll seek forgiveness, do it now. I'm waiting for a little further and seek forgiveness, do it now. Don't wait for those days, you may never see them. You might go back to Allah before that. So Han Allah, what are the four conditions of seeking forgiveness number one, admit your sin to yourself, between you and Allah. Number two, regret it that's also between you and Allah. Number three, seek forgiveness, that's also between you and Allah. Number four, promised not to do it again. That's also between you and Allah. Once those four conditions are met, you don't need to involve a third party, not an Imam, not a leader, not a person, no one. You have

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those four conditions you sought the forgiveness of Allah, you admitted you regret it. You asked the last forgiveness. You promised not to do it again. It's gone, wiped out. But you keep seeking forgiveness again, even for those sins you committed in the past because the more you seek forgiveness, the more your status is elevated. You are given greater rank by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, make haste towards seeking forgiveness from your Lord and paradise Make haste towards paradise, that paradise that has been prepared for those who develop the correct relationship with Allah or in that little more tequila, it has been prepared for them to clean those

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who are conscious of Allah they have developed the correct relationship with Allah, who has developed the correct relationship with Allah. We always say, Oh, the mu takim, the taqwa etc. And I told you I prefer the translation, those who have developed the correct relationship with Allah. So in verse number 134, of Surah Al Imran Allah tells us who they are.

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And levena young people in Ephesus Allah, even Bala

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Those who spend during difficult times, it's hard for you to spend but you're spending, we have a crisis across the globe, people have lost jobs, my business is down, but I still have. So I'm spending from that which Allah gave me. You're developing a correct relationship with Allah spending on who on others, starting with your family members, many wealthy people are quite stingy sorry to use the word, but they are sometimes they have a lot, but their own families are struggling because they don't spend on necessity. My brothers and sisters create comfort, because that is a crisis. And you know what, if you can help, Allah will help you in other ways. So those who spend during

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difficult days on those whom they're supposed to be spending on including the needy, and those who spend during days of ease, actually, the easiest mentioned before the difficulty, but still either way. Now, something very important is mentioned immediately after that, two qualities that will bring about so much of comfort in any crisis. That is amazing. mentioned in this first number 134 of Seurat Allah Imran

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Allah has already said, Those who develop the correct relationship with me, they are the ones who spend during days of ease and during times of hardship, they are spending, they are used to spending on others, what you've got, will only be written as a reward when you spent it, you kept it to yourself, it's not written as a reward. As soon as you die, it goes to someone else. But if you spent it it's written next to your name, good deed or bad depending on how you spent it. So my brothers and sisters, then Allah says, It's not good enough to only spend, some people spend, but then they're arrogant. They're boastful, they brag, unless it's one curl the mean and those who

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actually swallow their anger, those who extinguish their anger, they suppress their anger. Those are the ones who have developed the right relationship with Allah, they are the most the coal, they deserve paradise, they would have made haste towards paradise. So Allah telling you about the race, the race to paradise includes

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extinguishing your anger. Subhana, Allah, you want paradise Allah says, Well, part of the race is

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don't be angry. A young boy comes to the Prophet peace be upon him and says, advise me. He says, Don't get angry. Give me more advice. He says, Don't get angry. Give me more advice. He says, Don't get angry. He kept repeating that, why, perhaps that boy had a temper problem or problem with his anger, anger management, he needed. Our last telling you be conscious of me develop the correct relationship with me. And you know what? race towards forgiveness and paradise and the racing towards forgiveness and paradise that is prepared for those who are conscious of Allah, that race includes spending. You spend, when you spend, you've won the race.

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But together with that, you need to extinguish your anger.

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When you extinguish your anger, there comes a time when you achieve so much of comfort. You cannot describe it, it is so comforting. You could have invented it and you just didn't. So what Subhanallah you are the more powerful person, laser laser Shadi to be Sora it in nimisha degree lithium licona, who in the heart of the Prophet peace be upon him says, a powerful person is not he who can out wrestle others, a powerful person is the one who can extinguish his anger when he's angry, Subhana Allah, can you do that? Well, then you achieve a lot of comfort. You protect yourself from many crises. And look at this, the last part of that verse, Allah says, well, Athena and in

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part of the race, part of developing your relationship with Allah and earning paradise and winning the race, is to forgive people. Learn to forgive others. It's hard, it's very hard sometimes. Let go.

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That go, try and develop that habit. You'll be smiling all the time. You know, there are people who did wrong to you, but you say, oh, Allah, I'm going to stay away from them, but I forgiven them. You see a mistake we make my brothers and sisters. When we say forgive someone, we expect them to embrace and go back to what the life used to be like before, whereas that's not a condition of forgiveness all the time. It depends who you are forgiving and what they did. If it was really bad, and you forgiven them, and they haven't changed in their ways and habits. You are not wrong to stay away from them to protect yourself from further crises. So to remain within comfort in the crisis.

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I've kept a distance because every time I go back to the brother or

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The system, it pains me to be back in the same crisis. So I forgiven them, but it doesn't mean I have to embrace them. Forgiveness is one level to forgive and to embrace is a noble level, but it's another level. It also depends who the other party is. This statement of qualification is necessary because many people blackmail us by saying, well forgive them and embrace them. And I thought you forgave me. So you know, I'm back to normal. No, I forgive you. But it may never be back to normal. Because forgiveness is not necessarily to embrace someone. Those are two different acts of worship. To embrace someone they must be worth embracing. SubhanAllah, a man who has a dagger and has stabbed

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you, you forgiven them, but if you were to embrace them, when they have not released the dagger, yet, they will stab you again. So you need to understand if the dagger is still in the hand, then you may not embrace them. But if the dagger is dropped, they are remorseful things have changed, they have come to you. And warm tears have rolled down both sides cheeks. In that particular case, we will forgive and we will embrace. But if there's no change on one side, then I'm sorry, we cannot do that sometimes. And that too, is a means of protecting yourself. You will achieve comfort by staying away from certain people. If you've tried and you really are failing and it's bothering you

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and affecting your mental health and your spirituality and your closeness to Allah. There is nothing wrong in keeping a comfortable distance with love with affection with no hatred in the heart with no ill feeling and with having released by forgiving them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. And this is why Allah says Allah who you hit, boom singing. Allah loves those who do good, who are those who do good. Those who have these qualities they spend during ease and during hardship, they actually extinguish their anger and at the same time they forgive the people. For Allah loves those who do that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us comfort. May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala help us in all conditions. Please control your anger my brothers my sisters are politically hava masala Allahu wa salam o Baraka Island Nabina Muhammad

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