Musleh Khan – 3 Things You Should Never Forget With Allah

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of preserving and protecting relationships with Allah is highlighted in this segment, including the need for people to recognize and forgive others for their mistakes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of laering at the door of a door and not just verbalizing it, as it is crucial for everyone to live their lives. The segment also touches on the struggles of Islam and the importance of faith in achieving spiritual goals, emphasizing the need for acceptance and a people-centric society.
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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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in Alhamdulillah Nash medical one is starting in Ohio and is still fiddling with our other biller even surely and fusina women say T

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Aaron Marino me and the little fella modeling Lilla woman yield lil fella heard yellow. Why should one learn ilaha illa who devil will actually kill him? Why shadow unknown Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was having women sir I learned that you were Mr. Nibi Suniti he laomi DD Amma buried for top Allah you Allah

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subhanho wa Taala Phaeton xili yeah you Hello thena and then it took a lot her hubco to a party here while tomo tuna Illa one two mostly mon from my beret.

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Brothers and sisters Let's begin by asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to shower his Kaboul and acceptance for all of us here today. May Allah subhana wa Taala shower his little him and forgiveness for all of us. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us patience and strength for all those who go through pain and struggle here and across the world may Allah subhanho wa Taala ease their pain and suffering and give them strength and patience. Allahumma Amin a Yola Bob, there are three things as we continue to move forward in life. There are actually many more than much more than three but I will only mention two three things that I think is critical as we continue our

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journey in life to preserve and protect our relationship with Allah.

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First, before we begin the topic, why the subject? Why are we talking about this? The importance of preserving and protecting that relationship. It's very simple. Just look around. Just think about all the struggles in this world. All the problems how life just continues to become more and more difficult, each and every passing day. And for all of us we think of it and we interact with some of those struggles differently. Some people can handle it, some simply can't. Some people go through spiritual struggles, emotional struggle, struggles, mental health issues, and the list is literally endless. Three things but if Nila heater Allah, Allah will always help you and me in sha Allah. May

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Allah count us from amongst them, Allah who met me number one.

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There is a beautiful Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that our Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam describe to us.

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When a person commits a sin,

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they will say to Allah, Oh Allah, you're robbing them to them when I committed one sin.

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So forgive me.

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Now you would think the response will be you are forgiven. This person is making Taliban repentance, you're forgiven.

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Listen to Allah's response.

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My slave

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acknowledges and knows that I am his Rob.

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And that alone, he's forgiven.

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Not the sin is that is the big issue here.

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The hadith continues.

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person comes back to Allah second time. You know, we're all in this hadith by the way, this hadith speaks to every single one of us, oh, Allah committed another sin. Allah gives the same response. My slave knows that I am his heel rub and he can turn he and she can turn to me anytime they want. And because of that, I forgive them. The third time. Allah takes it a step further, same scenario Only this time, Allah responds and says,

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As long as you my slave

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feels, the discomfort, the remorse, the regret, the guilt, of committing the sin, as long as that's there, as long as you and I were conscious Subhanallah I shouldn't have said that. Subhanallah I shouldn't have reacted that way. I should have done things a little different. There's a bit of that remorse, that guilt, as long as it's there.

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Allah says,

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do whatever you want, I will always forgive you.

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May Allah Countess from amongst them Allah whom I mean. Here's the real lesson behind this beautiful narration.

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Don't Rula Murthy say

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ha bill? Ellen masiva bit Tauheed Allah azza wa jal meet every single pain and struggle and hardship with toe heed with the Oneness of Allah. Let me give you an example.

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This hadith and there are plenty more. You notice

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So that Allah's response when somebody committed a sin is that they acknowledge that Allah was the one that they turned to in the first place. Just the fact that they thought of Allah first. The one that they're sitting towards the one that they're making the mistakes and feeling guilty because of so the turn to Him subhanho wa Taala and they talk to him subhanho wa Taala that relationship is the reason why you and I breathe every day in sha Allah when Allah will hand and it's why we continue in light. It's because we live our lives only for Allah.

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Let me give you another example. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam told us

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that there is a door if you say it,

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Allah will always end guarantee to lift all of your pain and struggle. You say this door it's guaranteed. I just want you to listen to the door. Listen to how it starts.

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La ilaha illallah

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or rob Bula outershell Kareem

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La Ilaha illa Allah or rob Bullough, Sheila Azeem La Ilaha illa Allah Ragusa wet water boil out of the water a bola outershell Haleem

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Did you hear in the beginning of each of those portions of the door? How did it start? Everything was all about la isla de la la ilaha illallah very limited they say

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this is really light it really causes you an eye to reflect and think if no am Rahim Allah had one said

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I should do little Kuba for dunya the worst punishment in this world.

