Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #28 The Crying of Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The emotional impact of crying for Islam and the need to be cautious is discussed in various segments. Subhanallah gives a brief overview of the meaning behind " handy," and discusses the emotional impact of crying for Islam and the need to be cautious. The Corolla and the Sun Canyon have been discussed, including the history of the Corolla's origin and use of the word "the" in the title. The importance of memorizing lyrics and act behavior is also emphasized.
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reached the crying, the crying of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we narrated one Hadith and inshallah Tada we will narrate a couple of more Bismillah today

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the Hadith narrated just

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a quick recap

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of Allah Masha here are the Allahu Anhu Allah narrated I entered upon Rasulillah Salam

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the sound that came from

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the crying for Salah Salem sounded like you know you have a kettle of water in the oven and it's boiling, you know because

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is by some say that right elbow Carmen Shatila

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crying out of fear of Allah subhanaw taala is one of the greatest and

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very heavy ADA that

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is granted to very few people may Allah make us all amongst

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What's so

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special about the crying or so

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you have to be extremely cautious. Because the crying

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It's a very thin line between sincerity and react.

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There's a very thin line between crying really, because you you're feeling Allah, you love Allah. You can't wait to meet Allah and crying

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in a way

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you're doing it.

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Maybe to show off or

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to make others cry. It's a very, very, you have to be extremely careful when you're practicing that a better.

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That's why Subhanallah that's why the best crime is when you're alone, we're going to show up, right? The one I want to show off to is the one of crying for a

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while that you don't have to

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be left up all the time.

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Lemons and lemonade. And a man who was alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala and his eyes started flowing of tears, he will be under the shade of Allah subhanaw taala. So as soon as I sell him, you know, when you cry, you're going to even if it wasn't solid, and you're surrounded by others, you're going to try to control it as much as you can, in order not to be showing off.

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And sometimes you might get so deep into the cry that by itself, it comes out loud and you get so scared that shaitan comes and tells you you're showing off nearly all of us. That's why Subhanallah shy when you're alone. Remember the favours of Allah upon you and remembers how much you're disobeying

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Allah, we are so behind in our duties to Allah subhana wa taala. And if you really think about it, Allah if you really think how behind we are, the team should come down. Easy.

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But look at this. We are so behind in our duties to Allah. And we are we know for a fact the countless amount of blessing that he has. Add to that is no crying. Can you imagine from this formula? how harsh is this heart? How classy.

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Very, very harsh.

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And like I promised you after I finished this book, I'm going to start the diseases of the heart and how to kill them.

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One of the main just a hint, one of the main reason for this hardness of the heart. The main reason

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anybody knows.

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Excellent. Hubbard dunya.

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The love of dunya

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that's why I always ask you, between you and yourself. When was the last time you cried?

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I'm not talking about after watching a movie.

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I'm talking when it was the last time you really cry. really cry

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so as soon as I saw them, he was crying in a way he doesn't want of course he's he's our teacher and he's doing it this way.

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spell Allah. So

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the next hadith is it that we all know that I love this hadith.

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Definitely Mohammed bin or Ilan kala definitely sham Karna had definite Sofian and then mashallah Ibrahim and obeyed and Abdullah in the soul. So the rector of the hadith is Abdullah bin muscle

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Subhan Allah before I continue, I belong to my soul, we all know how heavy is our beloved soul

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or soul as I said and said his legs are heavier than odd

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This is for the brothers who are quick in getting fatawa

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you know, somebody comes in ask you a question. It happens many, many times. Somebody come and ask me a question.

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I have three brothers next to me

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three most days, I don't say anything.

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The old answer before you speak even though sometimes I feel like myself, I'm not qualified to answer that question that they asked was heavy duty question and the brothers already answered Mashallah.

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Be extremely careful when you are asked a question, how you rush to answer so Abdullah was a man came to him and said yeah, Abdullah Abdullah Massoud

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and he took the helm from the dust mouth ever

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from the best man ever

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yeah Abdullah Masada have a question he said you're coming to ask me a question and Abdullah have normally still alive

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go out to Africa go to Abdullah have no but he went out the love and said you're coming to ask me a question and Abdullah have no I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you still alive go to the Latin long story short it went back to the law

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this is how scared they were from giving a factual

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now anybody started to Hadith three Surah graffito

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be very careful about the title.

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So at the lobby was

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and I want you for a minute to see are we we can't imagine really. We can't but at least try.

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As soon as I said I was telling you can you please recite for me

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anonymous said carnally Rasul Allah How did he feel for

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a Corolla?

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are the lungs Oh, recite some Quran

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to the Mossad said

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a karate while

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you want me to recite to you and it was revealed to you. The first person ever heard this ayat is you? Yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and you're asking me to see all of us have the right color in your smart home in red. I love to hear it from someone other than myself.

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So I belong in this study. Yeah.

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So Rob back home

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for deciding spirit

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Olivia enough Silva wahala commoner that we hear every Friday

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so he kept on going

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on the love and the sewed till he get to the I

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had the love to watch it because

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he Shahida

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I'm going to say that to you

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so Hala

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at that time

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when he got to this area

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okay, you've heard the fair Kenny. G

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vicia he the

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fact he felt either G now call me Matthew Disha he was because

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Isha he

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and how if we brought from each people each Amma we brought a witness and yeah Mohammed we brought you are witnessed against all of them.

