Preparations for the Best Month – Ramadan

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Let's start planning our move on from now. And let's start doing a few things in order for us to be welcoming this beautiful month. When you have a guest you normally welcome the guest. And the bigger the guest, the greater the welcome, usually. So my brothers and sisters, let's welcome Rama man by from today. Let's say this from today, let's read a portion of the Quran even if it means half a page or a verse.

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And you can do better than that, inshallah, let's start

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thinking about how we're going to dress especially for those who found it difficult to be, you know, on the straight and narrow regarding your dress code. So if you want to make your dress code even more modest, and there's always room for improvement, start thinking and planning from now, perhaps start buying things that you would wear an armor man. It's a good enough excuse. Someone spoke to me recently and told me I'm not strong enough to actually put on a scarf on my head, although I believe that it is my duty, but I'm still weak. So I told her my beloved sister Amman is around the corner. Why don't you wear it in the month of Ramadan Subhan Allah and at least take it from there. Allah

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will strengthen you keep calling to Allah for strength. Allah strengthened me to do the right thing. And Allah weaken me when it comes to the wrong thing. Made me detest that which is wrong that which is in your displeasure, and make me love that which is in your obedience? Allah homehub Elena Eamon was the Yin houfy lubaina Oh Allah

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make beloved to me belief and Eman and beautify it in our hearts. Amazing. Do I have the professor Salah was the name of your good work cannery, Elaine of Kufa, one for Sukkot alessian and make detested to me disbelief and make detested to me. Sin corruption and that which is displeasing to you? sinful Subhan Allah transgression. So transgression and sin and disbelief make it detested to us and when it comes to Eman and obedience, make it beautiful for us. easy for us. Good day.