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And Allah uma Seco Lisa and a war and the victory that Allah takes the tongue of a believer or a person and pauses it on the remembrance of Allah, they stop remembering Allah. And it's not just the verbal thing. Remember, when you remember Allah here,

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then it starts to manifest here.

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And when you remember Allah here,

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then the world sees the remembrance of Allah here, your whole life.

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So to preserve and protect the Oneness of Allah, what must we do and continue to do? You must continue to have and preserve the remembrance of Allah in your lives. You and me always and forever. May Allah preserve and protect the remembrance of Allah in our hearts and in our lives always and forever. Allahumma Amin. So this is the first point is to never lose sight of what you and I need the core ingredient that Allah will accept and forgive us. Here is number two.

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Number two,

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there are lemma they teach us Do you know

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the largest group of inhabitants of Jannah all of them they share one quality,

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the largest group that will enter Jannah and stay there forever. Bismillah all of them have one quality in mind. You know what that quality is? It is etiquettes and good mannerisms.

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That's why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us on the Day of Judgment, that people that are closest to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Judgment. The people who can rest assure that there he SAP and accountability will be easy for them in sha Allah.

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Are people who have good manners. Why are we talking about this? Well, it's very simple. We all know

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P people who have gone for Hajj, gone for many Arras,

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who have not missed out raka of tarawih the entire month. They're really committed to their Deen.

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There's just one problem.

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They can get mean. Some of them can get really mean.

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Some struggle with an ego.

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Some have attitude issues, anger problems.

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Some don't have an ounce of patience with people. But all the patients when they're alone, those individuals

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there's a tragedy behind all of this.

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The tribe

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Did he is

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here you are this individual exhausting him or herself each and every day? Well Allah in hand,

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but it's not affecting them. It's not causing any movement. That's the tragedy in worship. That's the tragedy when you, you and I commit, if you or somebody you know struggle with this, you struggle with the idea that after I pray if somebody ticks me off in the parking lot, I give it to them. You lost the whole essence. The whole beauty, though purpose, why you came to Salah and prayed, why you exhausted the effort to drive or to walk, get to the masjid, stay in the rows, go through all of them. And still nothing changed. Nothing, soften, nothing moved. That's the tragedy. So what do we do?

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There are elements they tell us

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keep in mind the value of all the little things that you and I do. Don't trivialize any of your deeds, value, every kind word. There was a man that was named Mr. Rude Ibnu Mohammed Al Hamdani. Okay, you remember the heavy talks about this in his collection of biographies of different scholars in irlam, and so on.

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This particular individual was known to have a really interesting quality, you know, what the quality was, he used to turn the page constantly in his life. You know, how we say you got to move on, just turn a new page, you've probably been hearing that after Ramadan quite a bit turn a new page. Well, this was what this individual was known for. And he was known that anytime somebody had an issue with them, and they came to apologize or to confront him, or whatever you he had the statement that he was known for, he would say to them a lot, as poorly, mildly. Don't remember the past Latos law, and he just kept repeating this, anybody who had a problem with him, don't remember

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the past. Just forget it. Don't remember, when he passed away.

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Some of his friends in the community saw him in a dream.

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And they saw this man that it was said to him, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him,

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don't forget your past,

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or excuse, don't remember your past. Leave it alone, you will enter Jannah.

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Don't think about what you've done, what's submitted to a lot.

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It's done. But you're still here and you're still alive. Think now and think forward. There's actually one other very beautiful part of this story.

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Very beautiful SubhanAllah.

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This individual lived a life where they never held anything in their heart. When it came to people, they had their problems, but they never held the grudge. They never labeled anyone there. Erlenmeyer. They say that one of the benefits of this story and many others like it is don't allow your tongue to get loose by talking ill or evil of anyone. Because what you do is you chew up, instead of chewing up the reputation of somebody, you're also in the process chewing up your own good deeds. Don't do it. It's not worth it. And that's why from the same story, you remember that he gives us a list of different things to think about. One of the things you think He tells us to think

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about is be careful of toxic friendships. Because the toxic friend is like the believer trying to swim and there's an eye on his foot. He's trying to move forward what's holding him back. It's the weight of this toxic it it's like this toxic feeling toxic companion, or friendship or company. It's pulling them back then here's the thing. This anchor is there.

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The friend thinks you know I can eventually

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but it's not happening.

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The more he or she struggles to swim with the anchor, the more difficult it becomes.

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So they have this like false perception that I'll get through but it really not going anywhere. Tell me

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if you are somebody you know that has the struggle.