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stop. I lifted my head

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for eight or so for

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A to A rasool Allah Milan. I saw tears begin to flow from the eyes of Rasulullah sallallahu ala Hilson

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when he got to this area he felt at a salatu salam, the weight of the responsibility Shaheed witness on all these people all these rumors. So he started tearing on a slotless

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of course this hadith has mentioned under their

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elbow kaptara So assassin, the client of a suicide cell, but there is one fuckery issue here is that it is a sunnah it is a sunnah to listen to the Quran from somebody else right? If the best man ever is asking someone to recite, so we are

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more deserving to have the sin the Sunnah implemented. So yeah, when especially my younger brothers wanna hear one turn that music of Allah he that music is the vicar of the shaitan stick to the vicar of the man.

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Huge difference. When the vicar of Druckman enters the heart, the record of the shaitan goes out, they cannot meet together don't tell me I love music and I love the Quran, they do not go together.

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The minute you start memorizing the lyrics of the songs, the ayat will disappear. And the minute you concentrate and is the as

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the lyrics will disappear,

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they cannot meet together

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they cannot mix together

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they cannot mix together. Ask anyone who listens or addicted to general. So he gave example about when he was praying and a Serato sinner another example of when the Quran and was recited to him and then he gave

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another example about Subhanallah this lucky, great Sahabi Radi Allahu Anhu what are the

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Aisha Radi Allahu anha call it

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when he was being buried after his death, and was assassinated his eyes were shedding tears

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was shedding tears. So he cried the only time we can discuss that I cannot talk to you in the graveyard

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in the graveyard everybody is very emotional you cannot tell somebody hey what are you doing? This is a bit out this is wrong this No no no, at the funeral quiet after the funeral you talk or you teach the people from now because the mouth hack it could happen any second right? So we will know how to react and how to act at the graveyard and leave this person this deal person to us let him leave this dunya on the Sunnah, but on a bigger

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and Schelotto the first day that we were going to try to stop is wrapping the box with this with this to the Quran. Where did you get this from?

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Where did it Wait What is this from? have us almost

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bring us something to wrap some idea to wrap the grip the box? Where did this come from? When we wrap the box with a yet Where is this from? Where? Who did that? Where do we want to come up with something that I suppose Hassan did not do? Or the Sahaba and many, many stuff in sha Allah Allah Allah, we will learn it just to enlighten ourselves and when the time comes, we are Subhanallah ready to do leave this dunya on the Sunnah we lived Subhanallah Can you imagine your father or your mother living on the Sunnah all her life and she goes on but she would be very upset. She will tell you my son you could not take five minutes and study what are the Sunnah of cover? Why did you make

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me leave the dunya I tried all my life to Aveda Silversides Salam and now at the end you do me all this 123 which is not prescribed in the Sharia. And is it possible? Is it possible that our solos SLM taught me how to go into the bathroom and he forgot to tell me how to run Janessa

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how to run a funeral. What to say

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Shala we'll make one session and we'll make it right compromise. Or maybe I was thinking of making something beneficial brother as he's a brochure about all that kind of journalism with all everything.

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We distributed online we get Azure. I'm sure if I say who's going to print it for you

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A lot of people will raise their hand we're not going to do it now in Sharla but we will do it and we give it to others the person with the responsible for the funeral home he's not doing with us on purpose. Maybe he doesn't know we have to tell them right. Maybe he does not know about we have to always assume good about our brothers. We don't say oh, he's making bid down. Leave him alone. No, no, no, no. We have to see how to win another installment given to one another.

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Okay, let's have you think about the vocab. And I said nomadic culture hidden Show Hidden AppNeta Natalia Rasulillah Salam, wa salam ala Journalisten Adam Kabul for a tiny tiny man Farrakhan a few come Rajan on let me your car if he Lena

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Taha Anna cada in the ZIL Vanessa Korea. And so nomadic reported we witnessed with the Rasul Allah is seldom the barrier of one of his daughters. He was sitting next to the grave while his tears were flowing from his eyes. As soon as I said and said, Is there any person who did not have any sexual relationship with his wife today? I will tell her said me.

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Like I did not hear a Salah said Ursula Salam, until then the gray so he entered to the grave and buried his daughter. So obviously the the ruling here the ruling is that if someone had a relationship with his wife, he's not supposed to bring he could attend the janazah but he's not supposed to be one of the people bringing the body down to the to the grave very clear

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issue from this hadith there's another read that shows that our Salah Salem was very any emotional and let me clarify this inshallah Tada and we finished with that there's a hadith that confuses a lot of people that it is 100% authentic which says that the made yet the made yet the person who died

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is punished by the crying of his family. How many people heard this hadith many people right everybody the maybe it will be punished by the crime of his family. Thank you. Is it possible that if someone very dear to me or Dear to yoke died and I cried and they will be punished no something is something is not right right

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okay crying mentioned in the hadith is called

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was the other side of the world

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Yeah, yeah. You know what? Yeah, hos

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pulling your hair ripping the claws screaming screaming loud. This is the one that the person yeah is strictly prohibited in Islam and that is the crying that is the man that will be punished with not the crying of you were sad about your mother or about your father was so much isolated himself.

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He cried for a Brahim and his salaam right his son and

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yeah and Nicola Rahim

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la ah lesson in Aqaba and then either late at night when they can Rahim them as soon as the heart is sad, and the eye is gonna give us the opportunity to meet him live and show me the stock market. So kind of London handshake, Michelle Hola. Hola. Hola and stuck. On October link

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