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Santa Monica de la vaca to send out 100 la salatu salam ala rasulillah 30 verses 30 days in Charlotte's Ramadan we'll be going through 30 verses of the Quran one verse from each Jews as you go through the lightoller reading the Quran, one Jews at a time, one day at a time.

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Today I want to look at salted Baqarah verse number 67 where Allah subhana wa tada says, What if Allah Moosa the company in Allah hi Moodle commentaires bahagia con con una huzefa en una de la e an akuna Minal Jilin

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remember Oh Israelites, when Moosa said to you, his people are the other Israelites that were there during musala circumstan.

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Allah azza wa jal is commanding you to slaughter a cow. Okay, this was a commandment from Allah subhanho wa Taala because the Israelites had a special type of reverence for the cow. So Allah subhanho wa Taala told Musashi Salaam to tell them to slaughter this cow. So that feeling of reverence of an animal over reverence of Allah subhanaw taala and why Maha would then be broken within their hearts. But they responded back to musasa. And they said, Are you at the Duffy donor who's UWA? They said, Are you making a mockery out of us? He's saying this is the commandment of Allah is origin slaughter a cow. They're saying, Are you making a mockery out of us because you know

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the type of feelings we have for this car on biLlahi an akuna Minal Jacqueline moosari salam responds back with a very unique response. He says, I seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala, that I be from the people who happen to be ignorant people who happened to be people of ignorance. Now, the obvious question is, what is the link between ignorance and mockery?

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Well, you see, the more cultured a person is, the more educated a person is, the more cultivated a person is, the more developed a person is, the less likelihood there is that that person would use his tongue in a way, which is irresponsible, in a way, which hurts the feelings of others. And that's why, instead of telling the Israelites, instead of telling them that I'm not mocking you, I'm just bringing a commandment of Allah subhana wa tada musala ceram flips the scripts and tell tells them that it's not befitting of me to mock why because I am a person of knowledge. I am a person of culture I'm cultivated, a person of culture doesn't have room to mock because ignorance is what

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leads to mockery. Ignorance is what leads to our tongues not acting in the way they should be. And that's why

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a poet, he says that lizano cannot it could be he

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could look at a rotten, one in a sales funnel. You see, when you mock others, firstly, you're doing it out of ignorance. Secondly, if you were able to find something within someone else that is worthy of mockery, then of course, they will also go deeply and searched for those things that deserve to be marked within you. And then we'll have a very, very ugly circle of of mockery, one person looking for one problem within and that's what happens by the way, this is what people children do in schools and high schools and so forth, right? He calls for last name, and then furlan comes back and says Your name is actually this. He says, Your nose is big, the full answer is actually your toes

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are small, and so on and so forth. Then we get into this ugly circle of everybody mocking the other person for whatever fault, whatever defect that they may have, and that's why a poet says and it's attributed to mama Shafi isando Kanata could be here. in Fukuoka Ratan willingness, he also knew ye Naka in la cama even further, our Alia,

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with your tongue don't mention the faults of anyone, because you as an entirety happen to be faults and mistakes. And also people have tongues as well, even if they're currently holding them back. When you open your tongue up, and when you start mocking people for their faults, they will open their tongues up and they will start mocking you for your faults. And he says if you have an eye with which you can see the faults of others say to your eyes, that these faults I wish not to see further I leave all of those faults Apulia I know did not see now you say to the eye that other people also have eyes and they will also be able to see my faults as well. So let's start this

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Ramadan off inshallah

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focusing on our own faults and our own mistakes and avoiding mocking others because mockery mocking is

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Another version of ignorance the more ignorance a person has, the less cultured he is. And the less culture the person is, the more likely he is use. He's able to use his tongue to be offensive to other people. Let's control our tongue within this month. I asked him lots of panel data to grant us that don't forget to practice to convey Giacomo Lohan was set on Friday come to Lahore barakato.