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in reality, there's a lot of different ways to give doubt. And sometimes you don't have to put yourself out there like that to do good data. Sometimes you just have to do good stuff and mind your business and be quiet about it. And people will figure it out later. Right? And maybe that's sometimes it's even going to be better. You know, you're not a perfect person, you don't want to necessarily be have people associate Islam with you, or maybe your fault their flaws, which we all have, you know, I mean, there's a role for people saying, Yes, this is Islam, I'm a Muslim. And this is what we believe, and explaining and so on. But that's not for everybody. Some people don't have

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the knowledge, or some people don't have the personality for it. But there's other ways to do doubt. And one of those ways of doing that was through your actions and what you do, right, so I mean, even if you're just the silent person who helps other people who everybody can trust and you know, nobody has any sort of qualms with nobody has any beef with and you build up people's trust, just through how you interact with them. What are they going to say, if one day they figure out you are a Muslim? Like, wow, now they're going to associate all of that with a snap. There's many ways to do it, and we shouldn't. I think the big thing is we shouldn't feel the pressure to fit into a certain mold

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when it comes to demo. Okay. You don't have to be especially you don't have to be the sort of loud, obnoxious debating guy. There's a time and a place for debate. There's a time and a place for explanation. Not everybody can do that. Not everybody should do that. Right? There's a lot of different types of way to do doubt. And some of those ways don't even require that you put yourself out there like big lights. I'm a Muslim. I'm doing this for Islam and things like that. There's a lot of benefit that can be done from just being a considerate person, a kind person, a trustworthy person, and Allah will achieve goodness through you if you're sincere