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And think about the imagery that you remember the heavier Rahimullah gives us to think about

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Do you say what do you do? They're Allama they say, when it comes to toxic companionship treated as such, if you have to move on, move on from that it's not worth

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this is why Allah tells us in the Quran and Sunnah till four upon that on the Day of Judgment it will come and they will be chewing on their knuckles some of their LMS aids in reference to a particular individual but there is a benefit for all of us as well this these well may Apple volume or Isla de So on that day the volume the wrong

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and they're saying Subhanallah yeah late yeah way better late any lamp a toughie Falana kalila oh how I wish oh how I wish I could have taken such and such person as a really close friend. You know, we have a lot of the students that are here the students from the Edit cat Academy, but there are other students here, your friend will literally who you choose, change your entire life. You concentrate on that one part of your life.

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Toe heat starts to become permanent. It remains to be you start to see the beauty of this Deen you start falling in love with Islam, you start understanding why Islam is the way it is. And you start seeing the ease and beauty in it just by doing this one thing. That's why parents and teachers and myself and others. That's why we talk about this so much. It's that critical. There's one last point and shout Allahu Taala we will conclude with

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in the second part of the hutzpah, it is a portion of a beautiful Hadith, Hadith kotse that many of us are aware of. But there is a very beautiful point of benefit. That for me personally

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I hope it's the same for you. was life changing?

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It was life changing. This is the part of the Hadith that really makes us feel no matter what happens in this world.

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I will I'll be okay in sha Allah may Allah is sillage will keep us close to him. And may Allah subhana wa Taala shower his aroma on each and every one of us. May Allah subhana wa Tada continue to purify our lap, purify our tongues, purify our hearts, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us together in a way that He is pleased with Allahumma Amin Apolo Mehta smell Mustapha Allah Hollywood Marisa era Muslim equally them for stuff your inner hula photo

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah were buried in a hadith Potsie our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam tells us that Allah says

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and are in the Londoner appdb

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fell yield Oh, no beam Ayesha pause very long Honey, this is the only portion I want to share with you. I am what my servant thinks of me.

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So let my servant think of me however he or she wishes. The hadith continues. If he thinks of me in a good way, that's how I will be with him. But if he has awful thoughts of me, then that's how I will be with him. You know why this narration is so important.

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Do you believe

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ALLAH can solve all of your problems?

00:28:36 --> 00:28:41

Do you believe ALLAH can fulfill all of your needs?

00:28:42 --> 00:28:47

Do you believe ALLAH can resolve all of the struggles and pain around the world?

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Do you believe when you say you trust Allah that you really trust Allah even in the lowest moments of our lives? Do you believe somebody wants to get married? Allah will give them the right spouse for them. Do you believe can have children but Allah knows best Allah will decide, Do you believe all of these things?

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That's what Allah tells us. If you believe Allah is the One who is in ultimate control of every aspect of our lives, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will take care of and control every aspect of your life. And if you believe it in a positive way, then Allah will always make his content and a happy with whatever his color is. Can you imagine? Because of a hadith like this, and many others, how strong emotionally spiritually the believer is, nothing in this world will harm him or her and if it does, they still wake up every day with Alhamdulillah. That's where we want to be. If we are not there. We're

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Still here and in sha Allah we can be there. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala preserves these qualities in all of us that not only we benefit from it but others see it in us and they're also inspired. I pray that Allah purifies our luck. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala causes us to be a people in this world in the era, that He is pleased with everything that we say, everything that we do, all the choices we make, we pray that Allah is pleased with it, pleased with it, first and foremost, before anyone and with that being said, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala accept from us our righteous deeds and male lions so a gel increase us may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us of

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our shortcomings and our mistakes. Yara be we are sitting here today for you.

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Yeah, it'll be what brought me to this message today was you and oh Allah we ask you to accept from us our efforts accept from us our efforts that you know, at the end of the day rugby even though we sin we still love you. We still want to be close to you. And even though we sin and it continues to happen, yeah, it'll be we still trust you and we still have hope in you. Oh Allah we ask you to accept us from the righteous in this world and in the era Allahumma Amin in Allah Juana Allah Iike tahu your saloon Island Nabi, your Latina mn or Salalah he was a limo Taslima Allahumma Salli. Ala Muhammad while early Mohamed can also lead to Allah Ibrahim while early Ibrahima indica habido

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Majeed Allahu Mfu Muslim you know when a Muslim at what meaning you know what I mean at Allah here even while Ahmed in Nikka caribou Swami Rama Chiba Dharwad Allahumma in ananas, a local Jana or market Robert La Herman polling environment when the becoming a Nirwana para la Herman Polin, Armel Allah Houma in the nearness a local Jana one are also becoming a now Allah who might Nenana is a local Jana when are also becoming a now Allah who may in ananas a local Jana or Naruto be Kameena now Sapan are a big part of Belize City and now you'll see phone was salam when I learned more Selena will hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen waters

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long link bonal long one Coco Chanel

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long shadow and Mohamed

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oh no long hiney on slide de hiney yawn and fina garden comedy sign

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this sign

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along or ink bottle long white ink boom


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